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  1. Do you know that REI is keeping it's doors closed today again? 🙌
  2. I know nothing. Too bad, that "I"="you"="we" are only human. Or what are "we"? Maybe the upcoming retreat will help. Saying good bye for 2-3 weeks 😘
  3. It's getting better with time, lol. Sorry, "we" are interrupting "your" flow again @tsuki P.S: Actually, let me correct myself - it was getting better with time, then I had some serious mystical experiences and then I got thrown back somehow. All in all, it felt like taking three steps forward and two back.
  4. Can you experience both at the same time?
  5. Hmm, no but what an interesting synchronicity with your avatar ;-) I guess the question then becomes... if it bursts, how would we react?
  6. @tsuki What is time? What is direct experience? Love contemplating with you "two" 💕
  7. Because you are your body and "you" are "nothing" - can you "be" both (and enjoy the paradox) at the same time? Hehe, looks like I'm still having trouble enjoying this paradox, otherwise I wouldn't be triggered to jump in here, would I?
  8. Do you really need solutions? Oh that sounds like a nice question to explore: How could "we" get mind and body operating in sync / at the same speed?
  9. @now is forever It was not very cold, but actually quite exhausting. Gotta practice a lot of self-care now Are you starting to feel better? Did you contemplate things down to it's roots?
  10. Bumping my thread - cause I got to know another inspiring individual along these lines: Maggie Whittum!
  11. Chapter 3: The pros and cons of becoming vegan I have decided to try out how it feels to eat a vegan diet but at the same time, I want to keep contemplating and researching and brainstorming. Your input is (of course) welcome. I became vegetarian 9 years ago because I was fed up with the meat industry and how animals are being treated. I read and I’m currently re-reading Michael Pollan’s “The omnivore’s dilemma” (it’s a great book!) and I used to agree with him on this point: “What’s wrong with eating animals is the practice, not the principle.” Pollan also wrote: “Sometimes I think that all it would take to clarify our feelings about eating meat, and in the process begin to redeem animal agriculture, would be to simply pass a law requiring all the sheet-metal walls of all the CAFOs [Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation], and even the concrete walls of slaughterhouses, to be replaced with glass. If there’s any new right we need to establish, maybe this is the one: the right, I mean, to look.” And seriously - for me, all it took to become vegetarian was watching this video by Paul McCartney: and since then I (still) feel like I need to throw up whenever I walk by the meat section in a grocery store. I start to feel sick just thinking about it now. Michael Pollan also writes about the Vegan utopia and I get his arguments, but when I contemplate questions like: What does a cow feel when her calve is taken away? Is it appropriate for humans to drink cow milk? What does a hen feel when her eggs are taken away? Could I actually kill a larger animal in order to eat it? I have killed a fish before – could I still do that? How would it feel now? … I feel more and more drawn to become vegan. For anyone, who wants to contemplate along – here are two good resources: and On the other hand, when I take a closer look at typical vegan products, I get really upset about their long list of ingredients and then we are back to the issue of processed food. I also don’t want to buy too many soy products because of the high isoflavone/estrogen levels (, Another issue is vitamin B12. I don’t want to take supplements, so what could I do? I have been mixing Spirulina powder into my smoothies, but now I found out that probably only natural Chlorella has a positive effect: I guess, I will have to get my B12 values checked once I have transformed my diet completely to vegan (my goal is by the end of this year - until then, I'm slowly implementing the switches).
  12. Hehe... lovely! I'm back safely from my adventurous trip (don't ask me where I went, lol). But yeah, I'm ready for more bubbly talk... :-)
  13. My reminder as soon as I realize that my thoughts are going into a weird direction, is this question: Am I alive? If the answer is yes, everything is actually fine. (not sure if this helps anything... but I thought I would try )