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  1. @Something Funny Yo don't hide it, this thread's a great learning experience for everyone
  2. Think it's about time for an update? I'm interested in what else you've been listening to since then
  3. I just checked back and suddenly Turkey Tom's not calling it a death cult anymore lol
  4. @LSD-Rumi I know which mod you're talking about and have seen some of your hidden threads. I'm not going to name them either but they seem pretty flippant with their moderation actions and don't realize how much they're influencing the forum with their own biases.
  5. Recent podcast interviewing Adeptus Psychonautica about the dangers and traps within the spiritual/psychedelic community and the recent developments of actualized.org and the forum. What's really interesting is the host OXSN has his own intimate experience following Leo Gura and even initially defended him when Adeptus made an expose on the Connor Murphy incident. Watch how his journey and close friend's suicide sobered him from his own paradigm and ideology (the details of the suicide were vague as he didn't wish to disclose much; what's revealed is that OXSN did expose his friend to spiritual teachings including those of actualized.org before he ultimately took his own life) Some interesting points within the video: 34:09 "The example I use is like, if you saw a bee, like a buzzy bee but it was not trying to be a bee. It was trying to be a fucking elephant. It would be like 'you fucking bellend', just be a bee, just eat the pollen. Enjoy your life as a bee! Don't pretend to be an elephant, you cannot be an elephant, you're a bee. Be the fucking bee. That's how I feel when I hear all these like, you know, the people who get really obsessed with all the God-Consciousness. And that's not to say there's no value in those thoughts, but the value has got to compile back into a human being. To sit there and go floating about like 'oh, I'm so enlightened, I'm so God-Consciousness' is like, it serves no purpose other than to be like a wanker. But if you could embody that, if you could live your life like, when you come across someone who is like truly spiritual and truly a good person, a true role model: they don't have to tell you how fucking enlightened they are. They don't tell you what a good person they are and how better they because they achieved God-Consciousness. You just know like 'wow, this is a great person'. They don't need to tell you this. So all these people who like beat you over the head with how fucking spiritual they are, I could only assume they don't realize how fucking conterproductive that looks. Because I don't see anything spiritual with, like we say with the sort of 'the Leo Guras' of the world." 50:40 "I've got say, if there's one thing, out of all of Leo's flaws, the one thing I'll pull up on: the guy has like zero compassion and he's so detached from his own experience of a human being that, in my opinion, he doesn't seem to realize the effect he's having on these group of people. So that when he comes out with something really flippant on the forums, or- I'm sure he seems to handle things in his way, and not necessarily had something that's led to what's happened to your friend, but he's answering things in his way with zero understanding and like 'no, these might be people in trouble'. When I've been on the actualized forums, it is an absolute meeting room with very, very definite and very obvious mental issues. There's some serious fucking problems on that forum, and some of the moderators should not be moderating fucking dogshit, in my opinion. But they're all egging each other on and, one of the best descriptions I've ever heard for the kind of behaviors on actualized, which came from one of my friends James Jessal: there's a lot in the way where Leo describes his own activities, which feels like a challenge to the audience. Like 'I did all this 5meO-DMT so it got me here so you should do it'. And the guy will say things like 'you shouldn't do this', but it's a challenge. Like 'if you do this then you get to this level of Consciousness' and 'you just don't understand, you just don't understand, unless you've done it, you just don't understand'. So there's this constant challenging of these very vulnerable, very fragile, very destabilized audience; I just see people's fucking heads explode. Alot of people contact me because they want to talk about that experience. Especially the stuff around solipsism, which to me, it's almost hard to understand how people get so destabilized by that, but whether I get or not, at least I understand that people are going through this. Like people believe in this and they don't necessarily want to believe it. They don't want to believe that their loved ones are figments of their imagination 'but Leo's said it's true so must be true!' It could really fuck people's heads up."
  6. That's exactly what a Gigachad Sigma would say
  7. Friendly reminder that Leo posted porn on his blog and when someone on the forum complained about the double standard he said tough titty
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/health-wellness/2023/02/01/mrbeast-cures-blind-people-video-why-its-receiving-backlash/11161719002/
  9. I got a 2 out of 40
  10. @Inliytened1 Bruh did you really? 😐
  11. @mr_engineer @no_name
  12. @Inliytened1 Why are you immediately taking what she says at face value? If whatever she said is true then you would've already left your position a long time ago, but it sounds like you don't browse the dating subforum at all. But it's only now you're offended at what Leo did because of some he-said she-said gossip? Whatever happened to upholding actualized.org's epistemological principles and sourcing those posts to double-check such claims?
  13. If Cr1tikal can do it, so can you
  14. @Matt23 Porn, masturbation, orgasm. This issue is not exclusive to project management officers.
  15. Joe Rogan does follow actualized.org on Twitter IIRC