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  1. I think the Rich Roll Podcast would be a more appropriate platform to have Leo as a guest. Rich Roll has already had various discussions about spirituality, awareness, although he is more centered around healthy & lifestyle. He's very open-minded (eg also towards paranormal stuff) and solid green/yellow.
  2. I've done the exercises a couple of years ago. What I remember doing was going over the stems I completed for the week and just start writing about possible actions. It was more of an empowering session of writing about ways in which I could improve, of healthy behaviors I could assume, based on the honest and unfiltered sentence completions. I noticed common themes emerged, as well as ideas of how to implement my aspirations. I think the process gives more voice to your intuition and higher self. It creates positive momentum, but it's still in your head. You then have to take action on the issues you genuinely want to improve.
  3. Thank you all for your suggestions! Yeah I've been working on my self-esteem for quite some time now, and as I grow it gets more solid, but I'm nowhere near to an unshakable confidence. I do speak a lot in one-on-one conversations, but I tend to filter much more what I say in group settings. As always, the obstacle is fear. @Rigel Hehe I like to do that, but I somehow always choose to sing high pitched songs, which are not best suited to my voice. I started to practice singing my favorite rap songs to develop a better "flow", pronunciation and modulation. It's fun but I feel I strain my voice a little bit due to lack of technique. @Timothy Since I learned about diaphragm breathing and practicing it when I meditate, I started spotting the tension in my stomach during the day or when I'm speaking. I actually got a massage to my diaphragm, but it wasn't that tight. I'll keep focusing more on awareness. @Spiral Thanks! I was looking for something like this. So far he seems a bit a try-hard, but I'll consider taking the course. @Leo Gura I usually speak out loud when I study, I like it, but my voice tires quickly somehow. I'll check out Roger Love's resources, thanks! @ivankiss Man, I love that. Thank you. @Thewritersunion It's not that my voice is quiet, it's just not powerful and whole as I feel it could be. The fact that I became shy growing up didn't help with developing a strong voice.
  4. I realized that my voice sounds pretty boring and I'm not able to speak loudly. People barely hear me in loud environments like crowded places, bars and clubs, and it sucks. Sometimes my voice feels up in the throat and it sounds so weak it makes me upset, whereas sometimes it's powerful, I feel that things are aligned, but it happens rarely and I don't know how to switch it on. This poor vocal skills is also cause and consequence of poor social interactions: I know how to have decent conversations, but I'm not able to connect so well with other people or to tell funny stories. I admire great speakers, comedians and singers, and I'm becoming more and more attuned to the energy they transmit. I want to learn to use my voice in a powerful and inspiring way, I want to teach and lead people, I want to learn to raise the energy in social settings and also learn to sing. Is there anybody who is/was involved in a similar process and has advice/resources to point me to?
  5. Yeah you're right, I've noticed this and what I do is just grab my phone and lay in bed for some time. I'll schedule my Saturday on Friday night this weekend, and see how it goes. @nistake In the past I would spend the majority of my weekend time playing video games, but now I reduced it to the bare minimum. What I do instead is watch Youtube videos, so it hasn't changed much. I know I need some of that to wind down from the week, but it still feels like wasted time looking back, even though in the moment I wouldn't do anything else. It's a weird state of mind. @LastThursday The thing is, I don't know if this apathy in my downtime is a by-product/symptom of my lack of direction or just a natural part of the week that I don't want to accept. Probably both. I'll contemplate those questions. Thank you all, I appreciate your inputs
  6. There is a weird pattern in my life I'm trying to understand: during the week I'm occupied with school work, exercise, meditation, cooking, reading,... and since I have a kind of daily structure I feel I'm moving, and even though it's not close to the life I want to have, I have direction. Then weekends arrive, and even if I have the intention to study or to exercise, my attitude and experience of life changes quite dramatically. Because I have the freedom to choose what to do in a whole day, I feel lost and end up wasting my time. I probably need some time to relax, but honestly I don't work that hard during the week. I just lose direction. I'm still on shaking grounds in terms of my purpose, and that doesn't help. I tell myself that I'm still testing the waters, but I'm doing that in a very apathetic way. What I do during the week acts a small compass that gives me momentary direction, but it's also distracting me from the feeling of lack of purpose and direction, and as soon as external obligations fall down, I dive into apathy. Even if I want to work on finding my passion, my mental state is in a place where it looks pointless. Can you help me see something that I don't?
  7. The idea is to first build and develop an healthy, strong ego, and then (after years of work) to dissolve it. It is the same concept as Maslow's pyramid: first fulfill basic needs (self-esteem, relationships,...) and then you can think about going for transcendence. You learn to strengthen your ego by working on your self-esteem and self-love, doing shadow work, facing your fears, taking responsibility for your life, being proactive, following through on your desires, achieving your goals,...
  8. I've started drinking coffee more and more mainly because it gives me an energy boost for studying and working out, but also because I started to enjoy sitting down with a nice cup, taking in the aroma, appreciating the moment of stillness and presence, and maybe writing some thoughts in my journal. What I've noticed is that it makes me more focused, curious, and engaged with life. And that's a dangerous association right there. I have to be careful not to link not being caffeinated with being unable to function properly. I try to avoid drinking coffee on one or two days per week, so that it doesn't become a daily routine, and it serves me as a "proof" that I'm still able to do what I need to do without external aids. I guess I could substitute it for something less aggressive, but for now it's just too convenient and pleasant. I must be hooked already
  9. This is your problem. Figure it out, deconstruct what it means for you to be happy. In which environment/context are you? Who is there with you? How is happiness manifesting in your body/experience? What does it smell like? Where are you? How are you dressed? Paint pictures in your mind. The more detailed and diverse, the better. Happiness is tricky, maybe start with something more simple, for example you desire having meaningful friendships, which will make you happy. You could see yourself in a nice park, relaxing under the sun. You can smell the springy fragrance of grass, you're sitting next to people you feel connected to and at ease with, you're laughing, there are some delicious snacks around that you and your friends made with love, you're listening to chill music, to the wind, to other people cheering in the park, and you notice that a feeling of joy is expanding from your heart, you feel so grateful for being alive and there with those people you love. I don't know, something like that. Try to be specific and make it as real as possible.
  10. Yeah it can be frustrating to work in an environment like that, I find that too much music, especially if doesn't resonate with you, can be pretty draining. You could use earplugs if you don't have to talk to anybody while working, or at least do that when you need to focus. If you're allowed to, you could wear headphones/earphones, not all of them have noise-cancelling properties. Confront them and ask them to lower the volume or move the radio closer to them, or something like that.
  11. @Michael569 What shift in perspective allowed you to go back to still eat a tiny bit of animal products without feeling "guilty"? I have been full plant-based (whole foods as much as I can) for 4 months now, after a slow transition of 2 years, but I even though I don't have cravings I sometimes feel that I'm too strict with it, and we know that strictness and nutrition don't go well together. I just wonder if going back to eat some cheese in special occasions (we love to eat fondue and raclette here in Switzerland in the winter) will lead to a negative cascade of going back to old habits. I can see I fear going back to eating animal products because it would take away my clear label of "healthy, sustainable, independent from animals" nutrition and somehow change the identity I built around being vegan, even though I'm very careful about being ideological about it and about how I communicate my choice. Do you have any insight that helped you?
  12. How do I teach myself to be creative? How do I discover my creative talents and passion?
  13. That's a good initiative, these kind of activities can be really empowering. I remember being in the same situation (feeling a bit weird for eating alone), while I was travelling, and with time it got better to the point where I enjoy more eating alone than being in bad company It comes with paying less attention to what other people think, with being comfortable with who you are, with being alone, with doing what you want. You can also take the chance to savor your meal/coffee and learn to enjoy these alone moments.
  14. I get a good portion of my protein from soy and I don't see negative consenquences. The reason soy is stigmatized is because it contains phytoestrogens which are thought to bind estrogen receptors in your body, although their effect is much weaker compared to estrogen. (Google around, and check out https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/soy/) Some other caloric options I consume besides the amazing legumes: Potatoes: roughly cut them, spice them up with paprika, chili, garlic powder and bake them. Oats: very nutritious and cheap, eat them with fruit and plant-based milk. Any kind of seasonal fruits, maybe with some peanut butter. Nuts and seeds: add them to salads or have them as snacks. Careful with walnuts though, those are energy bombs (100g --> 650 kcal). Couscous derives from wheat as well. I do eat whole-grain wheat products, I like them and I don't feel bad after eating them.
  15. I'd add this to the good advice already given above: Go to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday. Drink a glass of water as soon as you're on your feet. If you want to get all analytical, you can start paying attention to sleep cycles, which last for about 90 min but vary among people. To wake up refreshed, you want to set your alarm for the time at which your last sleep cycle ends. Try to sleep for 7h30 (5 cycles) and see how you feel, then play around with it, and keep in mind that in average we need 15 min to fall asleep.