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  1. Yup I guess it was True. No feeding wolf anymore.
  2. Fully awoken without all these spiritual games, chasing "understanding" and such things. Like the Best. We are both dead. Will be super fun in Eugene.
  3. @Nahm Yes ofcourse. It's a set up it really is. All "arranged". Full package deal. πŸ˜‰ I mean I really can't lie to you. Wish I can. Can fool anyone but not you. Well I am God and I always choose best so who will be my best man other then you. πŸ˜‰
  4. Well see ya in Eugene one day I guess. Will I be with princess or without really doesn't matter at all (not in 🐻 sense) Bring zen stick just in case if I get crazy.
  5. @Nahm Golden nuggets everywhere, but you indeed feel like completelly sobered out from all of it,Entire life's architecture lets describe it in that way. I do indeed love lie detector. You can't fool this guy, trust me. You can't fool him. I tried trust me, but he just destroys you. Doesn't even allow some Tango.
  6. Kinda nostalgic towards life once in a while. I really am. Was super fun. God is a video gamer I guess, sums it up.
  7. @Nahm Yeah certanity. Alone. Actual No Self in "sober state" MIND back with it's infinite potential. Game over "I" lose. So funny it really is. Time to be free from Mario video game once it for all. Just pulled inside out to experience life achieve and create. Now vacation. Can create any now. Freed from wolf. Mario with princess or without still feels the same. πŸ˜‰
  8. @Nahm Ok have question. Time to make @Leo Gura proud for once I guess. Dog eat dog is not True. Makes me wondered about conditionality . I want to avoid spiritual Bypassing too. See actual stuff. So to give all my Love fully to her and in some sense risk. To trust cleverness or not? To abandon it in sake of fully giving love? Facing this issues. Lets.face it I lost all my devilry I really did but it makes me a bit confused about this issues. @Nahmsays love YOURSELF fully. But this time it will.go.against all logical odds?! Or Maybe I just went insane with all of this. First time in my entire life so far I just don't kniw what to do. To really fully abandon all materialist BS and all if it's derivatives. Including this "alpha" "top chimp" BS.
  9. Many ups and downs. It's ok always ok. Be Love that you are nothing wrong.
  10. Sorry guys for relatiinships probs just asking God to heal this stuff out. Just insane sorry. Everything started bending my mind so sorry.
  11. Well it's the oposite but ok love "stepping into" too. Ok already have new blondine that will go on my nerves more then any spiritual teacher ever. What a lux. ☺️ Deliciosness of life, may I crack open from laughter. Can't understand her at all but I like her and she likes me so much yet she also doesn't understand me.How I always end up. With mindbending stuff?
  12. I know all of that. None of this enlightenment stuff is mistery for me. Ok I want complete end of survival and life game. What exactly I am keeping alive?!
  13. @mandyjw Do you really beleive you are dreaming all of this just to become 🐻?
  14. Just got tabs of lsd "inexplicably".Done don't need this stuff. Full fledged One and Only type of G with Absolute power. Thanks God so greatful dor leaving me to dream all alone. Peeps wonder why I bitch so much. I want 5-meo dmt.