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  1. I’m experiencing bliss right now tbh 🙏🏼 After the realization of who I am, the old habits of the separate self just progressively appear less and less. What does happen from “time to time”, is the release of trauma that was stored in the body, although I know I am not the body.
  2. In that case, it’s more like the disappearance of a thought. Like in deep sleep, there’s no thought, no one dies. The one you think can die can’t really die then, since it never was. If it was, God wouldn’t be.
  3. Who get’s killed? Other than, what you think you are.
  4. What @Forestluv said here is just not true. Let's have fun and analyze this assumption of his. His argument is the following: 1. "Lots of people (instead of using the word many, which is suspicious for an academic to not use correct grammar...) don't believe in germ theory". So far so good, that part is true, I don't subscribe to it either. By the way, it's not just "lot's of people" (which implies (yes it does smartass @Forestluv, don't play silly with me ^^) that these are just "average" people), most so-called germ theory "deniers" are as a matter of fact researchers and successful natural and holistic health practitioners. 2. "They (lots of people that don't believe in germ theory) don't believe germs actually exist". That is just false, it's spreading misinformation and undermining these "so-called" GTD (germ theory "deniers"), which is another way of calling them pseudo scientists and conspiracy theorists. Here is a description of Terrain Theory, the theory the vast majority of informed GTDs ACTUALLY subscribe to: Terrain theory says germs can’t cause infection unless conditions within a body encourage their growth and reproduction. If the body is a poor host, invading germs cause illness. This is why in epidemics, some recover, some die, some only have minor symptoms & some never become ill at all. In case anyone is interested in reading more about it: Or am I wrong? @Village @DrewNows @TrynaBeTurquoise @ppfeiff GTDs assemble xP
  5. @BadHippie Namaste bruder 🙏🏼 Glad to see someone speak their mind loud and clear, I second all you’ve said!
  6. Why do you want me to do that exactly? I recommend you read that book as it can help you stop making assumptions. What are you trying to get at with me getting the vaccine? It only makes it seem as though you felt attacked by my recommendation...
  7. @Forestluv Just to let you know there’s no point in talking to you, you’ll always reframe everything to your advantage, you must be fun at parties... 🎊 You very well know that I’m asking for what you call the positive and negative elements of the vaccine, yet like a child you choose to play games... how stage yellow of you... Nice job trying to suck me into your mind games but I’m out. Peace ✌🏼
  8. You should read Don Miguel Ruiz The 4 agreements, might learn a thing or two about assumptions
  9. I was talking about your ego’s perspective obviously 🙄 I know it could also be anything in a pre egoic state as well and it’s “nice” of you again to assume that I don’t know that, yet I never said I didn’t. All of your arguments here are predicated upon assumptions. There is no normal for you or normal for me, there’s just normal or abnormal aka special, unique, whatever.. A normal conversation is simply I ask you reply for example, that’s normal. If I say give me a reason you either give me one or not, simple. An abnormal conversation is I say give me a reason and you start deconstructing every single term I use and start making assumption after assumption. Seems you’re stuck in your precious stage yellow, maybe you could ascend to turquoise and realize what I’m saying might be going over your head. I could also play games you see, yet I’m not here to play games. So I’m gonna make it simple for ya; either give me a reason to get the vaccine I haven’t heard of or let’s just agree to disagree and stop it there.
  10. Why wouldn't they? I'm open to new ideas... Yet I do get your point, I already don't spend much time in here (echo chamber vibes sometimes, which is natural for a forum of like minded people).
  11. @Forestluv From my perspective you just tried to "school" me from the beginning, and failed to do so (although you probably think I can't get it, funny). You think that what you say is going over my head as though what you say is so "advanced" but that's just an assumption on your part (and if that were true maybe you're just a lousy professor lol). You keep trying to analyze my words, without addressing me directly as though I'm some kind of lab rat of your, that's precisely why I don't trust your type (pseudo intellectual academics). And why do you keep talking about what you're doing on your free time lol There's other threads for that I guess xP You think you don't have the patience to have a normal conversation with me but what you really are is pure patience itself, only the ego can ever be impatient.
  12. Listen to yourself, why do you say that? Let me make it simpler for ya (I won't give up on you just yet): 1. I don't deem any of your reasons valid 2. I'm not completely right (who has ever been?) 3. There might be valid reasons and I'm open to them, hence why I'm here. 4. Why do you want to limit my options to be either completely right or not open? Why can't you accept my position? 5. Cmon Biyi Don't be silly. Why are you being silly? hehe
  13. @Forestluv How do you know a simple conversation won't work? You don't, unless you can predict the future. It seems that you're quite stuck on making mental models and hypotheses of what your mind interacts with, on this forum at least. That's my guess of your lens, maybe I'm wrong. To be honest I'm not gonna read all that mentation. If you wish for me to read what you have to say, you can give me what you deem to be a reason good enough and at the same time complex enough so that someone like Elon might have omitted in his own reasoning, that's what I came for. Otherwise, I'm not interested and that's my right. Sorry for not reading all you wrote (you probably intended for me to read it lol), might interest others tho.
  14. Why are you saying that because I don't agree with the CDC that means I'm either not open or I am completely right? How does that make sense? It's fine that you're not able to convince me or Elon otherwise, but why do you have to make such conclusions on what we consider ourselves to be? It's the second time I try to explain how your reasoning doesn't make sense, therefore I guess you won't get it lol So let's just agree to disagree on this one. PS: although your tone isn't the most loving one (perhaps unintentionally), I want to let you know that I love you anyway <3