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  1. I might get it or not. It’s not a facade dear. 😘 Love and do whatever you want. Wu wei. Talking about this topic is exactly what’s meant to be.
  2. I humbly invite you to question your assumptions
  3. @spinderella Don’t worry about that nor SD too much, it’s just a model. @ZzzleepingBear Questioning the base assumption of your argument will be the only way to communicate with anti vaxers, not a petty failed attempt at ridiculing them. Do you honestly believe that type of attitude is going to result in more unity, love, and understanding? Instead use the following assumption, it’ll yield better results: assume that the person you are listening to might know something you don’t.
  4. Enlightened authority? Again what you’re talking about is your opinion. My position of love will be looked very well upon I am certain of it (especially since we’ll see how the lack of open discourse only fostered division and dangerous thoughts). In fact, it’ll be hard to believe how unloving humans were ❤️ Yet it will be looked upon through deeply loving and compassionate eyes. 😊
  5. You're jumping to the conclusion that the anti-vaxers are as dangerous as stabbers, yet that's just your opinion. Having loving, open conversations with conspiracy theorists doesn't cause harm, it can actually help you make your point and discredit them if you can make a good one. I'm not thinking about your level of understanding, you're freely displaying it pretty deftly yourself. You think that loving conversations are detrimental, did you know that's how totalitarians think too? Are you really a liberal? If your position is anti loving conversations so be it, we have nothing to further discuss as I've told you already. Be well. Namaste.
  6. Why do you insist on holding hands when I’ve never used that term in our conversation? I’m talking about loving, respectful dialogue. I said love and the realization of our shared being is the answer to everything and I stand by it, never said it was talking nicely and holding hands. The recognition of love is discernible through respect, compassion, tolerance, and so forth… Although on an absolute level it includes everything, yet we can accurately say that Mao wasn’t acting out of love. I’m not promoting love as a green grass image but as what it is, the recognition of our shared being. When a stranger is getting stabbed, the loving reaction is to protect them, as we share our being. Maybe where I’m trying to get this conversation is to advanced for you (and I mean it respectfully, no offense). As stated by myself earlier, if you’re not willing to have such open conversations then be it, you’re free to do so.
  7. How so? You can tolerate something, and criticize it at the same time. I am tolerating your position, for instance. You think that position is backwards, others respectfully disagree. How can intolerance be more loving? You believe your version of history, others believe something different, to make our minds the best we’ll do is open, loving conversations. What can possibly be wrong with that? That’s why debates are great, and channels such as Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse Podcast, where both sides converse and people can make their minds. In such a case if you can present a decent argument and defend it well, the truth can get much closer to winning. Whereas when dialogue is forbidden and labeled as conspiratorial, the truth is harder to discern and falsehood can grow in influence, which is precisely what we want to avoid on a civilizational level. Others might have had different positions then, yet intolerance and creating division is never the answer. Being loving is never a losing game and always the answer, you’ll be able to understand that in due time.
  8. What’s rational in treating each other as if facing totalitarian dictators? These guys came in power precisely as a result of a lack of love and open, respectful communication. An increase in cordiality and civility won’t result in dictators coming into power, don’t you see how the opposite can be more conducive to that precise result? I’m a simple man, I know that if we treat each other knowing we share our being the result is peace, and love.
  9. We are one love my dear, and we can converse rationally if you would be so inclined. Love can manifest itself in a more "fierce" way of course, I never said it can't be done. Being "staunchly anti-conspiracy theory" is not necessarily love, on a relative level. It is not always preserving innocent people from lies/misinformation. You might have that opinion and I respect that, yet you're disrespecting conspiracy theorists in doing so. You're blindly assuming they are all wrong and claiming to know what the right science is. I'm not suggesting we be kumbaya, yet I am begging you to consider the necessity of cordiality among us. Again, you base your statements on your assumptions, ideas, concepts, and beliefs. People's lives are at stake from many other causes and none of us knows for certain to have the 100% correct information on this matter, that's a fact. You think people are plainly dying and others think otherwise, you have your sources and others have theirs. What I'm talking about is addressing each other in a loving, kind manner with deep respect and humility. If you can do that then I invite you to have a meaningful, and respectful discussion. If not then I bid you adieu.
  10. @ZzzleepingBear Not all doctors and scientists
  11. @Leo Gura People’s lives have been at stake for a long time, and nowadays mostly from preventable self inflicted reasons. I’m not suggesting we wait for perfection. Tens of millions of people are already dying from doubt, inaction, and other things. All I’m proposing is open, loving dialogue, that’s it.
  12. Maybe you are scared 😱 Why is a conversation idiocy? With that attitude, certainly. I can’t really see much love from the way you speak… If you’re interested in discussing things calmly and lovingly I am here for you, otherwise farewell. Namaste 🙏🏼
  13. Great argument for vaccinating and isolating / protecting the most vulnerable people.
  14. Yet here it ain’t about survival but fear. If it were purely about survival we’d be working on many other issues first and you know it as I do.
  15. That’s your observation, nothing more. The truth here might also impact survival, although you guys can’t see it from your paradigm. Not imagining any terrible fate in my case (tho the vax could cause some bad things, yet if it’s meant to be, it’s good in the eyes of God), although I cannot speak for others. Why go straight to judging instead of opening up the conversation?