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  1. If you want them to be. That decision is up to you.
  2. @Alexander Goffrier Hmmmm. I personally am not for cutting out eggs, but that's me. I like the protein and lack of carbs, especially in conjunction with some exercise routine. Right now I'm the process of trying to reduce gluten, dairy, soy and corn to eventually zero and then ill be able to test what I'm sensitive to. I'm reading on autoimmune problems from diet, and the author recommends testing your sensitivity to these four things. So far I've only cut out dairy. I've linked a table of the advice Im trying to follow. I took the photo at a retarded angle with my front camera to make the image small enough for me to upload.
  3. @kieranperez I'm pretty sure I have adhd. I know you said that you can't afford getting modafinil, but for me my stock of armodafinil is going to last me a long time because I only use it very occasionally and in small doses. For me armodafanil isn't amazing because I experience side effects like head aches, nausea and anxiety too much but perhaps it will work for you I don't know. It certainly helps me concentrate when I do take it sometimes, but it was by no means a full cure at all. I've found https://www.modafinilstar.com this site to be good, they just have some weird payment method I had to go through of buying a gift card on amazon. This site worked for me fine.
  4. @cetus56 Woah this is the first video I've watched of Adyashanti. Guy's a genius. He articulated it so well.
  5. @Guided Perhaps the teacher is saying there comes a point where even the illusion of flux disappears as you enter the present, who knows. And maybe it's like your awareness is becoming closer and closer to some singularity, which is ultimately nothing in the end. I feel like everyone who's done meditation has at least a small glimpse of this.
  6. @Guided The first sentence from that article you linked. Part of this talk about infinite regress leads to me thinking about the old fashioned problem of the "uncaused cause" that you hear in philosophy. Why is there something rather than nothing? On a tangent, when it comes to maths specifically and the example I stated, infinity as a word was used to say "more can be generated". No matter how numbers I write down on paper between x and y, the mathematical language is defined such that I can always generate a new number between x and y no matter how long my list is. Infinity in this sense is a property of the mathematical language. Doing 1 divided by 3 leads to another infinite regress of sorts. If you go through the process of computing it without a calculator and doing it manually, you find yourself writing "3" over and over again due a to a circular loop you have trapped yourself in with concepts. This tangent I went on is besides the point of time. Reality is just inherently non-sensical, with there being something for no reason. All that exists is the present. You are always a present moment experience which "you" did nothing to create. The experience just is. Realising the nature of time is one way to enter the non-dual state, as you see reality to be in a situation which you did nothing to create.
  7. I might have a slightly different train of thought, but its still a representation of my experience with time and change. I've often heard people say time is an illusion, and you can experience this. Something I wonder, is "flux" itself then supposed to be an illusion? Because if all we have is the present moment, then surely it should seem like reality is static (since time is the medium throughout which flux occurs). If time does not exist, then how does any sort of "event" exist? How is reality both simultaneously static and fluid? It's something very hard to put into words, the meditation experiences you've had. On a random tangent, it reminds about how on any given line (let the line represent an interval of time) there are literally an infinite number of points. It doesn't matter how large or small the line is. There are an infinite number of points. And any line can be chopped into an infinite number of lines, with each line having an infinite number of points. This is related to the ideas of continuity and discontinuity in maths. And as far as our first experience is concerned, all of this happening that is reality is coming from nothing and energy is somehow created from nothing.
  8. @now is forever You seem to have a problem with the OP using the word God to describe the true self, but Leo uses that terminology all the time. I haven't seen you argue with him at lengths about it. Theres the classic non-dual idea that everyone is a different mask/expression of God. At the end of the day we're using concepts and concepts are a sloppy imitation of the real thing so maybe you could be a bit more charitable in how you interpret the OP.
  9. I ate too much pizza today, my stomach feels bloated and is in pain. This is making awakening very hard.
  10. @Dumivid It's interesting that you lie down to avoid having to mindfully keep you back straight. The most hardcore meditation is probably any meditation where you do not move your body at all and stay still, ie strong determination sitting. I know that for myself the technique isn't great, because whenever I meditate for long enough my brain is exploding with too many neuroses and I feel strong urges to contract muscles and move my body. Strong determination sitting is too powerful and hard for me.
  11. @Commodent @martins name (can't get rid of the @martins name on mobile)
  12. Oh god no. @Good-boy Get a grip OP! Work on becoming woke my nigga. Its what Leo would have wanted 😭
  13. Sadhguru claims that when doctors measured his brain waves they thought he was brain dead when he was, in his own words, simply "sitting still" with his eyes closed for 15-20 minutes or so.