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  1. You basically don't watch the video. Then you say "there is nothing damning in that video" - even like everything on it is as you see on what other people have posted in this thread. If I will say "yes, there is", then it would look like a subjective statement and thus like I am biased. I guess this happens subconciously on your side. Because, it is easy to write anything which reinforces ones opinion, without substantiating it with arguments or facts. This is manipulative behaviour without a doubt.
  2. Moreover, you say "he is fighting a fucking war", but afterwards you state "he is not supposed to be running around shooting Russians with a rifle." In addition "hero" is a social construct meant for the purpose of admiring personalities, which leads to cognitive biases. This stereotype was conciously made by ancient rulers. Basically, what Zelenksy did was provoking WW3 and let himself be portrayed as a hero. Of course, there are also other factors involved. However, he is far apart from that. I don't say, that Putin is good or better. Nor do I say it about the opposite party or anybody. It just isn't that simple. It is just sad to see, that people nowadays don't have a good enough understanding to express opinions and they do it anyways. This is dangerous.
  3. I don't meant the soldiers, but rather global decision making. And in this report, he doesn't look like a hero. Rather like an irresponsible clown. You haven't watched the episode, this video basically debunks how he started a war and how it ended up in the Ukranian one.
  4. If almost all media portray a person in a certain direction, then I would start to think critically. This guy knows how to stage himself. Just like any top politician. It's not up to a person or their leadership ability how a war turns out. Several people are involved. Zelensky doesn't have total decision-making control, etc. . People nowadays are quite naive and believe in romantic sounding fairy tales.
  5. @Leo GuraMass media portrays him as a hero. In reality, it is not as you can see on this report. And the Russian war is not as easy to understand, as you think it is. It is not about Ukraine vs. Russia. It is about the interest of the financial/technological complex.
  6. There was an altcoin named "Elon Musk Buys Twitter" - it went up over 2000% yesterday.
  7. Ha! You don't know! Like all people if they feel discord - they pull something out of their nose without being able to justify it. Not very intelligent.
  8. can you elaborate on that?
  9. It is so interesting to see, how the whole world gets manipulated by mass-media https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/ukraine/the-real-zelensky-from-outside-the-usa/
  10. You can't judge the level of "development" using simple arguments in a conversation. Moreover, developmental models are bs and work only in a very limited way. If at all.
  11. I am no native speaker. And not every Metaphor is cryptic, but perception depends on intelligence. Btw. Most Private burger stores have better quality than mc Donalds but don't taste that good.
  12. Yes but the way leo acts does tell more about himself and the story. Its no more about burgers, it is about beef.
  13. And either me or you sounds sd Stage red. And false or true Teachings sounds like sd Stage blue. What countries Flag does this remind you of
  14. I meant the Part with the cult. Like there is no reason to be Scared as there can't be redirected so much traffic that it becomes dangerous. It is obviously an ego problem of Leo.