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  1. @Someone here Sounds like you're having intrusive thoughts? That's a thing everybody and their monkey mind deals with, maybe try and distinguish them from intuitions your "authentic self" is drawn towards
  2. Upboat 👍
  3. @Michael Jackson I don't think he denied that. He points that objection out and admits it himself in the latter half of the video.
  4. People like Michael Jordan are good as they are because they prioritze mastery over teaching.
  5. Goddamn this is ridiculous. And you can tell in the original video they're deleting any and all comments calling out their bull. Coffeezilla where you at!?
  6. That's what the "amateur" tag is for
  7. @Loba Wait, you actually get notifications when people unfollow you? Damn, I was thinking about using the Journal section, but that's demoralizing
  8. The suggestions he implemented were initiated by a moderator, so there's that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. I saw the comment too, it's probably the libertarians/prudes offended by the example of daughter-rape who're downvoting it to oblivion, if anyone else sees it make sure to upvote Leo's comment, I'd like to see more interesting discourse
  10. @Knowledge Hoarder 🤣 For me, it's Billy Mays (Rest in peace 🙏)
  11. When there's no special someone to do long drives with and unironically karaoke corny late-90s videogame soundtracks to 🔥🚘😥💯
  12. You can't just say that without posting a source: https://www.revolt.tv/article/2022-05-05/167282/controversial-youtuber-kevin-samuels-passes-away/?amp https://hiphopwired.com/playlist/kevin-samuels-rumor-dead/amp/
  13. I agree on all the points except for point 4 and 6: 4) I think the High Consciousness Resource doesn't need to be fused with the Review Section, rather it should be more high quality, more polished and more moderated. An idea it comes to mind is to give access to it to people who have done serious work for long time, people who have a higher probability of posting high quality, integrated, wise, nuanced and powerful insights and resources. Personally I don't use the High Consciousness Resources section often because I'm not ready yet for turquoise stuff (and I usually found mostly turquoise stuff) but it doesn't mean that section can't be used to post high consciousness yellow stuff, high consciousness green stuff, high consciousness orange stuff, etc. If you combine the two sections together, you'll have a meek section with just some basic advice and high quality advice I think will be viewed as less impactful than other advice. 6) If you want a private journal, just journal by yourself, you don't need the forum. The purpose of the Journal section is to make your struggles and process public so as to be accountable for your improvement and get some support. If you can't journal seriously without using a public platform, even if privately, then it's not a matter of platform or place but a matter of commitment I think. Also, the journal section could contain post with photos, videos or very long posts. If it becomes a backup platform for all the people doing our work it could fill up the space on the servers. So the publicity of the journal section keeps not serious people at bay. Feedback for @Leo Gura @Leo Gura @Roy I have the same sentiments as @Superfluo , High Consciousness Resources and Self-Help Product & Book Reviews are distinct and while they have low post counts it doesn't seem necessary they should be combined. Also it clashes with the Self-Help rating system Guideline because there would be low rated books alongside high-consciousness resources. I personally think the Self-Help Product & Book Reviews should be more moderated or have the Guidelines changed either so that: -only reviews would be posted there from now on (book recs/questions would do fine in Self-Actualization), or -having the review ratings in titles be actually enforced to easily distinguish them and sift through from the miscellanous-like book recommendation threads that flood there
  14. Call it the Social Matrix subforum