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  1. @Ulax Ok will look into it. Do you have any resources you could link here, for a beginner?
  2. @undeather Can you provide some inputs by seeing my post below?
  3. @Leo Gura Do you have any idea about these kinds of issues? Please see my post, where I have explained this problem in detail- Even if you don't have the knowledge, how would you suggest me to go about curing such a subtle and almost invisible disease? How should I go about the whole process? I hope I am not coming off as a superstitious lunatic here. I really have this issue.
  4. This ia what I am getting when I click on your signature link.
  5. The issue is I am unable to find a competent enough expert. I will pay money, but to whom? I need at least 1 person capable of curing this disorder. Or atleast have some depth of knowledge about this issue, more than my knowledge. But it has been incredibly difficult finding such a person. Turns out, most people in the medical fields (alternative medicine as well) are sheep who went through the mass-manufacturing process of acquiring a medical degree and getting a job. They don't have the necessary expertise and experience to cure such subtle ailments. Sad state of medicine. Even sadder for people like me, who are stuck with a simple yet seemingly complex issue.
  6. This is half of the problem. And I don't think there is any way anyone can tell precisely if an expert is legit or not beforehand. A lot of money, time, efforts, and emotional labour could be saved if I could somehow generate the ability to foresee the outcome of any treatment plan/s before even starting them. It would save me from a lot, a lot of bullshit. I do have my own past experiences and intuition for this problem. But my best ability right now is refined hit-and-trial, based upon my past experience. I know which system of medicine is capable of recognizing, diagnosing, and curing my issue and which is not. But that's a very wide spectrum. It doesn't help me much. It is still not enough to get to the point where I can precisely pinpoint a treatment or expert beforehand- whether it's going to work or not. And I think it's not even possible for a normal person to make such predictions. So that leaves a lot of dangling around and experimentation left for me to do. Well, well.