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  1. From the course: Pretty clear no. I mean, you could refer them to all of the various books and other content that the course makes reference to, and they could spend hundreds or thousands of hours trying to distill it themselves. Or they can just pay for the course. If you just give them little snippets from the course here and there, it's also not going to have the same effect as going through the entire process. It's put together in a specific order from years of Leo's coaching and own experience. If you give them just the worksheets without the dozens of hours of video that precedes them, they also won't get the same benefit. Trust me that people don't value free things, and if you give the LP course to someone for free they probably wouldn't take it seriously and do the exercises anyway.
  2. BDSM can result in altered states of consciousness, but I don't think there is anything inherently spiritual about altered states. I've spent some time in the BDSM community in the past and had some partners who were heavily involved with it. After my experiences with it, my overall perspective is that it isn't necessarily something healthy. Being largely tied to sex I consider it an innately low-consciousness activity. The people who make BDSM their entire personality and all of their friends are in the BDSM community in particular come off a bit odd. I've never met a woman through the BDSM community that didn't have childhood trauma, especially of a sexual nature. I've read multiple scientific studies saying that people who experienced childhood trauma make up a larger percentage of these communities than the general population. In a way I see acting out BDSM stuff as a kind of self-therapy to deal with things that have happened to them in the past. So overall I don't consider it spiritual, I pretty much consider it un-spiritual and completely carnal, maybe even Satanic. No judgement though, just my personal firsthand experiences and opinions.
  3. I'm in NA and had a long-distance gf in EU I met online. Ultimately I moved over there for a couple years, then we both moved back to NA and got engaged, then broke up. I've never done the opposite direction where you have a local relationship and then it becomes long-distance, to me that seems harder since often being in physical proximity is a bit of a crutch for relationships. I don't know the statistics, but my gut says that the majority of long-term relationships even when people go off to university in the same country mostly don't last. Personally if I could go back in time and tell it to myself, the ability to travel and work in another country was pretty cool and gave me more perspective on the world. But ultimately it wasn't worth it in terms of the relationship. Most people I feel like only do long-distance relationships out of a feeling of scarcity. You don't feel like you deserve or could get someone equal or better. Be really honest with yourself and ask if she's truly your soulmate and the perfect person for you, or if you're just scared you wouldn't be able to find someone else. In terms of logistics -- do you know Russian or do you think you could learn it fluently enough to live and work there? Are you able to get a visa to work there? Could she as a student financially support both of you until you're able to find a job once you move?
  4. I can't think of a time that someone in-person has asked me a question even remotely this deep in many years, so I don't know. Probably ramble about panentheism until their eyes glaze over. Dang, I can't remember any conversation in the past several years where people weren't just making small talk, talking about the latest Marvel movie or show on some streaming service, or something equally inane. That's a bit depressing.
  5. Look at what farmers do to fatten up animals Lots of grains, sugar, very calorie-dense things like oils or nuts.
  6. Bartending 100% Every woman in the club buying their own drinks has to talk to you, and it's an environment where it's acceptable to be a bit more flirty than what you'd normally get away with. You can just throw out hooks and if a girl bites, great. If not, she'll just brush it off as a joke and walk away, no big deal. But you get hundreds of chances per night. Women strike out too, and when it's last call and she has no other guy to go home with, an attractive bartender seems like a viable option. Alternatively, maybe being a musician and having groupies if you already have musical talent. I wouldn't devote years to it if you can't already play an instrument though.
  7. Israel is allowed to be nationalist and desire a homeland for only Jewish people, and most of the developed world supports them. I can see how that would seem pretty unfair if your ancestors historically lived in what is now Israel and you get labelled a terrorist. Remember that even the most violent and extreme group is doing what they're doing out of love. For their race, their family, their culture, their religion, or whatever. They might be misguided about how they're going about it and I don't condone violence or revolution. But I can sympathize that at some point it feels like your back is up a wall and you've got no other option. Individuals can be sociopaths but being evil purely for evil's sake, or wanting to inflict pointless violence and suffering almost never happens at a societal level. There is some driving force or philosophy and they almost always see themselves as the righteous good guys. If you label a group as evil and write them off, there's something about the conflict you're missing.
  8. The con of being bankrupted through no fault of your own makes private healthcare appear insane to the rest of the world. Nobody should have their life and the life of their family ruined through no fault of their own, just because they happen to get cancer or something and don't have a job that has good insurance. I'm happy to have a 5% higher tax rate to not have to worry about that for myself or any of my fellow citizens. Along with a privatized American system comes a lot of devilry that bloats the entire system and makes it less efficient anyway. The hospital can charge you $1,000 for a pill that would cost $5 in any other country, and other stupidly inflated fees, because they know insurance companies will pay it anyway. When doctors and hospitals are working with the government, you pay what your drugs and procedures actually cost. You have the bargaining power of the state. Someone I know in Texas who runs his own business told me recently he pays $12,000/year for health insurance for him and his wife. You really think your taxes are going to go up THAT MUCH? Even if you work for a company that covers that cost, it's gotta be reflected as an expense in the goods they sell and passed on to the consumer somehow.
  9. Don't try to self-diagnose too much. When you look up stuff online, it feels like everything applies to you. Like when you look anything up the internet tells you that you've got cancer. All internet quizzes I've done tell me I've got severe avoidant, antisocial, and narcissistic personality disorder plus mild schizoid and OCD lol... that's like 3/4 of them. If it's concerning you then talk to a professional. From what you've described it could just as easily be a mild autism spectrum disorder, you can't figure it out on your own. What you describe is also just the norm for lots of people nowadays because we were never socialized properly and spend too much time online, I fit the same description you give.
  10. I'm married now and I regret not having sex with more women first. If you don't get it out of your system, you'll always be daydreaming and wondering "what if". You never got a chance to sleep with X or Y kind of girl. In the long term I think it will probably make you more predisposed to cheating. Unless you get an uncureable STD or a girl pregnant, I don't think you'll ever regret having more sex before settling down. Our education system does a huge disservice by scaring kids through sex ed to the point of traumatizing them against having sex. I had so many opportunities to have sex with girls that I passed up early on for fear that I'd catch AIDS or get her pregnant even with a condom the first time I had sex. Fuck that shit, it ruined my life and so much potential enjoyment. You aren't doing some moral thing, by the time you're 20 years old every chick has fucked at least a dozen dudes, probably more like 30. The body counts I hear from average-looking women is astounding. You're just kneecapping yourself. Don't try to be some noble knight, just fuck bitches.
  11. Kind of both. Most people have some natural abilities they can build upon, or a flame inside them they can fan to grow it. It gives you a general direction. But it starts off kind of vague, and to really nail down your life purpose you need to go through the discovering process as well.
  12. In a future pass you'll assign a congruence rating for each value For now I'd pick the ones that most represent who you want to be in the future when you're living your life purpose (your ideal self, what you'd like to strive to make your life to align more with.) It doesn't matter so much if you're currently embodying it day to day or not, but they should still feel meaningful to you. Don't worry about the "how" of achieving it yet. When in doubt if you're trying to narrow down to 10 values, don't overthink it too much, just go with your gut. You might be coming back to the list to re-pick some later anyway.
  13. Depends highly what country you're from, what your education is, what your career field is, how much money you have. If you're a high school graduate working retail, it'll be almost impossible to get a working visa, or to find a company willing to sponsor you. If you have like $500,000 to start a business in the US you can literally buy your way in. https://www.uscis.gov/working-in-the-united-states/permanent-workers/employment-based-immigration-first-preference-eb-1 Read all the categories on the side EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 etc and find one that applies to you. If none of them do, you're out of luck.
  14. People generally don't laugh AT someone 1 on 1, so it's most likely to occur in a group. Watch how the other people in the group are interacting with each other in a subtle way. Usually 2 people will look at each other and start laughing. Or 1 person will look at you, then make eye contact with someone else who is already laughing, and then they start laughing. It's almost like they need to look to other people in the group to see if it's socially acceptable for them to laugh at you or not. It can be pretty subtle. Just pay attention to how they interact with each other. How they look at each other, and especially if they talk to each other or joke about you to each other almost as if you aren't there.
  15. Most fetishes I feel are environmental. I heard a theory that dudes with foot fetishes, it's from their mom somewhat neglecting them as a kid.... kid was crawling around on the ground pawing at their mom's feet, or their mom rocked their crib with their feet while doing other tasks, so their brain wired to think feet = affection. Personally I find any body hair on women disgusting but that can't be rooted in biology.