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  1. You know, Nilsi had a point in his responses. Writing is a specific skill You have to develop. You fix your writing by learning how to write properly, getting feedback from those who know how to do it, etc. You can do it and I encourage You to write your book. But I don't think You can rely on your own "writing intuition" very much yet simply because You haven't learned how to write well. But You can learn it! I really like to write things but I know a book written by me (with my current insufficient skills) would be terrible.
  2. 12 Tried to be honest.
  3. It's great, I would recommend trying. So far I found it to be very gentle with me. But overall I think I still prefer shrooms or LSD. Yeah, 3 months of waiting is a bugger. Thank You!!
  4. It's certainly rubbed off on me along the years. But I can be soft too, You know?
  5. @Leo Gura Maybe I will. @ZGROPIUS Thank Youuu.
  6. I hope to Awaken to this one day. The Actualized Forum Awakening.
  7. Bloomer is probably Leo's alt account from which he's testing our endurance.
  8. I'm not denying anything. Read my responses again. The claims are unverified and so I'm telling You to be unbiased. We don't want potential misinformation to be spread here. And certainly not out of ideological reasons.
  9. @bloomer You probably haven't even read the article I linked. Project veritas is not the most reliable source.
  10. The claims that Pfizer is mutating COVID are unverified as of yet. Don't fall for misleading comments online and try to stay as objective as possible.
  11. Infinite Love ♾️ Endless Unconditional Unbiased Universal It's so great You can't comprehend it. God is Infinite Love... FOREVER!
  12. What the hell are You talking about You don't understand. Drop your false beliefs which You get angry about.
  13. I've been contemplating even more and I've finally come to my senses. Infinite Love is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen in my life. This has been the most amazing awakening so far... INFINITE LOVE! How could I have not seen this? I am so fucking stupid. 🤦‍♂️ It took me 32 hours to realize this after experiencing it. Thank God I decided to contemplate to my maximum... otherwise I would be going through my days without appreciating it. I am SO fucking stupid! It's INCREDIBLE how blinded I was. Mind's capacity for blindness and self-deception is INFINITE!!! It was more powerful than Infinite fucking Love Itself!!!! I literally can't believe how UTTERLY STUPID AND DENSE I can be, oh my God. Infinite Love is the most amazing thing ever and nobody close to me has any idea about it... What a joke. It's comical! And the cherry on top is I cannot share it with any of them HAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh my Godddd @Leo Gura Thank You for leading me to the greatest gift imaginable. No one could have done it for me but You and I'm as grateful as a dumb human can be. Also I'm sorry for being a total moron. My ego got the best of me. Obviously I'm not done. No way, Jose.
  14. Thanks I was alone sitting on the floor leaned against the bed with eyes either open or closed. Mostly in silence, sometimes saying things out loud. Closer to the end I played some music. I was reminded of this song I was listening to years ago: I felt like God was talking to me through it, expressing his Love for me. That's alright, let it out, talk to Me. Also what's funny is that the lyrics say "We can talk here on the floor, on the phone if you prefer, I'll be here until you're okay". I was literally on the floor making notes on my phone hahahaha.