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  1. @Danioover9000 I disagree. It's not cheating, that is of course a subjective perspective. Technology has always been progressing and taking away work people didn't want to do anymore. You can find all sort of examples where a new technology comes out in the domain of animation, or whatever other field, and others say it's cheating, unfair, etc. You can't invent anything that's of real value, if you want to avoid that someone may lose a job, that can always happen. It's not about if it's cheating too, it's for many people about creating for the joy of it, and many people, like myself are excited to work with it. With tools as AI, quality of work can go up, and new styles can be explored. I didn't say anything of the sort that it will increase peoples development in drawing or such. If someone likes to draw, he can draw, if someone wants the aspect of a lot of manually drawing to be taken care of by AI, then he could use that. For animators AI can for example be used so they don't have to manually draw so many frames of a video. You draw perhaps a couple frames here and there, and the AI fills in missing frames. This is just making art in a smarter way, so you can focus on different ways in your art, so your art becomes even better. Technology has always been making things easier and easier. Nothing to do with laziness or the like
  2. If you deem something as most desirable, doesn't mean that chasing it is the way to go about it:-)
  3. I've been generation art with AI over the last months (for example: https://deepdreamgenerator.com/u/1934858 and ). When I first discovered that AI art was make to make psychedelic like animations/video's, I felt, as an animator that loves artful animations, a bit replaced by something better. That was my knee jerk reaction. You can make video's with AI soon, that I could not really beat well without investing a looot of time. But after that initial reaction, I thought how I could use AI to enhance my own work. Work with it rather than competing with it and it's great. I love art generated with the help of AI. I think it may be a good progression, perhaps it'll lead people to start making and appreciating art more for the sake of the beauty of what's created, instead of wanted to be recognized through what's created.
  4. I think such statements as 'enlightenment will get rid of all your suffering' may not be a very helpful one, and may result in people focusing on the wrong things in life. Teachings that focus rather on how to relate to life, yourself, emotions, thoughts, etc., may result in a more heart centered and empowered path if you ask me
  5. A little rant, mixed from what I've heard/read and my own 2 cents on it: You are always attracting. You don't have to learn it, you can't not attract. You are attracting what is reflective of your energies. If you choose to complain much, you may attract much of what gives you more to complain on. If you belief you're not good enough, you may attract people that treat you as such. If you belief you've to try hard in life, that you really got to make life happen, you may attract the reflections of that, that life really is hard, and you got to try hard. However, therefore, if you choose to be loving, or to be simply yourself, your life will be supportive and reflective of those choices, those energies. If you simply follow what attracts you most in those moment, what feels best, to follow the flow, life will support and reflect that to you.
  6. You clearly put some work in, nice! As having experience in editing audio and visual material, the main point point for me is that the cuts you put in, look a little dry or boring. Not the material themselves, but the way they are cut. Perhaps you can play around with the timing of the cuts, and experiment with fading material in and/or out over time. That could help make it look more organic :-)
  7. Into the forest with magic mushrooms I went. out, I got carried by the police towards the first aid, wearing but a boxershort and perhaps a sock, completely wet as I tried to drown myself in what I perceived to be the lake of enlightenment, bleeding all over as I punched in a window of a house where I thought the friend of Jed Mckenna lived and I hoped she would help me, got chased by her trained police dogs and the police and got stuck in her barbed wire anti thief defences which I failed trying to rip myself free from, and of which I'm wearing some good scars for today. It ended up in the newspaper, the most mestup thing the police officers said they had ever seen. The woman on who's door I knocked (which I called Lisa at that time) took therapy to help process it all
  8. @axiom Thank you for your kind reply and your contribution. I resonate with text, it's well written and insightful
  9. Hello, I used to be more active on the forum, but a time came some years ago that I started to shift away from trying to make things happen and started to relax more into what's actually happening. That led me to become less active on the forum. What I've been learning and having got insight in since that time, are often of topics that touch my heart and because this forum appears to me as coming more from the mind, trying to make it happen, I feel to share this as for my sense there may be/is a lot of struggle and suffering among this audience because of the approach of trying to make it all happen, figuring it all out, even though not everyone may like to admit to that. When I was trying harder, reading this, reading that, trying this practice, trying that, taking some shrooms here, contemplating some topic over there, I may have said when someone would have asked me 'the stuff your doing/learning/discovering, you feel all that is really valuable?' I may have said that it really was very valuable. That would not have been very honest, maybe a much more honest answer would have been 'If I'm really honest with myself, I'm actually not sure'. I don't wish to debate some minor technicalities (of what the most accurate language is for describing certain things) of what I'd like to say here, but when thinking about it, I come up with something like this: When you're acting from your mind, trying to make it happen, you're not being yourself. Everything you're then doing is in the end then not really you, and thus not really that relevant for you/your life. When after some point you let go more, being more of yourself, when looking back you see the 'offness' about all the stuff you busied yourself with, and know it's not really relevant for you, that also goes for all the insights you got that seem very deep to you and may really impress some other minds. Perhaps you could say that when you let go more, relaxing more into the flow of what's happening, allowing yourself to be what life has caused you to be, the topics in life that come up that bring up resistance in you, are not experienced the same way. The struggle becomes more about you, you feel better what's under the struggles. Instead of seeing certain life events as obstacles to where you want to be, you feel more what it brings up in you. You're more present with what's going on with you, and less with being focused outside. Perhaps also how you respond to life becomes more important. The things (you may learn/have insight in) that feel valuable or dear to you, is when there is a resolve of what you had previous resistance about. You're starting to learn, how to live in a way that is in alignment with what you are. I know that in my experience, I started seeing life events more as blessings of divine healing. As an example, in a situation I'm partaking in, that may feel to exhaust me after a certain period, I don't longer see the situation as troublesome. In allowing myself to be more what I am, I feel the exhaustion better, and better what was driving me to do the behavior that was exhausting, and learn a valuable lesson. In my experience, a lot of what I've been learning, could be said to be how to be more loving towards myself, or perhaps, how to be more whole. I had a feeling to share this on the forum and I could write more about it, but my gas for it feels up now so I'll leave it there.
  10. For me, Abraham Hicks' suggestions about this resonate the most. Just look for thoughts that feel better. Sometimes I would implement this method, and moved myself from states of quite some fear to being filled with the energy of like a throbbing excatasy or excitement within 10-20min. Looking for better feeling thoughts, that move you back into allignment, is one of the best discoveries I've made in this life.
  11. Thank you for the link. I don't often watch these things anymore, but this is enjoyable for me:-)
  12. Be more gentle and loving with yourself, would be one way:-)
  13. IMO better to not focus on trying to get rid of anything, but focus on what you do want/makes you feel better.
  14. Well, maybe it's cool when it starts happening, but after a while you may be like 'ya, ya, so what'. I don't think it's very beneficial to focus on these things. And when you stop focusing on it, you may see the numbers less. Better to focus on something you do prefer, and then watch what synchronicities come up about that :-)