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  1. Oh. my. god. So much. How could you have the power to mesmerize and heal others but not yourself? Is there self/others? No. Awake people stick out like sore thumbs, not always in the best of ways. Are there awake people? Do things stick out/ exist on their own, or is what is meant by that Awareness of, attraction of, focus of? I notice it. Rapunzel. As soon as I went back to the cemetery the second time and found the grave I was looking for, everything seemed to flow, I started communicating with (appreciating) the place. I found a geocache accidently in the huge tree I was called towards immediately, and then the Rapunzel painted rock. It was almost as if I had been searching so long and suddenly, all of a sudden finding, finding, finding. Then MORE finding, finding, finding the rest of the day. There is ONLY finding, finding, finding. There is no search/find. Ask and it is given. Nothing is lost. Adopted by the evil stepmom, the princess is locked up because she is taken from her real birthright, she thinks herself to be a separate self. I do feel locked up. "FOMO creates FOMO. You're only missing out when you think of the possibility you COULD miss out, exactly because, you can't.
  2. 👏 Awesome! Laundry detergent is a big one in my opinion. I use the powdered Charlie's soap. Works great. The only thing with natural soaps is I find I have to use bleach to clean drains and the washer properly because they leave residues. It's worth the trouble though. I don't like Dr. Bronners only because I find it really coats and clogs drains after a while or lets stuff grow in there. Maybe it has to do with the chemistry of the water or something though. I do better with a shea butter bar soap. Toms of Maine toothpaste is a favorite, really easy to find too.
  3. @Preety_India Thank you!
  4. I read this on Marie Kondo's page. "With three young kids and busy schedules, eating as a family can be challenging – but it’s always rewarding. Before eating, we set an intention to enjoy the meal and express gratitude for the person who prepared it – and for the food itself." I guess that "FOR THE LAST TIME, come to the table and eat your mac n cheese you ungrateful little..." isn't quite the desired way to go about things. I always thought the solution to what I wanted was to work harder, or be more focused to force the external situation into place. Now I realize, it's completely an inner state that allows things to line up.
  5. It's what. I think. Bites tongue. Deep breaths.
  6. Find the feeling place of great and amazing rather than needing the results to feel like you're not flawed. The inspiration drives the project without need of motivation. Stop crapping all over what is essentially your own intuition that you don't want to settle for motivation. It doesn't work anyway. In-spiral-ation drives itself. Vortex of creation style.
  7. Except there are no other mothers.
  8. You're exactly where you should be then. "We dance round in a ring and suppose, But the Secret sits in the middle and knows." -Robert Frost Maybe it's not that you need to actually get anywhere but drop the sense that you're stuck, that you don't get it or have to get it.
  9. He doesn't mean him-self, he is speaking of Self. You are not the self you are the Awareness prior to it. What is beyond life and death is Life. Exactly what I said above, unless you realize that the Self he was spoken of was the body identity, or separate self, you will miss what he is pointing to. Could also be interpreted like the "if you see buddha in the road kill him" thing. Same thing the pointer "you are God" points to. Only the possible misunderstanding or connotations of the pointer itself are more of a humble nature than an arrogant nature. 🤫 In general who are You?
  10. FOMO creates FOMO. You're only missing out when you think of the possibility you COULD miss out, exactly because, you can't. You're conscious of saying that conscious-ness is too scary for you. Hmmm? Maybe there's no ness. Maybe there's no reason to fear swimming in Lake conscious Ness because someone decided that Nessie was a good story to tell in order to sell some tourists some stuff. You created "locked" Ness. You are Nessie. Mystery solved. Been there, bought the t-shirt. Didn't fit me at all cause it turns out I'm a fucking sea monster scared of swimming in my own damn lake cause someone told me there's a sea monster in it. Prerequisite, no. Prior to. What you are is already prior to it. Did you effort to create your body? Or did you arrive spontaneously? You're already creation, creating. Life is already quality, holy shit it has qualities, oh holy shit, hot or cold, light or dark, big or little, color, all the elements of creation, how is such magic possible? 😵 quality (n.) c. 1300, qualite, "temperament, character, disposition," from Old French calite, qualite "quality, nature, characteristic" (12c., Modern French qualité), from Latin qualitatem (nominative qualitas) "a quality, property; nature, state, condition" (said [Tucker, etc.] to have been coined by Cicero to translate Greek poiotēs), from qualis "what kind of a" (from PIE root *kwo-, stem of relative and interrogative pronouns). In early use, and for long thereafter, with awareness of the word's use in Aristotelian philosophy. From late 14c. as "an inherent attribute," also "degree of goodness or excellence." Meaning "social rank, position" is c. 1400, hence "nobility, gentry." From 1580s as "a distinguished and characteristic excellence." Just a heads up, lots of our words have been bastardized with connotations based on separate selfery, (AKA fuckery, but not the fun kind). Go back prior to the bastardization of the meaning. Phew. Such a relief!!! Go back further and...
  11. Heh, well "God" can't die and can't ever grow up either. You could say "God" like planet earth and is dancing around in a ring forever and ever and ever. Sounds like child's games to me. No one really grows up until they realize no one really grows up.
  12. Uhmmmm... didn't you study Law of Attraction?
  13. The habit of belief in outside influences (toxins) having a negative effect upon the self that believes itself to be confined to the body might be more likely to be the "problem" than the fluoride itself. Of course try out the natural toothpaste and see how you feel.
  14. I've been thinking about homosexuality lately. Specifically the cliche magic of male homosexual, female heterosexual friendship because of the complete lack of distrust and tensions there. It's like it satisfies a polarity without the tension that says a polarity needs to be satisfied. However, minus the separate self, all friendships have this same potential or better. And also more importantly, the aspect of having pride for your partner and not ashamed because other people don't get your relationship. I think this applies to us all. I especially have tried to evaluate my relationship as if I'm an outsider looking in. What the hell? Essentially if we accept that other's don't accept, we take it to mean that there's something wrong with us. Finding myself thoroughly enjoying people for who they are more and more and it is strangely healing. complacent (adj.) 1650s, "pleasing," from Latin complacentem (nominative complacens) "very pleasing," present participle of complacere "be very pleasing" (see complacence). Meaning "pleased with oneself, self-satisfied" is from 1767. Sense of "civil, kindly, disposed to give pleasure" is from 1790. Related: Complacently. Oh dear Lord.