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  1. Many things have changed me in the past positively or negatively: Being bullied as a teenager: caused me to develop social anxiety, be resentful and angry at the world Studying in a foreign country: made me more autonomous and responsible but also caused an existential crisis where I started to question the reality around me Working in work environments where people had a different culture than me: annoyed me at first and caused a lot of frustration but after some time it made me more accepting of other's differences and more open-minded Work burnout: help me to learn to be kinder to myself Starting a freelancing business: made me realize how tough the business world is and caused me to toughen up Kundalini awakening: opened me more to spirituality A near-death experience: taught me to stop wasting my life A psychotic experience Discovering Reiki
  2. @Leo Gura What kind of physical exercise is healthy for you? What do you do?
  3. The MBTI ? https://www.16personalities.com
  4. I love your life purpose!
  5. In the absolute, there's no good or bad, but relative to the human condition there are better ways to live life. You don't have to help other people with your life purpose but life feels better when you healthily contribute to society, you get more rewards, more social recognition, people like you more and it makes you happier. What do you like to do?
  6. Yes, it's better to keep it secret and share it only with people who are open to spirituality.
  7. I discovered him recently and agree that he is impressive.