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  1. I used to have bad dreams(nightmares is too much of a negative term) as well, a couple of years ago. Had them for a few months, then they disappeared. Possible cures/contributing factors towards cure- Eating light dinners, well before sleeping Not drinking too much liquids before sleeping Having a fixed sleep schedule, not sleeping during the day Increasing sleep soundness and quality by exercising, etc. Stress reduction Anxiety elimination- this is very important. Any sort of anxiety disorder will directly impact sleep quality and can induce nightmares.
  2. Not even the son of a rich upper-class business man, who is pissing away time by burning money, attending parties, etc.? And is also enjoying the fruits of perfect health, young body, high energy, etc. Knowing that he has everything backed up in terms of wealth.
  3. @Ulax Ok will look into it. Do you have any resources you could link here, for a beginner?
  4. @undeather Can you provide some inputs by seeing my post below?
  5. @Leo Gura Do you have any idea about these kinds of issues? Please see my post, where I have explained this problem in detail- Even if you don't have the knowledge, how would you suggest me to go about curing such a subtle and almost invisible disease? How should I go about the whole process? I hope I am not coming off as a superstitious lunatic here. I really have this issue.
  6. This ia what I am getting when I click on your signature link.
  7. The issue is I am unable to find a competent enough expert. I will pay money, but to whom? I need at least 1 person capable of curing this disorder. Or atleast have some depth of knowledge about this issue, more than my knowledge. But it has been incredibly difficult finding such a person. Turns out, most people in the medical fields (alternative medicine as well) are sheep who went through the mass-manufacturing process of acquiring a medical degree and getting a job. They don't have the necessary expertise and experience to cure such subtle ailments. Sad state of medicine. Even sadder for people like me, who are stuck with a simple yet seemingly complex issue.
  8. This is half of the problem. And I don't think there is any way anyone can tell precisely if an expert is legit or not beforehand. A lot of money, time, efforts, and emotional labour could be saved if I could somehow generate the ability to foresee the outcome of any treatment plan/s before even starting them. It would save me from a lot, a lot of bullshit. I do have my own past experiences and intuition for this problem. But my best ability right now is refined hit-and-trial, based upon my past experience. I know which system of medicine is capable of recognizing, diagnosing, and curing my issue and which is not. But that's a very wide spectrum. It doesn't help me much. It is still not enough to get to the point where I can precisely pinpoint a treatment or expert beforehand- whether it's going to work or not. And I think it's not even possible for a normal person to make such predictions. So that leaves a lot of dangling around and experimentation left for me to do. Well, well.