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  1. Energy work + power of suggestion tbh energy orgasms are infinitely better than regular orgasms. Cumming is a physical process that's connected to an energetic process. But it's more powerful when it's an energetic process connected to a physical process. Whenever I become God it's almost always accompanied by an energetic explosion in the top chakras. Much more intense than a dick orgasm, or even a base chakra orgasm. In the video the guy seems to be guiding her orgasm through several chakras. With edging and playing around with energy, it's easy to change a dick orgasm to a base chakra orgasm. Idk if it's a good idea long term, but it's interesting. I think anal sex does this automatically, and is why it's even a thing. I should also mention.. the orgasms you're used to are likely orgasms at the base of your dick. By relaxing the IC / stopping pee muscles, the orgasm should be much more intense and spread to the whole dick.
  2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Ghost dicks can go infinitely large, and reach anyone in the worldπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰
  3. She died fatπŸ’€πŸ’€ RIP ..a big fart in her honorπŸ₯²
  4. It's like a different pathway you wanna learn to use. Learn to not rely on the squeeze to avoid ejaculation. This is key. Completely ignore that squeeze muscle. Allow yourself to piss yourself, and you'll find a baseline where relaxation is normal. No. And it's glans. Also known as the bellend, which is what the kids call each other here in the UK.
  5. 1. You wanna develop the PC muscles. They're the muscles you use to pee, NOT the muscles you use to stop pee, those are overdeveloped in most guys and cause premature ejaculation. This will take 1y+ and is not easy. You should feel like you're at risk of pissing yourself while practising. 2. There are 4 main techniques you will want to use regularly. From beginner to advanced. Spending a few months on each before adding a more advanced technique. They're all important, and focus different veins. The underside contains the corpus spongiosum and is what's responsible for pumping blood into the dick. It determines how much bloodflow the dick can handle. The more blood it's able to handle, the bigger the dick must grow to accommodate the abnormally high levels of bloodflow experienced while doing these exercises. Before you start, get a bit hard, by masturbation if you must. Explained from a lying on back POV: Beginner technique (upper-side / outflow) 1. Grip your dick lightly. 2. Place thumb just below glans. 3. Move down. Repeat. Try to target the dorsal artery (big vein in the middle, not the side). Intermediate technique (whole thing) Like jelqing, but subtler, and with both hands. 1. Press at base with fingers of dominant hand, and slightly pull up. (Pressure on the dorsal and corpus w/ fingers). 2. Blood will rush to the top, and you'll press just below glans with other hand at the same as releasing the first hand. You wanna create pressure so as to stress the blood vessels. This is bodybuilding, but not for muscles, for veins, and your cock is 99.9% just veins. Fun fact: Muscles can't grow without the supporting vein development first. So cardio is important for bodybuilding in general. Weak veins = slow muscle growth. Advanced technique (under-side / inflow) 1. Let your dick lie back on your abdomen. 2. Stroke a finger up from the base to the glans. Advanced technique, so you may feel absolutely nothing from this. Important to do this while somewhat hard. Experiment with intensity and how many fingers you use. Soft strokes stimulate the nerves more, hard strokes move more blood. Supplementary technique Get a big metal spoon, and hit every part of your dick. Firmly, but not painfully. Y'know how you get a black eye from "impact"? Well that's blood rushing to repair shit, and make it better than before. Same how muscle building works. You wanna do that for your veins, just enough to elicit a growth response.
  6. Uhm, don't most people have dynamic IPs? I'm preety sure it's her. Also she said she plans to start exercising. I think my rejection of her caused her to want to improve herself (realistically, it's just an act tho) @Osaid np @Preety You're not fooling anyone. Two words. Corpus. Spongiosum. You basically wanna edge and (almost) never cum. And to put most of the pressure on the under-side. I can go into detail if anyone's interested.
  7. No, even an 80 year old man can gain a couple inches over a decade of proper training and nutrition.
  8. omg what is Preety doing on a Journal about dicks ?!
  9. Because ear lobes are just skin. You can stretch you foreskin if you want, but that's all you'll really achieve. Oxygen starved blood staying in your dick isn't healthy, nor does it develop the corpus spongiosum. I've seen studies saying both. Most seem to agree it's closer to 5. It drops below baseline, and then finds a baseline somewhere. If you have no thoughts of sex in your mind tho, that will basically power down your sex chakras. Why would they be powered up? Waste of energy if you're not using it. Hence, decreased activity in your balls. Nothing is isolated. The energy body and the physical body are one. Flatlining? Like the stockmarket rn?
  10. The most well-established fact is that T peaks around 5 days post-nut, and then slowly keeps dropping. I say this and link studies every few months whenever a new nofap thread comes around. Few ever listen. It's a a well-known study, easy to find. Probably been repeated dozens of times too. My claims about dick size are just common sense. Reduced blood-flow is worse than increased blood-flow. But more importantly, the primary limiting factor in how big your dick gets is the level of development of your corpus spongiosum. The less you wank, the less you develop it, and the more it potentially atrophies, almost like a muscle. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ r/suicidebywords
  11. See, @Leo Gura? It's not just me wanting things my way. People are repeating my ideas cause good UX is largely universal.
  12. Nope. Imagine doing that to your arm hoping it makes your biceps bigger.. Your dick works the same way. Pulling will do little. Avoiding using it altogether will not help either. So the damage wasn't too severe. That's nice.
  13. I don't even talk about meditation/consciousness to most people. I'm selective about who I talk about these things with. If I trust someone a lot I may talk a bit about solipsistic ideas. If I really trust them I may talk about remote viewing. Beyond that I may talk about psychic ability. And if I fully trust someone, I may talk about the astral. And if I suspect they may be more than a layman, I might use less well-known terms to gauge how deep I can go with them.
  14. Oh I'm not a member of that cult, MBTI & Actualized are enough for me. nofap and its offshoots are unhealthy, and shrink your dick. Use it or lose it. Dislocate your arm and don't engage a single muscle in the arm for a whole month/year. What do you think will happen? Atrophy. That's what NNN is doing to y'all. Also lowers testosterone and baselines sex-drive.