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  1. That's a good initiative, these kind of activities can be really empowering. I remember being in the same situation (feeling a bit weird for eating alone), while I was travelling, and with time it got better to the point where I enjoy more eating alone than being in bad company It comes with paying less attention to what other people think, with being comfortable with who you are, with being alone, with doing what you want. You can also take the chance to savor your meal/coffee and learn to enjoy these alone moments.
  2. I get a good portion of my protein from soy and I don't see negative consenquences. The reason soy is stigmatized is because it contains phytoestrogens which are thought to bind estrogen receptors in your body, although their effect is much weaker compared to estrogen. (Google around, and check out https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/soy/) Some other caloric options I consume besides the amazing legumes: Potatoes: roughly cut them, spice them up with paprika, chili, garlic powder and bake them. Oats: very nutritious and cheap, eat them with fruit and plant-based milk. Any kind of seasonal fruits, maybe with some peanut butter. Nuts and seeds: add them to salads or have them as snacks. Careful with walnuts though, those are energy bombs (100g --> 650 kcal). Couscous derives from wheat as well. I do eat whole-grain wheat products, I like them and I don't feel bad after eating them.
  3. I'd add this to the good advice already given above: Go to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday. Drink a glass of water as soon as you're on your feet. If you want to get all analytical, you can start paying attention to sleep cycles, which last for about 90 min but vary among people. To wake up refreshed, you want to set your alarm for the time at which your last sleep cycle ends. Try to sleep for 7h30 (5 cycles) and see how you feel, then play around with it, and keep in mind that in average we need 15 min to fall asleep.
  4. That's very exciting! It reminds of the inspiring idea and model of the Renaissance man/woman. I'm curious though: what was your approach to learning all that stuff? I imagine you were always driven by interest and curiosity, but did you go about it as a "dabbler" (jumping from one ability/field to another and coming back to it multiple times) or by immersing yourself and focusing on one field at a time until your interest waned/was fulfilled and your skills developed? I'm just trying to understand how an artist's mind works here
  5. @Dumivid Unless you're a tiny person () 1700 kcal is really low. You can calculate your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) here https://tdeecalculator.net/. It's basically the rough amount of calories you have to take in in order to maintain your weight. So if you want to put on mass you should add 10% (or 200-300 kcal) to that and try to eat that amount. Just focus on what you want to do in the gym. Focus on executing the movements properly, on feeling the muscles work and on your conscious effort. Don't pay attention to the judgement of other people, they're just thinking about themselves. It will all develop with time, just be consistent
  6. I was worried about this issue as well. I've been tracking what I eat on https://cronometer.com/ for the last month and I've seen I can reach 130-150g of protein with little effort, on a plant-based diet, no protein supplementation. I admit I eat a lot of food (around 3200 kcal equivalent daily, 71 kg of weight), but most of it contains a good amount of fiber and water. You just have to know which foods have a good amount of protein and include them in every meal you have. Some of my usual sources are: tofu, beans, lentils, oats, soy milk, whole wheat products. As a general gym advice I want to stress the importance of mind-muscle connection, which is basically the ability to feel a specific muscle work and to recruit the highest amount of its fibers during an exercise. The stronger the connection, the more efficiently you can use and train your muscles. Another important factor is the intensity with which you train: what's going to give the stimulus to grow to the muscle is the intensity of the exercise and the effort you put in to perform it. Make sure you learn the perfect form of an exercise before you load the weight. Pay attention to your stability, posture and symmetry. If you don't know where to start, it might be a wise choice to buy a 90-day program that fits your needs. (Athlean X's ones look solid), otherwise just start with what you've got, and continue to educate yourself and work on your training plans. There is so much to say about this topic, I've been trying to figure it out for 2 years now.
  7. Oh boy, I've just prepared this bean stew for dinner and it was delicious! It might take some ingredients, but you just have to throw them in a pot/pan and let it simmer, and they're not all necessary for great taste. It's perfect for batch cooking as well once you know the ratios. Bean Stew (avantgardvegan - https://youtu.be/zGMuSVITO3I?t=140) Put in a pan in this order: Onion, garlic & chili pepper until soft (with a splash of water) Red pepper Spices & Herbs Coriander, Oregano, Thyme, Cinnamon, Chili, Garlic Chipotle paste (I dind't have it ) Tomato purée Soy Sauce Beans (2 cans): pinto/black/garbanzo/… 2 cups of water Salt & pepper, let it simmer 15-20 min
  8. Soo quick question after my first mushroom trip (1.5g), which was rather mild: in one week I have the chance to trip again and it will be the last one for a while. What would be the next dosage, keeping in mind that I could still have some minor tolerance after 6 days? Should I go for 2g or 2.5g?
  9. I don't know much about brown flakes, but couldn't you simply have oats with fruits and some milk atlernative? You could also sprinkle some peanut butter, chia, flax and hemp seeds on top for 'em healthy fats.
  10. I think quorn is a good first substitute to meat. It's delicious and packed with proteins. Bear in mind that it's still a processed food: it consists of myco(=fungus)proteins and commonly egg albumen, but at least is not classified as probable carcinogenic, as red meat is. I love to prepare ground quorn as a chili con quorn or simply have quorn cubes with some kind of sauce, veggies and rice. If you're looking for even healthier alternatives, go for beans and lentils
  11. @Leo Gura Thanks! You have no idea of how precious and relevant to my current situation your two latest videos are 🙏 Or maybe you do 😄
  12. @ivory Thank you very much for your insights! I will keep these in mind as I go through the next days. The hope is to get out some authentic truths about myself, anything will be considered a success. Then I'll continue my travels and exploration process.
  13. Nothing? Not even a tiny question?
  14. Background In two days I'm going to begin my solo journaling retreat of 7 days. I decided to do this because for the first time in two years I have the time to decompress and put what happened into perspective, especially since these last 4 months have been more intense than usual. I'm at a point where I still lack a compelling vision for my future. I only know here and there what I want to do or could be doing, but right now I feel like everything could be open, and I want to get to the bottom of what I want so that I can choose a proper path for my life purpose and personal growth. I'm also in a very lazy period, my motivation is low, although I'm traveling around in the US. It feels like I'm wasting my time and money here, whereas I thought of coming here to experience, explore and meet new people. So, on the advice of the latest @Leo Gura's video, I decided to cut to the chase and get real about what I'm here on earth to do. I've already been on a solo retreat before, trying to find my life purpose by taking a core portion of the LP course and reading a book, but I think I got distracted a bit there. I wasn't completely alone because of that and I didn't get a lot out of it, but it was still useful, and now I know how to organize the logistics. The plan What I'm going to do is think about my life and introspect. I want to get in touch with my authentic self, my desires, my motives, and with who I really am (not existentially, but as a personality). I'm going to meditate at least 1 hour, maybe 2, with Do Nothing and Mindfulness with Labeling. I'll do some stretching and basic strength exercises, not to get lost too much in my mind. I'm still unsure about how I want to structure the journaling though, and here I am asking for your advice: Would it be wiser to go for quality or for quantity of questions? Some core questions would be: What do I want in life? What have I been doing? <--Analyze what my past 2 years Who am I (as a personality)? What do I love the most about life? What is my greatest gift I could share with the world? Other than contemplating these questions, I think I'll do some sessions at the end of the day where I just let it all out, going with the flow. Additional questions: What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What do I fear? How do I play victim? What truths am I refusing to accept? What am I grateful for in my life? How am I being a weak human being? How am I lying to myself? How am I full of shit? Is there another way you would go about it? Other fundamental questions you would contemplate to figure out stuff about yourself? I want to make the most out of this. I'm open to any advice
  15. I think Leo's latest video is really relevant to your current situation, especially the first 25 minutes: Life Unfolds in Chapters & Phases