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  1. A person who says this would then be too wise to know if it would be wise too think to be too wise to know everything. But also too wise to know that it would be foolish to think to be too wise to know everything. I personally want to avoid thinking binary and I don't really care about being wise
  2. I only realize if I was wrong at a point. Matter of perspective If I was a fool, I would feel great about it, because I feel great.
  3. Exactly. To execute that and be successful would be a smart move. Because then you have to consider more details and come up with strategies that require real brain power. If a model or system has a part that doesn't fit, it's useless and just talk.
  4. It's all quite nice what he does and he certainly contributes something to humanity. Certainly better than opening a fast food restaurant chain. A lot of people are probably smart, that doesn't mean much. When judging people, I want to stay neutral anyway, because personally that always seems presumptuous to me. Whether "positive" or "negative." The way he argues and thinks does not look extraordinary to me. Sometimes simple facts are unnecessarily inflated so that they sound smarter than they actually are. These are all nice concepts, but is it smart to talk a lot and not really get anything done? I mean significantly, so that's what this is apparently supposed to look like. So how are you supposed to know it's going to work at all? Some of the arguments struck me as poorly reasoned and contradictory.
  5. You can only tell if someone is smart by what emotional/feeling state that person is in at any given moment. Not by how or what someone talks about. You cannot see whether someone is intelligent by the state that person is in, nor by how or what someone talks about.
  6. #wageslavery I think there is no difference what you want to study. If one follows the standard path results will be standard and one will work with average people. At least in Germany high school degrees are thrown after. It's very easy to get an A and be accepted to a medical University. Unless you are at top 1-3 universities world wide. That's why it is even more necessary to think out of the box. The dumbest thing I ever did is getting a university master's degree. The work is not that attractive as it looks like. Because of the mindset of people working there, the culture etc. . It's not recommended for people with bigger dreams than just a family, dog, house and an annoying neighbour.
  7. I think its a stream you can download using the chrome console and vlc player or other tools. Just take a look into the network tab of the chrome console.
  8. I believe your intentions are good and appreciate it. However, were you present in WWII? I don't think just taking psychedelics in a controlled environment makes someone tough. There weren't just some standards met, that's why it was boring. It is the same as you would say "fuck every random girl out there so you have something to fuck. Because in the stone age, girls had also bad breath and deformed heads." If something is not well written, there can also be better materials so one has not to unnecessary struggle with it.
  9. What's the purpose of responding that way? Why is this mature and does this really come from a place of love or humility? It's strange how you treat the audience which helps you make a living. In addition, you want the forum to be more qualitative, but others have to pay the price for it. Like we are your employees.
  10. I would forget her, because it doesn't matter. Females often overreact, because they actually interpret more into interactions than there actually is. Key is to learn to be more sensitive of how things could be interpreted.
  11. Nobody is adult. I worked with narcissists and people who had relationship problems with them. The reason why people spend much time on understanding socially toxic pathologies or disorders like narcism or sociopathy is less of pure intellectual reasons but more because they try to protect themselves. From themselves. Actually, they can't handle the relationship emotionally, because they think the behaviour of a socially non-coherent person has something to do with themselves. The truth is this is just an emotional pattern they are not familiar with. An ego is a conceptualization, as well as an 'super ego' or other connotation. In reality, an ego is an ego. Like most people have unconcioussly. The interesting thing on this whole discussion is: People who blame narcist for being the problem obviously project their emotions on the narcists while narcisists do the same thing. Now who is right? Who is better? Nobody. Everybody is responsible for their emotions and decisions. Giving someone the responsibility of the problem other then oneself does not solve anything. By the way: Teal Swan was analyzed by many pathologists and the majority of them says that she is probably narcisistic. Example And that's ok. I like her teachings as well.
  12. At this IQ level the score gets very uncertain.
  13. I felt the same way. But this is a long time ago. Try to sit and don't move for 4-6 hours. Every day or second day. Don't increase from 10 minutes to 1h etc.. Directly don't move for this time. Only a strict hardcore move does really help. Remember how important this is but don't stress yourself. Only eye blinking is allowed. Don't do it while lying. It's okay to sink in the chair. You don't have to be perfectly upright. Sit in the minimum amount of energy posture and just don't move. Try to slowly decrease temperature while showering till its really cold. Or do it right away. Try to increase the amount of household you are doing. This is if you are really powerless. Related to the other stuff there is no solution. Accept it, feel it, experience it. Try to grasp what it is. This only gets better and then just slowly if you dedicated like feel into this. In a way that doesn't feel uncomfortable. And let go. It doesn't matter if it doesn't work just repeat it over and over again. If you don't do it or anything else you are 'lost' because nobody can do it for you or really help you. Nobody. Do you want this? No? Then you don't have to stress yourself.