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  1. He talks in a very clear, humble and straightforward manner.
  2. @theking00 yeah there's too much talk about what enlightenment is in terms of concepts. The idea that "you are God" is extremely easy to be misinterpreted. Many people criticise Leo for it, but honestly it's what Hindus have been saying forever. And here's the thing which I think is important. These ideas that Non-dual teachers give you aren't to be believed, but the human mind cannot do anything but believe them. I think the best thing to do is just throw away as many ideas as you can about god/reality. Do not make any images of God, that's the best thing I've heard from religion. Although you have to take it to an even greater extreme than religious people do. Honestly, I feel like the best approach I've had with success in meditation is to try and forget about everything I've read/learned about non-duality, forget about all my past memories and experiences with non-duality. So forget the word god, forget the word nothing. These concepts about enlightenment are like a ladder which should quickly be disposed of. The concepts can maybe serve the role of introducing u to the idea of very deep, metaphysical deep work. But once you know what sort of practices to do, get rid of the concepts. The thing is, with some of the things Leo says I have zero experience so I have to be careful that I don't believe him. The point of life? To me it all sounds like mental masturbation. For me personally, hearing all these things will just cloud my mind with concepts. If you're still interested in enlightenment/consciousness, listen to different teachers. Right now I'm a big fan of reading Peter Ralston. In my view, the best thing to do is to forget yourself in order to know yourself. Empty the cup as much as you can with direct observation of yourself.
  3. I hope this post is ironic lol.
  4. @Leo Gura good shit brother
  5. Often we might have an enlightenment experience or two, but it's temporary and we wish we could make it last forever. I love this video so much, because before I found it after having done much contemplating and thinking and meditating on the issue of time in general. Asking "what is now?", wondering whether reality is continuous or discontinuous. --------------------------------------------------- I feel the urge to type out the tangent in my thinking. Time is also a weird conceptual paradox. It's strange how any sort of flux, perception or continuity exists. In My explanation I will pressupose the existence of past and future, but this is only so I can highlight the distinction between what a 0th dimensional object looks like vs 1st/second Dimensional object. This is because I want to focus in on the idea of the present moment being a "point" and why it's paradoxical. You can discard the presuppositions after the intuition I'm trying to explain has been communicated. Let's suppose that an interval of time were to be represented as a line we can draw on paper. As you move from left to right, you move from past to present. By very definition, any sort of line is composed of an infinite number of points. A line has size. Points on the other hand are sizeless; they represent location with 0 size. They are considered 0th Dimensional objects because of that. ALL that we have IS the present moment, since the present moment by definition represents what IS. I really want to emphasise this last sentence. Referring back to the graph we drew of time above. Let the variable called "time" be allowed to be assigned a single number. A number is chosen, and it corresponds to the present. The assigned number corresponds to a single point on the line, with the point being the present moment. Because points are sizeless, there is not any sort of leeway for motion, change, flux or perception. Since we are always in the present moment, we are ALWAYS at a point. But if we were at a point, it should feel frozen, static and not dynamic. In the absence of an interval of time, nothing can change or move. Points have a single identity (like they have a single location, with the single location being given by a fixed set of numbers) and do not stray from that fixed identity, hence no leeway for change. Yet, we are under the feeling that life is in flux. The feeling that perception exists. What's going on, I have no idea. This reminds me of calculus. A conceptual tool to say that a single point has an "instantaneous rate of change". And this isn't just mental masturbation, it relates to your direct experience. Ask yourself, what is now? When is now? And you'll find yourself running into these same contradictions, not knowing or knowing whether flux, time or change exists. @Leo Gura thoughts? Is flux an illusion?
  6. @Joseph Maynor life purpose is the shit my dude. @Hellspeed I can't say I can exactly "verify" whether what you're saying is physically true but I suppose that doesn't really matter or change anything for what I should go overall. Namaste. @Shadowraix yeah purification feels like a weird place to be. Ive been doing strong determination sitting recently and on some level it feels like "forcing it" but on some truer level I know it's the thing for me to be doing since it's about me exploring and seeing what's true about my experience. @winterknight yeah, who is the one asking the question eh. @Serotoninluv ikr.
  7. @Truth Addict Leo's deluded, the sky is blue, objects fall under gravity and the birds sing. Beautiful isn't it.
  8. Thanks for all the replies I can get with this. Yeah, it really is about just doing it as much as possible. And when a high state is reached, one just has the urge to be silent. Good advice. The Kriya Yoga book I was reading talked about there being chakra stuck in the lower parts of your body and its a goal to bring that chakra all the way from the bottom to every part to the top. Why do you specifically refer to the first 5 chakras and not the other 2?(I assume its the 2 on the head you're leaving out) Yeah the trap does get bypassed, even if it only is temporarily and partially. It is inexplicable why/how, it just does. Hell, in the domain of the absolute there wasn't even a past moment when you were in illusion. Since it only is now.
  9. High consciousness, is supposed to effortless in some sense, its supposed to just be about "being". It's about stopping the activity of obsessive/neurotic thoughts. But how can one actually just "be"? Any sort of meditation effort/practice is accompanied by a sense of exertion, a sense forcing. Yet meditation is supposed to be about not forcing. So it feels as though, no matter which way I look, no matter what I do, I can't go or get anywhere. It's a double bind with no logical escape, a paradox. No matter which way I turn, no matter what I do, I've conceptualised/created a trap.
  10. Your communalism and positivity I burning my ego. I can't get rid of this @@Joseph Maynor
  11. I like how one little question from Joe and one little response from Leo were enough to set off something, I clearly seem to be missing context on the conversation since I'm confused why Leo and Joe said what they did in the very first few posts. Back to the threads actual question, this is obviously question more so in the domain of the relative. What I wonder, is what's the difference between "projecting" vs reading a situation/person and making links. Honestly, it's like they're both ONE *cough cough* activity.
  12. @Hardkill I mean it depends on what the leader's role is, what their responsibility to their group is and what their social position represents. The leader of an aggressive group of teenagers who are disobedient? A strong masculine fist is the only thing to keep that in line. For basically any other role I don't think it matters, since not all leaders need to scare the shit out of their followers and threaten them with violence.
  13. gg Oh shit I shouldn't have replied to this thread so soon, now people won't see Leo is the last reply and get excited.
  14. @Harikrishnan Yeah, not to be arrogant but I'd describe my teenage self as someone who was intelligent blue for a period of time so I can feel I can spot it. Quite a few of my family members and other muslims I know are very well educated and etc but still very much religious and stuck in their ways. I've been around and talked to a lot of muslims. By the time I was 13 I was questioning Islam, the only way I kept myself into it for a bit was to research supposed miracles of the Quran, listen to lots of muslim arguments and videos, try to form a logical mathematical proof of sorts in my mind saying "There is 100% proof Islam is the truth". I'm probably Orange now. I know it's my lack of imagination which makes me say this, but I just find it so surprising when I see these clever fully matured adults who don't see the farce of fundamentalist religion since I snapped out the illusion as a teenager. And the funniest irony of all, is that I know this person who liked to bring up this quote from the Quran as part of a discussion about the ignorance of the world in general spiritually and politically. The thing is, that guy is repeating the same exact mistake of those he criticises. 99% of muslims are fundamentalist. I'm not talking about the wikipedia definition of "Islamic fundamentalism", I mean this definition "a person who believes in the strict, literal interpretation of scripture in a religion.". Everything in the Quran is to be interpreted as the infallible words of god himself, only thing to be debated is a few contextual issues but that's about it. This guy is no different. With that sort of blockage in your thought process, your growth will forever be capped. There's a very large youtube community of muslims in general. You only have to watch 1 or 2 videos of these videos by popular channels to know what sort of community it is. Nah this is my first post, if you're referring to me lol.
  15. Not yellow at all. He's intelligent blue, with maybe some orange. I just watched another one of his videos. I've talked to intelligent blue people before.