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  1. @Thetruthseeker what is your channel dude?
  2. @Leo Gura Cool man, any updates in the future will be highly appreciated. About half way through Emerge by Elza s. Maalouf. Her and Cook Greuter are killing it for the ladies. Hope ya new diet and whatever other practices you're going into are working for you. Patience and gentle soothing are key for rebalancing ones ill health. Rest in The Process.
  3. @Thetruthseeker @Leo Gura Ye Eben ain't no conman, just a deluded ape with trashy shirts
  4. Dude I so want a course on creativity from you. I'm just finishing of a beautiful little book by John Adair called The Art of Creativity. I would love to hear your spin on it all with a Stage Turquoise / Christ Consciousness Creation spin... along with practical exercises and the like. I'd go steal one of Ebens 1Mil fancy paintings, smuggle it across the mediterranean and sell it in Timbuktu, then swim across the Atlantic to that hell hole that is Las Vegas.... just to throw all the money at you for such. Glorious jokes aside, is it a course on Creativity? Coz if it is, I'll start looking for a buyer for one of my kidneys.
  5. @Leo Gura Democracy and Union ain't free. The majority of the west want Palestinians to rip down the nascent foundation of some sense of cohesive government to preserve their egoic Palestinian identity and narrative due to obscene naive romantiscism. This is such a complicated geopolitical issue.... Stage Green whining has run amok on social media over this latest violence. I struggle to find a line between objective understanding and acceptance of the brutality of reality and an emotional empathetic response to human suffering. How does one empathise objectively with a devil? Can a devil like me even empathise...? Ohhh lawd, I need more tea! If anyone has advice for my struggle and query of integrating the above, please throw it directly in my face as hard as you can so hopefully it might stick. Edit. I'm not advocating for, or justify, abuse and subjugation of any one person or people. It is just clear that Palistine isn't going to get their way without causing further chaos. Democracy and union is not, and will never be free. It took ww1 and 2, not to mention all prior war, rape and slavery... for the European Union to emerge.
  6. His prices are ridiculous over the top fo sure. You'd think that a Stage Yellow person would see the value of spreading wisdom to the masses and he isn't unconscious to this, he speaks of this within his courses, within Seeds of Success. Yet he charges what he does. His talk of spirituality and evolving humanity could be egoic delusion because he is winning in life, at least financially. I can't put it past a human. Maybe he is just so fucking delsuional that he is disconnected from the fact that the majority cannot afford such and that he is pretty much bottle necking wisdom whilst deluding hiimself he is spreading wisdom whilst leeching off the top. I mean.... how else could one justify such prices right? He isn't unware of these things, of how the majority struggle to pay their bills let alone give him thousands, he talks about this all in Money Psych... so wtf. Deluded Ego or Marketing Conman Leech? Anyone got thoughts or anything I'm missing to add to this because I've thought about this for ages and the only conclusion I can get to is that he is so far removed from financial struggle and so deluded that he thinks his prices are just fine? Disclaimer: I am not doing the best financially and have never done so, so I struggle to agree with the conclusion... "If you want gold ya gotta invest in it, if you want art, pay up. Don't be stingy. You gotta spend money to make money and thats why you use this Poor Dad talk and this is why you're poor." My response to that is Fuck Your Art. Millions live with nothing and we all need all the help we can get and give. I mean, unless Leo got this from another source prior to Eben. Leo got the wisdom that one should create an outpouring of value for free so that it all comes back... from Eben. This is one of the reasons why Leo posted so much gold for free on youtube. Deluded Ego or Marketing Conman Leech? Either way my dudes the content and wisdom is gold......
  7. @Leo Gura Have you been reading any books you consider gold standard lately and have you thought about another update of the book list anytime soon? An update is far from needed, but I'm always curious about what gems you might suggest in the future. I'm such a book fiend, I have so many unread books to go into and so much more that needs to be done beyond reading... but gawww does the idea of new books get me off.
  8. Ebans courses are gold. Highly recommend these three courses. Wake Up Productive - Money Psychology - Seeds of Success His marketing courses are a little out of date now but they are still highly valuable and easily adapted. The gold within these courses is the way of thinking and marketing, more so than the application, thus they hold up. Digital Product Bluebrint is great. Stage Yellow start to finish, top to bottom with some Healthy Human Stage Orange Shadow thrown in between the lines.
  9. @Alex bAlex This is what initially kept me listening back when I first found the channel and I thought Leo was a crazy one. Intuitievly I knew through his cognitive capabilities and trained speaking abilities, that even if he was off his head, talking about infinity... that there was so much to learn regardless. Fun fact. I found the channel through two vids initially. * How to be a strategic mafuckaa *Ahahaha How to make a young lady put out a house fire Thank you for the clickbait
  10. @Leo Gura Damnn okay. I always have thought I've noticed when you're on Armoda. I would personally love to see your shooting setup, how many screens you use to read from etc. Not expecting such, a magician not revealing his tricks and all that Ta for your time and energy Leo
  11. @flume Damn, you live on a beautiful farm!?!? You lucky monkey. Enjoy it P.S Edit. Subbed!
  12. Training and Armodafinil. Armoda makes the brain impetuously talk and explain things incessantly. Mindfulness is needed when using Moda. I use to think Leo was on another level with his energy and capability to talk so fluently for such long periods, but nope... Armodafinil. Note. It takes training, knowledge, discernment and mindfulness to use Armodafinil like a pro. Armoda transforms your brain from a shitty beat down car to a ferrari with the accelerator stuck down. But if you don't know how to drive that beast, you'll end up going around in circles for hours and then crash. Hence Mania is a noted side effect.
  13. But Leo! Why did the chicken cross the road?
  14. News segment observing the integration of races in Oldham, England.