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  1. really dont get it do you.
  2. ask the ones making all the male hate threads
  3. wtf are you talking about? I wasnt in this situation, my friend was If a woman gets raped by a deceiving man, would you be saying the same thing? Lame
  4. gonna save this pic and use it everytime people complain about men.
  5. As stated before, I didn't make this thread for advice. I made it to shine the light on the hypocrisy of this forum. It is okay to criticize men without question on here, but if you do the same for women, it is met with every defense mechanism imaginable. Look at all of the responses, proof right there. I believe this is prevalent on internet forums because feminism feels like they're on the verge of making changes, and any kind of criticism could upset their agenda.
  6. I also want to add that women see nice guys as phony or too good to be true. Women are really fuckin backwards in this regard, and if a guy seems too nice, they will either write him off as fake, or shit test him and push him to his limits to see if he's faking This is an evolutionary trait with women. Women shit test without realizing it in order to select the proper man to protect them Thats another thing, nice guys can be seen as weak
  7. i'm sure people on this site will come up with ways to deflect this argument, because they all have an agenda and don't want to acknowledge the truth. The truth is that it isn't exciting for them. They don't want a guy who gives them everything they think they want. They want a guy who will cause conflict and issues, because it fufills them for some reason. I'm not a woman so I can't say why that is Thats why this whole feminist agenda is so hypocritical. These women seek the problems they claim to be against
  8. fuck around? She led him on to get his money. Fuck you asshole. Go back to your bubble
  9. yeah I get it, im just asking people to look at themselves in this scenario
  10. practice what you preach then, because that isn't the rhetoric when men are being criticized here I thought you referred to me as being uncivilized. Perhaps I read it wrong
  11. nah this is pretty much western women in a nut shell. they get everything they want, and still feel entitled to more. so they act like bitches and tear the man down, and if he puts up with it, she loses respect for him and will leave him. the only option is to cut her off and make her realize that she cant act like a child, and the she realizes how much she was taking for granted Why do they do this? I don't know. Spoiled I guess. And it occurs mostly with white women. Go figure
  12. I am actually about to finish my degree and look towards moving into a better situation. Please dont refer to me like I'm an animal, it comes off racist
  13. My boy is in the hospital cuz a woman set him up to be robbed by 2 goons. And i come on here seeing men getting shamed constantly. It's deceiving