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  1. @Crystalous I have done shrooms and plenty LSD, I’d say I’ve had over twenty trips at this point
  2. @pluto you’re completely right! I’m not doing 5-meo but I’m doing DMT first the opportunity did present itself to me 💕🔥
  3. @Arzack materialism... breaking through that paradigm is what’s motivating me. I once heard a guru say “ you know when someone doesn’t experience something the right way “
  4. This summer will mark three DEDICATED years to my self actualization journey and I can safely say I’m ready for 5-MEO. I say I’m ready because I’ve been doing the work. More than enough....
  5. hey guys I made a video on why I’m a conscious Artist. I think self awareness is important! Where am I on the spiral?
  6. It’s not about spiritual attainment but embodying stage yellow and moving to turquoise is my next step. A HUGE sticking point for me was materialism. I’m open to exploring the non-physical. I now see the material world as one playing ground. Spirituality is being without a sense of self.
  7. Look into someone helping you get over this mindset. You won’t get over it on your own. There are deep wounds that should be healed. Find a happiness coach or someone who can help you resolve this
  8. Beautiful folks on practicing the second part of kriya pranayama, any tips?
  9. @TrynaBeTurquoise @TheAvatarState drake actually started making conscious rap before he went pop
  10. @LoveandPurpose right! I have to accept that art is relative. Thank you for your time
  11. hello beautiful people. Here’s my project titled “ Twenty Four Seven “ id love opinions from all the music buffs here! This is what I created 2 years after completing Leo’s life purpose course. ( available on all platforms ) search “ Moreno Zulu twenty four seven “
  12. okay I’ve loved this man since I was 12. Where is he on the spiral? I know not everyone’s supposed to be an enlightened master but I’m curious
  13. If reality cannot be a simulation then man or woman can realize infinity no matter what. Since that’s the case consciousness is reality. Knowledge is dualistic because we are limited. Our cultures paradigm is dualistic so it’s why MANY believe reality is a simulation.
  14. It’s interesting! When I started doing personal development I feel my relationship towards the opposite sex changed! I mean it’s improving compared to how it was before but now it’s like I overthink. It’s unique how I have to purify myself and do deep inner work JUST to improve my dating life. Not to compare but I know men who have worse self-esteem than me and less self-love and their dating life is fine 👀👀👀