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  1. @Yimpa I’ve been seeing this guy on my YouTube but I never clicked his videos. Checking it out right now 👍
  2. @Jac067 kizomba? I can teach you 😁 I’m from Angola
  3. @StarStruck you don’t know me but okay lmao
  4. @StarStruck I don’t believe you 100% because I’ve seen people type anything on the internet then in real life it’s a different story. How you generate money is interesting from my perspective. I completed Leo’s life purpose course almost 7 years ago and I’m still busting my ass to actualize it.
  5. @tenfo if it’s your first time hearing about him or RSD, you don’t know exactly what he’s talking about. Yes he adds his sales pitch through the video because he has to!!!!!! What he’s talking about can only be known by experience. Too many guys wanna mentally masterbate about what being a modern man is. Get out there and game!!!!!!!!!
  6. @MarkKol yea but that ideal playing out in real life, with real people is a whole other equation.
  7. This video did not hurt me…. But it did make me realize that I have to practice more self acceptance. The reason why I’m a member of actualized today is because I wanted a better life. I come from a low income environment and from the first day I believed I can be the change if I worked on myself. Awakening and Love are worth more than a dollar but I don’t want to be a statistic.
  8. @CoolDreamThanks I agree with your statement. An awakened being cannot do the work for you. It is my dream! An awakened being can only provide the tools ⚒️ everyone’s maze is unique, your solution might be completely different from another persons. regarding “ grace “ you hear stories of what highly awakened beings can do. Jesus is an extreme example, someone living in the materialist paradigm might refer to these activities as Supernatural. Take 5Meo DMT and those miracles might sound completely natural
  9. @CoolDreamThanks Do you believe there is any validity in being a Bodhisattva? They say one cannot reach the highest levels of awakening without the grace of an awakened being.
  10. @CoolDreamThanks interesting and if you follow the precepts / stay committed to the vows then what difference will it make?
  11. If someone takes a vow from an awakened being to follow the 10 Buddhist precepts, what’s special about this?
  12. @WonderSeeker I salute you my brother, keep striving it all comes down to identity change. we can do thisssss. top three lessons: 1. there’s someone out there for everyone, even if you break up with the most beautiful girl in the world. There’s thousands more out there every single seeking waiting for you. ( some girls are special, if you find a great girl, HOLD HER DOWN ) 2. The reason why game exist and people like Andrew Tate, Kevin Samuels etc exist is because there’s a asymmetry in our modern dating world. If you’re not a valuable man or at least a man with excellent game these woman don’t give a f*** about your life. It’s pretty much about what you can offer her. 3. When you master the skills of pick up, know when to let it go so your game can be natural.
  13. @martins name I can’t give you a full explanation of the spiritual/emotional benefits on the computer but everyone’s path is unique and there isn’t a destination you have to reach. The only question you should be asking: ” is my life better than last year? “