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  1. dt Of course that idea isn't it
  2. @Carl-Richard Makes sense. I wouldn't easily be able to use the model on my dad for example, because he's from a different culture to me, and is some sort of ESTJ-ESFJ hybrid. But otherwise yeah I understand your point, that's how the model ends up looking like. You can predict the type of people even though you can't predict behaviour from type. If something is "not predictive" (something roughly along the lines as you're phrasing it) you have to question it. It starts sounding a bit post hoc fallacy That said, I still understand and can see what you're saying
  3. @Carl-Richard I never resonated with people who bring up Big Five to shit on MBTI, it obviously isn't Big Five, apples and oranges. Memes like these flicker across my mind. I think I should maybe just not engage that type of thinking and focus on other things. I had a stretch of time over several months, until a few months ago, where MBTI was just forgotten from my mind. Felt good to have that break. In very recent weeks and months I see reminders of it here and there now, and talk about it occasionally. It's often in the back of my mind now and then, in parallel processing. "parallel processing" is false for what's going on for me, where the thoughts/images happen quickly and I just don't realise it. When it comes to me doing autopilot or unconscious thinking, I explained in an earlier post here how I prefer to view MBTI. Where the terms become more about subjective aesthetic and vibes. My path of development and self-expression is calling people nig*** fa***** retards
  4. @Carl-Richard Random thoughts I have. What's your defence of MBTI in the end? For example I'd say MBTI is useless as far as consciousness work goes. In fact it might impart falsehood when you take the stereotypes and apply them, e.g. you might try and label consciousness or attention to the present moment as "Se". My question then is, has MBTI become pathological for you? Whether that's yes or no, is there anything you do gate-keep yourself going too far with your mind?
  5. Okay @Dodo Yes, won't start with that assumption. Thanks Dodo Bird
  6. Just posting my favourite slipknot/metal songs, spiral dynamics is bullshit anyway "Before I forget" now this one actually has some interesting, almost non-dual lyrics. Psychosocial, the song speaks for itself when you listen to it. All those songs do. I would post more, but I don't want to give an overload where no one listens. So listen!
  7. Don't leave bb, we can vibe I'm in the same place as you basically "If consciousness work draws you then it draws you in, " perhaps that. You can only know if you try the practices and see if that's what you want. That's rich coming from me since I'm same dillema, so I'm giving myself advice here as well
  8. @roopepa What book would that be? I'm just doing ACIM workbook. I'm honestly unsure if it's doing anything, but that's probably because I haven't actually been committed to it and I'm engaging with it half heartedly. ACIM is in vicinity to David r hawkins to my thoughts. Things they don't cover is meditation, zen, yoga or psychedelics.
  9. Don't know if this is a ranting or rave. I just started meditating small amount daily again these past several days, and I go so off the rails too easily. Thankfully I've calmed a bit down from the very extreme after I last meditated. I've calmed down a bit from whatever dread and catastrophising, grounding myself in the faith I can pierce through, and that "I can exist" ( yes , yes, laugh in my face and tell me I don't exist if you want to, fuck you) With meditation or whatever spiritual practice, one minute the frame of reference is "Oh boy, I can't wait to watch the match tonight and go out with my friends later" to "MY EXISTENCE IS ON THE LINE, IF NOTHING EXISTS THEN WHO AM I" real quick. And of course a lot of it is surges in emotion which come out as well, wherever you want to say they come from. And I was also about to say "Yes, 'spiritual work' can be so very debasing". But since all that can possibly be/is "is what you're facing", that sentence of spiritual work being debasing is meaningless, because it's beyond that. "Spiritual work is debasing"... You can have thoughts about your future but they are just that, and so any way to put it is just crap. Ugh, meditation is an awful idea, I recommend it to no one. Engage in maya again and make yourself forget the experience and "truth" you find, "That's what I've done before" that thought is off No, maybe this is catalyst for "shadow work" all though idk what or where the fuck a shadow is, because if something is unconscious I can't see it by definition so... Idk whatever. But I change my mind, "meditation is great!"
  10. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK WEEEEEEEEW. I'd be screaming a bit rn if peeps weren't sleeping. Delving into questions about what exactly is truth or whatever else is,,,,, sah fuck. I feel so unbased and derailed after a simple meditation. I now feel quite angry and irritated. Even if you feel weird, don't insert explanation of thought which make you insane. But then, having no place or room for thought is maddening. I don't know what I'm chasing. Pierce through and "maintain your-self". Fuck this is weird. Am I to ever take a break from meditation? Because ...-- You're having crazy thoughts and emotions and catastraphising Okay you're not asking the following senselessly. Is something wrong with you, if every time you start a meditation practice, you end up going so off the rails? Why do I go so off the rails? It just hurts and I wince in pain. IF NOTHING EXISTS, THEN WHO AM I. WHAT AM I BUT A PHANTOM OR UNREAL SOUL TRAPPED IN LIMBO. This feels so serious man. Should I go make a cheese toasty, eat my sandwich and watch some anime? Can that drown out my awareness? Is that what I should do? No it won't drown it out. fuck fuck fuck. No, let it all out and....plunge? But maybe also rejoice, since this was the dread you were hiding the entire time? I don't fucking know, you've mad yourself forget so much. Maybe rejoice because if your existence is on the line, concerns about time and the like can be....
  11. My guess is all you can do for North Korea is to expose the people inside that country, citizen and government folk alike, to as much foreign people, exchange and media as possible. And then you have to wait out the clock for an organic revolution domestic to the country, meanwhile protecting yourself and skillfully managing the threats of their regime. I'm guessing organic revolution, but there's no way to predict or know. Maybe someone needs to take over or attack that country? I don't know!
  12. Same! It feels good when I wake up after mouth taping. I wouldn't know how true everything in the book is, but I'm inclined to say I can't make things worse, and nose breathing is perhaps the way to go. Especially when you consider the fact that tribes people supposedly nose breathe
  13. I suppose none of this changes the fact that you can't ever know if other bubbles exist, even if my bubble is completely non-dual and of "my" own making. Emphasis on the "even if" part, I'm not that conscious. So that's about the extent of what I can say without finding out for myself.
  14. @Milos Uzelac Fair enough. My personal impression is that some of the media is more interested in dramatising North Korea, presenting in ways which are just meant to give you entertainment. Maybe there's some misinformation, idk I don't really keep up. I'm just not surprised that the media does that, but maybe you guys are pointing it out because this is an important issue and a unique situation. And so little is known about that country, and yeah the media seems to do a dog shit job of informing you about it. North Korea had (and probably still does now) a ridiculously large prison population ["perhaps as many as 200,000 in the early 1990's"], citizens were starving , and the ghosts of everyone who died when the Titanic sank in April 15th 1912 had their grudges and wrath at the world incarnated into a baby born that day called Kim Song-ju. These are the facts!! NK is horrendous.
  15. If you check any books you'll find out North Korea is extremely bad