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  1. @tsuki "I" feel you - "I" also stopped counting. The worst thing is that all the conversations here feel like self-talk, not just sometimes, but more and more. It's so easy to get trapped in the mind and in addictions... but yeah, "I" can totally see "you" as shaman ;-) I won't spoil my life purpose (maybe I already spoiled too much ), because I want to work and stay in the background as much as possible. My plan for the next 15 years is roughly outlined and ready to be adjusted on the go whenever "life" presents itself. I won't earn much money (although I have a little bit of ambition to try at least)... Whatever happens is going to be totally ok and if I happen to live that long, I plan to retire in a community (one of those with wonderful trash-art buildings and eco-gardens) or travel around the world in an RV. I'm afraid I have to say good bye for real now - somehow the I without " " has more important things to do nowadays... (but yeah, messages are always an option to brainstorm the "how's and if's" ;-)
  2. @now is forever My children ask a lot of questions about death already and it feels very natural to answer them deeply. Otherwise, I hope my guidance is a balance between protecting them and letting them free. As long as they can play in their phantasy worlds everything is going alright, I guess.
  3. @tsuki Instead of staying silent, "I" prefer to keep questioning 🙈
  4. This might be a question for neuroscientists/biochemists, but I'm starting to wonder whether Capsaicin (the chemical that makes chilis spicy) has any psychedelic-like effects?
  5. OK, "I" guess "we" continue this communication (which feels like "self"-talk sometimes 😇) for a while until illusion and reality collaps... @now is foreveryes, "you" are right, revealing "my" life purpose would be spoiling too much, maybe in a year when the time feels right... In the past days, "I" feel like "I" got handed many notes like this:
  6. Actually, nevermind, I'm figuring it out on my own. 😂
  7. @tsuki & @now is foreverKeep your discussion going, I will have to read the details and comment later 😉 Just wanted to leave another dream here. I was in a temple and found a map. It was leading me deep into the basement and then someone came to check if the basement was stable enough.... I seriously have the strangest dreams these days. Anyone wants to help me figure out what they mean?
  8. I wanna share a strange dream I had. I was driving a race car directly into a black hole and obviously had problems coming back out. Now, I'm thinking about the implications of that dream... I think it implies that I will start a new journal and change the title to "How do I=you=we exist?" and talk more about my life purpose, meditation habits and books I'm reading. What do "you" think? How far along are "you" guys/girls "outside" in the "real world" (versus the "virtual/addictive monkey-mind world")?
  9. @tsuki Sounds like pure wisdom! Sometimes, it feels like children are guiding "me" these days
  10. It feels like I'm about to graduate from university (maybe just with a BSc degree though 😂), while realizing that there is still sooooo much to learn (e.g., balance, not playing anymore roles, embodying awareness, solving actual problem situations while not becoming a "Zen devil").
  11. @now is forever @now is forever I miss our discussions, too. 😉 But to miss something keeps one stuck in the head, too, doesn't it? It distracts from being present in the moment. Also, didn't we derive together with @tsuki that all people are equal?
  12. @MrDmitriiV I love mantras, too! Check out those I posted in "my" journal in the other forum section.
  13. My daughter has been wanting to go to this new playground to build sandcastles and play soccer with other kids (it's been a while since we played last time). At the playground, "I" was managing quite well to stay as present as possible in time/space. Slowing down the wild monkey mind ... it has been way too busy in the past couple of weeks. Almost felt like hundred monkeys having a party "jumping in the head" 😂
  14. Shoju Rojin, the master, admonished Hakuin that he must go forward with “continious and unremitting devotion to hidden practice, scrupulous application.” When Hakuin asked what this meant, Shoju retorted, “It certainly doesn’t mean sneaking off to some mountain and sitting like a block of wood on a rock or under a tree ‘silently illuminating’ yourself. It means immersing yourself totally in your practice at all times and in your daily activities – walking, standing, sitting, or lying down…. Practice concentrated in activity is a hundred, a thousand, even a million times superior to practice done in a state of inactivity.” In "Nothing is hidden" by Barry Magid