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  1. @Angelite what is a soul ? Where does it resides in body ? How do you know that it leaves the body after death ? And leaves the body and go where ? To us - you must return ? Who is that us ? And where does it reside ? And after returning to us what the us will do to the soul and what the soul is supposed to do ? Why the soul requires a body ? Whats the purpose of Us to create the world and souls ? Why the Us is not doing anything to prevent all the evils good and bad ? Why Us created evil ? Whats the purpose of life of an ant to humans ? What is karma ? Whose karma ? These are a very sincere questions and I am trying to get answers.
  2. @Mondsee lol experiencer and experience are one ? So you experience the body so you are the body ? You experience the thoughts - are you the thoughts ? You breath - are you the breath ? You see a grass are you the grass ? Or you see the picture of grass ? If You the experiencer and what that you experience are same then that experience must be the same always changeless.Isnt it ? Experience implies an object something experienced. By defenition what you experience cannot be you isnt it ? The perceived can never be the perceiver. Find out who is that perceives ? Are you directly experiencing or through the senses ? If you perceive directly why are not perceiving the body world in deep sleep ? Do you exist in deep sleep ? If you didnt exist during deep sleep how do you know you slept ? Who is that which is aware of deep sleep ? Pls answer.
  3. @Michael Paul "You" "must" "surrender" the illusion of personal will ? How to surrender the illusion of personal will ? Who is doing that ? How to do it ? - pls explain giving some real time examples.
  4. @LoveandPurpose That which is causing you the illusion of seperation illusion of an individual illusion of body mind is the - ego sense - sense of me - sense of I or self or I am. Ego mind - all thoughts centered around this feeling of ego sense - I am and idea - thought -I am the body is ego mind. I,me,my,mine,doership is ego mind. Who is doing - I am doing the work.I am busy.I am eating.I am running I am meditating.(Doership) My body my mind my parents my country my property my family my friends my wife my kids my car my money my house my religion my education my book my effort my knowledge. I - know I - dont know I - like I - dont like I am an engineer doctor I am a successful man I am a looser I am capable I am not capable I am a meditator I am hungry Personality is the expression of the person that is being judged labeled by other ego minds or even one own ego mind as He is a calm person angry person He is arrogant he is impatient he is violent he is approachable he is a loafer He is lazy He is active He is talketive He is honest he is a cheater he is straight forward he is cunning he is abusive vulgar he is boastful he is bossy he is a narcist .He is good hearted.He is a patriot.He is a philanthrophist. A combination such traits is personality how the ego mind acts expresses itself. The person love and peace - with certain personality traits interacts with the boss or his subordinate or a police officer doctor teacher wife kids parents wears the mask accordingly. The same person speaking acting to parents behaves as son when interacting with his boss acts as subordinate or acts as a boss with subordinate acts as father when interacting with kids acts as father with sister acts as brother with wife as husband - With govt officials as a citizen. same person different roles isnt it ?😊😊😊
  5. @Truth Addict Your disclaimer - I am not enlightened ? Why you say you are not enlightened ?
  6. @StephenK Just my intellectual understanding. I am not sure on this stand point by all enlightened - some after realisation take responsibility to do selfless service - education hospitals Yoga meditation centers ? Some just impart to seekers who go for guidance and dont bother at all to the "idea of changing the world" - because everything keeps changing why bother to change something which is allready continously changing.What ever change brought is going to change again.so whats the point ? The world is an illusion why bother to change chase the illusion ?
  7. @Serotoninluv The practice starts from duality. There is a devotee and a God. Devotion is a Bhavam - state of mind of prayer surrender receptive mind set acceptance of higher power will what ever. Guru - let us say the enlightened mind giving instructions - if there is no receptivity and mind keeps rejecting what is said.The wisdom cannot be imparted grasped by the seeker-student. And some gurus add to confusion by saying there is no path.Because path is an illusion.What path ? This is absurd then the seeker can never begin. In other words You as Absolute there are no others then to whom you are interacting and discussing ? So all instructions practice path if dismissed from absolute standpoint (but who is dismissing ?) It will lead no where. @Leo Gura
  8. @Leo Gura @Leo Gurar So instead try like religion of Rajneesh marriage is a social construct love is authentic have sex with any one - let there be just children a commune born out of love not family it's Left hand tantra - supreme understanding - vaama Marg ? Lol.🤣🤣🤣🤣 Awareness is curative. conciously you do - smoke conciously and the habit will drop by itself ???? Lol 😊😊😊🤣🤣🤣🤣
  9. @atlanticgirl Nirvikalpa samadhi is the highest may be after stabilizing it said to be sahaja Nirvikalpa samadhi.But since you have experienced Nirvikalpa why you are interested in Yogic meditation programmes ? I guess Regarding why instructors are required to memorize and repeat what is said to them instead of expressing in their own words is - it will lead to confusion and misinterpretation.
  10. @Schahin Karmic body is different from physical and subtle body.Its the Karmic body that takes repeated life.(This is what I heard and I am not sure what they mean subtle and karmic bodies).
  11. @Chi_ 🙏🙏🙏 Welcome to India 🙏🙏🙏 To which centre you are planning to volunteer ? - coimbatore - Tamilnadu ?
  12. @Schahin Intellectual words gymnastics are not going to help anyone practically in life. Ramakrishna Paramahamsar said A monk was travelling in a boat.He asked the boatman several philosophical questions for that the boatman said I dont know.The monk said you have wasted your life. The boat crashed in a rock and water started entering the boat now the boatman asked swamiji do you know swimming the monk said I dont know.Now the boatman said whats the use of all your philosophies swami and he jumped the river to swim to the banks. The monk died. --- If You dont take responsibility for your actions even god wont come to help. --- Metaphysically speaking Shiva never comes in to the world.Shiva doesnt know about creation world.
  13. @Schahin Lol how drugs addiction - that person is not responsible but misfortune ? Lol - how a person will go bankrupt to the extent of loosing the home. Greed over leverage improper planning lack of adequate expertise in the field and offcourse unforseen change in policies lot of factors play in business.So if all the best efforts was made and loss happens. What else can be done ? Go to a job with the knowledge and expertise. -Note Nisargadatta Maharaj died of throat cancer due to smoking.
  14. @AlphaAbundance A then seeker now enlightened master came to Nisargadatta Maharaj.Maharaj was asking about him then immediately asked him to study well get qualified got him admitted to a college - saying you think spirituality is hearing speeches singinging bajans and glorifying god. Go do your duty.Continue the practices.Take care of your family and as well contribute to humanity. Though Maharaj was not educated. Enlightenment is not dyeing enlightenment is merging with the universe. Enlightenment is realising truth oneness reality. Enlightenment is just absence of personal identity which is nothing but suffering. Enlightenment is not sitting idle and doing nothing. Action duties responsibilities everything will go has to happen who will feed you provide shelter health needs or your family needs but there will no you doing that. No need to afraid of death etc - the word death is misleading. Karma yoga is doing duties with atmost responsibility and perfection. Enlightenment is not bliss.Bliss is a stage in savikalpa samadhi.You are not that.