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  1. @Dryas I can't help but feel the same lol.... I've never been into those city/community-building types of games. Some of the adventure/puzzle/exploration games mentioned on here seem a bit more interesting though.
  2. Amazing interview of an ex-porn actress who so classically transitions from stage Red to Blue. At the time of watching I didn't make this connection, but after Leo's video on stage Red it makes perfect sense.
  3. Firstly, I am unsure if this is the appropriate place to ask this question, so if it's not, forgive me. In the recent video on stage Red, Leo mentioned something about higher stage video games. He characterized GTA as stage Red, which I totally agree with, and then sort of rhetorically asked what would stage green/yellow video games be like. Well.... what would they be like? Do any already exist? What are some examples? I do not game too much anymore, but am still fascinated by certain games and am extremely excited and curious about what the future holds for gaming. If anyone is curious, I have played Xbox my whole life and some of my favorite games throughout the years include: Assassin's Creed, Halo 2, Red Dead Redemption, FIFA, Tony Hawk Underground, L.A Noire, Star Wars Battlefront, and Rocket League
  4. First of all, the video was amazing and learned so much from it, so thanks Leo. I really love Spiral Dynamics and was especially looking forward to a video on Red because for whatever reason it seems to me one of the more fascinating stages. I have 2 questions that I wrote down while watching the video that I would like some clarification on: 1. How does one operating from a higher stage on the spiral DEAL with stage red individuals ex.) In my friend group, I have one individual who is deeply red. He embodies tons of the values and characteristics Leo outlined in the video (being a bully, fragile ego, gets joy from humiliating others, unhealthy version of masculinity etc). I definitely consider myself in the Green area, and of course, he can get VERY triggered by this. He often deems my personality and political views as weak and feminine. I am the only one in this friend group of maybe 7 who is green. The others are Red and Orange, so as you can imagine, I often can get picked on and deeply misunderstood because of this. How does one deal with these people? Would it be more healthy to just look for new friends? I would definitely consider my friend who is stage red and actual friend, but it's kind of a weird relationship with a lot of obvious tension. 2. Several times in the video Leo claims that "Red is not bad". I understand this, and his emphasis in this video on each stage being perfectly appropriate depending on the environment in which one operates was incredibly helpful and deepened my understanding of this model. However, what if, like in the case of Trump, an individual is deeply Red in an environment and society that is far beyond that stage (USA seems almost equally Blue, Orange, and Green). Do we have the room to cast judgement in that case? And, how is it that someone so deeply Red can even emerge in a society that has by and large evolved from that stage? Thank you for reading... P.S. I have another question about stage Green/Yellow video games, which Leo also mentioned, that I will post elsewhere.
  5. @Call Me Whatever I'm with you there.... It's not like racism and issues regarding race don't exist or that we should ignore them entirely, but I feel like a lot of these discussions about racism and identity politics are such a big distraction from actually getting stuff done. Instead of wasting so much time pointing fingers and throwing a fit on twitter about people being racists and bigots, how about we start advocating for actual change; investing in low-income neighborhoods and trying to provide better schools, more affordable housing, better child care or what ever the case may be. I feel like most of these issues boil down to economics, and the way in which we can solve a lot of these problems and turn some of these african-american communities around is through proper economic policies.
  6. I posted something on here several weeks ago about how I can't get chicks even though I'm fairly interesting, intelligent, and have a great physique. I'm about 5'11 and 175 pounds. Anyways, Leo and others had some advice about just going out very often and talking to girls. So me and 4 of my friends literally went to the hottest place in my city. 2 very hot girls walked up to us but each went to my 2 really handsome friends and I just kinda sat there with my other buddies and drank more tequila than I can remember haha. But the girls in this place were all seriously 10s, so it was kind of intimidating to be honest and I didn't talk to any because we just sat at the bar. I decided the next day to download 3 dating apps and give that a go. 2 days in and I didn't get shit, but I've been constantly experimenting, playing with my bio and so on. On the 3rd day, I actually spent hours that day wearing different outfits and taking some really good pictures of myself. I took 3 good ones, and I used another 2 with friends so it looks like I'm social. Today is the 5th day and I've literally had like 1 match. Another girl "invited me to chat" but both completely stopped responding suuuper quickly. And I wasn't being boring or anything, despite my inexperience with girls I'm actually super confident about my texting ability and I'm able to be kinda cute and funny over text. Today, I literally ran out of girls to swipe on Tinder in my city .... and I live in a big city so I actually found that kind of funny. I mean it's whatever, I'm not beating myself up over it but I definitely thought that between 3 dating apps and some good pics of myself I'd have over 1 match lol. Is this shit even worth it if you don't look like a model? It's been only 5 days, but I've been pretty active. I'm new to this so I don't know if I should give it more time or just forget about it. Like I said I'm really not bothered, I actually find it funny that I've only had 1 match. Anyway, thanks for reading...
  7. Interested if anyone has any thoughts on this. I have watched dozens and dozens of Richard Wolff videos trying to understand his positions, and lately have done the same with Jordan Peterson. Professor Wolff is obviously a Marxist whose main idea and thing he advocates for are worker co-ops, while Peterson's whole thing is about how societal hierarchies are inevitable and biological in nature, so trying to eliminate them with Marxist philosophy is nonsense. I have seen many people claim that Peterson fundamentally misunderstands and misrepresents Marx, including by Wolff himself. Here, the publisher of this video clearly aligns with Peterson and makes a case for capitalism being a more effective system. I am very curious if anyone has any thoughts about the topics discussed in this video, or just about Dr. Wolff or Dr. Peterson themselves as I try to make sense of all of these worldviews.
  8. @Leo Gura Haha well I do here and there too. It’s just that at this point, when I’m watching political commentary my main objective is to learn rather than laugh. But, Michael Brooks sure was a funny dude and I will miss him and his jokes. Especially when they were about Dave Rubin
  9. @Leo Gura I see. Maybe I need to start actually watching the full program. Usually I just watch certain clips here and there that they post on the channel, in which many of them are silly and fun. But I have actually streamed the show when they were live a few times and Sam definitely has very interesting guests on where they discuss in depth topics as you mentioned.
  10. @Tanz Not sure I agree that Pakman is stage orange, I think of all progressive commentators he might be the best. Well him and Kulinski are my favorites anyway. I think Pakman is brilliant and I actually learn stuff from him all the time, unlike Sam who pretty much offers little except making fun of various people.
  11. I want in on the fun
  12. @Don Wei Yeah I'm not sure about AMS that dude is pretty toxic in my opinion. He's EXTREMELY selfish and cares about absolutely nothing besides getting his di*k wet.
  13. @VeganAwake That's always the funniest and most amusing part about it for me. In my head, I have to devote time and work hard at spirituality, as if it's going to the gym or something. I feel it's an activity I have to DO. In a sense I suppose that's true, but of course it's also the complete opposite of that, it's simply doing nothing and letting go of everything. The truth is inescapable as you said. Truly amazing how you can have the tiniest of glimpses (which I have, tiny as they may have been) and COMPLETELY get sucked back in for months or years on end.
  14. @The Lucid Dreamer I don't plan on it
  15. @VeganAwake I know what you mean, which is why it felt slightly silly posting this. However I haven't really had any significant spiritual experiences or insights that have made this obvious for me, internally. Spirituality still feels like a mental category in my head.