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  1. I wasn't excellent at math I was good at average always miss on half a point or point from the excellent degree untill I found a good teacher he totally made me fall in love with math I was always getting the full degree afterwards the adrenaline rush me and my friend were getting in his class was similar to how we were playing football matches at the time constant enjoyment and flow God I miss it.
  2. @2ndComing You can't completely follow others you can get a lot of help from people that doesn't mean you're following. Read about the idea of Pendulums from the book reality transerfing.
  3. There is nothing called self improvement this is egoic construction to feel good about it self. There is emptying and allowing god to do work through you so your work is not to improve its to allow. God is whole and perfect. Check out let the source take the garbage on actuality of being.
  4. No one. there isn't something called growth.
  5. I was like you too math was my favourite subject with science all of it physics, chemistry and biology. Find a good teacher work under him as an assistant.
  6. Maybe we can reframe the question to what's most powerful rather than real I think that's a better question to his answer
  7. There are some people who their bodies don't decompose after death they all have one thing in common which is they were doing spiritual work I want to know why is that how that works if anyone here knows about this?
  8. Humans can't create a fly how can they invent something smarter than humans? Data gathering machines are not smart. consciousness is. you see machines are designed to do whatever the humans want it to do unlike humans who are created in the image of god and are given his attributes humans can attribute some of their attributes to machines but not like the creation of infinite intelligence. The idea of AI having cognition like humans is impossible they don't have an ego , energy centers, feelings , spirit Aliens from other galaxies sounds more interesting idea than AI if they exist especially if they are smarter than humans.
  9. Ai is dumb it can't be human like It's too overrated right now ask this question 100 or 150 years later right now not even close.
  10. they are a very ugly manifestations of spiritual diseases.
  11. Why would anyone get triggered? What's triggering about someone who is enjoying his stage? lol
  12. Leo is an ENFP what are you guys talking about he is a clear ENFP
  13. No, God doesn't create randomly it may seem like chaos to your human mind but it isn't no one can fully understand god it's impossible. there is a limit to our human mind.
  14. A quote from Neville Goddard's book (at your command) " Things have no reality other than consciousness therefore get the consciousness first and the thing is compelled to appear Get first the consciousness of the things you are seeking and leave the things alone. " What if I don't have the Consciousness of the thing I seek bec I never experienced it. how can I get this Consciousness? What does he mean by the Consciousness of the things?