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  1. Drop the pen and be entire novel. Or sharpen up your pen so That You Can write better.
  2. Yeah that's great too. A bit hard to live your everyday life this way. Because You have to hide it pretty damn Well.You can't hide That specific look in your eyes and people are somehow scared of it. Atleast from my experience.
  3. Uh, ok. I am not needed.It's not about me, Sorry for ruining thread. I love You ❤️ Thanks. Back to topic. How to reach this lets say elevated state of Consciousness. Pranayama breathing techniques make wonders so You might Try and like them.
  4. Thank You @Jack River and your blatant pointer. Hahaha I love it. ❤️😂
  5. @Key Elements❤️ @Aeris Life is not neutral. Life is all good. God is all the positives. That's What non duality actually is. Term tricks your mind into beleiving It's neutral. So as you May see mind can't get it. Meditation is the way. ❤️
  6. Hmmm🤔 Making jokes against enlightened master. Negativne karma points for You. Got flowers?
  7. Yeah and this is exactly my reason to be a self made monk after it. Nevermind. It doesn't matter. That someone else is also You. This right here is also state of Pure Consciousness but We miss it because Yes That Absolute state is surely Something hell Yeah it is. So Leo is right, hard to admitt this but he is. What are possible implications of this? It will blow your mind.
  8. Meditation is the way. It will happen only During Meditation. Leo says That 5 meo leads directly there Be Good love yourself and everything and it will Come.
  9. @Key Elements Yeah me too. Kind do not wish to fuck up this. To avoid possible delusions. So I always stay humble and ask. Said it Before wish Spiritual path ends with acceptance of everything but that's really Just half of the road. Next step is actualizing Goodness.
  10. No, Sorry @Key Elements . I am trying to say That If You tell People there is no free Will. They Will create belief based on that and If they adopt it, they Will start acting and behaiving in That way. Whole thing is paradoxical and illogical and egoic mind can't really get it. You can't really teach this stuff You Can only give pointers and convince them to finally do damn practises so they Can discovery Truth by becoming it. Not to mentoin That egoic mind Will use all information gathered to futhermore establish itself creating Spiritual ego in proccess. About to love realm. Yes from black hole You get That insight That You Should serve and create selflessly. Well that's What We really are. We are Love and We can't be anything else. In love there can't be self.
  11. @Martin123 No I do have a job. I work for company That destroys health of People. Not so fun beign concious of this while everone else is oblivious to this and don't care at all. Doesn't matter anyway. Nothing Can stop You from discovering Truth but You wonder why nobody does this. Sometimes I catch myself asking is this worthy at all. Still have doubts dillemas.Sometimes lost confused. Feeling guilty etc. Trust me on this, wish I was born stupid and selfish as fuck.
  12. @Martin123 Haha I am Just an average guy in relative sense. I am not special by any means. Heck I can't even Find normal job. 😂 Aware of the cake but no no no no Will not even touch it.
  13. Do practises and see for yourself. Stop giving value to "others". All answers and entire Truth is within YOU. YOU ARE IT. Truth is not hidden from You but You really need to want it, like really want it with whole heart.
  14. @Aeris It's ok. Questioning is fun. Just don't become philosopher hehe. Since all toughts about What this is and What are YOU are False You Can Just Drop them and laugh. Yeah You Can Just laugh. Do practises that's the main thing. Nothing Can substitute directly becoming What is. Desire for knowing this stuff conceptually is sneaky self agenda, knowladge brings sort of power to ego and ego is all about power. But YOU. YOU ARE ALL ABOUT LOVE.
  15. @Aeris It's not my Metaphysics. I do not Come with some self made BS That I would like to beleive in and to push on "others". There is only ONE Truth and It's Pure Love. Honest to God that's the TRUTH.