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  1. Will not go for little devils but why not. Couldn't care less anymore. Pretty much am done. Was super fun. No wonder this guy is chosen one.
  2. Pleasure and joy is all mine. If for anything enlightenment is good. Have my list extracted from this place. One day, unavoidable.
  3. @Gesundheit2 One more added for open your skull list to finally conclude with this place. There is no forgiveness and BS like that anymore.
  4. I guess it is. We got deal.
  5. @Hulia Done with me/about me?Monday tomz and time to go back into my own little world. OK with that? Yes or no that's the case. Also great joy to be ruthless again vs "uncoditional".
  6. Hahahahahahahaha
  7. Hahahahahahahaha Just stop it allow me to finally say goodbye. Only returned because I saw you dissapointed or sthg. Since you will be fine I can finally fly off.
  8. Hahahahahahahaha. Wish you well and to all. Hahahahahahahaha. Really was fun.
  9. I am on vacation. For the final time sorting everything out too. Unstopable machine for the rest of my life. You won't see me don't worry.
  10. @Hulia Stop pretending and stop with lies.
  11. I do know massage. Hahaha. It's all the same.Poet. Skip me. Poet with rifle. Just tired to fall on that level again. That's all. Tired of all nonsense.
  12. Hahahahahahahaha Just way to intimidating for her. 😂 In both physical and psychological sense. I beleive she can't bare that so she chooses softer option.
  13. Because she actually likes Ivan and not me I am just a cover. So Slovenia. Well one thing is uncoditional other thing is whom will I share bed with.