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  1. Cause I don't want to live in a lie. I want to know the truth.
  2. @Razard86 yes, I believe everything he said about seeing angels and god. That true, we have easier life than many people but we never appreciate this fact. We always thing that we have it worse than other.
  3. @Vlad_ it felt very scary just by reading it let alone experiencing it.
  4. @Jowblob ''If you suicide you will just wake up at the same time like it was another dream. Ahahahahaha'' how is this possible?
  5. Good video thank you for sharing. I hope there will be a better afterlife to everyone.
  6. How does that help, can you elaborate and offer practical advices!?
  7. @Yimpa This somehow sounds pointless but I don't know really.
  8. @Yimpa what does expanding one's own consciousness mean? I don't understand?
  9. @Yimpa I don't know about psychological or cannabis and ketamine. How does realizing your true natured changed you specifically?
  10. @Razard86 this is interesting. How does one realize they true nature without using psychedelics? And what is death? Where do we go after death?
  11. @Gabith nice
  12. @Gabith Who would stop you from blaming others it is not a sin it's your choice but that victime and blame mentality lead to all sort of hate. You need to see that first. No one asked you to be perfect feel the emotion don't compress them. If no body loves me that does not mean I need to hate everyone. Find one person only one that you get along with and don't wait to get something from them just spending good time that's very simple. Why don't you live a simple life? Why do you want to fly even though you still need time to grow wings. Who are you comparing yourself with?
  13. @Vlad_ wow, explain what does it mean that I am you? since you are imagining me that means I am an imaginary thing as all th objecta around what that has to do with you? You say you are God? What is the definition of God in your own perspective?
  14. @Vlad_ @Vlad_ You woke up from the dream which is this life Then What do you see right now? How does the reality look? And who are you?