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  1. Yeah it was so hard holly molly. Greatest achievement of my life. It was right here this whole time. It is all now, sorry.
  2. It is about breathing correctly,discipline and focus. Ofcourse you do.Craving for more dopamine .Can BS anyone not me. Work on your own independence as man.Yes work .
  3. So what. all what normal men do. You are fine don't worry. Want erectile dysfunction like Leo and these guys?Don't use drugs and don't listen to their delusions.Care about your mind and body.
  4. I knew you are left handed . Leave them with their wakefulness. You are naturally prone to this .Do actual self development.You know difficult stuff.
  5. Fuck all that BS and don't listen enlightened or enlightenment BS. Just bunch of drug abusers. They need treatment and medical help not to teach. Drop this shit. Listen to papa Zero.
  6. Healing for me to Journal. About my own life. 🇷🇸 Woohoo victory. So many areas in my life I can improve and work on. But have smile on my face.
  7. 1st things 1st. Good start. Everything proper and correct. Love it.
  8. There is Absolute state of conciousness. In buddhism it is called cessation. Present moment is the same. It is God hands down.
  9. Thought you were left handed. Was just asking.
  10. Thanks for the answer my man.
  11. Hey Rap are you right or left handed?
  12. @Nahm Sorry man. Stull don't know whom and why I even type this. Yes black thing is the Truth I am God dreaming this. These last month. Yeah you are Awareness, you are imagining everything, like everything. Still whom and what. Whom am I teaching?
  13. Yes you imagined your mother into existance. All imagined by you and it's all for you lets cut the crap, tired off it.
  14. @Nahm You sold me lie too. Unlike these guys I am not forgetful.