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  1. @Shan I haven't reduced my very high anxiety to anything close to the ideal level but I feel it improving now. In the past I've had panic attacks where I hyperventilate for 30 mins straight and have had a few times where I frantically search the Internet on methods for suicide. The best thing I think you can do is mindful suffering. Suffering which is done mindfully is best done when you're meditating or something. Being mindful of suffering in your day to day life is hard unless you're consciousness is already high enough to try to be. Yesterday I was meditating for 1hr for example, and I was trying to maintain most of my posture. In my mine came up these thoughts "I want to escape I want to escape I want to escape I want to escape.... It hurts It hurts It hurts.." but through meditation you force both your conscious and subconscious mind to react differently to pain. There were times yesterday when my conscious mind was trying to be okay and accepting the pain, realising that a sensation in your consciousness is neither inherently good or bad. But despite this my subconscious mind was in overdrive, providing so much resistance. But throughout the session my resistance was dissolving as mindfulness increased. Meditation when done right is good for general happiness and anxiety. You're confronting your bodies fight or flight response "I want to escape I want to escape I want to escape" and are dissolving it. Your anxiety will also start to fade as you pay attention deeply to what this "I" that wants to escape is. The way I see it, you can conceptualise anxiety as an over the top reaction to some "negative" circumstance. And you want to rewire those reactions.
  2. @DnoReally I mean it depends what you mean by "atheism" right? If atheism is the lack of belief in a god, isn't an enlightened person an atheist because they don't believe in the concept labelled "God"?
  3. @kieranperez this reminds of people who say "you don't need to do any consciousness work just become enlightened right now, you already are it". And whilst it might be technically true, untill a solid commitment is made to raising your consciousness you're gonna stay being miserable. At least that's my experience. Buddha and prophets in the bible/quran had the commitment to go off in solitude to meditate for long periods of time.
  4. @Andreas I'm inclined to think it is bullshit. I think they could exist but I see no reason nor had any experience to think they exist. I know Leo and others on this forum are inclined to think that paranormal/supernatural phenomenon are real, but I've never seen any proof/evidence of it. Why wouldn't people with these powers show (scientists) /(the world)? They would get money for it and even enlightened people do things for money.A supernatural phenomena such as levitation would have most likely been public knowledge by now. This is also true for other supernatural phenomena which impact the external world in an easily observable way. Is the evidence for supernatural phenomenon so subtle that it evades acknowledgement of scientists? Or are scientists denying objective evidence? Do these "supernatural" phenomenon not have an impact on the physical world ( and are only detected subjectively in one person's consciousness) and hence do not have any observational give aways to other people? If the answer to the last question is yes, then what's the point in discussing these phenomena? Does it not just fall into the category of mystical experiences/feelings then?
  5. "And so you have to realise to what an enormous extent we are all utterly bewitched by words and are trying all our lives long to solve problems which only words create because the human being has gotten himself into a very funny bind."
  6. @Winter https://youtu.be/26971uJuQuk Listen to 0:00 - 2:20 if you're low on time and want to see my point. The whole talk is excellent though.
  7. @Winter I've read your post and whilst I didn't follow a good chunk what you were saying I'll at least try to respond because I like your thinking style. So don't be surprised if I strawman you by accident or missed what you said. I'm just a little confused about what you're trying to say. You make the point that the mind cannot generate new information. What is it from that point that you are trying to exactly assert? Are you trying to say that since the mind cannot generate new information, it hence cannot deceive itself through generating new information? You've said that the mind can deceive itself, so are you just trying to restrict the possible ways in which the mind can deceive itself? Am I correct in thinking that you think something along the lines of "Because the mind cannot generate new information there is some real world which has informational boundaries and limitations. It is because of these informational boundaries and limitations that the world 'real' is used. "? What I am wondering is, why do you think that this idea that the "mind deceiving itself into existing" is now less credible? Is it due to the existence of a real world which is somewhat indapendent of the mind? So it seems to me that you're trying to say that the mind isn't "deceiving itself into existing" because it exists in an real world? You're perhaps trying to say that there isn't a mind autonomous and free of the external/real world? I'm just gonna try to zoom in on this interpretation I have from your post. What now makes this extremely messy for me to respond to is that enlightenment concepts are brought into the picture here. Imma shift the tone now of what I'm saying. Your entire reality, as it is right now, is this conscious experience right? All your sensory data, thoughts, feelings, hypothesis, theories are enveloped in your conscious experience. One way of framing it is to say that it is an inherent property of your existence that your existence is all consciousness. Here's a random question which I hope makes you look at things from a slightly different angle/light. In what sense is there a real world when your entire reality is conscious experience? The construction of statements and logical deductions is dependent upon a set of unprovable axioms and presuppositions about reality. That includes every single sentence that both me and you are typing. Your statement that the mind cannot generate new information is based upon unprovable assumptions, as is the case with all statements. What I believe Non-duality is trying to get people to do is just observe their conscious experience as it is and it is perhaps the closest thing you can get to truth if such a thing even existed. And if you do that, you might "realise" that you (your mind) never existed to begin with.
  8. @Lauritz Bewer @Lauritz BewerfromBewer from the way you've described your experience it sounds to me that you might be starting to see through the illusion of time and permenanace. Perhaps you are realising that there is nothing to hold onto since you are becoming attuned to the present moment. As someone becomes more and more attuned to the present moment and have seen through the illusion of time and causality, they might find themselves realising that every waking moment of their consciousness is an experience that "they" didn't create or control (how could they if time doesn't exist?). At this point, you realise this present moment to be completely uncaused and of no origin and you feel existence to be effortless. How could existence be anything but effortless if the past doesn't exist?
  9. @John Lula Hearing someone complain about too much conscientiousness offends me to the same degree that a starving African child is offended by hearing a middle aged white women complain that her steak is slightly too cold. It doesn't actually offend me, the last paragraph I typed was just something that popped in my mind. Damn my humour is dry.
  10. @EternalForest The thing that "Non-duality" is trying to point to is an experience beyond words and language, and "Non-duality" itself is composed of words and everything I type to you is words. Quite funny eh? Are all the words I type to you completely void of meaning? Who knows?!
  11. @Scholar It's okay dude just ignore the haters we can burn all the anti no nut November heretics.
  12. @Nahm You win the Internet for this post. Excellent guide. JK THERE IS NO YOU, TRY HARDER NEXT TIME PLEBE.
  13. @Roman Edouard life is a gamble, yeah. It's only at a higher consciousness perspective that this doesn't matter. Yeah I don't see the possible existence of autism to be inherently negatively. All I know is that I've struggled to fit in due to being on slightly different wavelength from people around me and one possible explanation seems to be autism. Good advice