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  1. There is nothing to be done - is that really true?
  2. 💗 Yep, and then one realizes that the Ox is much much bigger than previously thought...
  3. @How to be wise P.S. what I don't agree with is how you need to write your original statement. Would you mind trying The Work with your sentence "Leo, you seem rather dogmatic about this"? Is that true? Is that really true? How does it make you feel if you believe this thought? Sorry for putting you on the spot - I can't help it 🙈 ahhhhh
  4. @How to be wise Ok, so maybe we can agree that The Work is helpful, if one is actually stuck in typical "victim thinking", which is basically mostly due to the fact that one actually is judging others to start with. So then, The Work helps to get out of this victim thinking, right? And yes, it helps to take full responsibility for your thoughts and actions. I totally agree. And I also totally agree that you get to a point where you can discard the turnarounds or at least not take them so seriously. But I'm not sure if I communicated my line of thoughts well enough so you understood what I was trying to say...
  5. @How to be wise Hmm, how do I explain this better without sounding arrogant? 🙈 Let me try... but I apologize in advance, if it does sound arrogant after all. After asking the 4 questions, you turn your original thought (e.g. "Leo, you seem rather dogmatic") around into e.g. "I seem rather dogmatic" or "Leo does not seem dogmatic at all" and find evidence why that would also be true, right? So, once The Work concept is "grained into" your monkeymind, you don't even need to ask the 4 questions, but simply take any statement made by whoever and turn it around and I could, for example, come to the conclusion that your opinion sounds rather dogmatic, right? 🙈 So, you can end up reading all sorts of posts here and keep judging and judging .... until you finally observe that that's what you are doing. 🙈 At least that's how I observed it in my development. (and here we go again, lol 😂) Reality is perfect - does this statement have to be true to be at peace with the present moment?
  6. I found The Work very powerful, too ( @Leo Gura maybe you can tell us why you don't discuss it much?) @How to be wise I have been doing The Work for several years now and it wasn't until this summer that I realized some drawbacks (actually, I realized them during my discussions here in the forum). For example, one can easily get a bit stuck in "turning it around" thoughts - so you think you can easily see other people's projections but one fails to see how arrogant one gets because you feel like you figured it all out. So, yes - you can easily work away through nasty thoughts/judgements/emotions that pull down your mood (especially when it comes to other people's behavior or situations) and you can get into a state where you rather watch the thoughts fly by, but with that you could also easily fall into the extreme that everything is perfect as it is, when sometimes it just isn't. Nowadays, I find reality somewhere in between - it's hard to describe, hope it makes sense.
  7. More and more people are starting to "wake up" 🙌 😉 Look, now there are even articles about wrapping paper: Significant changes are coming as soon as the number of people (who agree, care and share) is significant enough. 💗
  8. Darn, I feel totally triggered It definitely needs both, changes in regulations and changes in consumer behaviour. How can people in power make more conscious regulations when they are personally stuck in unconscious and/or less conscious behavior patterns?
  9. @now is forever I'm probably just as much of a hippocrite as almost everyone else is But yeah, upcycling is becoming hipper and hipper (yeah ) - maybe these can inspire you?
  10. I know I was just kidding ;-) I promised myself to minimize my pollution in effective altruistic ways, so I will do it here, too. As long as it's BPA-free ;-)
  11. Well, we have to be very very careful about the bag issue actually! A danish study showed that cotton bags have to be used at least 20,000 times to make up for the energy that is used for making it: (you need to scroll a bit to get to the english translation of the study). The next issue is clothes really!!!
  12. @Leo Gura I will keep polluting "your" forum with post-modernist communist hippie stuff until I get banned...
  13. Wait until it swaps over to the US Plastic straws are already being banned in the US, too - aren't they?
  14. @tsuki degradable plastic comes with issues, too - look at these articles for example: Yep. If anyone needs more scientific evidence, here you go: Geyer, R., Jambeck, J.R. & Law, K.L., 2017. Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made. Science Advances, 3(7), pp.25–29. Available at: Rochman, C.M. et al., 2013. Policy: Classify plastic waste as hazardous. Nature, 494 (7436), pp.169–171. Even the plastic manufactorers in Europe understand the problem, see: "PlasticsEurope is a leading pan-European association and represents plastics manufacturers active in the European plastics industry. The plastics industry in Europe is a vibrant sector that helps improve the quality of life by enabling innovation, facilitating resource efficiency and enhancing climate protection." And here is their reaction:
  15. Hehe, sorry - I'm so excited, I had to share 🙈🙌