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  1. I am looking for good resource(of web development) for moving up. I am beginner web developer. I am currently doing Internship where I learn lots of thing like how real world project work and I also built project. Do you guys know good resource of web development?
  2. What is your approach to get Enlightenment fast?
  3. I wish I could do back-end. I only know Front-End(HTML, CSS and Javascript.)
  4. I don't find armodafinil in Nepal. I asked different sources , Can they ship their product here. They said they can't and I found one sources but cost is too much high I can't offered.
  5. Awesome. when you finished European tour, How about Traveling to Asian Tour?
  6. "Do Nothing" Meditation ~ Shinzen Young https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZ6cdIaUZCA
  7. I am currently listing audio book by Jiddu Krishnamurti "Freedom from the Known". He also talked about ideology trap.
  8. where Cal Newport fit in spiral Dynamic?
  9. I always failed to execute goal but I am still going to set goal. September goals: Breathing Exercise Workout(Also learning about nutrition for bodybuilding ) Meditation(20 to 60 minute depending on my mood) College (suck but I am going to attended) Learning Js ( Intresting) Eliminating addiction Contemplation (Not every day it also depend on my mood) Reading (20 to 60 minute).
  10. Don't make video on Jordan Peterson.
  11. @SchallUndRauch Yeah I want to slow down. So there is problem I need to research on AI.
  12. Guys Why Elon musk want to slow down AI?
  13. Yeah I am still watching Rogan podcast. Now they are talking about AI. I don't know that much about AI. But interesting