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  1. @Chris_Esoteric How about finding your life purpose and undertaking the mastery project...
  2. I am bias, towards mastery, towards success, But more Towards laziness I am bias Towards the good life, towards politeness, towards calm towards money towards fame and recognition towards self harm I am bias towards Materialistic possession, towards being wanted. towards selfishness and survival. towards confession I am bias towards Self denial. towards first world countries, towards happiness towards sleeping on the bed, towards the noise in my head, towards Actualized.org, towards wanting to be God stopping being bias makes me weak I have to be bias Towards work or I'll lose my livelihood, I'll loose my bread and butter others will get credit and I'll get bitter. oh divine providence, You are bias too Make me bias towards Truth just like you !
  3. Classify your money into expenditure and income. Have a budget. Make your money work for you. Invest in yourself.
  4. I had failed terribly in my exams and wanted to make up for it doing a part time job, my best friend had failed in his discipline too. We found this add for a work from home data entry job where we were supposed to pay INR 6k to get the job and then based on our work we could earn around INR15k every month. So we signed up and they handed over to us some pdf documents and we had to type them in word format. The clause was that if we made a mistake some amount of money would be deducted from 15k which we would get only if everything was copied correctly. 3 mistakes were allowed each page We found the exact text on Google and copy pasted it word to word.. we thought that there was no chance in the word that we would not make money now. We thought that how can the tricksters be tricked ?! Unfortunately the company came up with mistakes saying that commas and fullstops were not correctly added. These punctuations on their pdf itself was not clear to understand and it could be interpretation in two ways, eg. If we would have put those fullstops hey could say that it's not there. We thought we would cheat that company by copy pasting data from Google. But we were the ones who got cheated.
  5. The third day was missed as I fell sick extreme tiredness and loss of appetite. Could perform yoga today ... probably yeaterday condition could be homeostasis... Continuation of practice is the secret to all success..
  6. Finally got traction with the kria and completed 2 days in a row.. Yesterday was a bit awkward because I didn't get sleep after doing kriya yoga at night.. Also did a core strength yoga workout in the evening probably that caused lack of sleep. It was strange how tired I was and yet unable to sleep, perhaps the new location because of traveling.. Whatever it was.. have to be more mindfull each and every day..
  7. Unfortunately I haven't started on the yoga journey... As the sun rises everyday it brings me hope everyday... After stabilising a study and exercise routine it's time to stablize the exercise for the mind routine. Peace is my value no. 2 and its time to get it in place through yoga. Kriya yoga here I come.. fill me with energy, fill me with clarity and most importantly fill me with peace ✌.
  8. Kriya yoga habit formation for the next year. This journal will be my tool to create this habit until it becomes second nature. Insights on awareness will be documented in this journal. My kriya yoga journey will start tomorrow 16.06.21 on my dad's birthday and will end next year 25.06.22 on my birthday. Watch me transform. FYI I have been on this path on and on but haven't found such consistency which I'm planning on getting in all areas of my life. I have been on this journey since 2014, watch me succeed like never before. Cause I'm this 7 year old pine tree now with lots of experience.
  9. Can I have your views on these supplements please ?
  10. @Leo Gura so lifting weights and high intensity workouts are not healthy too ?
  11. @darkeconomist hey have you heard of funk Roberts on YouTube? I have recently purchased his dumbell workout 3 month program and I feel its very good. He has many free vedios on you tube too, check him out, I am sure it will help you.
  12. Hi

    @NicMorningstar hi nicmorningstar ?:-)
  13. Hahaha
  14. @Eren Eeager it's good to know that the running away stops today. If you think your weak .. what would make you strong ? exercise ? Diet ? Mindset ? Positive thoughts ? self acceptance ? The ability to sustain an erection for 20 min ? Find out the one thing that will help you and start working on it.. All the best buddy ?