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  1. Yesterday I was at a creative workshop and they showed a graph on uneployment for the last 10-30 years. Ages from 15-24 in that last 10 years had the highest rate of unemployment - 2009 was the highest percentage. Around this time YouTube really blew up, thanks to call of duty modern warfare 2. YouTube and the internet i feel it's a part of the reason to why were able to find actualized/ actualizing existing is this prediction wrong?
  2. @Psyche_92 all these I need to get in order to be honest. On top of working overnight security 24 hours some weekends def does a toll. @Space I'm vegetarian right now, on my way to vegan, it's just a matter of finances at the moment. I eat relatively healthy but at times I eat whats avaibale @Michael569 I also box four to three times a week and it's intense training, soreness ties into fatigue if that makes sense? And no I haven't been to the doctor in years!! @RabbitHole no phone, tv or PC for an hour before sleep is something that stands out to me. When it's time to sleep I'm glued to my phone 😭 @bejapuskas I appreicate it man. Thank you
  3. @ChimpMonk much thanks
  4. Been feeling extreme fatigue, any recommendations besides coffee?
  5. @Leo Gura thanks man, note to self @d0ornokey interesting. Thanks
  6. How does one balance reading non duality books with life purpose/career books and self inquiry? I wish to work past my traumas while learning about non-duality yet learn more about my career. A list in order of importance would even help
  7. @NoSelfSelf thanks dude hehe
  8. After contemplating for a few weeks, I've been getting down to the idea of survival. The decisions I make are based on survival, what happens when all my decisions aren't based on survival?
  9. Last Wednesday I met a yoga instructor at a artist workshop, she's an instructor at a yoga centre I've done satsang's at. I asked her question's about kriya and she told me there's a extra body practice's I need to incorporate in my meditation/kriya practice. In the moment I didn't think to ask her more information on it. She told me I should go into the centre for guidance. This past Friday I went to the centre for a open yoga class, I was caught completely off guard yet still managed to do well haha. I ended up balancing my body on the tip of my head, it was awesome. Is joining a community worth the time? If so how often should I go? (kinda broke) It's a yoga vedanta centre
  10. Hey, I've been doing 60 mins of Kriya and 30 mins of meditation, is my meditation enough?
  11. This week is about to start and I already suspect the thoughts I'm going to be thinking through out the week. The same fears, the same ideologies, same ideas, ignoring the same weaknesses, how do I break my chain?
  12. is doing any of courses worth the time? A YouTuber from India claims it helped her get passed her limiting beliefs with money and relationships
  13. Lol I randomally clicked your name and seen this. I'm from Scarborough woohoo
  14. I'm seeing that in all art, there are guidelines but no rules. I see the same with life. How far can no rules take you?