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  1. What's so special about you that you are able to access these states, while other "normal" human beings aren't? What special engine do you have that you claim to have accessed higher states of consciousness than yogis like Sadhguru; with ridiculous: previous life records, siddhis, karma, epistemic understanding, etc?
  2. You're wrong. Brahmacharya is not just "not ejaculating". There are 8 conditions of Brahmacharya, and you must follow each condition rigorously in order to reap the benefits of Brahmacharya. Nofap is not Brahmacharya, it is one of the 8 conditions.
  3. If you wanna do nofap seriously, then having even one nsfw pic is not acceptable. Let alone multiple porn videos. Hell, even Instagram is enough to make you fap given the ridiculous amount of partial nudity present there. Note: If you want to watch porn, you still have a subtle desire to fap.
  4. Delete the downloaded videos. You're kidding yourself if you think you can watch porn without fapping. Even if you go brute force against fapping, watching porn will make you get wet dreams or something. Just watching porn with enough arousal and involvement can lead you halfway to an orgasm.
  5. An upvote/downvote system would be really good, like in reddit.
  6. Emotions per se aren't handicapping, negative ones are. Positive emotions enable you to stay motivated and achieve whatever you want.
  7. Totally your choice man, just don't hurt their feelings. After all, they are sweet old ladies looking to have some fun. Polite rejection would be the answer here.
  8. Let me give my take on your example. If Kanye West dies tomorrow, nothing major will change. Yes, people will blow up social media with respects etc, and a lot of people will be sad. For one day. A few people will lose their jobs, and that's about it. But if a major satellite blows up tomorrow, we could lose weather updates, GPS, phone services, etc. A lot of people will get fucked. Even if only one country is impacted, all other countries will also be indirectly affected. Let alone the international space station. Remember, we are talking about actual impact here. One-day sob stories on Instagram aren't impact. A country's phone service getting disturbed, now that is a big impact. Caring about one thing doesn't necessitate getting majorly impacted by it. You could care all you want about Kanye, but your stove impacts your life more. Live one day without listening to Kanye, and then live one day without your stove. You'll realize that your stove impacts your life much more than Kanye.
  9. In all honesty, that's a shitty comparison. You are comparing a multi-millionaire human with a $20 machine. A better version would be: 1. Toaster vs a painting in my house. 2. Fave rapper vs fave entrepreneur. Now we have a solid ground for tech vs art. I think that it's subjective. Some people are more into art, while some are more into tech.
  10. And do you agree with that?
  11. Yeah dude, sleep on your back. That'll definitely help you.
  12. I don't mean to be offensive or presumptuous, but don't you use all these pleasures to fill that empty void of hopelessness within?