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  1. @Raquel Girl imma tell you this. Focus on portions and smile
  2. Dreams of death, What do dreams represent? to believe or not to believe why do we believe in the positive dreams and doubt the negatives dreams? Ever since January there has been a lot of spiritual growth in my life. I'm still growing but I'm confident that I'm a much more positive person today. My father had a dream that I was close to death last night. I don't believe in a ounce of his dream. Although, if he had a positive dream would I believe it?
  3. - I'm in class four times a week - I'm in the gym three nights a week - I have musical goals I'm working towards ( Training) four to five times a week - I work once a week - getting real education( reading on business, self help books, actualizing etc). is also a part of everyday routine My mornings consist of me meditating, doing self affirmations and daily journal After my commute from from school I'm often exhausted making productivity difficult. I've just learned about the 80/20 rule. 20% effort is 80% results I want to be effective and still have energy. Time managment advice would be great
  4. An old family friend wants me to be a groomsmen at her wedding. I haven't spoken to her in years, the weddings in a month, I won't know anyone there and I have my own schedule (Goals) - I have to give up two whole Saturdays for practice - and an extra saturday for the actual wedding day I already stated I'm not interested, am I being selfish?
  5. @see_on_see appreciate the advice. Thank you
  6. @brovakhiin lmao I'm confused but thanks dude
  7. Everytime i TRY to have a lucid dream I fail. I've tried many methods. I've had many lucid dreams in the past but I was unaware of the term. One night I came home from this dudes house I know and had the most intense, lucid dream ever. I was terrified! Every week since May he's invited me over... Though I never go
  8. Today I was on the train and this child stood out to me. Eventually him and I started making eye contact, he stared at me, stared at his family then stared at who I was with then back at me. We started interacting sub consciously in a sense. We used facial expressions to communicate. In the moment it all made sense....
  9. @TJ Reeves thank you for the advice! Do you reccomend any books? How do I build my non-neediness/vulnerability daily?
  10. @Leo Gura oh Leo you point dexter you
  11. @Leo Gura " i want to grow humans through growing myself " The balance of giving a hand to humanity and expanding myself. All my achievements are a reflection of the people because I am the people.
  12. Training is a pillar of any giant. Dedicating our lives for our life purpose is how we achieve them. I'm under 20 and understand now is the time to capitalize. However, the dilemma between meeting women and training is a concern. I have experience with women but I'm still a virgin. My nightmare is not being able to sexually please women due to lack of experience. The way to prevent this is; going out there and meeting women(training) training = time time = limited I sometimes worry lol
  13. @Tightrope Walker thanks for the rad advice
  14. I'm in the process of creating a plan for future goals. Reading my written statement twice a day is the next step. Chapter two of think and grow Rich states I should create a definite plan. Is a " plan " identified as literal step by step maneuvers or identified as a short, specific phrase? 💕💕💕