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  1. @Gili Trawangan Deep sleep is not the absolute.If it so how did you know there was no person,body,world ? So there was awareness of the no experience during deep sleep.So Absolute or the awareness is always there always. In otherwords knowing (Awareness)is always there in Waking,dream,deep sleep. Or Awareness is aware of deep sleep. This is my understanding so for. But are you(Absolute) aware of yourself ? With out any objects-body,mind,person,i feeling in the waking state ? And why Awareness of Awareness is not happening in deep sleep ? But why it said to happen only during waking state ? So whats that I am not getting ?🤔 @winterknight
  2. @Salvijus @winterknight Dear winterknight my understanding so for is Self Enquiry is getting rid of sense of I am.Focussing on I am till it vanishes. Self Enquiry is getting rid of the identity. Neti Neti is the basic fundamental principle that the what ever perceived cannot be the perceiver. Self enquiry technique is based on this principle of Neti Neti or the perceived cannot be the perceiver. So what is this i am feeling ? Thats self enquiry - Now why self enquiry need to be done and why the I am sense must be annihilated ? (The body mind i thought i am) all are appearing in conciousness. So why it is important to get rid of I am feeling ? Or the yogis or meditators made it so complex ?🤔🤔🤔 Like vedantins say there is no need of meditation no need of samadhi ? 🤔🤔🤔 -------------------------------------------------------
  3. @winterknight Leela - maya -illusion -😊😊😊 game god plays on himself.
  4. @Inliytened1 No i am not identifying with body or mind or sense of seperatedness. I experience the body so i cannot be the body likewise mind and sense of seperatedness. Any effort intention to meditate self enquire is an experience movement in awareness so i am not that. It appears the whole body mind experience is an illusion - super imposition on the self - as I am aware of that and I am not that. But yet the experience of body mind self of seperatedness hasnt vanished or not sure how to do that as any effort is happening with in awareness 🤔🤔🤔
  5. @Inliytened1 It appears like Sense of seperatedness, body mind are with in the awareness. Self enquiry appears to happen with in awareness. But i am yet to experience nothingness or vanishing of the sense of seperatedness. So bit confused.
  6. @Mikael89 😊😊😊 Mikael is always having this question ? If self realisation is a brain stuff ? Does it matter if it is a brain stuff or not. Let scientists bother about that 😊😊😊 Science can propose theories on evolution from single celled org blah blah but how single celled org came cannot be answered by science ? Can it. Whats the intelligence behind that single celled org ? Science cannot prove the existence of formless spirits 😊😊😊 but mantriks do control them. Can scientists create a single celled org 😊😊😊 -------------------------------- Even otherwise I am not pursuing self realisation to claim I am Dog 😊😊😊 I am not pursuing self realisation for knowing about or gaining knowledge about reality omniscience Dog Infinity 😊😊😊 to gain supernatural powers 😂😂😂 For me it is about transcending the mind and be at peace leading a healthy (bliss - peace of self,mental health,physical health and a disciplined life 🙏🙏🙏 @Preetom
  7. @Rilles They appear disappear in other peoples brain offcourse.Whats there to think about this.
  8. @Truth Addict 😊😊😊🙏🙏🙏
  9. @TheExplorer There is no point in existence with out having deeper connections with good community and other human beings ? I am sick of loneliness. I dont trust human beings. -------------------------------- Right now I dont have clarity about this. Interactions with worldly people - attachment are not fascinating me any more.Attachment interactions with them brings suffering. No need to trust people anways.Trusting people is trusting the mind. But lonliness is a serious question to ponder. So connection with spiritual community can be helpful.
  10. @Aakash Sadashiva Brahmam a mystique saint who was very eloquant in speaking about spirituality. One day his Guru said Sadashivam cant you keep quiet in Silence. Sadashiva Brahmam went to silence and he never spoke again in his life.
  11. @SerpaeTetra Thats a good question. Mind is holding on to some knowledge-experience-wisdom as truth aka conditoining. When a contradictory post appears mind labels that as ignorance-useless-challenging -a threat to what it is holding on to and hence the anger. Basically it is identification with the mind and ignorance of controlling the external events,actions,behaviour of the other person confirming to its own belief system. Let go.
  12. @d0ornokey @d0ornokey Just sharing my understanding so for.Honestly speaking Self Enquiry is for very advanced souls. Meaning traditionally it was offered only to people already leading a perfect righteous disciplined spiritual life who are seen qualified for Self Enquiry by Gurus. "Nothing in my life is in perfect place and my mental health keeps going down" Only if you lead a perfect life for 23.5 hours.You can sit in meditation for half an hour. What's perfect life - Daily systematic disciplined routines and a righteous life. Everything on time.Eating,sleeping,daily excercise.Meditation. Doing your duty whole heartedly.Honesty,integrity,righteousness. Money is essential for living.So no escape from earning that.Spiritual life is not sitting idle - so no escape from duties as well. So put your life in order and take appropriate treatment for your mental health first. Else calming the mind will be impossible. ----------_------------------------------ Rest follow what winterknight says physchoanalysis theraphy and self enquiry.
  13. @Aakash @Aakash To put it simple if identity I AM vanishes what remains is the Absolute. -------------------------------- For now not getting in to concepts of I am God,love,creation,omniscience,purpose of creation,if conciousness is interested in exploring itself,love every aspect of itself. -------------------------------- So the method-path to get rid of the identity is the key from a seekers point of view. That is what I am focussing now. @Truth Addict Agree you speak from your experience. Osho explains what you said.He splits I AM into I and Amness. I vanishes first.Lot get struck there.Then the Amness too has to go. Meaning no-self is the goal.
  14. @Truth Addict But enlightened say clearly no-self is enlightenment and is permanant.🤔 Not still sure what you mean ego though 🤔