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  1. It means you haven't accepted reality, and cling onto hope that things aren't how they seem. It's an anxiety about what existence is.
  2. 1/10 I basically have no fear, but am still somewhat invested in this life so would want to avoid death.
  3. As others have already pointed out, Leo is an incel (and an INTP..)
  4. Give up Learn to go down to their level and be comfortable there. If you ever wanna get to Turquoise this is mandatory to learn. Look for personalities you like rather than stages in people. A good Blue is superior to a bad Green anyway.
  5. South-West UK : )
  6. A JP quote? smh
  7. : ( Sorry I upset you. It's just that your post wasn't exactly "unique". It's all already heavily covered. I don't post that often.. I just post something in a random top thread a few times a week. I'm not "finding" you. You sure about that? (lol, pls don't kill me) .. the guy I was replying to is the one who brought up how long you've been here.
  8. That's why I point it out. With that post count, it's a bit weird to not have watched any of the videos which explain all this in full.
  9. Why explain where to find all the answers? This has all already been addressed by Leo in videos.
  10. Every heard of Actualized? It's a YouTube channel with some vids on this kinda stuff. What you're describing is simply Blueness.
  11. This thread is cringe AF
  12. lmao Using Ken's model on this site can easily lead to confusion, as Ken's "Turquoise" is more like "Yellow" in SD. And Ken's model is clearly faulty. Spiritual experiences / telepathy / etc. are not indicative of one's stage. One could easily convince themselves they're Ultraviolet just because they can enter the void and can become god on command.
  13. Blue doesn't start "movements" like Green. Blue doesn't think big picture like that. Greens are the ones most likely to get offended at incorrect use of pronouns or whatever.
  14. Fuck no. Imagine getting divorced and splitting your earnings in half multiple times over.. Multiple GFs tho? Fuck yeah! Miss me with that Blue monogamist shit.