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  1. "What is the real essence of life. You cannot find it in the books. You are the book. You gotta open up and begin to read and be conscious of what you have inside." —Wim Hof
  2. I'm a noob. I'll put that upfront. The Wim Hof method puts the body in a fight or flight response. Think of how your senses would work whilst running from a bear. Like a Lizard. Highly focused. I've been doing the Wim Hof method everyday this week and then either sitting or doing some form of walking meditation. Focusing on breath, vision and my feet. (Do Nothing Method) It shuts down your brain noise, all the chatter and leaves you with nothing but clear laser vision and complete ability to focus. I plan on doing a Metronome Access Concentration session asap after doing a short WH breathing session and seeing how much I improve on my usual ability to concentrate. I'll leave these two video links below, in order. Try it out for yourself and you'll see what I mean by Reptilian Focus. Intense viper focus. Anyone else been doing the WH Method? I'm a noob. I'll put that at the end.