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  1. ???? Weren't you meant to be trying to discredit me or something? But yes, I'm accurate with typing people. I won't disturb you while you're still on the shitter.
  2. It's not anything specific I did. Just being receptive to new information from a young age, and always staying open-minded & sceptical. Being a NeTi is a bit of an unfair advantage though, ig. Tom Campbell's Trilogy. Ken Wilber's work. But books and resources will never be enough, you only really learn from innate curiosity pushing you to discover things for yourself.
  3. LOL You're still upset about me typing you as Green-Yellow. But maybe that was a bit to generous, in light of your true views.
  4. lol, you don't think that deep Riiight, just like you "let" Leo believe he's Turquoise. Y'see, no one needs your approval. You're not the gatekeeper of anything.
  5. Damn, didn't know Carl had such a mean-spirited side to him. We still mostly talk positive of you. Maybe one day you'll find the same love others have for you?
  6. Speak for yourself You're really motivated to put others down? But impressive mental gymnastics? Do you believe evolution has an end point?
  7. Ugh.. Green: I was into stuff like crystals, vibrations, no-fluoride, sustainable/natural living, astral projection, exploring other dimensions of reality, lucid dreaming, wanted freedom, had romanticised ideas about reality, etc. Yellow: I had discovered the beauty in politics as a concept, I wanted to be president or work for a regulatory body or anything that put me in direct contact with the systems that run society, I was deep into experimental music theory and loved theorizing stuff and how every single field I was into was connected and the same thing, I was always talking about UBI and writing long essays about how society could be restructured like by abolishing inheritance and how it could work, etc. I was writing around a million words a year at Yellow. But I'm well past that now.
  8. Good, the mods haven't broken our encryption yet?? Wow, only 12 here. Leo must actually love me back??
  9. I discovered spirituality when I was fully ready for it, at Green, age 14. I'm 24 now. I entered Yellow at around 18, at university. Need any other details? That's a sign of Yellow, if anything. Being fully aware that it puts me at a disadvantage, I do it anyway. No Orange would voluntarily worsen their hand. It's because I don't care about maximizing my reputation/status here. You wouldn't understand. Orange uses just the right language to benefit itself the most. I do the opposite, for entertainment and to show that being serious all the time leads you nowhere in the end.
  10. Bro.. ask Carl for the u know what. We need more people like you.
  11. lol, no. But I understand why you'd like to think so.
  12. Coral is going back to the individualistic side, the "selfishly inquisitive" side. Turquoise realizes there's nothing left to discover, and any desire to keep exploring and discovering is a delusion and an addiction, but Coral decides to keep exploring anyway for the sake of expansion, as that expansion is Coral itself. Turquoise is perfectly content doing nothing, as all is perfect, and is the first stage in which you're truly an adult. But everything being fine isn't the peak of our potential. Our potential is infinite, and Turquoise is just the start.
  13. I thought that for the longest time, but then had a few Coral insights. I don't come up with this stuff, ideas/insights exist independently of me and my views.
  14. OP: "So I've been doing a lot of research into spiral dynamics recently" I don't think he has a good idea. Kinda need people with experience in discovering Coral.