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  1. I think it's understandable to question the nature of humans...especially in relation to veganism and animal agriculture. However, comparing human dietary choices to the instinctual survival behaviors of other animals—like a crocodile's need to kill to survive—overlooks a crucial difference ... our capacity for ethical reasoning and moral decision-making. Humans have a complex biology. But suggesting that a vegan lifestyle is a rejection of our nature simplifies of humans. Our adaptability and intelligence have allowed us to thrive on a variety of diets throughout different time periods and in different environments. The argument for veganism is less about denying our biological potential for omnivorous diets and more about electing to make choices that align with ethical considerations regarding animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and health. saying veganism is an identity crisis or a form of "dysmorphia" misunderstands the motivations behind the choice. Vegans usually become vegan in the first place via critical thinking about the impact of their choices on animals... the planet... and their own health. This isn't "rejection of humanity" but its an embrace of our unique human ability to reflect on and adjust our behaviors based on ethical considerations. & I also think that implying selfishness is foundational to being human underestimates human compassion and our capability for altruism. History and current history are have tons of humans acting against their immediate self-interest for the greater good or in defense of ethical principles. The choice to be vegan is an example wherein individuals might see the welfare of animals and the environment over personal convenience or habit. Embracing veganism doesn't mean denying our nature any more than adopting any other ethical standpoint does. It's more so about the fact that we see other animals might eat each other out of necessity while also seeing that have the privilege of choice. Utilizing our human attributes of empathy and moral reasoning, I think adopting a plant-based lifestyle isn't "being untrue to our nature" and isn't an "identity crisis" ... it's a celebration of the best aspects of what it can mean to be human. & using your same logic, it's perfectly nature for humans to rape each other and kill infants, which has been done by humans for thousands of years because "humans are killers." Humans have the capacity for moral reasoning. I disagree.
  2. Except of our v-cards and hearts on the Dating, Sexuality, Relationships, Family discussion portion of the forum
  3. It's so worth it if you're using YouTube on mobile. On browser you can just use ad block, but it's bundled with YouTube music. don't know how I'd be able to watch YouTube without it on mobile w/ the ads
  4. That's because the good life is the challenging life.
  5. This made me laugh out loud 😂 You're being sarcastic, right?
  6. Dr. Matthew Nagra is a naturopathic doctor who does a lot of fact-checking online when it comes to claims about nutrition. He collaborated with some colleagues and pulled together many studies examining the effects that PBMAs have on CVD and the results are pretty counterintuitive. Despite being ultra-processed, they still fare well in mitigating risk of developing CVD.
  7. "He who seeks wisdom from others on how to speak with a woman at his workplace has already conceded defeat within himself." - Confucius
  8. Are you aware of antagonistic pleiotropy?
  9. You could end up shooting up ozempic with a bunch of hot MILFS at their house, referring to it as "drugs."
  10. The gray silhouette of some dude on a black backdrop is promising for some, but its overuse strips you of individuality! It's hard to remember someone just by their name when they can have a profile picture represent them. Actualizers, I've noticed recently more and more of you have been using the default photo - which is fine by any means. But when practically everyone uses it in some threads it gets, needlessly complicated I know you know who I'm talking to ...
  11. Obsidian has a one-note type thing built into it (excalidraw and/or canvas), not to mention. Its community is amazing and there are thousands of free plugins to choose from to supercharge your thinking. Highly recommend obsidian myself. But yeah, me and @Ayham use the PARA method and see similar results. I changed mine up a bit and label the four main folders as three main ones: 1. Inbox (all new notes go here for further sorting) 2. Resources (all my 100+ notes go here, unsorted, with tags) 3. Personal (all my thousands of journal entries go here, my projects, areas, and I sort by month for current year like June 2024 and for previous years I have 2023. I also put goals and other miscellaneous personal items here) 4. Home (it's not a folder, it's a note. It has links to my library which uses something called DATAVIEW which is like, it is a table that automatically makes links to whatever tags you set it to. Like I have a table which sorts through my 100+ notes and finds only #dating-advice ones and puts all the links to those notes there) Hope that helps!
  12. Personally, I think it depends on what kind of porn you watch. 99.9% of porn is genuinely disgusting and definitely fucks up your sexual energy. But I remember Leo said something about the 0.1% of porn on the internet that's high-consciousness. For example - there's a couple who initially started recording them having sex without the intent to upload it to the internet. Eventually they did, and they started an onlyfans. Their names are Damien and Diana. The level of love that they have in their relationship is unbelievable. Damien and Diana are a couple who are both deeply in love and one day they just decided to record themselves having sex one day. They upload their stuff onto PornHub as well, but you can't see their faces (for the most part, they give up blurring their faces halfway through lol) I'm bringing this up because their sexual relationship completely changed the way I view sex. Personally, it doesn't fuck up my sexual energy whatsoever and actually enhances it for some odd reason.
  13. How is that a lot of sugar, especially compared to the calorie content?