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  1. Fresh ripe watermelon. Cold, hydrating, sweet. After experimenting with the idea of Ayurvedic doshas, I've found there seems to be something to it. I'm predominantly pitta dosha and eating cooling foods really balances me out, and quenches the fire burning inside of me, proverbially speaking.
  2. If you're a nympho and masturbate 5+ times a day you might as well do it on stream and get paid for it I guess. For guys I don't think there's much opportunity. Omegle is filled with all the free live dicks anyone could want. And most women don't want to get off to just pure visuals. But there seems to be no saturation point to OnlyFans or streams for women. For male prostitutes I believe the vast majority are "gay for pay" and not a ton of female clients. Same problem, women can just go to a bar and pick pretty much any guy to have sex with for free, so why pay for it. If I was a female I feel like I would strongly consider it. Not as a life purpose, but just as an easy way to make money for 5 - 10 years and ultimately use that for my life purpose. Kinda like how Amouranth is doing OF mainly to fund her dream of running an animal rescue eventually.
  3. I don't know if people are explicitly telling guys not go do it. I usually see it as a warning that they're getting into something difficult and will require a disproportionate amount of time and energy. Not everybody is equipped to be that supportive. Especially since society tends to groom guys to not be emotional and caring I think anyone deserves some idea of what they're getting into. Like if you date a bipolar person you're probably going to get stuff thrown at you at some point and yelled at a lot. Then they can decide for themselves if they care about the person enough to make that sacrifice.
  4. The one time I vaped THC and derealized tf out and laid down on my bed, my pug sat by my head and looked down on me knowingly and reassuringly. Normally he's derpy and seems stupid, but he seemed wise and almost like a spirit guide in the moment. So pretty much the opposite experience. Although maybe it's different with a dog that doesn't know you.
  5. If it's ever proven then I'll be happily to condemn it and change my worldview accordingly. Until he gets charged or we see any kind of evidence it's a conspiracy theory.
  6. Come on guys. The media says it was nuclear documents and y'all immediately all "Oh my, that does sound very serious! Well I guess they were justified then." Wtf does "nuclear documents" mean? You think Trump was dumb enough to bring home nuclear weapon blueprints, nuclear launch codes, or classified locations of nuclear launch sites? Or your bias against Trump is so bad that you SERIOUSLY believe he is malicious enough to sell nuclear state secrets to China or Iran? If they had any intelligence on this it'd be the CIA not the FBI and he would be arrested at the time of the raid. Entertain the idea for a moment that the FBI is involved with past scandals like COINTELPRO and shady af, and lying to cover their ass is not outside the realm of possibility. Trump and FBI can BOTH be corrupt at the same time. It's two (or more) corrupt factions at war. FBI could say they were searching for evidence that Trump genocided millions of Asians in the Midwest if they wanted to. Something doesn't have to exist for you to search for it. And a corrupt judge would rubber stamp the warrant, and the media would run with the story, no questions asked.
  7. Skip Step 1 and 2 entirely and stop consoooming. You'll waste thousands of hours of your life. Being a video game buff or knowing everything about the Marvel movies or having 1,000 Funko Pops or having the music knowledge of Anthony Fantano doesn't make you a renaissance man, it makes you a bugman. Instead of being a polymath and accumulating tons of useless knowledge to impress people, I suggest instead jumping straight to becoming a Jack-of-all-trades. Actually do stuff and put knowledge into practice. Who's the more interesting person to talk to at a party? The person who knows the top 500 songs of all time, or the person who makes their own music? The person who's played all of the top 100 video games, or the person who makes their own video game? The person who's read 1,000 books, or the person who's written one book? I find the creative process and those who engage in it exponentially more interesting than passive consooomers. What is a respectable and interesting man? The one who can fix his own car, maintain his own home, iron his own shirts, cook like a chef, grow his own vegetables, build his own furniture, sail a boat, sing and play an instrument, bench press 250 lbs, roast his own coffee, scuba dive, take great photos, fly a plane, speak a foreign language, and fish. Don't fall into the trap of passively consuming and thinking it will make you interesting. Most people will never make it to Step 3. Go out and actually DO STUFF. Then tell people stories about it. You'll naturally become more knowledgeable and cultured through your adventures. Most people who obsessively consume movies, books, etc have terrible social and communication skills. You can't build up social skills and EQ through media, only by actually being around people.
  8. You've had sex before and you received a bj a few months ago. Don't besmirch the good name of incels who are actually struggling. Just because you're lonely and going through a cold spell does not make you an incel or incel mentality. There are actual incels out there who are borderline suicidal about having never hugged or kissed a girl.
  9. I don't want to help source gambling, but these are his current indictment odds on one site, with some other people for comparison: Rudy Giuliani -125 Roger Stone +125 Ivanka Trump +1200 Donald Trump Snr. +1400 Leon Black +1400 Jared Kushner +1600 Donald Trump Jnr +1800 Prince Andrew +2500 Alan Dershowitz +3300 Eric Trump +3300 Hunter Biden +3300 The + is the amount you would profit on a $100 bet. So if you bet $100 and Trump gets arrested you'd win $1,400 in profit plus your $100 back. Or basically 14:1 odds.
  10. I hate to break it to you, but the forum already acts this way for the internet as a whole. This is the best that society has to offer at this time. It's either this or YouTube comments The subsection of extremely well-rounded people you're looking for is very hard to find. Eg. You could find a bunch of mensa nerds to agree with you on most other things, but then they'd largely reject all the spiritual stuff. Go try to talk to an average person in a doctor's waiting room or the grocery store checkout, forget about it. Chris Langan is 1 in a million (world's highest IQ, has his own theory of everything) and even his Wikipedia page accuses him of supporting 9/11 conspiracy theories and making thinly-veiled antisemitic dog whistles. Everybody has their weaknesses. Even he probably wouldn't make it into your secret group
  11. It's okay to hate anybody you want to hate. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's justified or a good idea. Usually good to forgive if at all possible. Although in the case of emotional or physical abuse I'd say you're justified in hating them and cutting all ties with them. It sounds like possibly more to do with you than your mom. This sounds like something to go to therapy and discuss with someone. If you end up in the fetal position crying from a minor scolding it sounds like an overreaction to me. (No judgement, you just haven't been taught the proper coping mechanisms to deal with it in a more constructive manner, a therapist can help with that.) There is probably some internal conflict in you. Your mom is telling you to do something. Deep down inside you know she's probably right, and what she's saying is the right thing to do, but you have resistance to it and hate it for whatever reason. Try to empathize with your parents, realize they're also just humans doing the best they can. Especially if they're not outwardly toxic or abusive, they have your best interest at heart, and maybe they just need help figuring out how to talk to you about it in a more constructive way. Maybe some family counselling would help everyone on all sides, to learn how to talk to each other in compatible ways that don't make anyone feel attacked. Your parents were just 18 year olds themselves about 20 - 25 years ago. Realize life doesn't come with an instruction manual, and neither do kids, so they're trying to figure things out and do their best just like you. Imagine how you'd feel if your mom fell to the ground in a fetal position crying one time when you asked her to drive you somewhere or buy you something specific at the grocery store. As an exercise I'd try to think of all the good things about your mom that you're thankful for, and do a metta (loving kindness) meditation to send some unconditional love her way. Then be big enough of a person to go apologize to her and admit that you were overreacting and it wasn't really that big of a deal, just that the feelings can be overwhelming sometimes and you need help learning how to deal with it, maybe ask her if she can make a gentle suggestion next time instead of scolding and see if that helps. She will appreciate it.
  12. Convenient timing that it comes right after he's cleared by the Jan 6th committee of possibly facing charges, and him criticizing the doubling of IRS staff. It's really a lose-lose situation for the Democrats. If the FBI finds nothing, it seems like a huge overreach. If they find something, most right-wing people are going to believe the FBI is corrupt and planted evidence. If they snatch up something like tax documents unrelated to the classified info during the raid, it seems corrupt. If it's about improper possession/storage of classified info, it seems awfully similar to Clinton's unencrypted email server she kept in a bathroom closet. Except nobody raided her for that, she never got charged, and she destroyed evidence. Right wing will also immediately bring up Hunter Biden. If Trump goes to jail or is disqualified from running again, but nothing for Hunter Biden or Hillary Clinton there'll probably be Republican riots. If they don't take Trump out of the 2024 race with something in the raid, I worry they may actually try to assassinate him JFK style. Which would be a terrible option and possibly lead to a revolution. Just like Pelosi going to Taiwan, this is a needlessly aggressive no-win scenario. Half the country already thinks Trump is guilty, the other half thinks he's innocent and this raid won't change either side no matter what they find.
  13. My take is pretty much the opposite of lizz_luna's above. My partner is an atheist and it doesn't really matter or come up. I have no desire to try and convert her to anything, and she has no desire to convert me out of what she describes as "kooky bald-man cult" . Maybe she'll make an off-hand comment about what I'm watching as she walks by, or ask me wtf when I want to experiment with wearing rudraksha or rosaries or crystals, talk me out of doing psychedelics, but that's about as far as it goes. There's only really 2 situations where I'd consider it a deal-breaker: 1. You have something akin to a Christian belief where if your partner doesn't repent or take on your beliefs, they're going to be damned to hell. 2. They try to tell you that you can't meditate, go to retreats, or whatever spiritual practice you feel like you need to do. 2b. You need them to be on board and participate in tantric sex or something as part of your practice. Otherwise it's whatever. Don't waste your time or theirs with trying to convince them. They're going to become awakened when they die anyway, right?
  14. Not in our lifetime. But given a long enough timeline, almost certainly yes. We know of several species like jellyfish and tardigrades that are basically immortal. We know how to insert chunks of DNA into our own DNA using stuff like CRISPR. All we need to do is combine those in a way that doesn't result in unintended mutations. In our lifetime we might develop a way to transfer consciousness, or at least the full contents of your brain, into electronic format. At that point, we could grow a clone of you and put all your memories and knowledge into a new child version of yourself. But I question if that's really "you" at a level of consciousness, or if you're just copying a hard drive without the soul. I believe at some point (probably at least a few hundred years) the only unavoidable cause of death will be trauma like car crashes, plane crashes, etc. Cool example of zen devilry. Don't explain your thought process, just make a 1-liner to look down on everybody else. I assume this is some meta-commentary about how we are never really born or alive to begin with. Or our true self is already immortal and doesn't need science to save us.