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  1. Well look at it logically. They don't want you right now. That's pretty clear, so stop giving a fuck. Focus on other things. Pretend like you're the last man on earth. What would you do with your time? Do that. Truth is, that internal urge you're feeling is going to come and go. It's biological. But that doesn't mean you have no control over it. I'm in the same position as you, and I stopped caring about the dating shit a long time ago. Once you accept you're never going to participate in it, and you're okay with that, things become a lot easier. Now obviously, if an opportunity with a woman comes your way, experiment with it. And if you look at the numbers, there are billions of women in this world. At least one of them will want to have sex with you. If you have problems with all 3 billion of those people, you've got bigger problems! Give it a shot. Just hope for the best, and expect the worst, and you'll be fine. Your frustration at the moment is that you're expecting the best because you think you're a great guy. Sadly, women don't agree lol. But it's not your problem. Just once again, focus on your own shit. The urge is never going to go away, so you basically have 2 options: a) Continue sulking and be miserable. b) Say fuck em, and enjoy your life. I'd choose Option B.
  2. @Nilsi a) Don't assume things about people that you do not know. If you look at my post history I am very critical of Leo and the direction has taken since 2020. I'm also barely active here. But I saw Leo's recent video about new changes in to be a step in the right direction. b) In the past, Leo has always called television a waste of time and used the "jack off and play video games" analogy to describe the foolish path of life. I feel like this new attitude towards media is more healthy. Another step in the right direction.
  3. Between the Simpsons, Carnivale, New Radicals, classic Playstation games and Russian music being posted on the blog lately, I'm so glad that Leo is giving a shout to great pieces of creativity in the world. Far too often, watching Netflix or playing video games is seen as a negative activity or a waste of time in self-actualization, and I'm glad that Leo is going against the grain and showing us these things for what they truly are: some of the best tools for self actualization out there, when used properly. Looking forward to more recommendations in the future, and the new direction of
  4. Cambodia has to be up there: "Theravada Buddhism is the official religion of Cambodia, practised by more than 95 percent of the population with an estimated 4,392 monastery temples throughout the country. Cambodian Buddhism is deeply influenced by Hinduism and native animism."
  5. "The tragedy of old age is not that one is old, but that one is young" -Oscar Wilde
  6. @soos_mite_ah You've obviously never seriously watched his content. People aren't just defined by their worst qualities. Tate is highly intelligent and has some genuinely good advice for young men to become tougher, braver and more hard-working individuals. You wouldn't go to a chef to get a heart surgery. Don't go to someone like Tate for spirituality and consciousness. Appreciate him for what he is. Take the lessons and integrate them into a more conscious worldview.
  7. Listened to Tate, and yeah he's pretty sharp. I see why he's succeeding. Just watch Leo's Jordan Peterson video to see why. He's talking about elements of masculinity that society has pushed aside or denied. That doesn't make everything he says true. There's some real toxic shit in there too. It's possible to listen to Leo and Tate and apply what's important to you.
  8. Such a deep question. Are there situations in life that are so traumatic, that they make us weaker? Or do they always make you stronger? What do you think?
  9. I love this video on so many levels. Leo is standing outside in the wind, and it's like we're weathering that storm with him in the video. One of the those times he speaks for those who are at ground zero, really talking down to earth. I'm at a low point right now and this instantly moved up to one of my Top 10 Actualized videos. It reminds me to stay hungry, especially at my lowest points.
  10. Hey, be sure to watch this video. It's the epitome of what is about, and perhaps Leo's best video
  11. I think high level, intellectual debates are enlightening. Leo must have been referring to the more tedious, unnecessary, dead-end debates, which I agree are a waste of time.
  12. Overworking is a big one. People don't understand how important work/life balance is. Work to live.
  13. @JonasVE12 We can keep this going if you want but it's clear we have different mindsets on this, because we've come from different experiences. I know you say you've been there too, but if you're not there right now it's harder for you to see how your response may read to someone who has been there. But just a few thoughts on some of what you said... First of all, my comment to you only took about 15-20 minutes of my day. So I don't think it said much about my priorities. I could have watched an episode of Seinfeld with that same time. So I didn't appreciate the fact you use that against me. Second, a nurturing reply is not a bad thing. Sometimes people need that shit. The experiences behind the pain haunt me everyday. Giving a few practical hints or steps wouldn't hurt either, even if it's not a 10 step program or whatever. I don't want to stay stuck. This is what you don't understand. I don't want this. At all. If you want to call working on other things to avoid this problem copying, then yes. I'm coping. But it's better to have something going in your life and struggle with this issue than having nothing going on in your life and still stay lonely. And again, I can't approach women at this point. All I've ever had is negative experiences, to the point where the whole thing just seems pointless and I'm conditioned to expect nothing but negative experiences going forward. Unless I find good reason to act differently, I've accepted the fact I'll probably never meet someone. If you met me, you would immediately understand why. I'm not an incel. I'm voluntarily celibate. I've quit, bro. A long time ago. Am I happy about it? No, not really. But I already know what it is. Doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying, but I'm definitely not going to try with the same vigor I would have, had I not experienced such suffering with women. I have plenty of friends. I'm not a lonely person. I just don't have a significant other and probably won't for a long time, until I become the type of person that women want. I'm not that person now. I probably won't be that person for the near future! I do appreciate the fact that you did actually give some practical steps in your second reply here. I'll give them a shot if I ever feel the desire or courage. All love.
  14. Think of your highest possible goal for your life. How far away are you from achieving that?
  15. How is arguing and debating a trap?