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  1. Once after a shroom trip, I've got a very strong headache in the third eye area and my vision got fucked up. I couldn't read and it was like everything was blurry and moving. Only come back to normal 2 hours later. I don't know wtf happened...
  2. @Javfly33 You've been in this forum for only 3 years. How long have you been taking psychs and doing spiritual work? Remember that even for Leo it took more than a decade maybe?! And also, why be so obsessed about this, if you're God you WILL awaken eventually.
  3. @Leo Gura Why do you recommend Kriya Yoga over other meditation practices?
  4. @Nahm Hey Nahm! When you say effortlessly contemplate, what do you mean exactly? I'm thinking about this for a while now and to me, contemplation cannot be forced like you force yourself to bring back to mind a question over and over again. Contemplation to me is a natural part of life. If I sit down and do nothing for a while during my day my mind will naturally start to think about what I want to know. Is that what you mean by effortlessly? But I don't understand how Peter Ralston can say he contemplates 24/7. And how to do it? Or NOT do it
  5. @Leo Gura What does HCl mean? I found 5-MeO-MALT HCl that ships to my country.
  6. @Leo Gura I need to clarify this. Let's say I see Leo killing a dog simply because he enjoys the act of killing. Ego will judge and demonize it. That's where I can't understand. How is the cruelty love? Is it love because the person doing it loves to kill? Is it because this event could not not happen because of an infinite chain of events and because it will create infinite more ramifications of events that I can't see far enough to understand?
  7. @Leo Gura Do you mean that since there is only one consciousness, "other people" doing what I see as evil shit is just one thing? Like a screen is one thing not the different words and shapes and colors. So if they do evil shit or good shit there's no difference because it's one thing and I am projecting evil onto them? So I am creating evil by thinking evil
  8. Thank you guys! And Leo, I'm very grateful and lucky to have you in my life. Thank you.
  9. I love animals so much. Dogs, rats, birds, ants... I love them all. Whenever I see or even know about an animal suffering and in pain, it hurts me deeply. I can't stand it. It's one of the most difficult things about life for me. Some time ago, my dog attacked a small bird and wounded him. After the attack, I got the bird and took care of him. I tried to keep him warm and fed for a day but he wouldn't move his legs. I think his spine was damaged. So I took him to the vet and killed him. That night I did a 45 minute session of shamanic breathing. I cried the whole session. There were moments I felt like I wanted to take all the suffering in the world on me. It doesn't make sense the ripping and killing of beautiful creatures. Why God would create such beauty and destroy it, corrupt it. I wanted to suffer less about this. But it feels somehow that I would be loving them less if I did. Does that make sense? How do you feel about all of this? How to heal this deep wound?
  10. @Leo Gura So it does not matter how awake you are, you'll end up going back to sleep eventually? And this cycle will repeat forever? A while ago you said this: When Ramana Maharshi got cancer his followers tried to get doctors to come look at him to heal him. His response was something along the lines of: "Who cares? It's just a body." When you are that awake you literally don't give a fuck about anything. No condition of life is better than any other. An fully awakened person cannot die. He is conscious forever, regardless of what happens to his body. So losing the body makes no difference. -- How can he be conscious forever if God is eternally playing this game of dreaming and waking up?
  11. @Craigxt22 Read the smaller book about Kriya in the book list. The instructions are very straightfoward.
  12. Here we go again...
  13. @Leo Gura You said in your video about Love that reality is a love simulator. I thought that trying to understand people more deeply would generate love towards them. For example, there are people I despise but if I put myself in their shoes and try to understand them, it naturally generates love. Not that I love them in the same way I love people that I like, but I love them more as "we are in this ship together and I understand you" kind of love. Is that what you're talking about?
  14. @Leo Gura So when this body that I think I'm looking through the eyes now dies, what will remain? And if right now the only thing that exists is this moment - what I am aware of - and everything else outside awareness is just a thought, if this body dies in this room I'll become the room? And then what?
  15. I feel that too and I love it. I stop and look around my room, how crazy it is to be here now and how is it even possible. But I don't like to go there. To me this is getting out of direct experience and going into imagination.