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  1. @Girzo Yes, Thank you. I am going to write essays and make a collection of them and then send it to some knowledgeable person for feedback. After that, I don't know what I will do.
  2. @Yarco OH My God, Thank you so much. You have an unique ability to break down any analysis. It feels so validating that someone also thinks same way. I have made the list of books to read for next 3 months. After that I think I am going to do philosophical research on my own as per my interests. Please guide me on this very difficult path.
  3. @flowboy Sorry , I got carried away by Psychedelics topic. Yes, I have my own ideas but don't know that they are original or not. But I am going to write them anyway. So that's the plan for now. Hope this answers your questions.
  4. @flowboy Well, Psychedelics are banned in my country, India. I have tried marijuana though. Ayahuasca is what I need. What do you suggest ? What should I do?
  5. On 18 May 2020, I found my life purpose. My life purpose is to write books related to philosophy. I want to be like Nietzsche and Kant. Like them, I would like to introduce new ideas to the world. But I didn't write a single page till now. I was doing shallow work like researching which books to read , how to write an essay etc. It's been 10 months. Now I am filled with guilt of not doing the necessary work. Steven Pressfield calls it as Resistance. Higher your life purpose, higher will be the Resistance. How to overcome this and get back on track? Thank you.
  6. @supremeyingyang Yeah, I was a gamer. I can sit for a long time in front of a computer. I was a medical officer serving a rural village. I am an extreme introvert , I don't and can't interact with people . I also have hearing difficulty ( sensory neural deafness) which prevents me doing interactive work with people. So my plan is now to create an online business and write philosophical books side by side.
  7. @Theta My ideal day would be - wake up early on 4 AM , read and write philosophical books till noon. Then I would be doing something that will help people. This something could be online business, coding for nonprofit etc. As I am thinking more, I am leaning towards creating an online business which would help people. So coding will be a tool for creating an online business. What do you think?
  8. @Theta Yes, you are right. I haven't done any programming yet. Also I don't want to be in medical field anymore. So should I join freecodecamp.org to make small bets?
  9. @supremeyingyang So which course should I take ? What do you suggest??
  10. @Onemanwolfpac My age is 34 , single. I've made the decision that I am going to be a programmer. I want to help underprivileged people. So which course should I take for that?
  11. @outlandish Wow, you work for nonprofits? That's exactly what I want. I have taken decision to switch career to become a programmer. I want to create softwares and sell them to companies. For that , which course should I take? I am thinking about taking full stack web development course. Will this help me to make social impact?
  12. My domain of mastery is philosophy. My life purpose is to transcend, transform people and raise their consciousness. Now the domain of mastery and life purpose are clear , I have a new dilemma. I want to spend every minute in the service of other human beings. I am currently pursuing dermatology by studying its competitive exams. Yesterday I came across Peter Singer who has written philosophy books ( which I also intend to write ) and contributed to social good by founding nonprofit organizations. I want to do that. My primary goal is to write world class philosophy books. My secondary goal is to do something good for society. Then I stumbled upon 80000hours.org which focuses on careers doing good for society. It focuses on effective altruism. Doing dermatology isn't that great for social good. So I thought maybe I can become a programmer ( full stack web developer) and create softwares for nonprofit and for profits organisations who do good for society. Con of being a programmer is that it can be mentally exhausting. So can I get enough time for writing philosophy books ( which is already a huge exhausting task )and doing socially good by becoming a programmer? Should I switch my career from doctor to programmer?
  13. @SirVladimir After contemplating for some time, I have come up with this : I have a love for becoming a superhuman ( hard of hearing and greatest philosopher ) Last four sentences of your post were pure gold.
  14. @SirVladimir Yes, this worksheet is a good example of how to find your purpose. My problem with that is I can't overlap circles properly hence missing the answer. I want to write books like Nietzsche and Kant. This is separate from deaf people cause. Although I can see your point of combining these two, I really don't see how.
  15. @Average Investor Thanks ☺️. I will look into it.