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  1. Big Five has a higher validity. MBTI is just more established, especially in business.
  2. We may should regulate hedge-fonds and investment companies, as well as governments to not misuse AI. It was already misused e.g. in the case of Cambridge Analytica. Of course it is marketing that AI will somehow enslave us. Elon Musk is not a genius, but one of the best sales persons in the world. And Stephen Hawking etc. also need marketing. Scientist often make broad predictions and claims to gain attention.
  3. We are not even close to general AI. Maybe it won't be achieved at all, because this would require a complete new approach to machine learning/AI. It is more probable than unprobable that nobody of us will experience it.
  4. I think you won't be able to make money with mediocre to ok art in the future. But if you have the 'that special something', which distinguishes you from 'artificial art', which is mostly corny, then you can survive. True art will always be recognized. AI is reproducing art..
  5. AI is not really intelligent. It is crystal intelligence and little/no fluid intelligence. And it won't be in the future with current methods, which are basically the same as 30 years ago, just with some modifications. Basically, it is dynamic programming. Meaning, information from data is saved in datastructures, which is later reproduced. So no real intelligence or creativity takes into place.
  6. I have access to DALL-E 2 and I can assure you it isn't really creative and humans still can produce better images and will be that way. Moreover, you would need a robot if it is about drawing oil-paintings e.g. or watercolor etc. There are certain features on the way e.g. a hand had moved on the paper with which you can identify a good painter, which is hard to imitate to impossible even if a robot could draw paintings with a brush.
  7. Such a system is perhaps good to get the last 5 percent out. The 95% that make up the most need almost no tracking. Besides, classic physical notebooks like Bullet Journal are much more effective. Might have some value but 1500$ for the course is definitely overpriced - as is usually the case with coaching products.
  8. That is exactly rhe point, you have to be attuned to catch thoughts, which as you say are subtle. This increases your concioussness on that on which duality is caused by, thoughts. And it is useful because you don’t have to use your mind to count. So no thoughts fall on counting. It is not just the counting, the click sound plays the major role on this method.
  9. Yes, you can do it also on emotional reactions and or thoughts while taking a walk or count distractions etc. It is extremely effective.
  10. I have used the counter to track all my thoughts and reactions when I am on my way to the gym. By clicking, one is moderated or conditioned to be more attentive. And it's easier to condition yourself to let go. In addition, you know how many thoughts you have in, say, a 5 minute meditation and can get a better awareness of the monkey mind. You can also make a meditation out of taking the counter for 5 minutes and just clicking once on each thought. https://amzn.to/3naLsPa
  11. It hasn’t yet and can like any random model as well.