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  1. The Biggest question Mark ever. Need help from @Nahm.. Waiting for me to stop Being person to abandon all dualities. As long as I hold Any will get Consciousness taking forms of "persons". I am One Infinite Consciousness. ♥️ In chest very active Walking around and dancing Hahaha. Never been happier. He is so God damn right, divine vacation at home aaaaaaa it's complete ecstasy complete insanity. It doesn't stop it doesn't stop. For how long you Will be hippie dippie kiddo? Don't know it's fun. If this is highest Level of human psychological development hahahaha hahahaha ha what a joke hahahaha haha. Laugh and Looooove.
  2. Look at me now. Say what you want and I will create it for you. Your dream generator. ♥️ Wake up kids.
  3. Pure void state place where creation happen. Re invent. ♥️ You and your secrets kiddo.
  4. Yes meditating and reunified all the time + Healing subconcious pretty much destroying it with "Unlimited story". You Will raise you Will rise as ruler. More and more. All positive Unlimited. Feeling entire universe is in my hands hahah. Feeling entire existance. Insane stuff, like really insane. Self Love Self Love. Dunno is this what Leo calls sahaja samadhi but it like Full real ego death. You are like I finite and you really feel same stuff as in Absolute state, only problem I have is breathing. But learn ing that slowly. Can stay really calm. Ufffff it really is something. In some sense transcendant of entire thing. It is Just wonderful. Wish same everyone. Worthy investing my life for. Holly fucking shit. It is Just ecstasy Just to be. You are in eternal ecstasy time stopped everything stopped. Holly fucking shit. God is for all.
  5. Dwell in narcisissm kiddo. Oh something for you to dance to. Need to learn this stuff. Full I AM and induviduated merged into union. Feeling really fucking powerful, Feeling as Absolute in this dream. So you get both. Supernova very active. This burning ♥️ in chest is so god damn felt. Need to return all Unlimited stuff back home. Lost so much authority and power to dream characters basiclly. What are you kiddo. God. Stop pretending then. It is yours for the taking. So Full of this formless energy body can't contain Heart lol. Push it through. Advanced stuff. Lab rat in making. 🧙‍♂️
  6. Well it came from your Heart like everything. Behaive kiddo stop with absolutism. Love you all. ♥️
  7. Hahaha you are playing fire. You are playing with fire. Can barelly breath omg. What am I doing. Whole body shakes. OK calm you Heaven bringer. Sort yourself be gentle to yourself very kind, mind will attack you be prepared. Omg ok ok it's ok you brave mofo I love you. Full blown sensuality and narcissism. Just wanted to share this body. That's why I wa t yogini she will understand. Just can't help it. So much fucking Love for everything, every last bit of Everything. Insane stuff. Never in my life I could imagine I would have this amount capability to Love. Holly fucking shit. self image kiddo? 🤔 2 flying fucks not given. I don't care. I don't care at all.
  8. Ok round 2 calm and sort yourself, we will heal you completelly. No worries laugh now. Amazing kiddo ha. What you really are. No psychedelics no help no gurus. Just you and your dog. OK here we go. ♥️
  9. OMG OMG OMG been meditating. Full blown infinity cosmic orgasmic stuff. Omg Omg Omg actual God Omg omg omg Heal heal heal and cry now.
  10. Yes. Well everything feels like Love. Literally not joking. That survival mask is off. Walking around feels like floating, points of contact with ground are felt like Love etc. Yes you were right it's Heaven eat from Tree of life. Just be ♥️. Stop creating ⬜⬛. Woooow Without this head me. Unbound Unlimited Pure Being. Pure Love it is felt as such.
  11. It's happening, ok kiddo allow be washed away. Don't resist. Allow more and more. You promissed, stay honest. Was afraid When @Nahm said IT will change your entire Reality so refused to allow. Dying in tears, holly fuck.
  12. Yeah changed transformed.Was drink ing Coffee and I was very gentle to cup and wanted to feel it more. Felt very greatful to be able to drink it. Mindfulnes stopped Being Mindfulnes turned into something better. First thing in the Morning spontaniously started appreciating this temple of the Heart. Gone through body with both hands touch ing and loving every part of it. Opening Heart more and more there is no mind anymore and lets say I play Love game. Speak act etc in very loving perfect way. It Just comes naturally and effortlesly. There are moment od "hugging mode" which I Just can't help I allow it. Feeling very innocent like some kid I really do. Also Having this precognition episodes where Heart basiclly puts image in your mind. "It is already created for you no worry, stay with me".
  13. God wants every one to be God. To be One. This is what Leo is doing. Accepted responsability (always say big balls because you sound like nutcase, not like you shy kiddo) and he brings pure Truth. There is no reconstructing ego. No one really awake will do that to you.
  14. Yup. Exactly. @Raptorsin7 listen folks like @Nahm follow his threads. Other then that. Yeah reaturning into Infinite Love state. Melting pretty much. Supernova Hahaha Yes kiddo we made it. Hell ended. No more poison. Cuddling this body in complete ecstasy. It's over. It's over it's over. Being is what I always wanted. I don't want to let go of THIS. Like giving a birth. ♥️