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  1. Yes, of course. Ideally we'd design cities in interlinking hexagons or something, like this. But it's unrealistic to think you'll never need to travel outside your residential area. What if there's a nice park on the other side of the city? Even 1000 years in the future all regions won't be the same. People will want all essentials within a 5m walk, but countries/cities will still want to be rich in diversity.
  2. Wondering is anyone else experiences this. Every time I realize what I am and where I am I get this distinct feeling of euphoria. It's like I'm playing hide and seek with myself and, when I find me, we both get elated and start laughing. It's all me, but it's like I can be both my ego and my higher self / god at the same time. When this happens I suddenly feel like I've gone insane, but also like I've never been happier.
  3. Nah, too expensive to build tunnels in literally every single town/city in the world. Only practical for NYC/LA/London/Tokyo/etc. We have so much free space in the sky. Why not just use that. No matter how well you design a city, if it's big then you'll need transport occasionally. Cars are rarely necessary for a single person going to work. But the world has a stupid car culture and doesn't care about finding alternatives. The majority of cars on the road could be gotten rid of if we just used e.g. e-scooters where possible. And where cars are necessary, we could have single person cars which don't need traditional car infrastructure. There are many potential solutions. But until the rest of the world develops, such optimization will never be taken seriously. Why make things better when 90% of the world is living in poverty.. The world is still focused on survival, and flawless systems are an unimportant luxury. Without Elon, we'd still be decades away from electric and self-driving cars. The world just doesn't value this stuff yet.
  4. Hey you know who loves books? @Carl-Richard I will let him read it on my behalf.
  5. lol, that graph shows INFPs (Fi1, Te4, Ti8) as being on par with INTJs. Assuming there's a non-zero margin of error, INFPs have around a 50% chance to be "objectively superior" to INTJs. I don't really know many. The ENTPs on reddit either appear like the objectively superior type, or like asshole kids. ENTPs are people like Leonardo da Vinci (with enneagram 5), or Jack Sparrow (with enneagram 7). INTJs are literally just Disney movie villains and programmers, lol. (Don't take it too seriously, I can hold multiple contradictory views at the same time) Having strong Orange values doesn't exactly make someone "objectively superior". In fact, on this forum it would only make someone objectively inferior.. Oh and.. on top of basically being the definition of Orange.. "Machiavellianism is one of the traits that forms the Dark Triad, along with narcissism and psychopathy". Only an INTJ would consider psychopathy, ESTJ-disorder, and Machiavellianism to be desirable traits.
  6. That's gonna be pretty subjective. But I guess I can rank them by their average levels of awareness. E.g. close-mindedness vs open-mindedness, curiosity vs apathy, etc. ENTP - Think for themselves, strong logic, self-reliant, don't jump to conclusions, open minded, intellectual, good emotional awareness. INTP - Same, but lazier, less energy, less curiosity, poor emotional awareness. INTJ - Same as INTP, but more moody, more negative, most self-centred, more Orange, less open minded, less curious, less friendly, likely to jump to conclusions, particularly poor emotional awareness & social awareness. INFJ - Pretty good. Mature ones can be smart and open minded. But are rarely serious about anything and lack energy. ENFP - Like a sensor feeler faking being an ENTP to try to look smart. They rarely care about the mechanisms/logic behind things. They just wanna climb that social/corporate ladder, and so read many books believing this is what smart people do. They're also the type most likely to ban you for disrespecting their authority on discord. That said, they're often energetic with lots of ideas, and so can make for good entertainment. Also their no-Ti insecurities can actually make them knowledgeable when mature, if they really work to make up for that non-existent Ti with a big list of facts. INFP - Hit and miss. Fi dom means they'll have their beliefs, and won't care about truth or logic or anything else. Often one of the lowest IQ types, but can be interesting, funny, and energetic. ESTP - Fun, clever, non-judging. They're great if for shallow relationships and/or physical activities. ESFP - Fun and non-competitive. Not very abstract, but make up for it with good social skills. ENTJ - Can be kinda smart I guess, but overly Orange and insecure about Se, like INTJs. Will ban you if you disrespect their authority on discord. ISFJ - Calm and nice. Very introverted. Can't really have deep discussions with them, but they're generally pleasant and open minded. ENFJ - Fake and often dumb. Like power, but rarely smart enough to actually know what to do with it. ESFJ - Too sensitive and will hate you for making them use their brain. ESTJ - Dictators. Act much smarter than they are. Extremely affiliative. Stupid, but can be fun and shake things up. ISTP - The most introverted type. Can be smart, but just shit generally. Zero social skills. ISTJ - Awful social skills. Boring AF. ISFP - FiSeNiTe = hell. Strong feelings about everything, but stupid (Te4, Ti8). Focused entirely on the physical world (Se2) so has no abstract capabilities and strongly feels that all NT types are weird/dumb/crazy (Ne blindspot). How do you even consider that "Giftedness"🤦🏻🤦🏻 Oh wait.. the guys working on statistics in academia , the ones who made that graph, are Te users..🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻
  7. Alive/dead aren't useful distinctions here. Consciousness is immortal. Birth is a belief. Creation means using things to create new things. But we're talking about source here, and source couldn't have been created. Anything that was created can't be source. Source/God doesn't need anything like that. There being a process, a beginning, an end, are all human concepts/beliefs. God isn't human, and you can't understand it with conventional human/Blue logic. Take away your assumptions about reality, and suddenly concepts of no time, no process, no structure, no birth, no death, etc. become simple. God/infinity was always there. You won't find it on a timescale.
  8. Is this a common view or what? It's wrong. The types are not all equal. The number of nurses / truck drivers the world needs atm is far greater than the number of needed mental masturbators. The world couldn't function if everyone was an intellectual. We need very few intellectuals, probably less than 5% of the population. So while the intellectuals are superior by every metric that they value, no single component of society is superior to another in the big picture.
  9. That's 30 minutes of painful boredom, and wasted time. I can make Leo speak at 3x speed to make up for the speed difference, and I don't have to waste a moment being focused just on him. I can be listening to him and writing a response on the forum at the same time.
  10. If Leo talks shit for 2 hours.. no harm done. I've been doing something while listening to him. If I read shit for 2 hours straight.. that's 2 hours gone forever. tbh most ENTPs do have adhd traits. We're the least sensor type.
  11. You mean me? I think spending 2 hours listening is objectively easier than spending 2 hours reading text. I like multitasking, and listening allows for this.
  12. I think it's too much complexity to model like this. SD is enough. It's basic, but still accurate enough to be useful. Almost everyone here is Orange or Green. Anything above tends to be pretty obvious.
  13. I think there he's talking about reaching higher levels of awareness. Personal development is a separate thing. imo he overdoes personal development, and doesn't talk about enough Turquoise level stuff. It's true. The forum is a little Blue, VERY Orange, very Green, somewhat Yellow, and a little Turquoise. But we should treat it for what it should strive to be. I don't care if my Turquoise threads are too advanced for most of the people here. This is supposed to be a Tier 2 forum, and we should treat it as such. If "health" is spiritual, then so is cocaine, porn, etc. You can either see everything as spiritual, or you can see certain things are particularly spiritual, among less spiritual things. Interesting. Too bad he didn't really have any analysis on this. I made an in-depth analysis of Leo, and why he's an INTJ. You begin by making points? That's kinda the wrong approach here, imo. You should begin with inspiration. Otherwise it will feel uninspired. People can only get as excited about your ideas as you are. Your excitement is the limiting factor. If you're making threads mechanically, people will process them mechanically. If you're excited when writing something, then people will, potentially, feel that same excitement you feel. Functions are like colors. A flower can be red or blue or whatever, and describing them as being primarily red or blue isn't a problem. A red flower is a red flower. If you want more resolution, you can add more models, but most of the time knowing if a flower is red or blue is enough. The specific shade is rarely important, but if it is then just add enneagram/SD or something.
  14. The test for Asperger's is less exhaustive than your average MBTI test. Unless you're literally disabled and can't read facial expressions, then I'd say completely disregard the idea. It's far more useful to understand how you actually function, e.g. by learning cognitive functions. Literally ALL INTPs would be considered autistic by any psychologist looking for autistic traits in you.