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  1. @Tony 845 amazing!!!! It's mind warping @Anton_Pierre that's an interesting gift you have! You just might be a guru @Serotoninluv " anything can happen in infinity "
  2. Has anyone here took 500ug of LSD?
  3. In the prescence of a Guru, since they are in a state of love & non-judgement. Do they know things about us we don't/ Can they access our past?
  4. @Sahil Pandit much love brother
  5. I'm feeling a lot of sensations in my right ear. the (Visarga) - it's like a ringing, pulsating feeling> anyone identify?
  6. - the girl at @4:30 tripped me out yet made me very curious.
  7. @Wisebaxter - check this out :-) -
  8. @SunnyNewDay @Girzo @thesmileyone THANKS TO ALL 😆 . | 👀 | \ / ____| |____ / ✊__/ \_✊
  9. just know it's gonna take more than a few trips for a breakthrough, unless you have DMT. you can still get massive growth. you still have to meditate, contemplate & read.
  10. @Leo Gura what's the most LSD you've consumed?
  11. @JohnnyBravo good idea, I'll check one out
  12. @d0ornokey sounds good. Where can I see this stuff 👀
  13. @Nahm oh my goodness! I'll try it out. Thank you 😊
  14. Any boxers or fitness people here? I'm on the search for a solid workout routine. I'm trying to build more strength on my legs and overall body
  15. @Truth Addict the ego mind is dual. The. " woke " mind is non-dual because all is one. Anyone who experiences truth is going to have their own interpretation from their ego. @Serotoninluv I like your perspective better you widened my view