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  1. life isnt that serious
  2. The thing about all this is the intention imo Cold approaching in itself isn't bad or ineffective. But in my experience my cold approaches go better when I am naturally interacting with people and simply being open. I go to the cafe to read and write and enjoy myself. I might see a girl there and say something. I met a girl working at a gas station when I went to get gas. She was very open to talking to me from her tone and body language. We chatted about school and I got her number. When I was younger, I would try to plan this stuff out and strategize. And that just made it a 'thing'. I wasn't talking to girls because I enjoyed it, I was doing it to "fix something" with myself or to prove myself worth, or to get a dopamine rush from validation. It's the same with a social circle. Yeah, it would help a lot to meet women that way. But get in a social circle based on your interest with the intention of enjoying life and making connections. Making it apart of your plot sabotages the entire purpose of socializing. At least for me.
  3. Thank you brother. I needed this. Truly
  4. Yeah there’s definitely a huge cognitive dissonance in that way of thinking. I’ve pulled more than one woman who tried to write me off to see how I would react. How am I supposed to know which ones playing and which is serious? eventually as a man you gotta say fuck it and do what you want. Women can hate all they want, but men won’t get anywhere playing the logic game with women. if I went around worrying about making every possible women uncomfortable, I would get zero pussy
  5. You made the thread. What did you expect to come of it?
  6. You’re doing exactly what I said. I’m not an incel, but if I ever discuss my problems via the internet, I get no empathy. And that’s usually a term thrown around as a symbol of a lack of empathy and an easy way to write off my problems. it’s also ironic that you state that you shouldn’t have empathy for someone if that person lacks empathy for other peoples problems. Because right after that you literally said you don’t have empathy for how I feel. you summed up in that essay why I generally don’t trust or care about womens problems. Because they see any pain I feel as divine retribution. I’ve been emotionally abused,manipulated and had my self worth stepped on by women. I’m told to man up and stop whining by people with your perspective. Or that I choose the wrong women. Or that I’m an incel or mgtow or whatever the hot name is to make my problems not feel worth discussing so in conclusion, go fuck your self. You don’t fucking listen either. you are walking irony
  7. if you were a guy, people would call you an incel. at least people care about your pain
  8. As a sports fan, I always see videos and stories calling to cancel an athlete because he cheated on his girl. I suppose it's a retaliation to slut shaming, but I don't think it helps anything. In regards to women, there is nothing wrong with a woman doing what she wants obviously, but women have the power to really fuck shit up for other people, especially guys, if they aren't responsible for their sexuality. I had a female roommate, and when we got our second roommate (a guy) she chose to sleep with him the second night he moved in. She then proceeded to fuck around with the neighbor, causing a major beef that I had to de-escalate so it wouldn't turn violent. So imo a woman shouldn't be shamed for doing what she wants UNTIL it can harm others or affect them negatively, which whether women want to admit or not is the honest truth. Their sexuality is powerful. 2Pac said it best in this video
  9. Porn is garbage and terrible for you. The only people who argue otherwise are the ones who profit from it. That and porn addicts.
  10. yeah people on the far left are usually very insecure/unhappy with themselves and overcompensate for it with their ideals. It's ironic because they describe the other side that way.
  11. You hate men because of a tinder bio. Did you even read the post you made? Or even go through that thought process in your head?
  12. Well whats the alternative? Are they going to outlaw talking to strangers in public? Actually...damn they might. That's how insane society is right now.
  13. OP are you white? You talk like a white person who really doesn't know rap as much as they think they do...