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  1. Do u agree with the same? What kind of legal system should we have to suit a society which is ever-changing. Whenever we want to fight a law or amend it, we need to protest and there is always a rejection of changing the norms..... What are some examples of this discrepancy you all would like suggest?
  2. Also a quick question for all When I talk to guy I usually refer to him this way "wassup dude?" Or "thanks brotha" However I don't how to refer to women in the same way... Should I say "okay girl"? I don't like saying the previous, can someone please render me better alternatives?
  3. Yes I will.... I think collectively we shall start changing our perspective around the word "woman". This will eventually lead to clarity amongst folk.
  4. @Preety_India lol I think it's a shift in perspective, so not just a first world problem
  5. @Emotionalmosquito Lame joke But I get yr point...
  6. @Jennjenn exactly 💯 I always wonder when to draw the boundary between a woman and a girl if every female is being called a girl. I think we should change that way calling women as girls...
  7. How to construct a holistic education system? Please make a video Why is the current education system failing?
  8. Personally I would like to to eventually turn into a Powerful and independent organization which is non corrupt and reaches out to the ignored corners of humanity.....
  9. Mood is just a combination of a number of things. It's quite complex. To grasp it you will have observe it very closely.
  10. 🤍 Love u
  11. Leo we would all like to know that what would be your legacy of How do you wish to expand this project of yours and how do you see it ultimately changing humanity? Will there be a change of host after in the far future when you retire from Others also please comment on how would you like to see his future legacy unfold....
  12. Ok, so why isn't the same with women? Were there no female hunters or providers? Shouldn't even they be taller and be intimidating to scare away predators....
  13. Can someone explain me the science behind why tallness looks attractive?
  14. Yeah but all the stuff he says are so against corporations and marketing. How come he gets ads on his Doesn't YouTube review his content and be baffled by it......
  15. I belong to the land of Gandhi