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  1. The more conversational discussions where you're both on the same wavelength are great, but in the future I'd also like to see you talk to some people who respectfully challenge you as well. Maybe more of a traditionally minded person whos curious about spirituality and metaphysics but comes from a more skeptical and orange perspective. Those would be just as interesting, to help the average person relate more and understand these ideas.
  2. @NorthRise I'm not scapegoating, I'm anti-nationalism but also pro-American culture
  3. Happiness is natural. You can tell yourself that you're happy all day, but it won't make any difference if it's not actually true for you.
  4. I would say, work on developing a strong daily routine
  5. @Myioko I always use "woman" unless she's obviously a teenager or younger. I purposely made the switch because I thought for a second and I probably wouldn't want to be called "boy" as an adult male. Although it took a while to get used to since you're right, "girl" and "guy" are kind of the ingrained in our culture. Hopefully that changes over time. BTW there is a female term for "guy", it's "gal" but that sounds kind of old fashioned
  6. I would advise against "not talking too much". There's not much else you're gonna be able to do on a virtual date haha
  7. No way. Not after what happened on the Capital and the way he handled his defeat with no grace.
  8. Not just that, America is literally built on delusion. So called "pride" for what? Destroying the Indians' homeland and pushing agendas of greedy businesses and maximum productivity? It's a dark and twisted history no American should be very proud of, and should never forget. Despite this, America has created so many beautiful and innovative things. Those treasures should never be forgotten either.
  9. The more knowledge you acquire, the more context you have behind every new piece of information you absorb. This is why when rock and roll came on the scene in the 50s and 60s, it was so jarring to the older generation. Because it didn't fit into the paradigm of music that they knew. Same thing with the rock generation's reaction to hip hop. I'd be willing to bet that if you raised the rock generation with hip hop, they would view it very differently. So all in all, I would say the most important thing to keep as you take in new information is OPEN MINDEDNESS. Try to have the same open mindedness you had before reading a single book, even if you've read 1000 books. Be willing to forget everything you think you know.
  10. If having a desire for an honest and open environment for people of all perspectives to have a dialogue makes you entitled, I'm proud to be entitled.
  11. @Flowerfaeiry You should be able to express your views 100% freely. Imagine the most high consciousness society possible. Do you see any censorship going on? Of course not. Censorship's wrong, no matter what.
  12. I seriously want to do this but I'm not sure where to start. Are there any books or videos that could prepare me, or is it just something you have to do to understand?
  13. @undeather That's fascinating and equally frightening
  14. @ZenSwift Love the way you write!
  15. Years ago I put a gig up online for someone to do a music related job for me. As they were doing it, they were very friendly and it really felt like we related to each other. We talked about a bunch of bands and shared taste in music. They gained my trust by doing this and I really felt like they were legitimate, so when they asked for early payment before the job was done, I didn't think twice and sent them the money. Afterwards, they promptly deactivated their phone number, never finished the job and I never heard from them again.