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  1. This has always made people scratch their heads. This is a very important question to be answered. No one one YouTube has answered it yet. So please make this video as soon as possible. This Important like the free will video since it tackles with the question " whose will is it on the choice of being born or not?"
  2. @Someone here can you tell how to awaken like you did?
  3. If this is the case. Then are we actually interacting or not?
  4. @Someone here serious question: If all of our povs exist simultaneously independent of each other, then why does my mind interact with me as you, when you imagine yourself interacting with me?
  5. I think you should not pay for reactivating them. Make a separate blog channel. And upload all the stuff. For the courses, do YouTube membership
  6. Hey preetyindia I wanted to private message you related to something but it seams like my messages are not reaching you at all.…... What is wrong here?
  7. @Spiral what kind of topics are you into?
  9. @Chrisd lol You think it's that easy?
  10. @Chrisd @Chrisd of course I imagine them to like and be in a relationship wimme. What is the point if I only crush on them if I don't wanna take it forward?
  12. @Chrisd then you find out that they don't like you. That hurts. Also that they give attention to others.
  13. @Spiral really?
  14. @PurpleTree I will approach. If I like them.