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  1. @Gabith nice
  2. @Gabith Who would stop you from blaming others it is not a sin it's your choice but that victime and blame mentality lead to all sort of hate. You need to see that first. No one asked you to be perfect feel the emotion don't compress them. If no body loves me that does not mean I need to hate everyone. Find one person only one that you get along with and don't wait to get something from them just spending good time that's very simple. Why don't you live a simple life? Why do you want to fly even though you still need time to grow wings. Who are you comparing yourself with?
  3. @Vlad_ wow, explain what does it mean that I am you? since you are imagining me that means I am an imaginary thing as all th objecta around what that has to do with you? You say you are God? What is the definition of God in your own perspective?
  4. @Vlad_ @Vlad_ You woke up from the dream which is this life Then What do you see right now? How does the reality look? And who are you?
  5. @Inliytened1 observer = Awareness same thing. Yes awareness the thing that for instance cats don't have. Okey, we agreed on this. Now how to wake up from this dream?
  6. @Inliytened1 when I set down to think about it my mind tell me you need to jump from somewhere and die to wake up from this fake dream 🤣 Also my body is not real I don't feel that I have a soul. The only thing I fell is that I have an observer in my mind or brain or awareness I don't know what to call it who is watching and feeling everything.
  7. @Gabith in the end nothing matters. Remember that. No one parents was perfect. Why do you keep blaming others? It's not thier fault and it's not your fault either
  8. @Inliytened1 yeah I know that I am dreaming and I can feel that I am nothing (noself) but it does not feel good, i want to wake up from this drzam. This reality does not look amzing like before cause i know it's just a dream. Now My question is what I need to do to see that I am god? If it can't be explained by word then how can I understand it?
  9. @r0ckyreed Everyone has his own perspective wtf is that. Then what is the truth then. Why they make it so difficult to find. I don't understand.
  10. @Breakingthewall it is not possible to be nothing. Don't fool yourself.
  11. @Hojo that just your story it does not look right
  12. @Hojo I felt like I need to die to wake up from this dream but that does not mean anything I don't want to die I just want an answer to my question. Also what do you mean by we are doing something profound for the universe? in what way?
  13. @Razard86 yes I felt like I am nothing void an empty thing but how can that be what's the point if I am nothing?
  14. Hello, I feel like all the things I see in front of me is not real just like a dream also people around they are not real they are only destruction. The language we are speaking is also nonsense it's a dream too. Also my body is not real. I don't know what I am anymore. I am waiting to wake up from this life/dream but I could not. I feel like I was not born it is only an imaginary event my existence does not have a starting point I don't know how but I feel like that. Somebody who knows more than what I know explain me what I am and what this life/dream is. If I wake up from this dream what will I see???????
  15. Read so good they can't ignore you your questions will be solved