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  1. Have you given up on me?
  2. Depression is a mystical state. All states are mystical.
  3. Can you please explain more about what you mean by dropping the saint? I feel like you're from house Slytherin so obviously I have this problem.
  4. @Arhattobe Is it? Or is that the grace of God? Our demand for perfection is a defilement itself.
  5. That's why we still need Jesus. I had a natural awakening at the start of April, I was sleeping generally about two hours or two two hour stretches. At the time I had no way of knowing if or when it would stop, it went on for well over a week and calmed down slowly. In a way it was terrifying because it was beyond my control but now I see the wisdom for living my life now is completely letting go of the experience. I still haven't fully let go, not at all. If I had a magic button to push, I would turn it on again. It makes me think that psychedelics have some powerful advantages and also some powerful drawbacks.
  6. We can't go either way because of the nature of nonduality. The two traditions have to be reconciled.
  7. Hey Shin, Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? NOTHING we say EVER passes those requirements. Are we really supposed to shut up all the time? Or is Leo right, this is a mastrabatorium? I'm going down with the ship. Hopefully it's not actually sinking, because, that hasn't be confirmed yet.
  8. Are we trying to break out of jail for our own selves? Or are we trying to break down the walls for everyone here?
  9. I know, right? But hey, FREE PSYCHEDELICS. I had an awakening a couple days after Leo called me a smartass so maybe Joseph is right.
  10. @tecladocasio He's definitely Dad. Just wait until your Father gets home.
  11. @Joseph Maynor Pretty much. It's funny how I started out my spiritual journey as a fundamentalist Christian and now I'm here discussing God's mastrabatorium.
  12. @Natasha There's one quote from one of his early videos that stuck in my head, it was something about masculinity and wanting to fuck the world. I guess he found through his journey starting with pick up that his desire to fuck the world was really a desire for enlightenment all along. But the metaphors stuck.
  13. I'm enlightened, admittedly it's a low level of enlightenment but it happened on its own without the use of psychedelics. It really felt like I wasn't in control of it and didn't do it. I felt like I was on drugs for days, and I said things I would never normally say. I barely slept or ate while it was happening. The most important thing is to go about life, have an open mind, honestly love life and other people and be interested in growing and purifying that love. If that is your guiding star you will awaken. You can truly experience enlightenment now. There is a state of samadhi you reach when you awaken and it changes you and the world forever. But in the end, it's just a perspective and a story and those things are made for letting go of. And then, it's back to work we go.