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  1. Why should he give a shit? That would be tier 1 behaviour. Here's a quick summary. Upper Turquoise: Not giving a shit, at all, about anyone or even the whole planet (in a GOOD way, before anyone says anything..) To some of the lower stages this would seem crazy, but Turquoise != Green. And Turquoise isn't just another name for Green 100 year old asian gurus. Lower Turquoise: Caring, but not being attached to anything, nor actively looking for solutions. Yellow: Giving a shit, but prioritising the big-picture / education over immediate results. This may look like: Uniting people against you / challenging convention / heresy / teaching by example.. Green: Discovery of world problems + low intellectual development = the kind of behavior you're advocating for here. Greens do not conceptualize, let alone implement, plans for colonies on other planets, or start a tunnelling company, or work on anything like neuralink/openAI/hyperloop/etc. And neither do Oranges, normally. For a Green, it would be near impossible to understand how increasing pollution, or building up an arsenal of nuclear weapons, for example, could be good for the world. Elon demonstrates the foresight to see how ""scary"" things can sometimes be the way forward. This you do not see in Green/Orange. Orange: Disinterest in world problems due to a perceived incompleteness in the self, which takes priority. Giving a shit, but only in relation to how the self is affected. A perfect example of this is John Cena apologizing profusely to the CCP for accidentally referring to Taiwan as a country. Is this the kind of behavior you see from Elon? Orange would bend over for the CCP if there's money to be made, and would play it off as caring for the wishes of the people or for the environment (you know.. to keep investors happy!). Solid Green would be outraged and cry in a corner when asked to bend over (maybe protest a little). Yellow would calculate the long-term risk/reward before doing anything. Turquoise would just laugh in China's face (and maybe respond to every question with a rhetorical question).
  2. Except that autism is diagnosed by looking at one's traits, so there is no "only applicable to neurotypicals" rule. Anyone describing their tier 2 traits could get the autism diagnosis.
  3. That's something you're hardwired to do. Something you need to not die. Pointless conversations are, however, different. I needed to make this thread about just as much as I needed to smoke some weed! Why should I?! Y-You're not my mom! Damn it, man! You've made me go digging for it! Edit: Found it!
  4. Well, I put them in "quotes" for a reason. "Wrong" as in what "some" "people" may see as the "truth". Turquoise expansion is well-rounded / balanced. Autistic expansion may be skewed in some specific area, depending on the person. Generally, though, something intellectual.
  5. Sure, the apes are mostly Orange, but the idea of exposing such issues is Yellow. The apes don't give a shit about how they make their money, mostly, they just want it to squeeze! The motivation for most is Orange, but the method is Yellow. However, if Elon fucks with the markets, it's more likely to be Yellow. There are many ways for Elon to make money, and at this point he's more concerned with his reputation than money. I can very clearly tell that his "manipulative" actions are not the result of greed. It's more "trolling" in nature. I'm, generally, very sensitive to Yellowness, and this is what I'm seeing in his actions. tfw was considering selling at $73 today in pre-market, but decided this is most likely a bullish indication of what's to come later today.. ($73 was supposed to to be launching pad to $100 due to call options) tfw almost got margin called when it dipped to $37 tfw lost £5k due to having to panic-close positions to avoid margin call. tfw was finally starting to recover from my margin when GME crashed from $340 to $130, and I lost £20k tfw Leo can now call me Orange because I lost my money.. tfw too high up the spiral to kms over this. Except he's not motivated by money to work, nor the process of work itself. He knows there's no one out there that could replace him. And his work is that important. : ( It was not my intention to upset you.. w-what?! Gates is clearly Yellow. What would more money and success mean to him at this point? I'm relatively familiar with his current projects, and they're ALL very Yellow. He's just doing things in a way which allow him to maintain control, but that's more related to his personality that's been developed by decades exposure to the business world. He starts off by thing "how can I help" rather than "how could I profit". It's just that they're both deeply linked. I don't know much about Bezos, but I think he's Orange, with some emerging Yellowness. * shocked * You seemed like someone who'd know this. All I'll say is, that's definitely not a multi-perspectival view. MBTI is derived from brain function. Not the other way around. You can think of it like "autism just makes someone atypical". Be it atypically smart, or atypically stupid. For someone to be atypically smart, they're gonna have to have the "atypical" factor. No "typical" person is gonna be "atypically" smart.
  6. I think you may be making some assumptions. I understand love. I went through the Green stage many years ago. Since then, I've been a hyper-extrovert. But a need for socialisation is a problem in itself. If you feel a "need" for others, that's an indication of unresolved emotional issues. Generally, anything you're emotionally "dependent" on is a problem. It'll make sense one day, I was a Green myself, once. You just, eventually, stop with the spiritual guru rhetoric, and start discovering things by yourself, at Yellow. Answers such as "you just need to awaken your heart" no longer seem satisfactory, and debates require actual reasoning. But no rush, you'll get there! ..sorry, had to. But one of my pet peeves is lectures from Greens who believe they're Turquoise. (I'm very sensitive to Yellowness, or its lack of, so those who dismiss it in Yellow discussions are a bit ..hard to deal with).
  7. We're consciousness.
  8. As I said: I have TOO MUCH conversation! I enjoy it, but it's nothing but a shallow dopamine hit! No different to a recreational drug. It brings me down to the intellect level. There is nothing left to say. Everything's been said. But with nothing better to do, I just end up having these conversations! Pointless conversations. When I was but a young Yellow™, I debated/theorized constantly. I enjoyed teaching & learning. But I've now too much awareness to believe there's any point in this. I only continue to do it for the dopamine hit. Other people are but an illusion. It's just a belief. You can only ever experience yourself. I don't see how illusions/delusions can, in some way, be fundamental. Useful, perhaps, but important? I think unlikely.
  9. What do you mean by "righteous"? Seems like you're asking the wrong questions. If you knew how & when to act "righteous", that wouldn't help you at all. That could actually lower your level of awareness. It's just not how you learn. You learn best through failing as your authentic self. That's what you want to improve, right? It's not your acting skills that you're trying to improve. This is like a textbook example of what Blue tends to struggle to understand.
  10. And how do you do this? Give them tests, and if they fail you ghost them?
  11. This is nothing new, but would be a fun experiment to try.
  12. A little trick I picked up a while back ; ) Step 1: Become god. Step 2: Watch yourself rolling on the floor, screaming & laughing uncontrollably in ecstasy. Notes: The ecstasy is located around the back of the skull/neck. But I'm pretty sure it's possible to move around. Anyone else do this?
  13. Hmm? Ni is the narrow/inward subconscious-processing function. It can make someone hard to understand, but I don't think mystical experiences are at all linked to it. But I may be biased, being a Ne-man myself.
  14. Intelligence = awareness = the spiral Autists often have to compensate for their difficulties in society. This results in them developing their intellect. People are only as smart as they need to be to survive, and most never experience a need to develop their intellect. "Intelligent" people are, generally, only intelligent because they had to be (be it out of a need to understand socialising [autism], or out of boredom [adhd]). Orange is a pretty low level of development for someone in their 30s/40s, especially for someone with a highly developed intellect. And you don't just spend decades learning complex systems and thinking about the distant future as Orange, especially when you could just retire whenever. It's unlikely he's deep in Orange, but it likely is his predominant stage. I think his autism likely makes him atypical in terms of SD. He's got a lot of Orange and Yellow, but I'm not seeing much Green. A shadow, perhaps. He's the type of person who lives out of his intellect, and dismisses everything else. He's developed his intellect almost to the point of Yellow thinker, but that rejection of Green is keeping him from actually being a genuine, certified SpiralDynamics®Yellow™. I think that's a bit of a myopic view of his actions. He's not "manipulating" the markets, he's just fucking with them (big difference). He wants to expose its problems. He thinks shorting should be illegal, and is giving the problem more exposure (much like apes, such as myself, are by buying AMC/GME?????). This is an example of Yellow. Edit (while we're on the topic): ????????????????????????????????????????? MOON CONFIRMED!!!!! Gamma squeeze imminent!! HODL!! ?????????????????????????????????????????
  15. I did say I'm kind of "addicted" to conversation..