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  1. Not miserable except on rare occasions for a few hours at a time. But overall I'd say I'm at a 3-year low in terms of happiness. Nothing really bad has happened or is going on. Just generally feeling meaningless and purposeless with a complete lack of ambition. Sitting at home being gaslit by the news every day with stuff that's obviously false and watching governments make stupid policy after stupid policy is driving me a bit crazy as well.
  2. All hedonistic things... great food, sex. Being near a waterfall. Going for a walk while it's snowing outside. The ability to create things... music, art, writing, ideas
  3. Why does it have to be a hack, why can't you just fix it
  4. Putting people down makes me feel better about myself. I feed off the pain and sadness I inflict like an energetic vampire, it's hard to explain. When I feel bad, it makes me feel happy again to make other people feel bad. Like I'm shifting my own misery off onto them. When you are suffering yourself, you'll do anything to end or reduce the suffering. Even if it means making other people suffer to accomplish it. It's a coping mechanism. Usually when I bully people, it's for things I don't like about myself. I'm projecting my hatred of myself onto them. It's less painful to attack your weaknesses in someone else, than to keep attacking yourself. My mind is constantly filled with negative self-talk, and it's a temporary relief to offload that onto someone else sometimes.
  5. If your goal is to lose weight rapidly, then no, not at all. Losing 2 lbs a week or less is pretty healthy and sustainable. 0.9% of your body weight is like 1.45 lbs a week. Give it a try and if you're feeling weak or unwell then you can always up your calories by 500 or so and see how you feel. It will just slow down weight loss progress. When I'm trying to lose weight I aim for 1,000 - 1,500 calories a day, although I'm 5'6" and have a sedentary job. People do 24, 48, 72 hour fasts where they eat 0 calories for multiple days. Depends how long you plan to do it for and how sustainable you want it to be.
  6. Yes. The easiest way to achieve world peace ironically would be for a one-world authoritarian government to enforce it on all citizens and member nations through threat of violence. You could argue if it's really world peace if citizens are being jailed or sent to re-education camps or afraid to speak out or fight back. But by your definition of just not having warfare, then it would be successful. If we had a third world war and one nation ended up controlling the entire world by force, then by definition we would have world peace at least for a time. No one ever said world peace was rainbows and doves. World peace could still be an absolute dystopian hell-hole. Outside of something like I described above, I'd say no, or incredibly unlikely. Any time you have scarce resources there will be fighting.
  7. Mostly just mutually assured destruction. In some cases it has come down to submarine captains, etc refusing to push the button. There's also more that goes into setting off a nuke than you think. Someone has to supply the codes that usually change every day IIRC. Usually at least 2 people have to turn keys simultaneously to initiate the launch, and the keyholes are too far apart in the room for one person to do it. There are multiple stages in the process where it could be stopped. If you want a more crazy out-there answer, look into all the reports about UFOs flying around nuclear missile facilities, de-arming / de-activating the warheads. UFOs likely prevented the cold war from getting hot at one point.
  8. No, most humor is subverted expectations. When you think one thing is going to be said or done, and they do another. No pain or putting down required.
  9. Same answer I gave on your post about finding your passion. Start with what you know - computer games. Computer games are how you interact, understand, and experience the world. It's a bit of a crutch, but at least it's a starting point. Your life purpose can come from unexpected places. For me, commenting online is something that doesn't feel like work, I don't get bored of it, I'd probably even pay to do it. When I thought deeply about why I comment online... to help people, to give advice or insight... suddenly a pretty mundane time-wasting thing like commenting on Reddit or Youtube becomes actually a noble purpose. Which led me to writing being my zone of genius. I can channel that energy and enjoyment I get from commenting into writing blogs, articles, books to help people that can be monetized and reach a wider audience. Try to branch out from playing computer games and see what feels right. Do you want to livestream yourself playing games and entertain people? Do you want to create your own games as a form of expression? Do you want to review games to help people save time and money? If you want to share your top values / signature strengths / high-consciousness virtue / etc I can try to suggest some ways of bringing it all together.
  10. Do the life purpose course first and then find a skill aligned with your life purpose. It takes like a week or two maximum to complete the life purpose course if you spend a couple hours a day on it. Learning marketing, coding, or any other useful skill to a level that you can make money from it will take much, much, much, much longer. This look for skills is just a distraction. Finish the course and then do what you're truly called to do. Don't waste time learning a skill that isn't aligned with your ultimate purpose.
  11. You have to evaluate it on a case-by-case basis. If it was as easy as just "share feelings" or "stay firm" all the time, it would be easy and there wouldn't be a huge pickup/dating scene. Once you're a true gentleman you'll be socially aware enough to know when to open up or not. Generally though, the earlier on when meeting someone, the less you want to share. Oversharing tends to scare people off. But if you were a super confident gentleman, you could also be completely authentic without scaring someone off. So there is no cookie-cutter answer.
  12. A lion is a superior predator compared to an ostrich. It doesn't matter if it's born that way and had no choice in the matter, it's still superior. We both agree on this part. But if this is all you're talking about, then it renders the rest of the conversation useless. In the example I made above, we have to agree on basic concepts like what a predator is, what defines a good or bad predator. There are a number of underlying assumptions like that a better predator can kill larger and more prey, which is automatically baked into the conversation if you're a regular person living in society with common experiences. Yes good and bad are ultimately subjective. Although I'd argue that it doesn't really matter if it's subjective if the majority of people in society agree with it. Otherwise you could say that if you're naturally born with an urge to kill people, then it isn't better or worse than not killing people. You still have to play by the ruleset of society. If society says something is superior, it's de facto superior whether that makes sense or not. It will take tremendous strength and energy to try and oppose that. If you go down the subjectivity rabbit hole into postmodernism, you end up at a confusing place where most concepts like gender, sexuality, and age no longer exist and everything is on a spectrum. The reason we label stuff as superior, inferior, good, bad, man, woman is because it's helpful in our lives to compartmentalize things into boxes to simplify the world. Otherwise anything can be anything. Then nothing has meaning.
  13. It's like any animal byproduct, it can be good or bad depending on the animal it comes from. Are you getting your gelatin from elderly dairy cows being culled after a lifetime of living in cramped quarters in a barn, eating GMO feed and standing in their own filth? Or an organic grass-fed cow harvested in its prime? If they don't specify, assume the worst.
  14. Being a real gentleman vs a creepy white knight is a thin line to walk. Don't ever think women owe you anything just because you're being gentlemanly. Being a gentleman isn't just about being nice and romantic to women. A real gentleman is a bro to other guys as well. It's about being empathetic, considerate, and in-touch with all those around you. It's knowing when to offer a stranger a lighter, a coworker a ride home, or a classmate a pencil without them even having to ask. Before you can be a gentleman, first you have to be a man. Someone with the mindset of a boy can't be a gentleman. I think Art of Manliness' old stuff is a good place to start. You need the confidence of a man to be a gentleman, and that comes with having a wide array of manly knowledge and skills.
  15. Just tell them that you're going for a walk. Even if your primary goal is day game, it's not a lie to say that you're also going for a walk. Going for a walk is a normal thing that normal people do. Even a white lie like saying you're going to the shop isn't that out of integrity I don't think. Just don't be a creep and force women to engage in conversations too long if they're obviously uncomfortable and you already have more integrity than most guys.