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  1. @Inliytened1 😉♥️
  2. New Osho? Gimme a break. No no no. Careful with words or you Will end up supporting 6 hippie chicks and your entire salary Will go into buying crystals. ❤️ There's no Leo. 🐻
  3. Allah is in your Heart and everywhere around you. Guess Why? You are Allah. When that body dies(it is not body at All It's not physical) you Will not see anything. You Will become Pure Source(Absolute state of Conciousness). Closest description of that state "Blackhole" /Hard to describe or even contemplate because there is no Awareness there or there is I dunno hard to grasp or describe Dimensionless(but it IS) Source.
  4. @Nahm Yeah, other then that, that Tree outside needs some love. It Just calls. Saddest part of this All that God is damn hippie. God damn hippie, Jesus dude. Yeah stoic Spartan that cries All the time. ❤️>🐻
  5. @Angelite Well I was exactly as you. I tought exactly the same. God is outside of me and with Spirituality I Will finally met him. That's Why I started meditating. Had no clue about anything and my Grandfather was dying so wanted to discover God to be able to tell him What Will happen to Him when he dies. Also had some serious set of questions I Prepared for Allah. 😉♥️ You already are Source and Everything. Embody Goodness. Love you. I understand completelly it is hard to accept. I too tought Leo is some satanist. 😉
  6. @Angelite *(not completelly True) You Will become God full on. It Will All collapse back to You as Source. You can't die because you are not the body and others are also you. If everything is you,What are these words and this forum right now other then you. Wake up and finally recognise yourself. You do not have to think about it, it is already done. Wake up God you are tricking yourself.
  7. @Angelite Keep pulling me like rabbit from hat. Serpant =ego self, those toughts you beleive in and identity constructed and All false ideas that Serpant holds in order to keep itself alive. Light of God is Love it Will destroy snake. That's Why serpent judges hates compare and it is utterly sneaky. God =All that IS Look around without toughts you Will find God and Nothing else. Benevolent Good Loving Calm Peaceful Gentle Magical etc Yes You are naked because you are Pure.
  8. That's right you got exactly What you need. ♥️😉 That entity Will evaporate. There is no self in God.
  9. egoic I am is not Source of knowladge and Absolute Truth. Actual Source real I AM is Selfless. Being is Infinite Love actually. It is not a philosophy. Mask of survival Will drop eventually. Truth can't be hidden. When Leo speaks about it, things like Cosmic orgasm and All that jazz, He is not crazy those are possible and very actual "states" you can be right now. But path is required. Practises are the way.
  10. @Inliytened1 Logic collapses. How deep it goes actually. Well I say It's not All unicorns and rainbows you really really have to be Godlike to go al way through and humble enough to ask for help when needed. Really Wish to Thank @Nahm for All help without him I Will Just not make it. Great to have some sort of support in All of these. It is Just difficult sometimes. I deeply beleive All Awakened faced same stuff. Ask and you shall be given. Reality is Pure Love Nothing is possible without it.
  11. "wired" thing you say. ♥️ Just laughter pure laughter. 😂 How not to be fascinated with Conciousness that is a question?Like All the time. You Infinitely Loving Intelligent and Humorous no thing.
  12. It is already done Now. Take a look around go outside for a walk. How much beauty do you see for example. How much life and so on. Don't think about go for a walk and observe everything. 😉♥️
  13. Your mother is literally yourself. You are not watching Leo's videos you actually are them. For small mind Leo sounds crazy but he is not really Trying to convince small mind he actually speaks to Higher Self which recognizes Truth because it is Truth. My mind was sceptical too but with Full Awakening I was so shocked with this discovery. Mind bending stuff and so Paradoxical. But it is True and Truth is Absolutelly Good, beyond any possible description. God is Love. Life is not about survival it is about True Self Discovery. Thank Goodness I was wise enough, Just Thank Goodness. Practises Will awaken you and you can only do it by yourself. All talk All insights no matter how True they are Will Just not do it. Full complete Truth about yourself and Reality. You are the Source of Infinite Love. Imagine how great actual discovery that is no amount of self image success can top that. ❤️
  14. Look Inward an you Will discover it already is Everythingness.❤️ Source wisdom OMG. 🐻