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  1. @Leo Gura If someone embodies love fully (as full as is humanly possible), will they become all lovey-dovey? And is becoming conscious of love to be equated to empathy in any way? How does compassion, empathy and etc fit in with (embodying)/(becoming conscious of) love?
  2. Friday 23/08/2019 Awareness is the strangest thing. The moment one is aware of the compulsive behaviour you are doing, the compulsive behaviour is already gone. And then the question which simultaneously arises as awareness silences the brain and you enter the present moment is, who is it that it was aware. None of this makes any sense. There is an ego, there is no ego. There is duality, there is no duality. There is form, there is no form. Suffering exists, suffering doesn't exist. There is flux, there is no flux. What is this strange switcheroo of reality? I've recently felt some of my raw negativity come to the surface after meditating. My brain is just a whirling tornado really. Purification should happen. Theres this sense of strain, that I'm this constant/separate self/ego trying to stay on my feet in a world where I am being battered by the hardships and flux of life. But then all of this strain is an illusion? So there was never a problem to begin with? How strange.
  3. @Leo Gura If all there exists is perception and experience, then in what sense is it meaningful for you to use the concept of "why" and claim that there is a "why" to existence? Supposing reality is love, do you say that there is a "why" as to why reality is love?
  4. @Mezanti yoga, meditation, self inquiry, psychedelics, therapy, exercise, spending time outdoors.
  5. Yeah, the whole with religion thing is too true. Reminds me of the problem of authority really. If we say that authority and hierarchy really do exist in the stage blue sense of things, then who is to teach the teachers? And then who will teach the people who teach the teachers? It goes on indefinitely. I suppose there exists democracies with the idea that there is no ultimate authority, there's just a network which has the input of many different organisms/things.
  6. Wednesday 21/08/2019 I ended up eating a bunch of cookies today with milk, I probably consumed around 800 calories. I decided I would look at myself mindfully during the process, to see why I find tasty food addictive. I can't really figure it out. The sensations of the process aren't actually all that enjoyable, yet I felt an urge to indulge anyway. This applies to all addictive behaviours really. I use them to escape not feeling bad but then I can't even put on my fingers on what is "good" about these sensations. Masturbating feels good but I don't know why. Anxiety feels bad but I don't know why. I'm just trying to see whether there is some intrinsic quality about sensations causing pleasure and sensations causing suffering. Taking the "suffering is a thought" view for now. I can't tell if the only thing to find out is that my "negative thoughts" have their existence correlated with the existence of certain sensations for unknown reasons, or whether there's something deeper than just a correlation between two simultaneous happenings. There's this annoying catch 22 that its almost impossible to observe yourself being unconscious because to observe yourself being unconscious requires that you be conscious and hence not unconscious. It's clear that one of the other only alternatives is to forcefully stop an addiction and my internal system will be so disrupted that a shift in consciousness in perspective will happen. But I can't do that, it's too hard.
  7. @Leo Gura Regardless of whether it is the truth or not, since your response to many things people on this forum say is "You're not conscious enough to realise this" then lots of people including myself are going to have their ego triggered. Because what you're saying is an attack on the person, even though you may be speaking the truth in what you say. For most topics other than spirituality, or in real life, this sort of response isn't typical of what one would find acceptable in normal life since we're always trying to have an exchange of concepts without thinking about things like level of consciousness. And although this response of yours "You're not conscious enough" may be true a lot of the time when you say it is, a situation where you are not open to the feedback of others has been created. I'm not saying you are right or wrong, just that this is how the situation is. This is just an inevitable part of this work is seems, being unable to respond to people in ways they will accept.
  8. @Aeris I think it's easy to see that whatever the case, ruminating about whether other people disagree or agree with you is pointless. Should you argue with people? Depends on what you want. Like @Mason Riggle said , you can point the way but that's about it. What's important is the reason why you don't argue. Will it accomplish nothing? Are you afraid? At times I avoid arguing personally because I might find it frustrating and messes with my own emotional state. This is an expression of my own fear. But even if it is an expression of my own fear of negative emotions, arguing is still often a waste of time.
  9. Jiddu is a sage. His life story is quite rough as well. He's quite a funny/interesting guy with his approach. His teaching is something people would probably call "masculine".
  10. Yeah it is. It's been updated twice in the time I've had it.
  11. Before donating money for nothing, buy his booklist.
  12. Here's a good meme for you on these epic modern day intellectuals on the right hand side.
  13. I'm just thinking, which psychologists or what books have the best writings for deep psychology. Is Carl Jung the answer? I was recently thinking about shadow work, and I know of the book Shadow Dance. It recently came to my attention how strange/weird it is that I have this deep-rooted shame/guilt that I don't know very well. I have some things in the recesses of my mind which are hidden away. I don't know how to look my past in the eye without feeling as though I'm a puppet to unconscious forces.