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  1. I'm here if you need anyone to talk to kieranperez.
  2. Sometimes I get the same feeling, but then much of the time you see what you're looking for. When I open my heart, others respond in kind.
  3. You seem witty and energetic to me. And very authentic.
  4. My articulation can be poor as well, as my memory is kinda bad. In academic settings I use text spinners and sites that measure your reading level to improve my articulation. I've helped friends recieve As with this method. I've noticed as well that my articulation and memory will improve in general outside academics.
  5. I think you need more positive contrast in your life. Sense how certain actions align with your self concept or self image. Become aware of the subtleties in the energies around you. In your body...your mind. How are you affected right now? Follow the line of energy and it will amplify.
  6. @Joseph Maynor I'm pretty sure he had some theory prior to his enlightenment. He was an intellectual.
  7. @LoveandPurpose Feelings of safety. Trick the mind and body into believing your environment is somewhat optimum. I use asmr, tapping, music, do nothing, affirmations, breath work, meditation, clean actions etc. I listen to the voice of my intuition and pick out a task from a list (either in writing or memorized). It knows the fastest route.
  8. Perhaps try to create the impression of security in your life in whichever fashion your intuition feels drawn towards. Insights and feeling tones will emerge. You can usually feel when the body has shifted. For me sometimes there's sensation in my throat and jaw.
  9. If I feel that it will increase my own absorption. Although there are times in which I can sense an idea will create an affect in the collective. I go through cycles.
  10. I tried using big 5 for a while to inspire myself into action. I noticed I have mostly feminine traits except for very low orderliness. I imagined myself the ideal feminine archetype if I could complete that last characteristic. It worked for awhile. If you're mostly masculine you could try it and see if it works since low neuroticism is a masculine trait.
  11. I sense rage and desperation in your posts. Do you have a meditation practice? I think you need to centre yourself in practice.
  12. When I backslide and drop all habits I start over with Do Nothing meditation. It clears compulsion and mind fog which are some of my most predominant issues for me in implementing other habits and keeping consistency.
  13. INFP. Although I'm not typical I don't think. I'm 5w4 so I suppose I'm less artistic, more left brained.
  14. @Solace I like your answer. I don't think you should frighten anyone. I was analyzing I think.