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  1. @Leo Gura When you say that there is only myself. Do you mean: A) I am here in my bedroom and only this room exists right now. My parents only exist as thoughts in my mind, you only exist as a thought. So right now, only the objects in my room, my body and a few sounds exist? If a person appears in my door, I created him/her? or B) I am You and everybody else. But humans are walking around even when I'm not seeing them and I'm experiencing multiple different points of view simultaneously because there is only one being? Weirdly, option A makes more sense to me. So you (me) presented me with the possibility of mahasamadhi, because I'm the only one that can do it? because there is only me/you/God?
  2. Read the smaller book about Kriya in the book list. Much easier to follow.
  3. @StarStruck I can reach the bone that divides the nasal cavity. But it's hard to go beyond that.
  4. @StarStruck When I'm doing Pranayama or Kriya supreme fire, the reflex to swallow happens a lot but the tongue just go back to the normal position. It feels impossible to swallow the tongue.
  5. @TrynaBeTurquoise I'll keep that in mind. Thank you! @Leo Gura That's very helpful. Thank you! How can I do this exercise during a mushroom trip? It is very difficult to keep attention focused on something. I've never done more than 3g of cubensis. Whats the best dosage to try this practice?
  6. I've practiced only 15 hours of this exercise, but I don't want to invest 1000 hours in it and find out that I was doing it wrong. Do we have to only look at the hand and return attention to it after getting distracted by a thought? Thats it? If so, how is this different than a breath meditation? And the attention have to be put on a small point in the hand or in the whole hand (wider scope)? It is normal to feel like I'm looking at an alien thing for a few seconds, during the exercise? Thank you!