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  1. Being different isn't only important to give you your own personality and style; in many ways, it's also very necessary. Because if everyone's trying to do the same thing (especially in business), it becomes unsustainable and over saturated. On the flip side, there are some ways that groupthink can be good too (like with formal education and technology trends), but overall it's better to be unique in most areas of life.
  2. Pulp Fiction or Spirited Away
  3. BTW, You can also list what you think would be the biggest advantage
  4. For women: If you were a man for a week, what do you think would be the biggest struggle? For men: If you were a woman for a week, what do you think would be the biggest struggle? This could be anything, related to dating, society, social dynamics, physical attributes, etc
  5. The point I'm making is, it's difficult for some men to be friends with women, even if they don't have issues making friends with other men. Just like it's difficult for some women to be friends with men. Just because you don't deal with the issue doesn't make people that do deal with it somehow deluded.
  6. It depends entirely on the individuals. You need to support each other so the relationship doesn't become selfish. People can complete each other.
  7. Not everyone in the world is just like you.
  8. 45% hostile, 0% benevolent More than i expected, honestly. Some of the people I respect the most in this world are women, like Moira Beckett (she is a writing genius).
  9. I've only been posting one per day. I just missed a couple days so I posted a few at once.
  10. It is helpful to remember the difference between a consultant (specific advice), coach (asking questions) and a therapist (mental health). They all have distinct purposes. I think I could really use a life coach.