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  1. First off, I agree with much of what Leo said about modern Hollywood trying to push their narratives and agendas on audiences, which has made the movies less nuanced and more black and white. They put their politics and identities before the storytelling, which is what really makes for bad art. In fact, the best filmmakers are actually mostly apolitical and focus more on the complexity of the human experience and telling it in and unbiased way as Leo describes in the post, which is not limited to conservatives or liberals in specific. As for my disagreements, I can't stand how Leo lumps Kanye West in with all those other people as if he is on the same tier when he's not. KANYE WEST IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ARTISTS OF OUR GENERATION! Forget about his politics for a moment. If you actually took the time to listen to his albums you would see the depth of wisdom in his lyrics and the revolutionary and powerful musical approach. If you don't have the time to listen to them all, at the very least, watch this video to get a sense of how much great material is in his catalogue and again, how much wisdom there is to be gained from it. Also notice how neither the members of the podcast or the commenters mention anything about his politics. Although Kanye may be a conservative, he is an incredible artist.
  2. Focus and full engagement is key in career development. Although some diversification isn't bad, it's better to be a master in one specific area rather than a jack of all trades. Invest over a longer period of time in a focused way rather than jumping from job to job.
  3. The debate was supposed to be Christianity vs Secular Humanism. Andrew tried to turn it into Pro-Trans vs Anti-Trans. While I don't think Matt should've walked out, Andrew definitely wasn't debating honestly, holistically or in good faith
  4. It depends on what you value. Technology, medical care and LGBT acceptance have gotten much better since the 90s. On the other hand, student loans have gone up, climate change has gotten worse and happiness rates have gone down. Not to mention obesity rates. So it depends on who you ask and what they value.
  5. Why isn't anyone discussing the actual video?
  6. Oh without a doubt, there are dozens of people in that position. Let's not kid ourselves though, if the Alien Insanity post wasn't a joke, there are some serious concerns to be had. The question now becomes, will this forum accommodate fans of his old work to stick around? Because I'll always love, no matter how extreme the Alien stuff gets. I just don't want to be expected to believe it.
  7. You can care about someone without being dependent on them. Leo's a big part of many of our lives, even though we've never met him. It's normal to feel concerned that someone you love might be going off the deep end.
  8. Leo's new video is amazing, he's back!! Best video in years honestly.
  9. Think about this, no one cared how JK Rowling looked. They still lined up around the bookstores all night to buy the latest Harty Potter book, because her writing was just that good. No matter how she looked, she still would have sold millions of copies.
  10. @Vido Nothing wrong with your question at all. Everyone's a fan of something, and fans love updates and new content! There's no shame in that. A good method I've used for this is letting yourself get one video behind. For example, I haven't watched his latest video on gaslighting yet because if I do then I'm out of new videos. But if I wait until the next video releases, now I have two new videos, one to watch now and another to watch later if I really need it. This method puts the control back in your hands, try it!
  11. - Identify your life purpose - Identify your strengths and weaknesses - Identify your top values - Become excited about your future - "Tap into the energy and aliveness that you get when you know that you're on purpose and you're having a big impact and you've got a sense of confidence with you. You get a sense of power that you're able to control the world in the sense that you're able to control your world, the things that you think in your mind, the things that you dream, the things that you visualize, and you're able to manifest them and put them out there. And those things are positive and help people and help you in return."