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  1. @SeaMonster Exactly straight to the point!@28 cm unbuffed You only approach girls because they are attractive! When you are attractive then… 😉 I actually want to expand on this hear me out. Would anyone approach unappealing women? That’s why it’s called attraction, if you want to attract you’ve to be attractive! I’m obviously not only referring to looks, let me make this clear. It’s about vibration, a magnetic resonance! Which reflects on the outside, as within so without so to speak.
  2. @28 cm unbuffed now you’re getting closer to it If the Lord is your shepherd, you shall not want!
  3. That’s why it hurts tho, because it’s not truthful!
  4. That’s only a story about yourself to be let go of
  5. Follow your excitement! Remember that anything that happens is great!
  6. Feel into it read up Deida, Tantra, Igor Kufayev, watch the movie Bliss, watch Taylor Johnson on YouTube is also cool. Basically it’s about feeling and loving vibes, experiencing a real connection Breathe her in, the woman and also life herself! At the same time be completely grounded be in the room yet outside of it simultaneously. What women want is another great watch. I’m gonna go ahead and add, age of innocence, pride and prejudice, (not Hitch please although it’s funny it’s just a lower level, you want a more intuitive felt experienced approach).
  7. I want to stick to my highest ideals, to what I know is best. - strict diet, exercise and body habits - constant prayer and meditation ? - 0 distractions, from consuming to creating
  8. From Stephen Deutch’s book “the force is with you”, producer of What Dreams May Come and Somewhere in Time: The continuum of life, death, and rebirth can neither be proved nor disproved. Passionate arguments can be made on both sides, and every individual must make up his own mind. I only want to make one "point" here about all of these beliefs. Life-after-life researchers have actually indeed "scientifically proven" at least one thing: People who are declared clinically dead and are then revived (or just return) have for centuries related a universal experience. A comforting white light, seeing a tunnel, relatives and friends who have died, and a sense of peace. These stories are told in every culture in every society in the world, even primitive ones where there is no contact with outside culture of any kind. Even skeptics acknowledge the phenomenon but call it a mass hallucination. Funny. That's how some of us look at this experience we call "life." For me, there is no doubt that I have been here for thousands of years. I have done variouis versions of past-life regressions, and I know that those experiences were real. I feel them on a cellular level. I also know that I have lived several lifetimes with my daughters, my friends, my partners, and other intimates in my life. In fact, it is part of my belief system that we do travel through the ages in soul groups. We have karmic bonds to one another, and we help each other grow and learn through a myriad of lifetimes. We change roles and relationships to each other but always help each other learn and incorporate whatever lessons we have chosen to experience in a specific incarnation. When we meet someone with whom we have one of those pacts, we resonate immediately to them, often for reasons we either don't understand or even misinterpret at times, but we just know. Going even further, I believe that we actually choose who our parents are going to be, too, for both the lessons that we can learn from them and for the lessons that they can learn from us. Those roles can switch from lifetime to lifetime. My father now could have been my daughter before, etc. It's like there's a big "boardroom" meeting in the afterlife. All of us who go between lives and who have soul group relationships sit around a big table (well, at least a virtual one) and discuss what we need learn and how best we can help each other learn whatever those lessons might be. Then we're born. Part of the experience is that we lose all conscious connection with those bargains that we made, so we have to discover them as we go along in our lives, and sometimes that's very aggravating, right? ...If you follow this kind of philosophy, you eventually understand that everything that happens to you in life is your own responsibility and that acceptance, in turn, erases the concept of "blame." Neale Donald Walsch wrote a wonderful book called Little Soul and the Sun, which takes this concept a step further: even the people who cause you heartache in life are seen differently because you come to accept that they are only playing roles that you both agreed to before you were born. Anyway, it is issues like those contained in this bit of a digression that I've allowed myself here that have convinced me and millions of others that death is but a passage into another existence. Skeptics often say that such a conviction is based solely in wish fulfillment; that is, because we fear death, we create the illusion that death is only transitory, so as to allay our own fears. Okay. Fair point. I can't "prove" that those skeptics are wrong. On the other hand, they can't "prove" that they're right either... Even if we can't "prove" any of this, the world seems a kinder, gentler place with this philosophy than without it.
  9. @Nilsi that warms my heart brother! I too cried like a baby and felt so much ❤️
  10. @Someone here and I thank you for reigniting my interest in this fascinating subject matter!
  11. @Someone here Hello there, first of all check out What Dreams May Come, one of the most touching movies I’ve ever seen. Matheson bases his descriptions of the death experience itself on studies by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and Raymond Moody. When reading these accounts, Matheson found that revived suicides told a far more frightening story than anyone else who had near death experiences.
  12. What else could be besides consciousness? I agree the best we can say while being open minded is I don’t know or simply to remain silent.