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  1. Only time I've ever heard of this Religion is through Elliot Hulse on Youtube
  2. @Pernani@Shin And a speech bubble saying "But Leo!"
  3. More since I'm sharing
  4. I'm hoping someone has the list of all the Deceptions Leo has gathered and supplied to us via his epic lectures Self Deception 1, 2 & 3. I plan to print them out and stick them on my wall, and I'm hoping someone can save me from having to go back over the 3 hours + of said episodes and copy them all down. I will do so myself! But if someone has them at hand, all ready to copy and paste with ease, that would save me the effort and I'd be eternally grateful, as I am to Leo for all the Deep Pure Gold he shares with the world. I thought I'd post and hopefully catch the right eyes Cheers for reading!
  5. His name is Leo and he dances on the sand Thanks dude
  6. @Outer Agreed! That would be awesome to see if @Serotoninluv ever felt like sharing such.
  7. This is an epic thread. Cheers to everyone posting and sharing. I have wanted to ask Leo for lecture transcripts for a long time now but I figured he might not give them knowing it would be better for people to listen and take their own notes, write their own summaries and wire it up with their brains more effectively. Nonetheless I can't not copy and paste these bad boys! Does anyone have notes from Self Deception 1,2,3? That is a huge episode of pure GOLD and I would love to print out the list of all 60 self deception mechanisms. I've been meaning to go back, re-listen and take said notes for a while now. All three episodes equal to a good 3 hours plus if I remember correctly. Pretty please? Cheers Leo you glorious being you Your work is Pure Deep Solid Pure Gold Sir
  8. Remember Leo's beautiful video What is Art? Sometimes the most simple things need simple art to help others see from a new paradigm
  9. Thought I'd share a brief overview of Tony Wrights work here for anyone and everyone to peruse.
  10. @Solace :)
  11. @phoenix666 Everyone loves Leo