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  1. @111111 i feel this video can be in context of the ted talk
  2. @SoonHei that does make sense, I questioned our senses when I was practicing tai-chi. I feel there's more
  3. hm, if we have six senses, we have six ways to experience. I also feel that we might have more than six senses.
  4. Is actualizing the GoodLife? Sounds like it to me. Lol
  5. @Nahm lost me here 😂❤️
  6. @DrewNows @Shiva thank you
  7. @Mu_ in this world " on the heros journey " you come across many characters. How about the idea of oneness? I don't want to seen myself as different, because then isn't that opposite of love?
  8. @Hellspeed @Shadowraix Thank you both🤓
  9. Being in the world amongst those with different world views, how can one stay grounded?
  10. @Dodo awesome vid, thank you
  11. @Hellspeed if I don't make it this one, maybe my next one...but I ain't going down without a fight...
  12. If this is the life where I have the potential to reach enlightenment, is it possible that I have lived many lives before this? Is it possible that this can be my final human life?
  13. @Hellspeed much thanks bruh
  14. @non_nothing thank you