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  1. 2 gold YT channels: - Phil Daru - VAHVA Fitness
  2. @zeroISinfinity I just took screenshots of both those replies from Leo also
  3. I prefer A Get To Do List instead of a list of things that Must be done. Love the process We get to do the laundry
  4. @DrewNows Russel just had Bryon Katie on
  5. Great thread --- The path into the light seems dark true purity seems tarnished the greatest love seems indifferent -- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
  6. Thriving in Being stems from mastering the fundamentals There are myriad degrees to comprehension Three basics every human should have nailed first and foremost: 1. Posture 2. Breath 3. Hydration / Nutrition Xxxx
  7. @purerogueI had a dream recently that I was being chased around my old school by santa whilst I was naked. Lets cross our fingers and hope neither come true.
  8. Hope you find some time to dance around naked today Bald Yoda Xxxx Love from Brighton UK!
  9. 4c is locked in. New models are saying 5c is locked in. New studies came out saying that they have discovered huge pools of Nitrous Oxide under Artic Ice which has 300+ times the effect CO2 has, but it also erodes the Ozone Layer. 4c means BOE means all that Methane and NO in the atmosphere means death of all life on earth. Extinction Rebellion is a Stage Green Egoic Movement that is too little to late. Picture Wiley The Coyote off the edge of the cliff, then looking down and falling. This is Humanity. This is Extinction Rebellion. ER hasn't even looked down yet . . . the rest of humanity isn't aware it is already of the cliff edge. The Ego and our unawareness is the main cause of all our troubles. What we need is a cognitive / spiritual / psychological evolution beyond Ego collectively which won't even happen in our time of plenty and mass information.; Let alone in the scarcity and war that will be coming with just even 2c. Extinction Rebellion is driven by the thing that got us here in the first place . . . Ego. Don't get me wrong, ER is a good thing, its just too little too late and it isn't anywhere close to dealing with anything of worth that will change anything at all. What do you think all those people would say if they were told that our societies consumption is unsustainable so much so that for Humanity to have any chance in surviving the century all consumption needs to halt NOW. Today. No more phones, no more electricity on mass, no more cars, planes, boats, mass agriculture, mass trade etc etc. Do you even think our complex systems could function without such? It is simple, our civilisation cannot and will not function as it does right now in 20 to 50 years time. We won't change. We will be forced into change. and it will make the Syrian refugee crisis seem like a stroll in the park. The reason the real numbers aren't thrown around is because of suppression from governments and top scientists who know that to give anything other than conventional numbers would spark mass depression, suicides, riots and strikes. The system would collapse and it would all fall apart. ER is already stretching the London Police force thin just over a week of these minor protests. Chaos would ensue if the reality of the situation went mainstream. Nothing is wrong in reality. Everything is exactly as it is. Only a Dualistic Ego would try to change anything beyond simply sitting and Being at this stage. How do we help Stage Blue/Orange move into Green and beyond? Look at what Leo has done with Awareness Alone is Curative. --- I started this thread a little while back. Got 1 response. And no I don't have links on hand for what I said above but the information is online if you look for it. Only thing I have close at hand with no effort of fishing for it is Paul Beckwith below with the latest Nitrous Oxide studies
  10. @Sahil Pandit DakhaBrakha - Baby (Live on KEXP) -
  11. @Vingger Reminds me of that picture someone photo-shopped where they gave him hair!
  12. @Gabriel Antonio Those video clips are very telling in regards to the mental health and naivety of the people he is surrounded by . . . . . What are other peoples views on those clips?