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  1. your life purpose is being fulfilled when you follow your attraction/joy
  2. It's fine, just chose to do what attracts you instead in the moment. Don't act out of anxiety, that's a common motivation. Just think what the thing is right now that you feel most attracted to doing and do that, and live like that. Could be taking a walk, calling someone, reading something, playing a song, making a song, blahblah.
  3. Perhaps you feel inferior because you want to be more like others but aren't. For example, if you're more of a quite person and you're at a party and lots of extrovert and loud people make a lot of fuss, you could look at that and be like 'Oh, I'm not like that, I can't do that', whatever. I would just follow what attracts you, follow what feels most like you in every moment, and I think you might just end up in the place you would wish to be most
  4. My thoughts on it: If you want to align with your soul, stop acting on what you think you should do, like working on yourself, discipline, etc. Stop all of that, ditch all your thoughts and ideas and just look to what you feel most like doing now. It may sound lazy to lots of people, but it's the way to go. Maybe you just feel most like just sitting, having a drink, taking a walk. Be easy, relaxed. Let go of anxious drives of figuring things out and how you lost 'the flow'. Do what feels best, what attracts you
  5. I myself don't do discipline in the way you describe and think you might be much better off by taking your how you feel as your guidance system. If you don't feel like doing something, don't do it and see what is it that you could do that attracts you most/makes you feel best. That's what I do, based on the suggestions of Bashar and Abraham Hicks, and don't want it another way. What a relief I felt when I started doing is: 'wow, I can do what attracts me and this approach will get me to the place I need to be?'.
  6. Just follow your attraction/joy and ditch all your thoughts about what you think you should do
  7. Yea, I understand. Years ago I was much more tryhard, trying to read and understand all sort of things. Even if I didn't feel like doing that so much in the moment, sometimes I would push myself to do something in order to get something. A lot of that, needless to say, wasn't really coming from a relaxed or joyous place. If you do something with for example anxiety, like a restless energy, what energy are you anchoring within yourself there? Of course more of that restless, tryhard, anxious energy. That's not a very advanced feeling/state. How I see it, whatever you are choosing is what you'll be getting more and more of. If an anxious drive is what you chose, you become more of that and you'll live more in that world. If you look at all you can do now, and choose what option contains most joy, bliss, peace, curiosity, etc, then the more you make that your world. And aren't these feelings of relaxation, well-being, joy, excitement, etc, higher "stage" energies? So I would say that if you want to become the most advanced version of yourself, then especially you would act on the option with the best feeling in it. That can in some moments just be calling up a friend, taking a walk, etc. I would say that if you chose the path that makes you feel best in every moment, you'll end up in the best feeling state. I would relax more, act less from your head and more from what feels best.
  8. My best feeling thought on how to navigate these things: just do what attracts/excites you most
  9. Well, if you look for the ego, you won't find it (as a thing). I think I read in Conversations with God something like "the ego are the ideas you have of yourself", which sounds about right to me
  10. Man, just do what gives you joy. No need to try so hard. Abraham Hicks said something like "people think they have to turn their canoe upstream and peddle, and they worship the people that have been somewhat successful in peddling upstream. But really, nothing that you really want is upstream, its all downstream. So just relax and let your canoe turn and it will start moving with the flow towards all that you desire"
  11. Thank you for your feedback, and you're very welcome:-) Couldn't resist sneaking in a comment on this reply. How I see it, is that I doubt you have a problem with concentration, because how is your concentration when you're doing your passion? I suspect you just didn't give a damn about what they tried to teach you, which I think is very fine.
  12. Follow what option contains most excitement/joy/passion. Perhaps you are also assuming that you have to pick one or the other while you don't. If at the moment they don't combine well, or the combination doesn't elicit more excitement than picking one over the other, I would pick the one that contains most joy and follow that. If you find that that way is 'blocked', take the other. Oh this video, I like it very much and is very much a reply to your question
  13. I didn't watch the whole video. But I saw a video of Tony recently and found him quite appreciate and generous in his own unique way. I think those are things many people can have much benefit from when watching him. A lot of people here too can learn lots from that. No need to bring him all down because he's spewing some bullshit here and there, which approximately every one here does too. If someone is quite nice, but has a couple shitty things, that person can get brought down all the way to the level of trash lol, that's not very sensible.
  14. @allislove Yes, love that one. Abrahams' things are really great, positive and SO much easier than the impression you might get when dipping your toes (and then all the way until your head) into spirituality. Oh and there was a great reminder in that video too, thank you^^