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  1. Go for a walk without a jacket. Bonus points for trying to walk without shoes, just don't end up losing a toe over it. Ice pack on the back of the neck is quite effective at quickly lowering your body temperature, it cools the blood in major veins and arteries going to/from your brain. I first heard it from Tim Ferriss as a way to lose weight. Which is also something you'll need to watch out for if you're doing significant amounts of cold exposure. Michael Phelps eats 8,000 - 10,000 calories per day while training. Not because swimming is such intense exercise. Even more calories are spent just keeping the body warm when you spend hours a day in a pool.
  2. Yup, not only does it write scripts, but it gives you step-by-step instructions on where/how to put the code when it's done so it actually works. Very beginner friendly. So you can code with 0 knowledge of code. Just ask it to do a task and then copy/paste the result. I was just like "make an alarm clock" and it made an alarm clock.
  3. Garbage in, garbage out. If you guys don't know how to effectively use a tool, that doesn't make it a bad tool. If you try to jump on a horse for the first time with no training and get bucked off, that doesn't make horses useless. I wrote more of my thoughts about it and the promise that I see in it here:
  4. Because at least in Europe, you legally do under GDPR. Theoretically it applies to a EU citizen's data globally, even on websites and servers outside of the EU, although arguable about how much you could enforce it. It's written in EU law that if any EU citizen asks to have their data erased from your databases, you have to do it without undue delay (1 month maximum.) GDPR Article 17 - Right to erasure (right to be forgotten) - https://gdpr-info.eu/art-17-gdpr/ What is GDPR - https://gdpr.eu/what-is-gdpr/ https://termly.io/resources/articles/biggest-gdpr-fines -- See some of the fines that companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook have faced for not complying.
  5. If you've ever complained or worried about microplastics, chemicals in food, artificial chemicals and preservatives in stuff you eat..... then applying nail polish containing formaldehyde and other chemicals to be absorbed into your body and inhaled while applying them should be an obvious no. Plus it makes you less of a man, unless you're painting your nails with the blood from your hunt.
  6. You guys calling this a glorified Google search are missing the point and vastly underestimating what this thing is capable of. It's like if you saw the world's first motor or internal combustion engine, and called it a glorified crank turner. It's a motherfucking oracle. Or more accurately, it's like a crystal ball that turns you into an oracle and also gives you access to infinite creativity. You guys just don't know how to properly interface with it yet. I've been pretty pessimistic on writing AI to date. I've tried Jasper.ai, Shortly AI, NovelAI, aiDungeon, and a bunch of others and was disappointed. My opinion was that writing AI was still years off from taking jobs. But this thing is on a whole other level. Yesterday I used it to generate a 24 chapter outline for a novel, and then proceeded to write the first 11,000 words of the novel with it in 3 - 4 hours. And I'm still brand new to it and having to do a bunch of trial and error. I've yet to use it in my professional writing assignments, gonna try it out on some this week. But I suspect it's going to write what usually takes me 2 - 3 hours in 15 - 20 minutes. It's not perfect yet, you can't just give it a prompt and have it write an entire book. But it's way way way way better than anything else. And I think it will reach that "Press any button to write a book" level of simple in about a year. I just canceled my $25/month NovelAI subscription for this free product. And even when ChatGPT is not free any more, it looks like it's going to cost about $1.33 to write a 50,000 word novel. This one is the real deal. This is the future. I'm confident that even in its current state, this thing is going to put me out of a job in about 6 months. That's terrifying and also an incredible opportunity. The content/SEO agency I currently do most of my writing for has DOZENS of writers. I'm pretty sure that even with the current tech they'll be able to train a handful of the best writers to write with AI and fire the rest (probably 75%), and expect 10x the productivity out of those that are left. So in the meantime I'm going to try to see if I can write a full novel per week with AI, or close to it, and prepare to transition over to making six-figures from that for a bit instead when I inevitably get laid off and replaced with AI. At least until the market gets completely flooded with AI books. Almost everything you read is going to be written by an AI in 6 to 12 months. I guarantee it. It's not just writing and art either. I saw a pretty impressive accounting AI not too long ago. That one's gonna replace all data entry or bookkeeping type accountants in 6 to 12 months too. Your brain can't fathom how quickly things are going to evolve from here, and most people are still in denial about it. We are at the inflection point and AI is about to start improving and taking over exponentially. This AI is like a loom that I'm about to sit down at and weave infinite creativity out of.
  7. I'm done with the forum until you guys can get Tyler back under control, this shit is getting absolutely ridiculous. Not just ordering other members around but now even mods too.
  8. If you were doing nofap for long enough, you too could do pushups for 1,440 minutes per day.
  9. @Tyler Robinson How do you reconcile calling yourself a Mormon and also unrepentantly engaging in witchcraft and masturbation? https://www.fairlatterdaysaints.org/answers/Question:_Did_early_members_of_the_"Mormon"_Church_believe_in_witchcraft%3F https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Views_on_masturbation_in_the_Church_of_Jesus_Christ_of_Latter-day_Saints
  10. Substitute "spiritual" for "religious" and think of all the stuff that a traditional priest, rabbi, or imam would provide to their community. All the points listed, plus probably a few more.
  11. We all have to do unethical things to survive. It just depends where you want to set the bar for yourself. On the extreme low end you've got killing plants to eat for sustenance. On the extreme high end you've got ponzi schemes and widespread fraud. Most people are somewhere in the middle, telling white lies. Just like people say "a gun is just a tool", marketing is also just a tool. You can use it for good or evil. You can sell people useless junk they don't need. Or stuff like cigarettes that are actively harmful for them. Or you can create win-win situations where you market positive products that would actually improve people's lives, they just need to be made aware that they exist. It's totally possible to make a good living and actually help people. Recognizing that you're enslaved by the expectations of others is a good first step. But just being aware of it doesn't mean you aren't enslaved any more. If you don't break free now, then when? Be careful with putting it off until some later point in life. Otherwise then it becomes that once you're done university, you'll just get a good job to make your parents happy. Then you tell yourself you'll work on your business in your spare time, but for most people who end up in that situation, it never manifests, and your dream dies. You're going to need to have an uncomfortable conversation with your parents at some point. My parents looked down on all the careers that I wanted to do when I was in high school, and told me to go into accounting instead because it would be a stable job with good pay, and companies always need accountants. But in the end, I still ended up following my life purpose which was unrelated. So all that going to university did was waste 4 years of my life and a lot of money, and delayed myself getting to where I wanted to be. Or I could have just skipped university and been in the same place 4 years earlier. Now I know that I'll never stop my kid from following their dreams, no matter how dumb it might seem to me, because you'll just delay the inevitable by 5 - 10 years and waste a lot of time and money. Then there's a good chance they end up in the same spot anyway, or otherwise unhappy doing something inauthentic.
  12. I have a BComm (Accounting) and I run my own business. I don't think much of anything I learned in the classroom transferred over or was useful. Except maybe just a general business mindset and understanding of business culture and how to deal with people, not having to spend a couple hours learning how to invoice people. Universities teach you how to work for someone else, they aren't great for teaching you how to start your own business. I would question whatever beliefs you have that make you think a university degree is necessary to start a business. Is it to convince your parents? Do you feel like you need to have a qualification to be worthy of starting a business? Do you want it as a safety net to fall back on? If you end up going, then marketing is a good choice. But be really careful and look through the courses offered in your program. You want most of it to be focused on digital marketing. Lots of universities are still stuck teaching outdated lessons on print or TV marketing, which is going to be pretty useless. Some universities actually offer a major in entrepreneurship but I think that's more rare. Make sure you calculate the cost of sitting in school for 4 years, both in terms of tuition you have to pay, and the time you'll spend. You say you'll start a business on the side, but when you have assignments due every week and exams every couple of months, are you really going to want to spend 20+ hours on your business? Your university will also pack a bunch of useless electives in that you need to take for your degree, but don't relate to business at all. I think you can learn everything you need to start a business online, much much cheaper, much much faster, where you can study at your own pace, and learn as you actually build your business. I also don't feel like university gives you any kind of big-picture view and understanding of how everything ties together. You're just doing little independent pieces of business just to get assignments done. You might get one big capstone course in strategic management at the end but that's it.
  13. Two perspectives: https://cleanlabelproject.org/the-best-worst-protein-powder-products/ - Check out the infographic and study here https://www.nsf.org/news/clean-label-projects-protein-powder-report-overlooks-basic-scientific-princ - Opposing viewpoint: "There is no peer-reviewed scientific evidence to support the Clean Label Project's implied claim that detectable levels of heavy metals present a health risk." I think most people here are going to lean toward opinion 1 . So I'd look at the list of protein powder brands they recommend.
  14. Good idea in principle. I think some of the examples in this video where they designed them to look like cars, or to look cool, is the wrong way to go. Maybe designing them to look cool is necessary to market them. But I don't see the point of giving them a full solid body like a car and making them so large. Just adds weight and makes them harder to maneuver. If you get hit by a car, you're f***ed either way. I would go with something like the example around 3:25 in the video. All you need is protection from weather, in the form of a clear plastic that goes all the way around, basically like a shower curtain. It doesn't need a hard molded plastic shell. I'd just make it open and close with a zipper, doesn't need to be fancy. Like those enclosed mobility scooters that some old people use to get around already, but pedal powered.
  15. I wouldn't forget about girls for years. You're still getting good practice in, even if you aren't getting laid. It'll make it that much easier once you do finally have your own place. Personally I wouldn't be in a rush to get an apartment ASAP. I think it's more important to live at home for a few years while working full-time to save up a good amount of money first. There's so much less responsibility and problems living at home, and gives you way more time to focus on personal development, pickup, or whatever else. This is worth a shot. When you pick girls up, go in specifically with some angle to set you up for this. Like mention that you've always wanted to try having sex outdoors if you think you can slip that in, and if she looks interested then suggest you go on a hike to somewhere remote or something. Some women might look at you like you're a serial killer, but most who would be comfortable going to your house should also be willing to go for a walk with you. I think more will be into it than you'd think. 57% of Americans have had sex in public, and 66% of women in the UK are comfortable with the idea of having outdoor sex. I've dated women who were super into it, literally just going to the beach or for a walk through the forest or being on top of a rooftop alone was a huge turn-on for them and they'd be practically climbing all over me lol. Or look for some angle to suggest going back to her place, like ask what kind of shows and movies she likes, and say something like "whoa, you must have a really nice tv if you watch so much stuff. we should go watch something at your place"