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  1. @ShugendoRa why must you demonise the part of you that demnises?
  2. @EvilAngel Using this version of Maslows hierarchy posted on this forum a while ago, I think that it takes someone advanced to truly evolve past the need for companionship. But if companionship isn't available to you, why become miserable due to it? Just get what good company you can, and if you cant just accept whatever your situation may be in.
  3. Shouldn't you be in the state of not knowing whether any "laws" apply to you, rather than asserting something either way?
  4. At the deepest level, why does it matter which option you chose? If you're trying to train your mindfullness skills then focusing your awareness on unfamiliar/uncomfortable sensations might do you some good.
  5. @Manjushri go to a psychiatrist and psychologist man. I've been really suicidal before as well, to the point where I've frantically researches for hours on the Internet how to kill myself. I've been on antidepressants for over a year now. You said that medical professionals in Serbia aren't great, but I would assume that they are compotent enough to have basic psychiatrists who give you the correct antidepressant. When I was THAT low I absolutely needed antidepressants and I'm thankful for them. I know people on this forum give antidepressants a bad rep but honestly they are needed sometimes. Anyone who has gotten themselves lost truly deep into the pits of suffering and sadness recognises this. I remember just having the words "I want to kill myself" repeated to myself over and over in my mind in an out of control neurotic frenzy. If you're looking for motivation, put a positive spin on the phrase "I want to kill myself". You can forget killing your ego or whatever, I tried to spin that phrase into "I want to change myself". When I was low, at least some self actualization must come before super serious self transcendence work.
  6. @Amun From the perspective of the ethical standards that I operate from in most situations eating meat is unjustifiable and evil. However, I am a hypocrite and am comfortable being one because meat tastes good. I am discriminatory towards the suffering of animals, just because they are less intelligent and I can shut down the empathy I feel for them. I wonder if future generations of humans will look down upon our generation of meat eaters the same way that this current generation of humans looks down on past civilisations for the evils of human slavery and other things. One thing I'm curious about is what is the quality of consciousness of an animal. What would it feel like to be an animal, I wonder. Im not a biologist but I wonder if for instance, a newly born human infant and an animal in a slaughter house maybe have similar levels of intelligence and emotional depth to their experience. And if a a newly born human infant is comparable to an animal, why is killing one acceptable whilst the killing the other is not? (PS I am not advocating that you kill babies btw.........)
  7. @Enlightened @Enlightened characteristics I aspire to become? Hmmmmm good question. I aspire to become someone who is low in neuroticism. I aspire also aspire to become someone who doesn't have addiction problems. I also aspire to be someone who reads and exercises a lot. Those are probably the main things. What do you think?
  8. You made a video on this 4 years ago, I wouldnt mind seeing another one. There are loads of angles you can go from for this topic. Although I could see why you wouldn't feel the need to shoot a massive video on this topic.
  9. @Alex bAlex Yeah, loads people like yourself (and me included) are socially awkward. It's a classic problem. Wanting to avoid someone you know in public might be fairly common lol. I know that for me, the person I see in public might want to engage in all sorts of small talk but I don't want that. In regards to your second situation you seem to have figured out your own problem with that second paragraph in the quote. Since you are a different person from me it would be presumptuous for me to think I can accurately speculate as to what the causes and "solutions" to your problems are but I'll try anyway. I'll just talk from my own experience. In some of the situations, you "freeze" and don't know what to say. I think that this freeze response of your might be rooted in anxiety. A small unexpected event in the external world triggers your fight or flight response. People with anxiety problems have an overactive and oversensitive fight or flight response. And in your post you've talked about childhood experiences that might be causing these problems you have. You're able to come up with all sorts of responses after the interaction is over and this could maybe be explained by having anxiety problems. If you don't have anxiety problems, don't let me typing about it make you think you have them. I hate small talk and find 90% of what people talk about to be boring. I don't give a shit about gossip or sports at any meaningful level, topics people talk about all the time. If I'm in a situation where I am forced to do such things for extended periods of time it probably means I'm not hanging out with the right people. However I would be lying if I said I hate small talk completely, since I can talk a long time about certain video games I've played or tv shows that ive watched. So perhaps theres also the problem you don't have topics of interest to talk about with most people around you. I have found personally myself that after having meditated I am more calm throughout the day and am less likely to immediately panic and freeze up. One thing which I need to do for myself is not let my disdain for small talk result in me having impaired/poor social skills. I'm setting a personal goal to accept the part of myself which hates small talk but to also have good social skills. Right now, whenever I interact socially its clunky and it drains my energy from having to put on a persona. But if I stop putting on a persona, whatever the short term consequences may be, things will be better for me in the long term. Another thing which im not sure of is whether some of your problems are worsened/caused by English not being your native language.
  10. "Everything that we teach does not work on Asian girls, they are terrified of humans" lmao.
  11. @RichardY regarding your signature, do you dislike "Plato (Ideal forms), John Stuart Mill (Utilitarianism), William James (Pragmatism)"
  12. @bejapuskas Yeah true. There's a reason people mix up these different things, because it's true that neediness can disguised as extraversion and its also true that social anxiety can be disguised as introversion. I find it hard to tell the difference sometimes. Yeah, introversion can sometimes be a function of feeling uncomfortable with the group of people you're with. Someone who feels like they don't fit in anywhere and feels isolated from the world will act a bit more introverted than they might otherwise be. I'm just talking from experience here. In the past I've been with groups of people who I really don't fit in with and I can pick up on the fact that 99% of the things I say won't be on their wavelength, so I remain silent. And something I've noticed is that if you're silent and don't give away too much about yourself to other people they'll project a lot false ideas and beliefs about you so it's important to put yourself out there to the world.