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  1. Not true
  2. Yes, but "average" depends on both distributions and cannot be isolated in that specific case. In special localities your statement applies. But not globally or absolutely in this domain considering the visualized data.
  3. Peter Ralston (from the booklist ) wrote some interesting things in "The Book of Not Knowing" about pain..
  4. Yes, of course. This is not what I am saying. Even if you take into account all the data, the correlation between the metrics is still nonlinear in the same way. And the green area is a massive one, which takes most of the weighting anyways. The way you explain it is like you are talking about a concentric-circular map. Then your statement would apply. However, obviously this is not the case.
  5. look at the graph and on the axis which do represent each score.
  6. Nope, if you have 1.25 primary psychopathy and 0 secondary psychopathy you would be above average. If you had 1.25 primary and 1.25 secondary psychopathy you would be in the average domain. These metrics are obviously only another way to describe the percentage values. You seem to be closed minded, open yourself. I bet you can do it
  7. Average means in the average data area. If you have 5/5 it would be closer to average as 1/5 as you obviously see on the graph. The percentage does not say much because it is about the correlation of both metrices in this case which is not hard to see for everybody.
  8. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7296064/ "...Overall, results indicate that the LSRP is a valid instrument for measuring psychopathy in Bulgarian community samples..." https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/00223891.2018.1519830 "...Results speaking to the construct validity of the LSRP total and scale scores were mostly in accordance with conceptual expectations. First, the LSRP total score had the strongest correlation with the SRP total and scale scores, with a relatively weaker association with the Antisocial factor, consistent with the absence of items capturing antisocial behavior in the LSRP. The correlates of the LSRP total score seem to indicate that the LSRP conceptualizes psychopathy as fundamentally linked to antagonistic tendencies and self-centeredness (e.g., antisocial behavior, attitudes toward infidelity, moral disengagement)..."
  9. If I see people get screwed over, I don't care unless it is me.. And if people get abused then I think to myself that people should not get on my nerves with their problems or arguments. I see things mainly pragmatic, also spiritual wise. And I don't think I have HFA, as I don't show any of the symptoms.. But I think I can feel empathy, but sometimes it feels like a trained fake-version. And I can remember situations where I felt guilty and so on.. However, I think it doesn't matter if I would be a psychopath, as you couldn't do much about it anyways and I don't suffer from it.
  10. I honestly answered the questions Do I have to worry now?
  11. Like I did something bad and now you feel like a teacher who has the responsibility to serve for law and order. I didn't do anything bad and you are not allowed to tell me anything. I already explained it and apologized even if I don't have to in general for anything I do. Feeling moral superior or spiritual snobbismus is not only a big issue here but in spirituality in general..
  12. You seem to be ignorant. I can put myself in her shoes. If someone is vulnerable I understand it. However, the person is still responsible for her actions and how it can affect others. I also don’t want to have my boundaries crossed. So I also communicate it. Like you act like you know something about me and this gives you the right to judge. And you don’t care about how I feel. This is rightiousness.
  13. You can do the same with me. You are biased towards one perspective. You now tell me what I should do and cross my boundaries. I did not ask for it. Now you do the same.
  14. Yes. I wasnt unrespectful at all. It is respectless to accuse me for this. As I don't know her I also cannot k ow how she reacts. Especially with a false context in mind. I would be glad if people understand each other instead of being blaming. You can cross peoes boundaries also with telling others how they should behave. This is not universal.
  15. Sorry I somehow skipped what you have written and hence understood it wrong. With a false context in mind I wanted to help. And everybody can express thoughts, so you don’t have to tell me anything either. It is up to you what you make out of what people say. However, I respect everybodies boundaries.