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  1. I think Leo should make a video about Solipsism and whenever somebody starts a topic about t, we point them to the video.
  2. I have watched that video 3 times and still don't get it haha. I might watch it again while on mushrooms. I know you have said that it's better to trip in silence and all, but this question about POV got me excited to try it.
  3. What do you mean that I believe I have a POV? It seems like my POV is direct experience and cannot be wrong.
  4. @Cepzeu During mushroom trips, I feel like I can talk to God too. I ask something mentally and God responds. Sometimes is just like you said, I get the answer even before I finish the question. But after the trip, I get this bad feeling and doubt that I might be deluding myself. Because it certainly feels like I'm talking to myself and/or with a separate being (God) at the same time. How can I know for sure that I'm not delusional? I asked God that question, and the answer was what does it matter if it is God or Myself that I'm speaking to? But still, I have some doubts. Can you help me clear this out?
  5. @Nahm This is gold. Thank you!
  6. A year ago I sold my video game. But I still feel the strong desire to play sometimes. If I try to deeply satisfy this desire, wouldn't I be playing new games for the rest of my life and still not deeply satisfy the desire? On the other hand, If I don't try to satisfy the desire it will always come back, as you said. Maybe I will mature and naturally let go of it, without having to force it. Maybe it's just a matter of balance.
  7. I can't understand. And my heart is racing a little
  8. Yes! That's what I understood. But it's so weird how God can exist forever, no beginning no end, isn't it?
  9. @Leo Gura Oh my god. I just understood Infinity a bit deeper.