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  1. @BjarkeT thanks dude
  2. Mary had a little lamb (masculine) Whose fleece was white as snow (feminine) Woman, the everchanging life force aka motion. Men who are dead in the depth of nothingness. Rhythm is an art of variation, stopping and continuing. Could it be that the masculine is like the stable rhythm that ends and the Feminine is the unstable rhythm that continues?
  3. @BjarkeT I hear that, but if one can appreciate beauty, does he not have the ability to be aware of what's tasteful and fresh compared to what isn't?
  4. To be an innovator in a select market, how important is the strength of appreciating beauty( taste) towards finding something new/ creating something new
  5. @Joseph Maynor @Patang @Dodo Much appreciation to all 💕
  6. If time doesn't exist in the reality above ours, what possibly can? If humans don't exist there also what possibly can?
  7. Why should we be aware of our dreams? How do they show the glitches of our " reality? " if we can create our own reality, where does one find realities limitations?
  8. @Joseph Maynor life is a concept but a " dream " is the best word to describe the concept
  9. @Joseph Maynor hmmmm, therfore life is a concept?
  10. Life is a dream? aahhhhhh I'm melting
  11. When writing to 4/4 measure is it possible to put non verbs and nouns on the downbeats?
  12. @Slade is understanding your life purpose being connected to your deepest purpose? How can a man measure when he is connected to his purpose?
  13. Woman hate to feel a mans superficial desires. However, if the man is connected to his deepest desire, but lacks abundance in options. Does this make a difference?
  14. @No-Thing interesting. Thank you
  15. If authenticity is expression of emotion, but if we can't always trust emotion, when is expression authentic or superficial?