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  1. Maybe to some extent, but I'd say it's generally not what happens. I beg to differ. I'd say it is the most personal thing ever. But also it can be absolutely impersonal.
  2. Transcended survival needs? Lol. I'm sure he wouldn't say that. Of course that is unique and it's undeniable he's had very powerful awakenings. But you can't know that nobody on this planet has had deeper ones. HOW can you ever know that. And why even sit and compare who had what? Am I the most awakened person or the second most awakened or third? This is ridiculous. Egoic games - that's how I perceive it. I get that when you're awake you are God and you are everyone and you understand everything there is and bla bla bla. I'd say it is easy to get deluded that my awakening is the deepest because it's mine. Because it's from your experience obviously, Reality finally recognizing itself, you are encompassing everything and stuff. I don't mind at all when he says that he's the only Awake thing there is because it's true from his Absolute pov, but when he says he's more awake than anyone on the planet he's speaking from the relative domain and comparing himself to "other beings". Well from my pov this is delusion. And btw actually I'm the only thing there is so you're all wrong
  3. I agree that Leo's claims are ridiculous and the rhetoric is off-putting. Deeper awakenings that anyone else on the planet? Top 0.0001% of intelligence? It sounds very arrogant, especially because you CAN'T know whether this is true. It turns people off. BUT also I would say that he's correct in genetics playing a big role in awakening. In fact from my experience I feel like my genetics have played a huge role for me because it didn't take much effort for me to become conscious of some serious shit. Literally a few LSD trips was all it took (I also went to 2 meditation retreats and have been seeking for some time but still it's a really small effort compared to other people). I'm obviously nowhere near done but I feel like I could go absurdly deep in my lifetime if I really REALLY committed to it. And I'm grateful to my genetics for that.
  4. I, as an incel, am at the bottom of the hierarchy (below the normies and the chads) so the solution is to bring everyone else down (k*ll the chads, enslave the normies, etc.) so that I can be on top. Brilliant! For real tho, this is really sad. Imagine being in a state of consciousness like this, locked in a worldview of hate and resentment. Daydreaming about murdering others, considering other murderers brave. Completely twisted. What would it take to help such a guy? Also the policeman at the end did a BRILLIANT job. Seriously, amazing. If this won't convince you against the ACAB idea, nothing will
  5. Also, what is "all" possibilities. Like a finite amount?
  6. So do you recommend taking salvia after all for the purpose of understanding crazy states of consciousness? Would you be willing to take more? Just asking. Not planning in the near future.
  7. So sorry dude. Please be proud of yourself that you've made it this far. You deserve it. Everything is going to be okay in the end. You probably don't see it but at least have faith. It ALWAYS gets better eventually.
  8. Bias much?
  9. If you are working out to get noticed by chicks, aren't you still doing it for yourself? YOU want to be noticed, get laid, be loved, etc. If you're applying make up or dressing sexy to get attention of men, aren't you still doing it for yourself? YOU want attention, love, sex, etc.
  10. This hit close to home. Many wise points in this video. I'm too tired to share my notes now. I neglected my fears too much and they blew in my face. Not the first time it happened. I hope I can be learn to be better to myself and respect my scared, negative little human "side". Which is ME of course. I am scared. I am negative. I am hateful. I am ignorant. I am selfish. I am unmotivated. I am anxious. I am insecure. I am overthinking. I am indulging in fantasies. I am too tired to leave my bed. I am too weak to stop distracting myself. I am also good, courageous, open, determinated, joyful and all that stuff. That's ME too. But I can't ignore and deny the scared side and it's what might be fucking me up all the time. Living in health and balance is fucking difficult, lol.
  11. @Leo Gura This guy was completely robbed of his childhood. I've read his biography and I THINK (obviously can't know) it's because of this he wanted to spend so much time with children (innocently). Not because of any sexual cravings. It's like when you're denied love as a child from your parents and then you go live your life desperately looking for love from others for decades. Trying to fill this hole. You don't know whether he was a pedophile or not.
  12. Haha. Yes, we're all full of shit fools I'm a fucking fool. It's crazy. It's incomprehensible how foolish we are.
  13. Sometimes I wanna run myself to the ground. I'll indulge in activities harmful to my health and wellbeing just to spite myself. It's like saying "Fuck you" to the man I see in the mirror. I wonder what's more probable: me surrendering and letting go or me killing myself. Well. I don't think I would ever do the latter but doing the former is just as far fetched considering how stubborn and willing to destroy myself I am. It's funny. Being more willing to die rather than to die. Hahahahaha. How stupid. Interesting how it works.
  14. Holy shit, this is insane! I was thinking the same thing It's beautiful
  15. I feel like in your mind you are labelling an awakening facet (in this case realizing You are the Infinite I, AKA God) as just some "DMT trip perspective shift" or "loss of center" and thus denigrating it's truth. Consider that maybe it's not just "loss of center" but the most amazing discovery that you'll ever make - that YOU are f&#king God, the Absolute I you've always have been and will be and you're absolutely everything that exists? Including redness, plants and all that. Also I just feel like your interpretation here of such an awakening is inaccurate. Interpretations? Cmooon man You know, ego loss/death is not all there is Yes, there is no "you" observing redness. You ARE redness and everything else. You don't "believe" or not in the absolute I. You can discover it (it's You) - that's a claim I'd make. Again, consider that maybe red appears without "you" (and does) because red IS You = God = Absolute. It couldn't not appear because it does, because You're imagining it. But I get what you're saying. I guess you just had a different type of awakening or something. If you're interested, I did experience a powerful ego death. There was absolutely no reminiscence of me, just THIS. But I'd tell you that you can also see (Infinite) YOU in THIS and it's no less true.