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  1. @Emerald: What's your background?
  2. Marshall Rosenberg - good one!
  3. @White: Good one - obviously not everyone ;-) Also, I can observe that I was just in the middle of giving advice, lol. So, I better go and do some laundry now ;-)
  4. Oh yes, communication! Such an important topic here in the forum! Especially when it comes to giving advice! Someone told me an important sentence, which I will never forget: "People tend to give you advice based rather on their own story, not necessarily taylored to how you actually feel." I also learned that if I find myself giving advice, I can use that to realize that there is something deep inside me that I haven't worked through. If I write sentences like: "You have to do this or that" - I can realize that "I actually have to do this or that". It also helps me to see where other people still have issues that they haven't worked through... (this is very helpful to not get upset). I'm not sure where I learned this, but I learned it somewhere on the way. Maybe through a combination of self-inquiry with Byron Katie's work (turning things around) and insights I had when watching Leo's video (e.g. "All critizism is untainable" and "How you lie").
  5. @Emerald: Would you mind sharing your source/the reference for this?
  6. OK, OK - breathing helps me when I get frustrated! ;-) Everything will be fine! We will all die one day and it won't matter if we understand models or not.
  7. When you=I can laugh about ourselves - see?
  8. I apply the same strategy when I read my own comment before posting it 😉
  9. @White I'm trying to communicate how I dare to read any comments in this forum. It helps to read between the lines and it's mind blowing - have you tried?
  10. And this one: "I gotta learn how to use models without letting them use me..." Hilarius, isn't it? 😂😂
  11. I wonder if it helps anything, but let me tell you how I read this: "If I don't know the limitations of Green, is spiral dynamics or any model that correlates going to be any use to me?" Can you laugh about it now?
  12. Sometimes I wonder - do you guys reflect on what you have written? And yes, I apologize to ask such mean questions full with lots of ego, lol 😂
  13. OK - so maybe you can't skip a stage but potentially go through them much faster. So you think green is dangerous? Could you be reflecting something into your statement here? Why do you think green is so dangerous? 😉
  14. Good one! I would also dare to say that it is possible to skip stages that way. Imagine growing up with yellow/turquoise parents 😍
  15. Sorry you guys - I will stop moralizing now 🙈