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  1. @pluto lol you said it best
  2. @Faceless I can be aware through time
  3. @Faceless @Nahm by animals I meant in the sense of we are mammals. I feel the civilized society has tried everything to prevent this idea. Our plating when we eat, the fancy suits we wear, the fact that pastors repress sex. Everyone's playing a role, I remember Leo stating this in one of his video's, the goth, the gangster, the nerd etc. Correct me if I'm wrong. The roles we play are no different from an ape wearing a suit with a top hat
  4. @Prabhaker interesting
  5. @Prabhaker civilized in what sense?
  6. Jesus Christ, I'm starting to digest that fact that us humans are literal animals. Civilization and all this act to pretend " civilized " quite interesting
  7. @dude thanks dude
  8. @mohdanas aw man changes have already arisen lol it feels like a forward switch. I go back often on the material to refresh direction
  9. I completed the life purpose course several months ago. I ran the course through consistently everyday with no breaks. Some assignments I spent up to three hours completing. Today I seen someone saying it takes several months to complete the course, is this true?
  10. @Bill Eichman interesting bill, thank you
  11. @Pernani hmmm, I say to cotemplate is to observe. Just watch yourself watching it
  12. @John Lula spiritual work of course. Schedule your life around your life purpose and youll land where you SHOULD be. I recommend completing the course if you haven't , that's your map
  13. Ive been realizing all material is just a product of the moment. Last night I was looking at my MacBook and I realized, the MacBook is just a product of now. In ten years definitely even sooner, my laptop will be who knows where, maybe even in pieces. I realized this also with all other material I have, my few fancy clothes, my cool shoes and anything else in the future I will attain that is material. Everything is a product of the system expiring. How can I impact beyond the material? Practicing meditation and Khundalini/ all other things I am mastering is draining at times, then sometimes I think, is practicing it for 60-70 years really that long?
  14. @PsiloPutty yea she's awesome
  15. @Quanty my bad last question, for reference I'm reading englightment through the path of Khundalini by tara springett, is there a different book you recommended for progress?