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  1. @Holykael even if you know what you are meant to do here on earth, your destiny is only good as the self-effort you make to bring it into reality.
  2. @Michael569 a lot of my skills are based around the music industry. marketing, performance, production, songwriting, singing and engineering. I wouldn’t mind getting into business administration if there’s a course available. I’m also interested in sales, perhaps I can sell luxury items.
  3. @Michael569 Okay I have an artist LinkedIn, would I have to create a professional LinkedIn? And nope I don’t have any university or college education. Perhaps there’s a specific course I would need to study for business administration?
  4. @Thought Art interesting are there any specific programs you recommend?
  5. Hello ladies and gentlemen my name is Moreno and I’m looking for new ways to make money or get a new job. I graduated high-school in 2016. In 2017 I was introduced to the possibility of awakening so I accepted the proposal and have been heavily pursuing personal development. In the last five years I’ve worked with a healer, figured out my childhood trauma I learned from various teachers about awakening, I’ve had multiple psychedelic trips, taken 5-Meo multiple times, contemplated my ass off, practiced meditation, yoga, mantras, concentration techniques, I’ve read 100+ books etc. and I’ve been heavily investing in my life purpose, I’ve completed the course in 2017 while developing myself I’ve been working as a security guard for the last five years. Security is cool but it’s not enough for me to move out of my parents house and sustain myself. I turned 24 on November fifth and I’m ready to step forward. I need higher source of income to fund me while I continue honing my life purpose. Any recommendations?
  6. @trenton that guy did a muay-thai kick on the camera 😂 your perspective is accurate. The left can go too far at times 👀 a lesson to be learned.
  7. @trenton these were excellent examples🔥 thank you
  8. I thought it would be cool to make a thread of examples on how the left goes too far left. Too much of anything Isn’t good for ya i found this tweet amusing!!
  9. @Ulax thank you so much! I completed the audiobook and all the worksheets. here are the main notes I took from the book: Four traumatic symptoms that helped me survive was: Shame and worthlessness Numbing Self destructive behaviour Anxiety, panic attacks when I’m triggered: - wanting to smoke weed - Hating myself - Hating others - Feeling rage - Feeling overwhelming shame Traumatic Attachment Patterns: - worrying she doesn’t love me - fear of being abandoned - fear of being cheated on - worrying I’m not good enough - wanting to distance myself when I get too close - feeling unlovable - can’t bear being alone/ apart
  10. @Raze that video was incredible! Holy shit. To game or not to game
  11. @Ulax I’ve done some of it in the past. I should do more of it for sure. Today I’m finishing all the worksheets from the Living Legacy of Trauma booklet
  12. @Superfluo perfect! Will do I’ll check out RSD Todd aswell
  13. @Raze these videos helped a lot! Thank you