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  1. Lol I've been finding it annoying lately too. At first I thought it was really cool, until it started to become irritating in a sense as it can feel like I can't shake it off. I never see the numbers when I look for them, only when I'm off guard and not looking. Didn't expect that I could feel that way about it, and thought it was silly behavior so tried relaxing instead of feeling a sense of irritation. Funny to see you've felt the same.
  2. Sure, I'll just give a ramble about what I understood from various sources. Upon death you as the soul leaves the body, or rather the soul detaches itself from the body. Lots of souls here might be a little flabbergasted that there aren't dead, and notice that they can move around or teleport with intent. They get slightly pulled into this light tunnel then and at the other side they might meet up with their guide. They enter a review about their past life and maybe discuss it with another guide. Afterwards, they go to this vast (infinite?) space with other souls and go to a space/zone/'house' where a group of souls (between about 5-25) of like development and awareness are. These souls in this zone know each other from many past lives. Here these souls go to a 'school' (can look any way that's comfortable to the soul, and there is a more developed being/teacher here to assist), where they can evaluate their past lives and the choices they made in them, or go have some fun elsewhere. Okay from here to planning the next incarnation I don't know in detail. But it seems the souls will plan their next life (together with their guide) based on what they want to learn, etc.
  3. @Someone here Who cares that you can't literally say that something reincarnates. There is no self to reincarnate.. so what.. doesn't mean reincarnation doesn't point to a 'process' that's all too real. You say there is zero evidence for it. Actually there is tons of evidence for it if you care to look into it. The internet is just full of it.
  4. At the moment I'm reading 'Journey of Souls' from Michael Newtown. He writes from his experience about his profession of putting people into trance state and bringing them back to past lifes or lifes in between lifes (the spirit world). I could write you about it, but if you are interested in it, than why don't you read the book yourself? :-) I'm saying because I find the book very beautiful and wouldn't want to have changed it with someone giving some bullet points lol. If you rather have the bullet points though let me know
  5. I once had a similar thing. I would write a word, like 'enlightenment', 'my life', 'I am human', etc. and then I would scratch the word. It felt the idea or the charge around it got a little erased when doing that.
  6. Matt's words helped me out greatly once. I was walking around with many dismissive teachings in my mind (like Jed Mckenna's) and my mind was starting to give me lot's of suffering at times. The mind would just start spinning into anxieties, worries and frustration. So once I laid crying on bed with lots of hopelessness and a thought appeared about watching Matt Khan (who I considered too soft before that), I watched him and it was greatly healing and a big relief from these dismissive teachings. For me it put many things right. Loving the experiencer is a great idea of him. If we aren't going towards love, then what the hell are we doing? ❤️ The question 'what would love do?' is the same/similar question as given in the book Conversation with God: "At all breaking points in life there is one question to ask: what would love do now?"
  7. Honestly I find it cringy, and feel he might look back at it and find it a bit cringy too after some years
  8. @Rolo I thought the diagram is to be used on a white background. There's also another diagram that comes with it
  9. I love Rassouli's work https://rassouli.com/artworks.html Not psychedelic perse though
  10. From Conversations with God: "Every feeling you've ever had resides in your soul. Your soul is the sum total of all your feelings. It is the repository."
  11. Having a sense of effort and struggle in life is not the indication that you're doing life right. I doubt you'll go very far without having some degree of relaxation and ease. For sure a ramble can't turn your life around, but implementing a ramble can. Yes you get what you give, and so if you have a sense of struggle and effort then what do you get back? So then you want a path where you don't struggle as much but can even enjoy and love your life, and then you get that reflected back. That doesn't mean one can't 'work hard', although when you do something you love you might not phrase it as such I suppose they won't no
  12. Seems like a fine answer to me. So why ask others if you can get such fine answers from yourself? Your life is all for you, you can choose what you want with it. It's for you to decide if angry is something you want to be or not, it's not about it being objectively good or bad. If you want to be more happy for example, than anger won't take you there but being happy will, and vice versa.
  13. What would be your own answer at that question?
  14. Then what you mean by 'there is no answer' is that an answer is only concept. Yet there can be the experience that love is the answer, and that is not concept. I've had for example a moment that my being 'clicked' which came with a certain thought like love is the answer. You think this can only be a thought, and in a sense it is, but everything can allign with that experience or recognition, so in a sense it's all to real. You're thinking in terms of it's this or that, there is an answer, or there isn't an answer and yet it's this and that.
  15. Then how about your answer 'there is no answer'?.. That's a statement too, and not an absence of one.