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  1. @Aakash I've been thinking about some elements that make up cults.
  2. @Hansu aww man this is a legendary vid. I automatically think of things to cut out in my schedule. Thanks
  3. @Hansu I just did the checklist and I realized: I don't want to " give-up " time I could use towards myself on another person if it's temporary - my new perspective is: I can still work on myself while having time and energy to care about someone else. This does make sense because I dropped out of college last October (I'm 20) and went full head into my life purpose/actualizing journey. With pressure from family and those around me, it feels like I forever have to be on my toes grinding. I can't miss a day of anything, I need to execute and " be perfect " catch my drift?
  4. @Aakash hey, mind elaborating? 💕
  5. @EternalForest thank you for ya time 💕@Hansu Hansu! Awesome advice. On the actualizing journey communicating ideas is difficult sometimes because you know what you mean but don't know how to say it. One second I think it might be cause of khundalini, another this another that
  6. @Enlightened haha facts, I felt Leo's definition of a cult is more profound than I can concieve . I say I know but do I really know?? And wow that's fair!
  7. Speaking of cult like behaviour- I'm unaware of the cults I'm a part of. However I know I grew up part of the " hypebeast " , " sneaker culture " - here's an example of how my self-esteem was based off my clothing:
  8. @EternalForest oh yea, I finished the course about a year ago 👌🏿
  9. @Bluebird @How to be wise Thanks guys
  10. @EternalForest thanks for the advice! Developing passion and self drive? I get what you mean but it sounds grey
  11. I see a radicle difference in how i relate to woman and how they respond to me. I'm in this cycle of wanting to be in a relationship one day then wanting to be completely alone another. Its like my brain cannot find a reason to take a girl on a date and have a relationship. Some days I feel so unrelateable even to my friends and family. Some days I relate with the world like on another level... i don't relate with the world everyday however......
  12. They say a true seeker, does not plan to achieve anything / practicing non- attachment is great. When I don't have to question my action, is this an action of pure intent?
  13. @Anton Rogachevski interesting and dope blog! The point you made in prayer raises an eye brow 😳😆
  14. How do you guys measure yourselves by Spiral dynamics?
  15. @Hellspeed pain from the truth?