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  1. 'Magical powers' look a lot like delusion. And then someone has to come along and ruin the fun by telling you you're not amazing.
  2. It was way above and beyond a major sober mystical experience I had recently. No comparisons. Drugs are very helpful.
  3. I smoked weed once. I realized I was an idiot, became a super human for 6 months and met God.
  4. It also depends how tightly your mind clings to the ideas of suicidal and not suicidal and God realized and not God realized. I think it's stupid to be so attached to one's image and being God realized. That's why many say they 'channel'. The beauty of reality is so immense that that stuff won't remain for long.
  5. There's a lot of heaviness around this area. That's why I like AH's teachings. She doesn't like the terms 'mental disorder' and 'clinical depression' as it really boxes someone in and it can become apart of their identity (which can be great in certain circumstances in my experience, but often constrictive of growth).
  6. @Inliytened1 Yep. It originates from a selfish level of consciousness. But also if suicidal thoughts help a person get through a dark time then that's fine too. If it helps with moving up the emotional scale and as a catalyst for your path then that's fine. It's a nuanced topic.
  7. @Keyhole That energy is a part of my suffering. Do you think I want disharmony with others? I don't want to have the energy of a narcissist and a donkey like my parents. That's why I seek self realization. I see no other option.
  8. Why not reach out to the universe to bring you back home and try to become self realized so as to attract better circumstances and healing and peace. I figure I might as well do something before I gather the courage to put myself out of my misery. That's really all I'm doing.
  9. Beautiful <3 The Great Comforter.
  10. @WaveInTheOcean You have a beautiful unconditional warmth that radiates outwards. It's very healing and comforting.
  11. Who claims to be God almighty? Have you felt what it feels like to be God in sour conditions? Its peace, rest, calm. Magical powers are irrelevant.
  12. If you have any amount of 'rightist' (I've learnt you can't pick your political party) energy in you they'll come after you no matter what you say. I still love them though <3
  13. Can we all just contemplate this a little more? Please?