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  1. See guys why I love Jed so much. Love you, you..... have no words. no self=Love check Jed's post for correct explanation of no self VeganAwake.
  2. God=Love=Truth, Truth is Eternal it's same forever it's Infinite Love.
  3. So you don't agree with me? 🤔
  4. Want True Love... and she will appear. Whatever.
  5. Dream partner guidelines... Jesus Christ... Love her exactly as she is and vice versa. Can't be more simpler.
  6. 🔴⚫ Blonde ftw
  7. Eh Jed, opens up your heart more then random yellow dog.
  8. Infinite Love. That's what you are. Wake up.
  9. ...
  10. Always keep my promises. Will keep my presence on forum in this way. 20.01.2021 start date