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  1. What is the official chemical laboratory name for the Ketamine Leo mentioned in his video? It does not sound too bad. How does one safely consume theirs? Through snorting it or taking a pill?
  2. I’ve seen Leo’s new detox video about releasing metals from our body for better mental performance and overall health. This is a thread dedicated to those who are responsible and interested in following the process. I’m starting the detox this January
  3. @gettoefl thank you for taking the time to read this. I appreciate you
  4. great new video by Leo. I found myself shedding tears after realizing how True this is! The first cause of my people pleasing comes from my parents. They came from Angola to Toronto when I was one and their message was always. “ we came here for you to have a better life “ i always had a monkey on my back making me feel like I constantly need to be achieving in my life. When I was fourteen I started making music and being known as an artist was how I received the love and acceptance I’ve always wanted. Eight years later I’m here and everyday I worry because I have a big list of habits to complete so I can actualized my life purpose. ( great course by the way ) I completed it three and half years ago. I’ve honestly sacrificed a lot the last four years. Relationships, friends, money and time. Dedicating my life to finding what is true and building skills to become financially free so I can escape wage slavery. There’s other things I wish I could’ve accomplished but I wouldn’t be who I am today I can be alone but a part of my people pleasing stems from an incident that happened when I was around 4-5 years old. I was sexually abused and I didn’t realize Or admit to this until I was 21 (one year ago) It took a healer and a 5-MEO trip for me to come this conclusion, when I did, I had a mental breakdown. I found RSD When I was 20 and it gave me the gut feeling that something happened when I was a child, turns out the trauma that affected my love life was when I was sexually abused. After learning more about the opposite sex I realized how many guys go for one girl. If she’s attractive, now with today’s internet. There will be 10-20 guys trying to get her and this frustrates me because I have no choice but live in abundance or else I’ll be too needy to even get the girl. Now I’m in this cycle of constantly going out to get girls because because I’m afraid of being A needy guy and losing the girl I want. thank you
  5. Hi everyone my name is Alvaro, artist name Moreno Zulu, from Toronto, Canada. I’m a artist, I started rapping in 2012 when I was fourteen, after completing Leo’s life purpose course in December of 2017 and continuously working on my purpose here is my new double music video called Lullaby. Today my top 10 values are: Wisdom Self Expression Joy Self Actualization Nature Leadership Freedom Adventure Health/fitness Purpose - peace and love to all
  6. I PUT A SPELL ON YOU!!!! Purple romanticized
  7. @Adam M LOOOL. Good one for sure
  8. one is my favourite games of all time. jak and daxter. Stage purple for sure
  9. i believe Jean Michel Basquiat created many stage purple inspired art pieces
  10. In the Tibetan school of thought, they say mankind today was a result of Boredom. Before existence, it was our primordial energy force that brought us here. They say the Primordial energy spun out of control and did not want to be alone so it danced until birth. In the bible they say our birth was a sin which is true. Birth is the opposite of enlightenment. now when I realize reality is a strange loop, this video by Leo makes sense- the term “ recursion “ perhaps this is how we are living organisms today... a bunch of molecules infinitely repeating until birth...
  11. @Demeter I started doing psychedelics summer of 2017 since then I had over 20 trips including mushrooms and I just kept having break through after break through, little things in my life were slowly improving. I say I was tripping every 6-8 weeks
  12. @Demeter yessss! I did get therapy! I got healing from a powerful woman, we were able to go to my inner child and Clear those negative belief patterns. I guess I’m fortunate in that way. My 5meo experience was ground breaking, after the second pull I was shocked at the level of consciousness I went to, It was the highest I’ve ever been, I experienced consciousness in a whole new dimension. At that moment I understood why monks wear robes and stay in temples. I was telling the practitioner that before my 5meo experience I was already living life out of my control which is a good thing, My life felt like I was in the back of a car and Infinite Intelligence was driving. After my 5meo experience the practitioner told me, now I am the car and the driver PLUS the car now disappeared but the car is still going
  13. So what got me into self-help was a break up I had when I was 18. Leo’s video on how to be attractive rang some bells for me. Before personal development I was always a liberal, open minded teenager. I continued to watch Leo’s material, read books, meditations, yoga, contemplation, in person seminars, healing, psychedelics, Audio books, life purpose course, etc.. and last month the offer for to do 5MEO presented itself to me. A practitioner From out of town came to my city and guided me through the experience. 5 weeks later from the 5MEO trip (yesterday) I took some LSD and remembered I was sexually abused when I was like 4-5 years by my older sister. I came to terms with it, forgave her and forgave myself. Her doing that to me destroyed my love life. It made me this needy lover... RSD help me realize parts and bits of this whole thing but that was my biggest demon. What hurt me the most was the lack of pity I received from the world growing up. Everyone in my environment did nothing but SHIT on me. Of course there were amazing people too. Now I’m 21 and it’s like everything needs to change. I built an identity, an image of this person.. I think what’s left to do is make good with what I have.
  14. @Meta-Man lmao thanks for that clip! I needed that