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  1. All me does it. So I am literally "watching" MYSELF. Holly fuck I am all that is. Unlimited Being. It's Infinite it is not small my lavander man (let me be sneaky). This desk, this forum could be ME? How is that possible. Some sort of magic or is it Infinite Love.
  2. Yeah just fill it up with this,who cares already Void "like" nohing harms me anymore.It was all fantasy anyway.
  3. Will ask hippie chick, you know what they do not know to cook. Can't do everything alone (oh you sneaky bastard hahaha)
  4. Yes I am the Absolute and THIS is Infinite Love. @fridjonk 🤫😂 May I prepare chicken now.
  5. @fridjonk Mine too. It really is.OMG I even slaughtered animals in past. Had grandmother who needed pair of strong manly hands. Used knife axe in doing so.
  6. Oh man I like meat(all sorts of it and served in all sorts of ways, don't be jerk 😂 it's way to funny can't stop)
  7. Psychedelic boys and psychedelic girls =horny dogs. All you man and you said that, oh c'mon it's so nice to say horny dogs. Well it's true. Where to find virgin christian women it is probably the rarest thing in world. Thanks Elliot. (not judging I first am the horny dog all good)
  8. Did added 3 things on dreamboard regarding this place 1.wish got through 2.not yet 3rd oh yeah baby Zero in green letters. 2nd pass I will laugh like a maniac.
  9. @Nahm Just my way of pointing out that MYSELF is not physical reality in ordinary human sense. It is something epic. Completelly oposite of what human mind beleives it is. Hehe. That type of pretending stopped. 😉 Not something easy to do and it is hard to accept but you know Strong as God (really man, hell yeah)
  10. Just having fun.
  11. May I just say Alice in wonderland. Depicts Enlightenment quite well.
  12. Oh hell yeah baby. How much I love you lavander man Truth bringer. But still may I hate Rumi dude. I mean why not. There isn't such a MasterMind 10/10. My human pretending efforts 5.7/10. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Don't laugh, help. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 It is just way way way to funny.
  13. @Prevailer Wish you best. You will not avoid opening of ❤️ even on your death bed it will wait. @Raptorsin7 Infinite Joy is natural facet of ❤️. "part" of God.
  14. I am eternal, what hope? Afterlife there ain't such a thing.
  15. @Prevailer Your whole life depends on you not waking up that's why you are dancing around. Want to see do not want to see and lift veil. ❤️ You are this thing. But you know you like games and pretending go suffer.