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  1. Pacific Storm from 37k feet above the ocean
  2. A dragonfly emerging from it's nymph stage.
  3. @Zul You went all in on your note taking for this lecture. Thank you for sharing dude. Love from England! Edit: Have a gift in return for being glorious!
  4. Not me. Just sharing.
  5. But Leo!
  6. Received a nice little Free pdf from a company I just bought cocoa nibs from via amazon. Thought I'd share! the Cacao Manual.pdf
  7. Nosurf
  8. Currently a few hours into the Audio book. The wisdom is absolutely golden and it all rings so true and right. One issue I'm having with it is the finished product seems so contrived. I'm sure it was completed so for easy consumption but I'd personally much prefer the list of raw insights that were originally jotted down.