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  1. God is Infinite Love amongst other infinite things.I experienced God/Infinite Love but I died from experience now I transcended all facets of awakening by realising it's just product of Nothingness.Nothignrss tricks us into becoming all these things and creates intense euphoria just so that we keep getting invested in dreaming forever.
  2. I made full circle back to atheism.I was atheist then I started believing in God then thanks to Leo's video I started believing I am God and now back again I am atheist.
  3. I also realised I am immortal and that life is meaningless but I have full freedom to dream about anything I want.Dream is solipsistic.
  4. I was smoking weed.I experienced cessation with Infinite Love.Then I experienced complete cessation and realised Infinite Love is product of cessation state.When this dreams ends I will experience Infinite Love and new dream will appear.I am nothingness before all facets .I was a bit sad but I am ok now with cessation.
  5. I realised Infinite Love is just product of this nothingness to keep me dream again.There is no more fear of experiencing nothingness now.
  6. You sound like Allan Watts.Well I experienced true nature of the heart/Mind/Source.It's still hard to believe I am God dreaming all this.
  7. @Inliytened1 I ask myself is that happens when we die.
  8. Well I can't describe loss of sensory input rather than blackness.It was best experience of my life.
  9. Well I experienced formless Infinite Love without any sensory input.It was black I had no sense of self too.
  10. There is literally nothing there in direct experience.There is literal nothing behind my eyes.It's like brain is not conscious of itself it's totally given to everything other than itself and I am that nothing.What will happen when brain dies and it is not be able to give itself to everything other than itself.
  11. Well,I want all that human shit.Money,fame and status because there is no other game in town.
  12. You need to experience yourself as Actual Infinite Love.