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  1. I was born into it. I've tried to stop eating it a few times to no avail, it's just too ingrained into my diet. Further, I've seen evidence that a plant only diet is unbalanced for humans and am undecided on really taking the leap to cut it out completely
  2. @Shakazulu Great, then focus on that for now and worry about relationships later
  3. @Shakazulu I mean focusing on your life purpose. Do you know what your life purpose is? Your calling in life?
  4. Try creative writing clubs, book clubs, music festivals and high quality niche dating sites.
  5. Learn to enjoy being alone, enjoying your own company and loving yourself. Develop your passion and a sense of drive. Once you do this you won't feel dependent on a relationship, and it will actually make all your new and existing relationships stronger in the process. Good luck.
  6. @solr You helped 100s of people, why let 2 people stop you? Completely ignore the trolls and move forward. Leo has a video about this too!
  7. Go with her to the mall one day, walk around and talk to her about her life and what she wants to do in it. Don't judge, just ask curiously. She may have more things planned out than you realize and be better off than she appears. But at the end of the day, it is her life and she can choose what to do with it and you must accept that.
  8. Instead of typical self help or "how to start a business" books, I'd focus on reading business books written by legendary businesspeople, or autobiographies of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerburg, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, etc.
  9. A video about the long term positive effects of keeping a daily, productive schedule would be awesome! (how to make a schedule, how to keep a schedule, benefits, traps, etc.)
  10. Ask them if they watch Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones, a few episodes of those is about the length of an episode. Or if they're an anime fan it's about 4 to 6 episodes. Or about the length of an Avengers movie. If you re-contextualize it that way it's not very much time at all.
  11. He did this a little bit in his How to Raise Rockstar Kids episode, but a dedicated video would be awesome
  12. Couldn't access any pages on from either my studio location or at home all week last week, could finally log in again this morning and it's working fine! Browser used: Google Chrome Number of locations: 2
  13. @Salvijus Yeah, maybe some reading, mindful listening or contemplation beforehand would put me in a better mindset, good idea
  14. @Leo Gura Self-discipline is a tricky thing My mind plays tricks on me and I tell myself "Yeah, I'm self-disciplined, look how much I just meditated, I can afford to be lazy now for a little while", and I make myself believe that lie over and over again. It also makes every re-attempt more difficult in terms of self-confidence. Not to say there's anything wrong with taking a break, but I do want to at least see the effects of a non-stop 90-day trial, which I haven't done yet. But thanks guys, I think a retreat would be a good solution. I guess I just haven't really "broken through" yet.
  15. I'm having a lot of trouble meditating every day without missing a single day. I'm really good when it comes to meditating in spurts or short bursts. Every couple weeks when I'm in the mood, I'll sit and meditate for an hour and its an amazing, peaceful, insightful experience. Sometimes I'll build momentum for a few days and meditate for 45 minutes the next few days too. But when I'm not in the mood, like the other 20+ days of the month, it's difficult for me to meditate for just 15 minutes sometimes, and even harder to do it daily. I'm just not feeling it, and I know that sounds childish, but its true. If I meditate when I'm not in the mood, I feel like I'm wasting time, what's the point if I'm not vibing with this, this is boring, etc. Is there any solution other than to brute force it (something I don't believe in when it comes to spirituality?) Leo recently said in his latest video that the reason for this may be that I don't fully recognize the significance of doing this. And it's not that I don't realize the significance, I think I do, (I enjoy meditation when I'm in the mood to do it), it's just that significance doesn't translate to motivation or a change in my behavior in my normal everyday.