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  1. @BjarkeT thank you too much
  2. @Drum Teacher i love it dude and yup I got a meditation practice down, affirmations and visualization. I'm definitely going to invest in the book list. Audio books are another style of learning I'll be using soon. What confuses me is, is their a certain amount of reading I should do daily? certain amount of books? A method to digest the material? I guess a regiment of some form
  3. I've been following the life purpose course, working on spirituality, reading. Overall just trying to find my purpose and grow. I see myself being a better son to my parents but aggressive and unsocial towards others. I'm not in the mood to socialize unless it's specific people. People try to have conversations with me and I don't care to show interest. Friends and family keep saying " Oh he's nineteen, he's a big man now " When in reality they don't know what I'm going through. These past couple days I've been so angry at myself and people. Confused on which direction to go. It seems as if enjoying the moment isn't even a motive. I'm always searching for tomorrow. Most of my days off are spent alone. I just wanna smile, be open and enjoy every moment of life
  4. How does one begin to disempower false beliefs? Does the higher self guide us? What if we're ignorant to our false belief?
  5. @Nahm you lost me
  6. I'm currently reading craft of lyric writing by Sheila Davis. My weakness in lyrics writing is being clear, simple and specific. Is there any chapters in this book I should focus on?
  7. The habit of constantly preparing for the future is an old mind state I'm battling. How does one defeat this
  8. Every morning I say six different affirmations. I repeat three of the affirmations, four times each for 5 minuets. The other three i do the same process. Does this count? Lol
  9. I'm noticing I set conflict and resolution towards people I ecounter. Does anyone get me?
  10. What are methods to develop our sixth sense/creative faculty?
  11. Hey which of the following books below are the most important to study: (Top 3 or top 2) think and grow rich physco cybernetics Ego by Ryan Holiday quick and easy way to effective speaking how to win friends and influence people happiness by Martin e.p seligmon * These are areas I need great study in for life purpose
  12. So much knowledge, so many books, not enough time. Being an effective learner is always the priority. Are their any methods of learning I should follow? Theres tons of self help books I wish to read and tons of practical/theory books aligned for my life purpose. How do I balance both
  13. Self-trust is an issue I've been dealing with for years. I notice my lack of self-trust disrupting my social interactions, my decisions in life and future potentional. How do I grow greater self-trust? Book recommendations are also helpful
  14. @sarapr that's what I'm trying to understand. I'm putting work into actualizing so why can't I enjoy the little things if all is beautiful
  15. Ever since I lost internet and television for a year, sitting down and gaming or watching TV doesn't intrigue me anymore. Actualizing has brought my disinterest of gaming/TV to another extreme. Going out and " chilling " with friends doesn't seem to excite me as much as before. I feel it sucks because I'm 19 and a lot of what teens and others consider fun isn't as fun for me anymore. When I was younger I was an extreme extrovert, talkative, open to anyone. I still posses these traits, although after learning about human psycology, my interactions are more human analysis and I'm somewhat cautious of my words. Now adays I spend most of my days learning and building myself for my life purpose. On my free time I'm not even interested in watching shows or any non-sense. I find myself constantly learning. Sometimes I wanna just enjoy the little things like I used to. However knowing a lot of it is meaningless holds me back.... How do I get back to enjoying going out, gaming, watching TV and embracing the little things.....