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  1. @flowboy I heard good things about it, but my main concern is that it seems to rip up latex. Have you had an issues?
  2. I've recently discovered salt deodorant and it's amazing how well it works. The only negative thing is that the effect doesn't last that long if your shirt gets sweaty. I feel like we're missing something though... what about natural (condom-friendly) lube? Almond oil works great for massage, but I haven't tried it for something beyond yet
  3. Don't over do it. Keep it for when you set up a date. Ask yourself why you would want to "bait" her: to have a conversation over text (not very effective)? To get her validation? Is your desire to text her coming from neediness? Yeah a bit, but it depends on the place you're coming from. If it's something you authentically feel like sharing and that is congruent to who you are (an active person for example), it could be an opportunity for connection. You're not asking anything and she is free to ignore your input. It's even better if you manage to tease her or mention something you two talked about in a playful way, although in the end you want to keep it simple and move quickly. The point is to smooth out the logical process of setting the logistics of the date with some personality and playfulness, nothing more.
  4. Wait it out for a couple of days or more, keep yourself busy with other things. Don't expect girls to take the initiative in these early stages. It's your job to lead, come up with suggestions and create the space to meet up. I think it's good, it keeps your neediness at bay. You can sprinkle in some banter and playfulness, especially when you hit her up after some time. Next time you hit her up don't go straight to scheduling the date, start with something simple that doesn't require any reply from her, like "Love these warms days" or "Just went for a swim, feeling awesome now". Then suggest a day to meet up. The vibe you're going for is along the lines of 'hey I'm living my life, stuff is happening. Anyway, let's get on to arranging that date.'
  5. Speaking of which, have you taken Eben's course on creativity and innovation? I've been studying creativity for a while and I thought of seeing what it has to offer.
  6. Thanks for sharing, I definitely relate to your situation. Integrating Orange and the Achiever is essential. In the last couple of years I found myself getting lured into Yellow and above by Leo's teachings, but in all honesty it's not serving me as well as it could if I had solid foundations: it's contributing to spreading myself to thin and that's how my hierarchy got molded into a Swiss cheese as well I've also realized that being so involved with self-help made me too one-dimensional, too on the "How-to" side, whereas I'd like to be more well-rounded, like a renaissance man, exploring various domains of life and developing passions. Go make it happen, good luck!
  7. I think they're a good stepping stone towards reducing meat consumption, especially when taking large fast food chains into account. Pretty unhealthy, but if you consider the meat quality served in most fast food restaurants, I think it's a step further. A major factor is that they need fewer resources to be produced, they have lower emissions and they don't involve animal farming. Overall, a positive for society, imo. I personally treat them as junk food, exceptions for social events like BBQs, and not something that I would cook at home by myself.
  8. I'm not aware of any software doing that, but why not use B rolls or simple moving imagery like fractals? (although it can be less entertaining and heavier on the editing) Alternative: go shop for some costumes
  9. I recently stumbled upon an old fascinating post of a forum member on EFT (tapping). Still have to try it myself, but I'll link it here, as an additional option
  10. The only one I'm aware of is under the category Emotional Mastery, just search "stoic" with ctrl+F.
  11. In short, Leo is a human. It seems like you're expecting him to be perfect, and I fell into the same trap when I started following his work, and it was my projection because I expected myself to be perfect (maybe it rings something for you). Don't idolize him, don't put him on a pedestal, don't see him as a holy figure or whatever. He's just a dude (his avatar at least ) delivering some gold nuggets of wisdom. It is obvious he's really fucking good at doing that, and unique in what he teaches and how he teaches it. I can see how the embodiment of teachings is important and determines the quality of a teacher, but your job is to focus on what he's pointing to and to experience it yourself, not to look at the finger. You don't have to agree/approve of everything he says or does, drop your expectations and projections towards him and you'll be better off. Also, learn from many other teachers.
  12. The Natural Lifestyles are pretty damn good and holistic
  13. Love it! I'm sure that you and Aubrey Marcus would have a Tier 2 mind-blowing conversation
  14. Haha somebody has been watching a lot of Tom Merrick's videos here I stretch everyday in the morning as soon as I wake up (I'm stiff like a rock, especially the upper back). It just feels like the natural thing to do and it's so good when you've washed out the tension. I do pretty much the whole body, depending on where I feel the most rigid. I also stretch before going to sleep, same stuff. It's a very good way to wind down form the day, let my mind get calmer, get into body sensations and breath. It's also a nice set up for meditation. I still have to make specific flexibility goals though. Right now my main motivation is to feel looser and release tension. I'd like to open the hips more, it seems it's time to look into those splits as well
  15. I personally don't like it because you need to pay attention to traffic, people, etc. but since you're going early in the morning I can see how it may even be pleasant. It's also a good strategy to make a quick tour of a new place you're visiting. But hey, it is surely better than not working out. I think you're already doing the best you can. I just found out that a large study on air pollution in European Cities was published a couple of days ago, if you want to check it out: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanplh/article/PIIS2542-5196(20)30272-2/fulltext Here you can look up your city ranking: https://isglobalranking.org/