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  1. If every perceivable idea can considered truth by just thinking about it, consider this set of phrases: Statement 1: There is no Absolute Truth. Statement 2: There is an Absolute Truth. Then what do we make of the Absolute? If everything is subjective/possible, then how can there still be a single truth?
  2. @Mikael89 Only one I've seen better is Reddit. Now that I think about it, having an subreddit would be pretty neat.
  3. Might be a cliche choice, but it was the biggest song ever for a reason. Just touches the heart and it's gotten me out of so many tough situations.
  4. @Sahil Pandit My intuition is telling me to first pursue the Hero's Journey, as its what I'm resonating with the most right now, and then when I become older, finally pursue the highest spiritual wisdom. The only issue with this path is that I fear by starting so old and already being so wrapped up in the sensory world, I'll be too far behind.
  5. I'm conflicted on choosing to pursue the full fledged Hero's Journey and make a grand adventure out of my life or just stop everything and live out my days in solitude pursuing the highest spiritual truths and then finally share them with the world. The issue is that I can't do both. I can't pursue the hero's journey and make my dream of being a successful musician and filmmaker if I'm in solitude, and I can't pursue the highest spiritual truths if I'm after material successes. I'm at a crossroads.
  6. @Truth Addict Very true, I never thought of it that way. I'll keep that in mind, using this as a tool rather than a hindrance. And I don't want to be too black and white myself either. From interacting with these people for as long as I have I can tell you they're good hearted and decent in many ways as well. It's a complicated thing, and you can't just lump people into "good" and "bad" categories.
  7. For various reasons, I'm temporarily working/living in a Stage Red environment at the moment, where a lot of greed, arrogance, belittling, screaming, abuse, power games, selfishness, dog eat dog mentality, survival of the fittest harshness, black and white thinking, lack of privacy and manipulation goes on. Even when they're not manipulating me, their low-consciousness negative energy rubs off on me and I can really feel it stifling my growth. I can't just ignore them, and have to interact with them all day constantly, sometimes spending 4 to 5 hours in the car with them each day. I have a greater life purpose and am actively try to self-develop myself outside of work in privacy, and try to block them out as best I can. I'll have myself a positive, fruitful weekend of spirituality, self development and progress towards my greater purpose and dream career, only to come back Monday and sit in a room for 8 hours with these people again dragged back down into the same petty, low consciousness yelling, arguments, manipulation, drama and toxicity. I try not to participate in it, try to be kind and neutral, and don't judge them for doing it, but anyone who's been in an environment like this knows that oftentimes this just isn't enough. I know Leo has said in past videos about toxic relationships the best strategy is to cut them out of my life. But once again, for various reasons that's just not an option right now, and until I get out, in the meantime I want to know any advice to help me deal with them in a way that doesn't drag me down with them.
  8. @Leo Gura Try a different video format. Youtube works best with .mp4 and .wmv files in my experience.
  9. It would easily be his video on Stage Turquoise. Being introduced to that model through the entire Spiral Dynamics video series revealed so much truth about the world to me in so many layers and facets, and if I'm able to achieve Stage Turquoise in my lifetime I would be very grateful. However, I am staying patient and am growing at my own pace. Spiral Dynamics can't account for all of life's complexities, but it sure is a great start.
  10. @Flatworld Crusades Thanks for the support. Deleted post, I'll respond in PM.
  11. Ask yourself why? "Why don't I want to do it?" "Why not do it?" When you come up with a reason ask, "Why do I want to do that instead?" Deconstruct that for a while.
  12. A balance of both is necessary. "Life skills" can give you insights on metaphysical topics, and vice versa.
  13. I understand what you're saying but at the same time I think you're underestimating how much unstructured time can be good for your brain. Giving yourself time to play, wander, daydream, listen to music, and chat with friends can put you in a great mental state to be creative or look at situations in a more open way. It's a great stress reliever.
  14. @Leo Gura Ok, I see what you mean. I was under the impression that the US was pretty solid orange through much of the economic boom of the 60s. But come to think of it, what the 90s are to us, the 40s were to the people of 60s. So perhaps it was less evolved than I'm perceiving it to be. I guess moreso than the people themselves I'm just making an observation that the culture and the zeitgeist of the late 60s and early 70s felt more green than the culture/zeitgeist of today or really anytime since then.