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  1. Haha somebody has been watching a lot of Tom Merrick's videos here I stretch everyday in the morning as soon as I wake up (I'm stiff like a rock, especially the upper back). It just feels like the natural thing to do and it's so good when you've washed out the tension. I do pretty much the whole body, depending on where I feel the most rigid. I also stretch before going to sleep, same stuff. It's a very good way to wind down form the day, let my mind get calmer, get into body sensations and breath. It's also a nice set up for meditation. I still have to make specific flexibility goals though. Right now my main motivation is to feel looser and release tension. I'd like to open the hips more, it seems it's time to look into those splits as well
  2. I personally don't like it because you need to pay attention to traffic, people, etc. but since you're going early in the morning I can see how it may even be pleasant. It's also a good strategy to make a quick tour of a new place you're visiting. But hey, it is surely better than not working out. I think you're already doing the best you can. I just found out that a large study on air pollution in European Cities was published a couple of days ago, if you want to check it out: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanplh/article/PIIS2542-5196(20)30272-2/fulltext Here you can look up your city ranking: https://isglobalranking.org/
  3. @fridjonk Yeah it's so important to control scapular movement and keep the whole joint well balanced. Sometimes the only way to realize it is to get injured. Thanks for the resource, I'll check it out! If you haven't heard of him, there is also Tom Merrick that makes videos on calisthenics and flexibility.
  4. I'm working to getting back to training seriously after a shoulder injury that I yet have to understand and properly treat. I was inactive for almost a year after a couple of years training in the gym. I want to try something more "natural", that I can do anywhere, that combines play, strength training, flexibility, skill development, maybe even grace & balance (like dance). That's what I find most rewarding. Calisthenics certainly ticks a lot of these boxes. Hill sprinting sounds fun too. I'm also getting involved with hatha yoga, and would like to learn a martial art in the future as well, like muay thai. I'm trying to figure out a way to practice various disciplines that I enjoy and that work together in harmony to make me more complete kinesthetically. I'll need to find a balance between breadth and depth, it's going to be tricky. Just wanted to share my athletic goals.
  5. There is a book with some good exercises on Leo's booklist that helps you develop charisma. Apart from that, you could watch videos, especially interviews, of people you think are charismatic (or that have any other quality that you would like to improve in yourself) and observe carefully how they move, what their face and body language is, how they speak (tonality, cadence, breaks,...) and what they say.
  6. Very inspiring to read what other people have written so far. Here are a couple of things I want to do next year, which I still need to formulate them as proper goals, but it's a start. I was wondering if I would be better to focus on one thing in particular or if this spread-out approach will work. I remember Leo saying that it's better to focus on one or two main themes every year. Mine would be Life Purpose and Relationships. Career/Studies/Life-Purpose Get my Master's degree Keep refining my life purpose and identify my Zone of Genius and ideal medium. Personal life Successfully move to London and make it my home. In general gain a lot of life experience: meet a lot of people, work on various projects, explore different ways of seeing the world, visit new places. Relationships Finally learn proper dating skills, taste more of the buffet and develop charisma. Improve my socialization skills, be more at ease, carefree and authentic with people, learn to have meaningful conversations Forge friendships with people I admire and can be playful with. Self-development Cultivate my creativity, explore art and hobbies like music production, photography, design. Gain a deeper self-understanding. Become a good Achiever Fitness and Connection to Body Resolve my shoulder problem and get back into training seriously (mostly calisthenics, some cardio) Maintain a hatha yoga practice of 2-3 times a week Spirituality Keep increasing the quality of meditation, start a concentration practice.
  7. @Michael569 Glad you also found them helpful! Having separate journals is key for me. Soon I might buy another normal notebook for messy morning journaling aka Morning Pages (from Julia Cameron)
  8. Yeah same for OneNote. There are too many hurdles between having the insight and recording it. I do the daily stuff, including writing down random ideas, in the smallest moleskine there is (9x14 cm), whereas the weekly reviews and habit tracker are in an A5 moleskine, where things are more clean. When I do daily planning it's usually on a normal notepad, but I'm not consistent with that. I took inspiration from these two Nate's: The Life-Changing Habit of Journaling (What I Learned) How to Write a Diary for Mental Clarity (Very Easy) How I Organize My Thoughts: A Simple Guide
  9. I use a simple system of journaling that helps me review my thoughts, insights, ideas, motivations and general direction at different altitudes. It also serves as "record" of who you were in a given period. Daily: The last thing I do before going to bed, besides stretching, is writing on a pocket-size journal. It takes 3-5 min and I start with writing down what I've done and how I felt during the day. I'm happy even if it's just a sentence. Because of this, and because the pages are small, the threshold barrier is very low for me to do it. More often than not, it expands into reflecting on the alignment of my actions with my desires, on what I want, on things that sparked my interest. I use this notebook also for random insights I have during the day and I find it's a small act of giving importance and a louder voice to my intuition. Weekly: On Sunday, usually with a cup of mint tea or whatever (music is also an option), I go through what I wrote in the small journal and collect insights I had about what I want to do next, what I value,... and questions I'd like to contemplate. I write this weekly review in a larger notebook and try to keep it within a page. It's pretty inspirational, it's a temporary reality check from my higher self Monthly: At the end of each month I look through the 4 pages of weekly reviews and write a monthly review + an outlook into the next month. Here I can assume a higher perspective to evaluate the direction of my life, and set the intentions for what I want to focus on next. You can expand this even further by reviewing the last 3 months or so. Other than this method, I try to give my mind some space to do its own thing without bombarding it with external sources, for example while taking walks, cooking, doing the laundry,... Hope this helps
  10. Eben Pagan wrote a book called "Opportunity - How to win in business & Create a life you love". It addresses your question, and I found it really valuable and stage yellow. I believe you can find the pdf online, or just buy it normally.
  11. It seems like a good opportunity to see for yourself, instead of hearing or fantasizing about, what doing actual empirical research looks like. Treat it like an experiment (heh) for yourself, observe (and journal about) how you feel about it as you help doing research. I'm guessing it won't be long term, and you'll be able to take a step back if you see it's not for you. You'll scratch that itch and will be able to move on.
  12. Lovely post and photos! I've tried to prepare some shots as well, but I limited myself to use just the lemon/orange juice, leaving some goodies behind. I'll try it this way next time, also making ice cubes. In the turmeric shot I would add some black pepper to increase the absorption and efficacy of curcumin.
  13. I re-discovered jogging last spring, when because of an injury and the lockdown I stopped exercising and I was slowly becoming crazy. I started slowly, jogging once every few days and short distances, so that my leg muscles could gradually wake up. Calves hurt for a couple of weeks though. This summer I was going 30 minutes 3 times a week and I loved it, especially because I could go shirtless, which feels more natural and allows you to get that vitamin D in Almost every time I was brought in a new space mentally: I would think about my desires and plans for the future. Worries and problems I had were re-contextualized. It's just a really good way to let off steam and get the junk out of your system. I don't listen to anything, I want to feel as free as possible and be with my thoughts, notice my self-talk as I struggle. Damn I should pick it back up, the cold stopped me.
  14. If you are asymmetric I would suggest looking into Egoscue exercises, like these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E_ewSw0u-c&ab_channel=TheEgoscueClinicofAustin I would also recommend trying to understand hip biomechanics. For instance, if you have anterior pelvic tilt, stretching your hamstring is not the best idea. I quickly found this article, there is a video with exercise at the end: http://www.oregonexercisetherapy.com/blog/your-hips-why-misalignment-matters-and-how-to-fix-it
  15. Oh that's a great idea, thank you, I'll look for one that has introspection vibes