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  1. Please don't post that video. Got nightmares can't sleep at night. Traumatized for life.
  2. Ok will use this topic to apologize to @cetusor thank him. Stop bending my mind already. Will go nuts. I beleive I already am anyways.
  3. She said that too. Better then forcing me to become gay, dad?! What da...
  4. Yeah, thanks. Love you too. It means not in some great mood anyway. Thank you.
  5. You failed exam. F Love is existence.
  6. This is Infinite Love. What fear? self=fear
  7. @Proserpina Hey we are both learning non toxicity. Takes time.
  8. Hmm you perfectly described my "PUA" skills. Maybe I should learn pick up lines. But yes mind evaporates thanks to ❤️ thingy.
  9. @allislove Hahahahahahahahahaha 😂 You are not @Nahmson. It turns out we are brothers and that @SoonHeiis our father at the end of this soap.
  10. This monumental 🐻 phase. You are not alone in this but you will get through it. Why you teach then?
  11. True. Since Love is all, there can't be fear. Welcome to fearless land guys it will pay off. Glad I created you then. They say I am blacking a lot. Check this out. I can't. I am trying but I can't.
  12. Wish I can say the same about videos I am making. Love, nonduality all that stuff. Not so apologetic ya know. You all guys shoot very similar videos. Nothing inovative. Nothing creative. But I am bringing revolution. Problem is world is just not ready yet.
  13. You can't be that desperate. 😲 It's ok but have mask on, won't save you at the end.