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  1. Recovering from being a hermit due to COVID and getting independence and autonomy.
  2. Kind of ironic how a video called "How to Stop Judging Yourself" spawned a thread full of people judging each other lol
  3. @Rilles just like you, I have many criticisms of modern Leo and But he was humble enough to create a dedicated thread where you can express any issues that you have with him. (You can find it on his page if you look at his topics). After leaving a comment there, I feel a lot more comfortable being around here, and it also makes me comfortable to know that I can always go back there and post more if more issues arise. Now, I'm not sure how much he keeps up with all the critiques in that thread, but I suggest you post there and then participate in the forum as you feel comfortable. Because at the end of the day, this is Leo's community. There are plenty of more controversial ideas and posts I would like to make but they go against the forum rules. So I don't post them. It is what it is. However, I get enough value out of this forum in other ways that I still occasionally post / stick around. The last thing I'll say is that I do agree with you that Leo's content is not what it used to be. But there are reasons for that, and it's not the psychedelics. He's going through a lot of health issues right now and if you go on his blog you can see how debilitating it has been for him. Once he gets all those issues resolved, I have faith that the content will go back to what it used to be. But also, Leo has changed as a person, and it's a person that I no longer resonate with in the same way. One day, I hope I'll resonate with him again like I used to. Until then, I just rewatch the 2016 to 2018 content. There are still plenty of nuggets in there.
  4. And spoiler alert, after S3E7, Hank's toxic Stage Orange softened and by the end I believe he was actually becoming somewhat Stage Green. If he never got into what he did in S3E7, who knows if he ever would have.
  5. @Danioover9000 What shocked me about Breaking Bad was how much of Walter I saw in myself. I was rooting for him because I myself have a repressed sense of pride. I also felt wronged by society around me and believe I deserve better yet I could never gather up the courage to take the risks necessary for a better life. So when he did take the risks he took, it felt liberating. Breaking Bad is almost a case study of Spiral Dynamics stage suppression.
  6. @Leo Gura A character like Walter White is written so masterfully and true to life I could definitely see him being used in conversation or as an example in a serious philosophical discussion. People do it with Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird all the time. There are hundreds of deep insights to gain from Breaking Bad and all of its characters
  7. I can't see a better wish than unlimited wishes.
  8. Probably all the retreat videos! Leaving On 30-Day Solo Retreat and the video made after his return, Becoming God - Insights From 13 Back-to-Back Awakenings I'm Leaving To Pursue Awakening & Healing - March 2020 and the return video, Outrageous Experiments In Consciousness - 30 Awakenings In 30 Days Leo's Solo Meditation Retreat - 90 Hours Of Nonstop Meditation In The Forest had a good vibe to it as well. Going Buddha - 30 Day Meditation Challenge Enlightenment Experience Explanation & Key Lessons The energy I get from these videos is how I want my life to feel all the time, calm and at peace with the truth you've discovered. Absolutely profound videos. They also inspired me to do a retreat myself one day.
  9. Creativity. Creating great things and experiencing other people's creations is my greatest joy in life.
  10. This element of Spiral Dynamics has always challenged me. What is it that defines your stage the most: what stage you most embody or what stage you most represent? I know plenty of people who are very Stage Orange, but when there's a situation that might slight a Stage Red person or idea for the sake of Stage Orange, they will always jump to defend Red, but never vice versa. For example, despite being Orange, they might sympathize more with a drug kingpin than a CEO, because they see the CEO as a manipulative conman while they see the kingpin as a more honest hustler and strong person. Or they might be an independent, materialist businessman themselves but find more honor in being a priest, despite the fact that they can acknowledge all the limitations of Stage Blue, they view it as higher than themselves and will rush to defend the corruption of the Church before defending a corrupt company? So if someone embodies Stage Orange, but when it comes down to it, will rep Stage Red, does that make them Stage Red at heart?
  11. I see it as pop psychology, a fun tool that can perhaps help you learn more about yourself but human beings simply cannot be put into 16 neat little boxes.
  12. For me it's pretty simple, I set aside 3 basic time slots in my day: WORK: To make money day to day, takes up 25-50% of the day PLAY: My personal reward after work. Usually playing music, binge watching and/or hanging out with friends PURPOSE: I spend the last 3-4 hours of my day really focusing in on personal development, mental/physical health, being spiritual, working towards my purpose, and building my dreams. This works great for me.
  13. It doesn't matter that nothing matters, because we're all there is. Even if the sun consumes the Earth one day and everything that was ever built was lost, don't you want to enjoy it while it's still here? This world is your playground.
  14. Listen to a minute or two of the video, then pause and ask yourself "If I could sum up what he just said in my own words, in one sentence, what would I type?". Then just do that over and over again and you've summarized a video.
  15. @Harlen Kelly So they won't get vaccinated as a protest towards Biden?