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  1. do you guys understand English ?? do you know what I do in my life to say that I am stuck in my finite system. if we consider that the finite system you are talking about is fundamental Islam stage blue Islam. if I go to a mosque and say to the imam I am GOD. he will say you are not Muslim. KAFIR ATHEIST 😂😂. he may kill me or hand me over to a mental illness hospital. I have problems with my family because I point out the corrupt teachings in Islam. if I agree with what Leo says about god and spirituality I am out of that finite system you are talking about. I love stage yellow Islamic teaching and Sufism. I have tried kriya yoga. I dont have any problem with other spiritual teachings. you cant understand my level of open-mindedness because you have 0 critical thinking skills. are you sure about that? what I said is Muhammed is the most enlightened being what is dogmatic about that?? it is just an opinion I am aware of the big picture but you guys like to demonize religions. you are so funny I think Muhammad is the best because I am biased I know that. also, I love Adyashanti teachings, Alan watts, and Osho in that order. I am biased like every human being. do you have any problem with that ???
  2. they like being sheep let them be. when they don't understand something they say you are dogmatic. because the bible has been corrupted and Christianity lost its spirit they think Islam is like that LOL.
  3. @Shin I haven't mentioned any religion, I can say Muhammed (saw) is superior because Jesus will return and renew Islam again. you don't want to submit to the truth because of your ego if I am being dogmatic and a fundamental Muslim I will not even listen to one video about spirituality from Leo let alone being in this forum. don't come to me and say you are dogmatic prove me wrong don't be a child. can you prove that Jesus will not return? what do you believe about God & spirituality?
  4. how would you know that I didn't have any direct experience of any prophet? do you know something called dreams? you can talk to any prophet if you develop yourself spiritually. the reason I said that the prophet Muhammad (saw) is the most enlightened being is that he predicted everything that is going to happen with so much accuracy that is mind-blowing and you can't deny it and say epistemological assumptions. every single sign he said had happened. here is one of them : B) New York Is The Evil Of September The 11th, Al Duhaima In Ahadith, Allah Declared This Today; Ibn Masood (ra) said the fitnah of the Duhaima will be so sever and it’s deception so great, that a muslim will not be safe from his own companion, he should be like a statue in his own house to avoid it; Amr ibn Waabisah related from his father from Ibn Mas’ood who said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah say (and he mentioned part of Abu Bakrah’s Hadeeth, mentioned later, “let him betake himself to his sword, crush its blade with a rock”) “All of those killed in it (the fitna) are in the Hellfire.” Waabisah asked, “And when is that, O Ibn Mas’ood?” He said, “Those are the days of much killing, when a man will not be safe from the companion he sits with.” Waabisah said, “And what do you order me to do if I reach that time?” He said, “Restrain your tongue and your hand, and be a fixture from the fixtures of your house.”(Abu Dawwud) The People Of New York Will Not Be Able To Move In The Next Life Without Earning Hell, This Is Their Punishment In The Akhira, It Is What They Forced Onto The World And How They Expected The World To Be, Statues In Their Own House At The Pain Of Death; Imam Nu’aym ibn Hammad, who was one of Imam Bukhari’s teachers, in his work al Fitan narrated from Abu Hurayrah (ra) that he said: “The fourth fitna (September the 11th) is blind and dark, rolling like the ocean. It will not leave a single house of the Arabs or the ‘Ajam without filling it with humiliation and fear. It will go around Sham (Greater Syria), cover ‘Iraq, and batter the Jazirah with its hand and foot. During it, the Ummah will be torn by wars, and the tribulations will become so severe that right will be considered as wrong, and wrong will be considered as right. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO VOICE THE LEAST OBJECTION (TO BEING KILLED). Every time they resolve it in one place, it will afflict them with division (EVIL) in another place (the splitting up of societies). During it, a man will be a mu’min (BELIEVER) in the morning and become a kafir (HE WILL LOSE HIS FAITH) by the evening, and no one will be saved from it except one who supplicates like a person drowning in the ocean would supplicate. It will last for twelve years, then it will end when it ends (“IT WILL CLEAR AFTER 18 YEARS”), and then the Euphrates will uncover a mountain of gold. They (the Arabs) will fight over it until seven out of every nine are killed.” Abu Bakrah related from his father, who related that the Messenger of Allah said, “Indeed there will be a tribulation — the one who is lying down during it is better than the one who is seated; the one who is seated is better than the one who is standing; the one who is standing is better than the one who is walking; and the one who is walking is better than the one who is seeking it out.” Abu Bakrah said, “O Messenger of Allah, what do you order me to do [then]?” He said, “Whoever has camels, then let him go to his camels; whoever has sheep, then let him catch up with his sheep; and whoever has land, then let him go to his land. And whoever does not have any of that, then let him betake himself to his sword, crush its blade with a rock, and then save himself as much as he is able to do so.” (Abu Dawud; a similar Hadith is found in Muslim). for further reading.
  5. Leo said in his video about Islam that when you get the heart of Islam you throw the Quran away you don't need to read it. what an informed point of view. The Quran has many names, each revealing an aspect of its reality. It is al-Qur’a¯n, or “recitation,” which also means “gathering” or “concentration.” It is al-Furqa¯n, or “discernment,” because it provides the criteria for discerning between truth and falsehood, goodness and evil, beauty and ugliness. It is Umm al-kita¯b, the archetypal book containing the root of all knowledge, and it is al-Huda¯, the guide for the journey of men and women toward God. For Muslims, the Quran is the source of all knowledge both outward and inward, the foundation of the Law, the final guide for ethical behavior, and a net with which the Divine Fisherman ensnares the human soul and brings it back to Unity. The Quran contains several grand themes. it deals with the nature of reality, with the Divine Reality and Its Relation to the realm of relativity. are you sure that what this forum thinks of religions and spiritual texts isn't a blind rejection? as you guys like to follow Leo like sheeps
  6. you have the choice to choose the spiritual teaching that works best for you. I am not going to say to you Why the emphasize on the whatever though ? you should focus on the content, not the structure. it's all about the interpretation of the spiritual text. I can tell you What is The Supreme Being or Allah from the Quran ? The Wisdom of The Supreme Being /Allah in The Quran The Defenition of The Supreme Being 112: 1 say, "it is The Supreme Being for anyone, 112: 2 The Supreme Being, the Source of everything. 112: 3 not it generates forms and nor it is generated by any. 112: 4 and Not exist to it an equivalent, anyone." The Supreme Being is the framework in which our Body, Mind and Self-Awareness exist. 85: 9 To who belongs the dominion in The High Awareness and The Field of Mind. And The Supreme Being over all things is Witness. The Supreme Being can be reached by a human being through his Consciousness by being in the Coherence and rhythmic vibration with it. 110: 1 When given the aid of The Supreme Being and the opening, 110: 2 And you observe The Vibrations entering into Coherence with The Supreme Being in concentration, 110: 3 Then advance in acceptance to your Consciousness (I AM /The Conscious Being) and ask protection from errors to it. Certainly, it is ever Accepting of returning to it. Nurturing The Supreme Being in its Coherence will allow you to feel it. 98: 5 And not they were commanded except to Nurture The Supreme Being, sincere to it in The Coherence, in the right state, and to establish the Connection, and to give purification to the self. And that is the correct Coherence. do you understand now, how can you say There are so many spiritual books that are objectively better than the Quran? it is all subjective to you. that's right
  7. how can you understand someone if you don't allow him to say whatever he wants ??? Characteristics of Open-Minded People : They are curious to hear what others think. They want to hear what other people have to say. They believe others have a right to share their beliefs and thoughts.
  8. @Shin Yeah because as I said it is a state of being. can a state be other than one? I am not saying that Islam is not described in other spiritual texts do you understand ??? Nay,-whoever submits His whole self to Allah and is a doer of good,- He will get his reward with his Lord; on such shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. So set thou thy face steadily and truly to the Faith: (establish) Allah's handiwork according to the pattern on which He has made mankind: no change (let there be) in the work (wrought) by Allah; that is the standard Religion, but most among mankind understand not. Say: 'We believe in Allah and that which is sent down to us, and in what was sent down to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes; to Moses and Jesus and the Prophets from their Lord. We do not differentiate between any of them, and to Him, we are submissive (Muslims). ' (136)
  9. I have studied some Buddhism. because Christ said it. you are funny. One of the preserved lines of Jesus' gospel, they say is in Mark 1:7, where Jesus supposedly prophesied of Muhammad, "There cometh after Me he that is mightier than I." Jesus said to her, "Woman, believe Me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father." even though I haven't studied Christianity I have proved that Muhammed is more enlightened from Christ himself it is up to you to practice true Islam because it is a state of being not a religious dogma. get religions out of your head and let god guide you that is Islam. what I think about Salafi Islam is that it is a distraction there is only one Islam that is described in the Quran. إِنَّ الَّذِينَ فَرَّقُوا دِينَهُمْ وَكَانُوا شِيَعًا لَسْتَ مِنْهُمْ فِي شَيْءٍ ۚ إِنَّمَا أَمْرُهُمْ إِلَى اللَّهِ ثُمَّ يُنَبِّئُهُمْ بِمَا كَانُوا يَفْعَلُونَ As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou hast no part in them in the least: their affair is with Allah. He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they did.
  10. @Rilles @LastThursday if you are truly open-minded as you claim take some time and contemplate on the Quran. don't take it literally because you want to prove it wrong. Instead of criticizing religions, people who are being dogmatic cannot see different perspectives. True Islam is Quran being applied what I mean by Islam is the state of full submission to God which is above 200 in Hawkins maps of consciousness in fact if you are below that don't read the Quran because will misunderstand it. if you were able to contemplate on the Quran you will know that Muhammed (saw) is the most enlightened being who ever existed more than budhha and Jesus. simply because there is no powerful teaching other than the Quran. you can say that I am being dogmatic here that's because you haven't understood the Quran yet. people who don't contemplate the Quran are missing a lot of wisdom.
  11. right, imagine if the sky does not follow god's will I really can't imagine a selfish sky. Indeed. here is a verse from the quran : لَخَلْقُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ أَكْبَرُ مِنْ خَلْقِ النَّاسِ وَلَكِنَّ أَكْثَرَ النَّاسِ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ ﴿٥٧﴾ The creation of the heavens and the earth is indeed greater than the creation of mankind; yet, most of mankind know not.
  12. you dont need to believe in anything or follow anyone just do the practices and do your best what business do you have to do with these sects it's all a distraction. there are some Sufis like al-hallaj and Ibn Arabi adopting the idea that you are god. I dont think Quran said that this is wrong.
  13. We know from Ahadith the Mahdi and the Dajjaal will both be on Earth prior to Isa (a.s). The Mahdi will rule the Muslims for 7, 8 or 9 years as different narrations state so this only changes matters by a few years, but if there is variation in years when the breeze will come as well as the length of the Mahdi’s time on earth and in other related matters a few years here or there does add up. The Dajjaal (Allah’s curse be upon him) will come towards the end of the Mahdi’s time on earth and because Isa (as) will return while Imam Mahdi (ra) is still alive the Dajjaal's time doesn't matter and won't change anything. If we calculate, 1500 – 40 (the life of Isa) - 7 (time left after Isa dies) – 9 (life of the Mahdi) = 1444 Hijra approximately. Therefor 1444H – 1443H (present day) = 1 year from now is the soonest He is expected which is 2023 AD, or 3 years from now in 2025 AD, if we use 7 years in the initial calculation instead of the 9. we have 1, 3 and 5 years from now based on the numbers given to us by the Prophet (saws) or 2023, 2025 or 2027AD, the later we see him the later we will see Isa (as). @itachi uchiha what do you think how people in this forum will respond to that and the new age hippy spiritual people, interesting cant wait to see their response?
  14. @itachi uchiha I am thinking will Islam die in the next 50 years or it will last for another 1000 years as EL-Mahdi has not yet appeared. it is written that the end of Islam is 1500 AH.