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  1. I'm 20 years old right now. It could be because I'm reducing my SSRI meds or just what I am in general right now but I've noticed that more recently I'm more mean, harsh and anti-social. A few things have been improving about me otherwise but just an undercurrent keeps growing and creeping on me. And I don't know why it's growing, all I know is that irritibality is creeping on me day by day without me doing anything to invoke so. Perhaps I've compressed my energies and potential for too long. I remember that it was just over a month ago, I randomly felt quite aggressive the next day. Like I randomly become "shadow possessed" or something. Sometimes it's positive energy, but most of the time it's been negative and uncontrolled. And ever since then I've been on little spikes up and down. I used to be a very polite and reasonably compassionate person when growing up. I think my superficial vineer of politeness has withered away due to constantly repressing myself. Now I'm a lot more arrogant and full of it. Guess I need to go back to the shadow work or something. Could just be as simple as, I'm regressing into a brainless chimp with thug psychology, which is just a broad thing to just work on. -- Thinking back I can see that the dominos in place for my personality being this way have always been present in my life, its only later that the dominos were knocked over and epigenetics happened. Maybe I inherited too much red from my mom, who knows
  2. So I did follow up on cutting down the Zoloft dosage. So it seems like it's been just over 3 weeks since I lowered my dose. I've had some mood swings, probably due to withdrawal of medication. I injured my back two weeks ago, and that fucked up my sleeping pattern severely. That's because the pain made me be in a constant fight or flight response. I'm in the process of fixing the sleeping pattern right now. Going to bed earlier today, hopefully it all works out. One thing I'm a little pissed about is that I'm wasting the days away. But I'm just so tired due to sleeping pattern which is still being fixed. I guess I need some patience. Still got me pissed though. I previously lost about 6kg of fat, but now I've gained 2-3kg back. Smh. Whatever, I'll just meditate and read and drink water and sleep.
  3. Nope. Sociopath is a medical term so don't throw around. There are clips of Ben when he's relaxed and not really arguing. He's a pretty normal guy.
  4. @Leo Gura We need an army of Jocko Willinks in the police force!
  5. Conservatives with little ground to stand on now have this incident as something they can use against the left. Everyone exploding over this before the real facts comes to light again just shows the problem of media in this day and age. And you can't blame them. This footage wasn't communicated to everyone. Nobody can trust the mainstream media, and for good reason. The chaotic web of messages, likes, retweets serves as an impressive magician illusion. You scroll through all this shit and have your emotions activated, with everyone being aggressive and inflamed. But most of the emotions in this domain are inauthentic and empty, and anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Technology is yet to interface with the human brain properly.
  6. I've been skim reading this book "The Oxygen Advantage". Been reading it a lot. I'm a mouth breather and have been trying to change that, noticing some good effects of it in just a few days. Someone here made a good thread a while back it seems. To breathe more than necessary reduces carbon dioxide concentration, which throws your body out of whack. I.e. Bohr effect and oxygen not unloading in your tissues, pH of body, arterial constriction, etc. Essentially, a lot of us have the problem of chronically low carbon dioxide concentration in blood. Our body develops a low tolerance for CO2, and so we over-breathe due to this low tolerance. (Humans in nature don't have this problem so much, modern lifestyle and things like processed foods, diary and etc are thought to increase the risk of overbreathing, according to this book). The name of the game then is to gradually develop tolerance for CO2. Which the book describes. First step is just nasal breathing 24/7, there are also some exercises given in the book. Book is a very easy and simple read, my eyes just flow through it quickly. Normally I'm a slow reader but book is simple. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anyway, I'm making this thread because I don't know how many meditation or yoga practitioners are aware of the pandemic of over-breathing. And I'm trying to figure out how to reconcile or practice kriya yoga in the light of all this. So if anyone here is a real breath expert or has thought about optimal breathing during meditation, state your general thoughts in this area. I'm trying to stop even wasteful yawning and sighing during the day I'll breathe more slowly, not any less deeply, and see what happens. With such a linear problem. ---- Oh yeah, breathing with your mouth and upper chest is associated with fight or flight circuits in your body, so that's a source of stress. For those that don't know.
  7. My aim is to get people to understand and have a feel for all this stuff rather than uneeded chatter about what's right or wrong. So this thread isn't just about Peter, the essence you feel behind what Peter teaches and what other people teach is the same. Similar to Peter are the likes of Jiddu Krishnamurti, even Jed McKenna. The point is this. By very virtue of the path these guys advocate for, they have to take a particular "stance" on this issue of states of consciousness since it pertains to absolute vs relative. These guys want you to question everything and ask the question of, why is it that you require meditation or psychedelics or yoga? So unless you question why the need for these altered states of consciousness, you won't follow their path or see the point.
  8. The only thing bad about this is tik tok creators fleeing to YouTube. The youth whose brains have been poisoned by the Information Age will find other corners of the internet to pollute. -- I would rather two year olds stop using iPads and creating adhd in themselves.
  9. I can't tell if you're addressing the minor math point I made or the metaphysical point about how they've chosen to define energy. The law of conservation of energy is true because of how they've defined energy. In regards to the math point. What k is, nobody knows, so you can't claim it's 0. You already noticed you could say 0,1,27..etc. Hence I called your statement "The total amount of energy in the universe is zero. Every physicist would tell you that." just false . I'm not assigning any spiritual or meaningful importance to this other than to say it isn't a scientific fact that the universe has zero energy, which you already seem to have noticed.
  10. Pretty funny and good song. Since I have anger issues rock is always enjoyable.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-FpBZR7DbpvNj5UrFN8qUA
  12. I wrote this a while back @datamonsterFalse, they would tell you the amount of energy is constant over time. Not that there's zero energy. Because they've defined energy in such a circular way for the prediction of physical events.