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  2. No lyrics so no meaning other than what you feel. Thought I'd share since I had the links up and playing
  4. Long videos. Green going on Yellow. Possibly more Yellow.
  5. I took these six mechanical unconscious workings of the human mind from Leo's video on Pyotr Ouspenskii. I simply have them written on a card I use as a bookmark. Oft times monkeys forget and oft times monkeys need reminding. I can't remember the Islamic term for this at this present moment of typing. (The reason Mohamed made prayer such a huge part of the Muslim doctrine) Simply thought I'd share for anyone who missed such or needs reminding Video Below. --- * Self Deception / Lying Pretending we fully comprehend. * Imagination - Fantasy * Self Talking Fear - Dislike of silence. * Negative Emotions Lack or loss of self control * Distraction This is a huge obstacle to Self-Actualization and Enlightenment work * Criticising and Judgements The Ego looking outwards instead of looking within ---
  6. Loving this series so far @Leo Gura We're all looking forward to Green and beyond P.s you should say cu** more
  7. Perhaps this should be posted into the SA sub-forum. I don't know. Enjoy