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  1. Yes Sir, that's the spirit! Of Course, if you are near your cure then why not. I briefed all that information just in case you were an absolute newbie in terms of chronic ailments. To get the gears running, you know. But great! I am happy for you. True. Different people= Different root causes= Different treatment plans Thanks bro
  2. Exactly. Couldn't have said better myself.
  3. @Federico del pueblo Hello there my brother. Sorry to see a great guy like you stuck in such a bad position. I have been suffering from multiple chronic ailments for the past 4 years (as you already know). Chronic disease is one of the toughest challenges a person can face in his/her life. It takes away everything- job, career, business, party, relationships, bodybuilding, esteem, confidence, respect, etc. I completely understand what you are going through. Chronic ailments are tough enough on their own without having the additional worry of getting a job, having a stable career, finances, etc. I am in the same position in my life. My Bachelor's will be over in the next year and a half, and then I will have to crack one or the other exams to get into a good Master's program. If I fail, I will be pretty much unemployed. India doesn't really have many benefits for jobless/homeless people. They're pretty much left on their own. So yeah, it's not good. But the good news is, there is very likely a cure for your ailment. Out of the hundreds of thousands of people that suffer/suffered from it, at least a few thousand must have been cured. We want those few thousand people. Find out how did they do it. Research is super easy with the internet. Use this tool to your full disposal. Recommended sites- Reddit- The God for research and discussion - This website is specifically for people suffering from ailments. Like a forum, but only for diseases and curing. Wonderful resource. Youtube- Of course, but what channels? I would look into Dr. Andrew Huberman's podcasts regarding fatigue. Google Scholar- For research papers on your condition. But what you will find after reading a dozen research papers is that they're useless. Surprising as it may sound, reddit and other resources where people list their direct experiences are far better than research papers published by observing 50 people for 3 months under controlled conditions. But it is necessary for you to go through them in order to outgrow them. So read through a dozen of them quickly. Also bro, start researching alternative medicines. I don't know how long you've been suffering from these ailments, what all you've already tried, what's your knowledge and experience level, etc. To be honest, newbie chronic ailment sufferers (<2yrs) are terrible at their knowledge, simply because they lack experience. They think that modern medical science can cure their ailment, which turns out to be wrong in most cases. But they don't understand it until they've taken allopathic medicines for multiple years without much improvement. Start studying- Naturopathy Yoga (Classical, traditional yoga, not the new-age one) Ayurveda Bonus tip: If you're really, really serious about curing your ailment from the root and forever, I recommend to you an Ayurvedacharya- Nityanandam Shree. I have spoken about him a couple of times to people in PMs and stuff. But you will face an issue- most of his videos are in Hindi. Language barrier. But I am telling you, if there's anyone who can cure your disease from its roots, it's this guy. He will start seeing patients in October, and I have already booked my appointment. Don't worry though, I can translate his videos for you. He has 2 channels- Nityanandam Shree and Nityanandam Ayurveda. Both are equally good and important. We can come into contact through whatsapp, telegram, etc. and I can send you voice recordings in which I have translated his videos from Hindi to English. You can send me the videos you want to see, and then I'll translate them for you. It's the least I can do for you. Are his videos really that worth a hassle? Of-fucking-course. That's why I proposed to do it in the first place. Also, visit his website, for starters- You can start by reading his English articles. Another great guy is Dr. Vasant Lad. He is also an Ayurvedacharya and he is currently in India. He will go back to the USA in December. You can try to contact him as well. He is also a master of Ayurveda, although if I was given a choice, I would put my money on Nityanandam Shree. Also, Sadhguru. A big one. Listen to his videos on- chronic ailments, chronic fatigue, prana, Chakras, healing, mechanics of health, diet, neuroscience, alternative medicines, etc. The good thing is they're already in English. Also, read his articles. That guy writes in his articles what he cannot say in his videos. I have pretty much sifted through his entire catalogue of articles and compiled those related to diseases and healing. I have attached the file with the links to his articles in this post. Also, read his book called "Body- The greatest gadget". You will have to buy it from kindle. Another one of his book is Foodbody, which is not as good as the other resources I have linked here, but since it's available for free and is a small book, I am linking it as well. FoodBody_final.pdf Now you may be wondering, why am I pushing all these India-based traditional systems so strongly on you? To be honest, if you want a permanent cure, this is the way to go. Modern medical science is pretty shit when it comes to chronic ailments, and anyone who's even a little bit experienced with chronic ailments will tell you that. I would love to recommend to you a system which is practiced in your country. There are Chinese, Tibetan, and Tribal systems of traditional medicine as well, but I have neither much knowledge nor experience in those. So we don't really have many choices here. This was my 2 cents. Hope you find something of value here. Feel free to ask/discuss anything else with me. Wish you a speedy recovery. Best regards, Medhansh Sadhguru articles link.txt
  4. In order to be able to help you in a better way, I would require you to answer these questions for me- 1. Your age. 2. Which country are you from? And what is the status of alternative medicine systems there? Is it good, old, and traditional deep-rooted medicine? Or is it just part of a new age fad? 3. How long you've been suffering from these ailments? 4. All your symptoms- physical and mental segregated. 5. What according to you is the root cause of all these issues? If you had to describe it in 1 word/phrase? 4. What all you've already tried for your condition? 5. Have you tried any alternative medicine systems till now? If yes, which alternative medicine systems have you tried till now, and with what results? 6. Your exact medical diagnosis- what condition does your doctor diagnose you with? And what cure does he present in allopathy(if there's a cure in allopathy)? What root cause does your doctor pinpoint for your condition? Knowing all this will help me understand your problem much better, allowing me to give you a much more effective and customized catalogue of alternative medicine systems- which will have a high probability of curing your condition. Throwing some random names in your way isn't really gonna help- you can anyway do that with a simple Google search. Anytime.
  5. Great! I hear ya, dude. I have multiple chronic ailments as well, so I know exactly what you are going through. This shit is too bad. The ailments on their own are bad enough, and on top of that you have to build your career, finances, etc. I am young as well so I know how much mental pressure you are under right now. I would encourage you to increase your knowledge of alternative medicine for better progress and treatment options for your ailments. Feel free to ask me anything else. Wish you a speedy recovery. Best regards, Medhansh
  6. @ThePoint How about you make the biggest personal development goal for you to be free of your ailments within the next 5 years? And make everything else secondary?
  7. @kamill Which country do you game in?
  8. Who the fuck told you that? I don't know which countries are you referring to when you say 3rd world countries, but come to any Asian 3rd world country- India, Pakistan, etc. and you will see that most people get laid through marriage. The formula is quite simple- get married, get pussy.
  9. Hello! Fellow IBS sufferer here. I have been suffering from IBS C for the last 4 years, and it has made my life hell. Like you, I have also given up all ambitions in my life- at least till I get cured. I actually made a post about this and Leo gave me good advice. Here's the link- As for my views, I don't think you can get around a chronic illness. How will you? Any situation in life, no matter how bad, you can just walk out of it. But you can't walk out of your own body. I am a firm believer of fixing things permanently from the root. And I am doing the same for myself. After having experimented rigorously for the last 4 years, I still don't have enough knowledge on how to cure myself- otherwise I would've done it by now. So this means more research, practice, and trial and error. So be it. I am ready for that. Another route, however, is to take a more relaxed take. "Manage" your ailment, as they say. Fix your diet, stay on lifelong gut medicines, etc. And since you're anxious/depressed because of the IBS, take antidepressants as well. I strongly recommend the first route. Take the 2nd route only when you have tried everything in you hands and still couldn't get cured. All the best to you. Regards, Medhansh
  10. Apply cheatcode: LOOKSMAXXING
  11. Oh, I didn't read the article. It's not loading in my browser for some reason.
  12. You're basically proposing an offline version of Tinder. People have been doing all this on dating apps. But in reality, this will turn out to be super weird.
  13. Hello bro, I am a fellow mental health struggler here. I have been battling these issues for more than 4 years now. I would recommend you start doing Sadhguru's Hatha Yoga. Learn it from a nearby Isha Yoga teacher. The programmes I have done are- Angamardana Bhuta Shuddhi Surya Kriya Shambhavi Mahamudra Although I do only Surya Kriya and Angamardana on a daily basis. These 2, along with the preparatory asanas, take me a total of 2 hrs. This will help a lot with- willpower, eating disorders, mood, fatigue, and clarity of thinking. Also, try to find and solve the root cause/s of your mental health issues. Hatha Yoga will give you the strength and power required to conquer your mental health issues. I wish you a speedy recovery. Best regards, Medhansh
  14. 1. Delayed gratification 2. Discipline 3. High concentration power 4. Strong willpower and ambition 5. Clarity 6. Confidence 7. High energy