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  1. I've been listening quite a bit to channeled information lately, and found 'The Wonders' now. They have a bunch of Youtube videos, but there is also this page with podcasts audio, which seems all free as far I can tell: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-wonders-hour/id163344078?mt=2 Seems to me quite an amazing resource For an introduction from the Wonders themselves, you can watch the first podcast ('The First Show') from 42:20 onwards
  2. For me the 5 element practise was less effective than for bobby, but I still do it and I feel it's quite powerful too. These mantras are an easy way to pull nice energy into you. The idea is that you get initiated into this practise first, as I have, but some people do it without and still experience good stuff
  3. @Nahm 20 years, ah okay I thought you just had done it some years. Thanks!
  4. @Salvijus Thanks for that message, interesting. Maybe I'll stop with the psychedelics. @Matteo Nice share, thank you! :-) I want to share a couple of things, as I can relate quite a bit with your story. I have similar concerns and doubts as you with psychedelics, also have done RASA and have been struggling or doubting as to what path I should follow too. as for RASA I had maybe 2/3 'official' RASA sessions, and watched a bunch of recorded RASA sessions. Someone who gave RASA, and became my friend for a while, wanted to have a spontaneous video chat with me. He wanted to explain the stuff like 'there is no person, there is only this', etc. I already knew there was no person, but okay. At some point he said something like 'you already know there is no person? Oh that's like LOC 1000. You know what, close your eyes and let go of everything, stop the seeking', I gave it a go and tried releasing everything, I released something perhaps because I had a tear. Not a biggy. He said, 'yea you're probably 1000 now, let me check' he checked and said that I was at 1000. He send my picture to Ramaji or Ananda to have them double check and they also said I was at 1000. I didn't feel any different and doubted very much if he wasn't just trying to convince himself and me. Anyway, nothing changed in the meanwhile (that I feel I should attribute to RASA) lol. Not sure what to think of RASA, maybe there is something to it, but I think they might make it out to be more then it is. As to pshychedelics. I love Bashar and tried finding some videos of him where he talks about pshychedelics. I found some videos where he mentions something, but not in fullness. Could you share what you found of him talking about it? Also, did Sadhguru really say that he would have done it himself if he thought it was a viable path? I read a book on it which also talked about psychedelics a bit, read it here : I can relate to practices not seeming to do much, while psychedelics give palpable transformation. However, I've been doing Shambavi Mahamudra and a 5 element cleansing practiced based on mantras (https://learn.divinelineage.org/) now for like 4 months and I've noticed that I have been looking for perception shifts to tell if things are changing. However, if I focus on my subtle energy state, I do notice quite some difference. If I close my eyes the energystate I'm in is actually quite amazing. It seems that these practices work on a subtler level and you might not notice it that fast. It takes time for it to get going and then after a while you might notice that actually quite some change has seemed to be sneaking in. and in all I'm quite doubtful about the psychedelic path, maybe they (as you can read from the part of the book I shared with you above) will mess with your nervous system and you slowly become more insensitive to life. Also, since you seem to know about Bashar, based on your frustration I don't get the impression you've been following his 'method' of following your passion, or just doing what attracts you the most in every moment? Much love,
  5. @Nahm just read just story and felt I got some value from it. Thank you for sharing. I'm wondering how long you meditated before the awakenings started, could you say?:)
  6. @Carl-Richard Or phrased differently, will you ever stop putting your trust in that you can't trust yourself?
  7. I said doing what you love, that's not seeking energy. Are you rehearsing things you've heard here?:D
  8. I suppose you always seek what you feel you lack, no? There are quite some beings who say that following your passion is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration, so no need to think about spirituality but just doing what you love. So it seems to me anyways
  9. Okay another one, the timecode is a little off but close enough. First 2 hours or so is breathwork. I wanted to try if I could get some sort of breakthrough into God-consciousness or such, but that didn't work out. Not sure if I'll do another 3h session, maybe one with mushrooms lol
  10. Big boss Jesus Christ Big boss Buddha Big boss Krishna
  11. Okay not going to join for all the days, but maybe here and there a day. I was doing for like the first 2 hours and 40 minutes mantras and the last 20 minutes or so doing nothing. I'd be interested if the people that will do the 21 days, or close to it, describe their experiences and results at the last day.
  12. @Identity would be curious to hear your further findings when you've experimented a bit more with them:)
  13. @Harikrishnan https://www.facebook.com/groups/82990426678/permalink/10157652939376679/ here is a part I enjoyed reading about bashar and its 'people' and their state of consciousness, or in other words how many cycles per second their energy vibrates as they put it Jesus, so bashar says, was/is still quite a bit higher than them.
  14. --------------- @Leo Gura quote function gives me lot of blanc spaces, so I do it like this It's far more radical than that. Since all difference is absolutely relative, there is no difference whatsoever between start and end, therefore it never started. You are imagining right now that it started at some point, and thereby you create the illusion of it having started. This illusion of a start is indistinguishable from reality, so it seems as though it started. But it never did. Everything always starts and ends right now! Your parents start and end right now! They were never real! They didn't give birth to you. You are concocting that story on the fly RIGHT NOW for the first time! This is its start and its end. It's absolutely crucial to become conscious that there is no difference between start and end within consciousness. Oneness cannot have a beginning or an end. There was never just void. That void is something you imagine existed in the past to explain the present. But past is something you're imagining right now for the very first time! Even the idea that you've imagined the past before is wrong, because that assumes a past! You've never imagined the past before. You are imagining right now for the first time that you've imagined the past in the past many times before, thereby creating "memory". Memory is nothing but imagination in the present. Everything you think you remember is actually you imagining for the first time in the present without realizing that you're doing so. Ta-da! --------------- I don't quite get some things you (are trying to) say here, can you be more clear? I'd like to grok it. A model that I heard, and I can wrap my mind around is that you're not moving through time, but shifting through many static images per second, thereby creating a sense or illusion of continuity. Okay the whole reality, the whole shebang is here right now, just shifting through frames, okay fine, not something new here for me. "Your parents start and end right now!", if you mean here their appearance (or appearances as they only exist as static pictures) in/as 'my' experience, yes alright. "You are imagining right now for the first time that you've imagined the past in the past many times before, thereby creating "memory"." You say that you imagine for the first time that there was a past. What are you trying to say here, how is a first time possible if there is no time? Maybe you just mean that the whole shebang is here right now, and so an experience of thought -that gets labeled memory- isn't referring to something that happened before. That memory experience is only a snapshot/experience and doesn't exist before or after the snapshot/experience "to which the memory refers". Is that what you mean?