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  1. best way to make friends is to just have pure intentions. if you are a cool person they will attract to you
  2. AMS is successful with women, but hes a total douche bag. But he wears that proudly, calling his movement sleezball gang. All his videos are for sex and nothing more
  3. She says shes in a happy relationship, but judging by how much shes talking about these things, she doesnt seem happy or content. it seems like shes trying to figure out how to be. The idea of what attracts a woman to a man versus what a woman actually wants is causing a real challenge within her. IMO this can be applied to the entire feminist movement we are seeing. Fighting their raw attraction and what they naturally fall into, versus wanting something better and higher quality. A lot of women's problems can fall on men, but as with all humans, many of their challenges are with themselves
  4. Step 1: Don't do it for women. Thats counter productive
  5. IT'S ALL GOOD BABY! We havin a good time out here
  6. If 7 post head ass is talkin to me, i dont see it.
  7. @Phenomenon "I have you pegged bro" Damn bro! you got me! Im gonna listen to everything you have to say now. please send me more paragraphs about how I should be and act. Ill definitely listen with your 7 post ass. anyone who says "I have you pegged bro" gets an ignore from me
  8. @Phenomenon Ironic that I'm some kind of asshole, but you trying to sum up my entire being through a forum. You sound like a real prick
  9. It's technically easier for me to be more polite, caring and empathetic towards the opposite sex. But it never gave me any real love or respect, and for the most part still doesnt. women seem to think I am phony when i do that. or desperate. or something negative rather than positive. So I just started being more self absorbed and not giving a fuck. And it made women want me more. It isnt my intention to disrespect you or write you off. I am just saying what has worked for me. Women appreciate me and respect me and I know how to handle things in a healthy way when they are being toxic. And I learned all that from men. Its not because your views hold no value, I just think you cant really see it from my side as much as you think. If being nice and polite was the key to finding success, then every man would do it.
  10. Does preaching the same thing over and over to me make you happy?