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  1. But Leo! Why did the chicken cross the road?
  2. News segment observing the integration of races in Oldham, England.
  3. Enjoy! Wealth, shown to scale -
  4. @mandyjw "they say Jesus walked on water.... well, I think he should have surfed" - some shitty Ben Harper song @Shmurda
  5. @Shmurda Have you realised the upcoming events, the ramifications of our myopic unconsciousness? Have you begun the process of acceptance so you can flow with what comes over the next few decades? Or are you on a crusade to save biological lifes capability to survive? Do you seek Leo to make a video that will illuminate the issues we face so we can better act in order to save life or are you seeking him to guide his followers into enviromental and societal collapse through peace and love? The train has left the tracks my friend and the good ol days have been lived. There will be no en masse shift into the second tier of spiral dynamics. Mature Stage Green psychology won't even take hold as a main driving force of human survival. Humanity is unsustainable at this level and the feedback loops are already set in. The geopolitics of a drastically warming world are going to be interesting to watch, to say the least... Covid has shown to the inquisitive eye all it needs to know about how human psychology will deal with a real threat when it comes. Covid and The Syrian Refugee Crisis are going to look like a tea party with whats to come in our lifetime. Our only saviour is technological hopium. If you are wondering if Leo is on board with Enviromental Collapse and the Societal Shifts that will take place, he isn't... he talks of humanity in 100 - 1000 years which are just conceptual musings within a framework of enviromental stability. I know he has read Ecodharma, which in itself is an extremely conservative and optimistic book but. I haven't heard him talk about this topic in any detail.
  6. Florida residents reject face masks
  8. I personally prefer the first picture.
  9. "Do what they wilt. This is Satanism" "You don't understand because your mind is hooked on surivival" - Bald Yoda "There is nothing there, it is a hole that will suck you down into it" - Bald Bobby Me and Bobby both got out of the Ideological hole that is vegan dualistic morality around the same time. I transcended veganism through observing Leo teach Non-Duality. I saw through my egoic moralizing, disconnect and immature dismissal of the wholistic system that is the consumption and self rape of life on earth. Bobby however fell straight back into another ideology and began moralizing that which he recently was and felt wronged by as a self defense mechanism due to failing healthy and feeling like a fool for being pulled in by biased nutritional science. He begun a crusade. For a time I would spam a few links to Leos lectures on Morality and Ideology to a few vegan youtubers. Bald Bobby was one of them I would spam. After a while he asked me when I was going to stop posting "those links" I'm pretty sure he has seen Leo speak about Morality and Love. Clearly he was triggered by what Leo said about everything being scrumptious. Now it seems he is going on another crusade tangent.
  10. @Florian Yeah I'd put him as a mixture of Orange and a lil Yellow. Ego dismissing lots of his higher Green values it seems if he has embraced such taht is. Of course, I don't know the dude. What he shows is highly contrived and edited. I know nothing!
  11. Far from high consciousness . . . Listen to the delusion and hypocrisy of the ego in the beginning of his monologue here starting at 1.50 He condemns egos, dismisses low quality people and states how he has no time for them whatsoever because . . . "they look at the state of the world and all its suffering and pain and misery, and instead of working to improve things they just add to it. They're lazy and they take the easy way out, they blame, they complain" and he says he has no time for those people. He then admits that cutting these people out of his life is a selfish thing on his part, because . . and here is the egoic justification . . . he wants to enjoy himself and be titillated by people. He only deals with people who serve him and his survival. He does have more conscious teachings than most in the niche of dating talk and teaching but he truly is a glaring sign of the limits of the materialistic paradigm lock. Such bitterness can only stem from a dualistic conceptual framework. He is great to listen to if you are a man who is dating and seeking like minded women to spend your time with, but he is far from a high conscious resource. Really just goes to show how low the materialistic, egoic paradigm sets the bar if his channel is one of the only decent content suppliers in this niche. I'm not saying that our culture as it stands right now sets the bar low. I'm saying that Alexanders teachings are the highest the unconscious ego can go within a partitioned dualistic worldview. In terms of selflessness and a conscious attempt to go beyond survival, he is completely unconscious. He is almost completely right in all he says btw and worth a listen, but only if you want to thrive as a partioned being, as the little you, as a limited individual ape delusion seperate from the whole. If you seek to go beyond the ego, seek High Conscious resources and teachings.
  12. @Leo Gura Isn't it?
  13. The gravitational pull of Stage Blue & Orange suppressing the emergence of nascent Stage Green pseudo union. Yeah, there are some Stage Yellow individuals working within the European Union, but it is a less evolved arrangement then most think it is. Stage Green pseudo unions partition as soon as it doesn't fit individual ego's agenda. Often a partition that isn't too smooth
  14. Stage Orange/Green --- Rage Against The Machine are coming back this year as a protest against Trump. No doubt they will be very vocal about supporting Bernie Sanders.