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  1. For anyone interested in UK Politics and the upcoming election. It is all 100% necessary and glaringly ridiculous to propose such. Its almost equivalent to suggesting Syria should aim to become the science and medicine research hub of humanity within the next 20 years, regardless of its current political, cultural and psychological development.
  2. @abundance The youth of the west won't give up their smartphones and cars until forced to, by then, it will be too late. Many say it already is too late. Emerging nations like China are planning advances in their use of coal which will dwarf all western first world efforts of clean energy, which itself, at this moment, without future fantasy tech, is unsustainable. @Leo Gura Agreed. Guess I should get to work enabling an emergence of higher consciousness. My own awakening and embodiment first of course. We won't survive for long without light being shone upon the devil. @CreamCat All is in flux and the bubbles are beginning to broil. The past is not Now and the map is not the territory.
  3. Survival and Homeostasis
  4. @Leo Gura Everything is flowing exactly as it is, no need for gloom. Think of what a Billion people migrating north from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is going to be like. WW2's 40 million is nothing compared to future geo-politics. Our borders, nations and collective identities are going to have to shift and morph drastically if we are going to attempt to adapt whilst bypassing serious war. I think we both know how Stage Blue, Orange and Green societies will react to chaotic upheavel and threat. Reversion. A shift is possible, but not in such a short period, not under such threat. I often feel you're highly optimistic and generous with your dates when you speak of future vision, such as "Stage Yellow society might take hundreds to a thousand years to emerge" Sure, given the environment stays within a roughly "business as usual" state. The data amongst climate scientists suggests we are already too late, the hopefull ones are talking about 50ish years. The ones who are being real stark and dismissing any magic rabbits from glorious top hats are talking 10/20 years before collapse truly starts showing itself more harshly. Speaking of such, seen Australia? It isn't even summer yet. Not even 2030. The Aus population is 26 million. I wonder about the process of their migration? Lets hope the science and numbers are wrong and that the growing pains of natures reshuffle lead to conscious politics and society. Perhaps I've just fallen into some paradigm lock of biased, wildy deranged observations and predictions by a few odd balls. Mainstream society doesn't talk about rough, unwanted Truths though aye. What is Love 2 would be demonized by 95% of Humanity given they were to hear it. Egoic Survival is a relentless and beautifully designed masterpiece. Lets hope for genius creative cutting edge apes and magic rabbits. No need for gloom, there are no demons here, only Love and Shapeshifting Christ Creation. I'll tell you one thing I know for sure. There would be shit ton of gloom for myself if it wasn't for your work Leo xxx Edit: only just seen your second message response. Perhaps. I do feel you're highly optimistic and generous, but, what we need is your line of thinking thats for sure
  5. Talk given at Virginia Tech for the Greens at Virginia Tech, March 26th, 2019. ----- Figured it would be nice to add this lecture of Leo's to the end of this post for those who might need such.
  6. People often create a duality between Human Made Structures and Nature. All of Earth is nature. But that would create a duality between the planet and the universe . . . . AHhHhHHhhhhh! Where does it end? It doesn't . . .
  7. Keep doing your thing. Look after yourself.
  8. Cheers. Just ordered Aligned Relaxed Resiliant: The Physical Foundations of Mindfulness
  9. Eben Pagan - Wake Up Productive 3.0 Gold.
  10. Keep the following four things in mind. Remind yourself of them 20+ times a day. Progress, not perfection. You'll never be perfect. We neurotically seek perfection in everything we do and it often stalls us. forget perfection. Focus solely on 0.5% growth spurts. They Compound. Failure = Growth. Failure is good. Negative feelings are not "bad", they should be observed and focused upon. Negative emotions are guiding lights. Mindful observation of failures enables proactive progress in the face of failure. There is no failure, there is no perfection . . . there is only growth and learning. Breath. Deep, slow, mindful breathing. Stupid is a naive word. stupidity doesn't exist, there is only naivety and we're all naive. Being naive isn't "bad". observing such allows one to go into learning, training and progress. Attempt to ditch the word stupid and embrace Not-Knowing. Read books. Lot and lots of books. Don't cling to an ideology. Be openminded. Observe everything. Try not to compare yourself to others. Try to understand why the human brain neurotically does so and this will help you to flow. Understanding can bring peace. The 5 steps to Growth Awareness Understanding Acceptance Positive Action Positive Growth/Change
  11. Have some beauty in return for yours dear @Nahm