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  1. @Gesundheit Contemplating the symbolism of the virgin birth is another way of asking "How can something come from nothing?" Which is a very big question with... no? answer?
  2. @Gesundheit I'm too dumb for theories. Can't grasp them.
  3. Yep. @AwakenedSoul444 You need to get into a hobby or start volunteering somewhere you can meet people naturally. Plenty of girls love Aspie guys, but usually only after they get to know them and understand where they are coming from. Their fight or flight response is much more likely to get triggered in approach. After you get really good at interacting in more casual situations without any objective you can go back to trying to approach girls in public if you want.
  4. It's a symbolic pointer. Symbolism is inseparable from reality, making the dualities between meaning and meaningless and real and unreal dissolve.
  5. Feeling!!! What you want is to tap into the wells of feeling and intellect/wisdom so deep they merge and you see they flow from the same source. There's no conflict between the two.
  6. Once you see that you're a chimp and don't resist it (and I don't mean just falsely convincing yourself that you're not resisting it), don't other more powerful desires for real connection outside of survival arise? I completely understand you're reasoning, I see a lot of people in the spiritual community as chimps in pope hats, and I think that in a way that's all any of us will ever become anyway. But it just makes me a bit sad that you seem so cynical about it, as if no one has any chance to transcend it. To me if the desire for something bigger (God, humanity, whatever you want to call it, or whatever it is for you) is clear enough, real enough and strong enough then transcendence is effortless. It's like a creative project that consumes you so entirely that you don't eat or sleep or think about sex. I think chimpery happens when people aren't really sure of what they really want, so all these other desires have power over them.
  7. No. But I do believe that some people are wise enough to value some things more heavily that other more shallow, surface level things. Maybe that's naive, and of course it isn't true 100% of the time but that's the world I like to pretend we live in. The reason I loved this video SO much is because it suggests that you have the power to transcend those chimp drives to fit in, and choose for yourself. Did someone else post this and say the same thing? Sorry to be repetitive if so.
  8. And you know this by experience? Of course what people say and what they actually think are entirely different things.
  9. Does the level of the teaching matter? No. Words have meaning, until words don't have meaning, until words have meaning. What really matters is that someone resonates and enjoys it, that they love it. Entertainment includes some of the most powerful spiritual teachings within it, however the problem is that it's unconscious. By unconscious I mean, the mind doesn't recognize the value of it so it can't seek it and only applies it in limited ways. However it's innocent, doesn't try to own or conceptualize it and inspiration unowned is a powerful force. Even the things we say ourselves have meanings deeper than we know. I said in a video I recorded yesterday that I never thought that my awakening and the bliss/clarity would end. I didn't think. It's not that I was naive. It's that it was recognized that wasn't an actual possibility. But it happened anyway.
  10. @Evil RaccoonAww.. I love you too. But how you know I'm not actually a dude pretending to be a lady? Hmm.... All online advice needs to be taken with a grain of salt in my opinion.
  11. Maybe women don't actually like assholes but men think that all other men who aren't them that get women are assholes. Trying too hard at anything is the problem. Even if you're good at hiding it it colors your perception so much you miss the real opportunities that are there.
  12. People are sick of politics and pretension. They mistrust what they can't begin to understand. Being a politician requires status, education and money and these things are usually deeply mistrusted by people who don't have those things. Trump is the only option other than that, even though he has money and status he knows how to present himself as the alternative to what has long been hated about politicians. The way he speaks gives people the feeling that they can relate and understand him. People often mistakenly assume that the alternative to what they feel is untrustworthy = trustworthy. It's such an ironic thing that the inequality, especially education inequality in our country makes conditions ripe to elect a President with strong policies that worsen inequality.
  13. I'm dealing with a lot of frustration and disillusionment about the spiritual community as a while. Whole. I meant to type whole. Which I know is an imaginary mental construct. If you are the dealer, I'm out of the game If you are the healer, it means I'm broken and lame If thine is the glory then mine must be the shame You want it darker We kill the flame Am I naive? "The root naïve is a French adjective meaning “natural, just born.” There are two seemingly waring against each other sides within spirituality. Success verses shunning/transcending it. There's incredible joy, love and transcendence to be found on both sides of the spectrum. There's no tipping point, no point of reference. There's no enlightenment. This is a party of big egos, people with egos so big their real work is to deal with them. Or maybe that's just me. Seems to me that spiritual teachers are the biggest devils at the party. Or maybe that's just me. Luke 12:49-53 I am come to send fire on the earth; and what will I, if it be already kindled?