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  1. Zone of genius: playing/ applying/ inventing/ performing techniques or methods TO CREATE/ ACHIEVE mastery and beauty Domain of mastery: writing , humour writing Ideal medium: novels Impact: inspiring others by doing impossible, making very difficult records Hi everyone, greetings from India! ( I am a doctor but I have progressive deafness due to which I am not currently working. I need to figure out income source where I don’t have to deal with people for hard of hearing reason) I am doing Ultimate Life Purpose course and I am little bit confused. My problem is I want to write perennial classics in English but English is not my native language. My dilemma is whether should I write in English or Marathi language. How should I solve this dilemma? Also I don’t have any previous experience in writing. I didn’t write a single page of novel. Should I pursue this impossible goal? Also I like humour writing. Should I pursue humour writing or literary fiction?
  2. What if my life purpose is to become master of multiple domains? I want to master writing, seduction, learning, and many more. Thanks in advance.
  3. @Gladius Hi, you have inspired me by following strict regimen. I have questions though if you don’t mind ...did you quit your job? And what’s your life purpose? Thanks in advance.