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  1. @eskwire great idea.. At least doing self actualization once a week... I want to be a part of this tribe.
  2. @Rilles you need to stop lying and telling the truth. When you are drinking coke you have already made the choice to drink it... But the fact that you struggle means that you lie to yourself saying that the one part of your being which wins over the part that wants to quit. Like there are two people involved. Its a lie. Practice meditation to cath your self lying and rationalising your behaviour. You may discover your true self.
  3. The most important thing guys is what self actulization means to you? I started this journey few years ago and just yesterday I decided to restart.. By asking what self actulization is exactly for me... Its finding eternal peace and acceptance its ending up the bad emotional cycle, its about being a superior man... Its about giving your self for a greater cause. Its about accepting the call for adventure... Its about ending this struggle of wanting to be something else rather than accepting what I am. Living to my highest possible potential. Dying without any regrets
  4. @Shin joined the forum thanks a ton for the resource
  5. @Psyche_92 have you completed the reboot?
  6. @SFRLSFRLiSFRLSF I don't have options neither have I had sex before this is very shamefull for me @Key Elements i didn't understand what you are trying to say with the above mentioned quote.
  7. @Key Elements i did not keep the boundry of monogamy (but didn't have intercourse with anyone else)in my relationship but didn't expect it that my girlfriend would break her boundaries. I am constantly comparing myself with that guy I haven't even seen with whom she slept. When she broke the assumed boundaries it broke me completely, I'm still going through the broken phase... Now issues like low self esteem,perfectionism, loneliness, depression, impotency, lack of confidence, thoughts of my girlfriend,addictions have all come in full force... Neediness has increased like anything! Heavy chest sensations have become second nature... Mindfulness about my neurosis and competitor attitude is causing pain. Scarcity mentality has surfaced up. First my relationship with myself has to improve drastically to have a good relationship I guess
  8. Having Boundaries that cannot be broken is being too regid and making such rules causes a lot of suffering.(cause the rules are often broken) Interdependent relationship with great chemistry, understanding, peace and love is what I'm looking for. A relationship that magnifies love A relationship free of Neediness and possessiveness.
  9. @aurum adding more girls is not a problem I'm nervous and worry about random issues but its strange that I always have something to be very fearfull about, also the thought that I'm fundamentally flawed,and a burden to my family could be the cause of my problems @Spiral @Psyche_92 Thanks for the support yesterday I did not fap and watch porn and I could already feel little bit improvement also I'm doing kegel exercises. @egoeimai this is a addiction Popi I cannot feel good only meditation can save me now or some really good subconscious training of the mind.
  10. @Spiral i didn't notice without the girl cause all my life I've been jerking out watching porn,almost every day and I don't take much time.. I have found the root cause Smoking, Fear,anxiety,confusion, Porn (@Psyche_92 thanks a ton) Bad diet Lack of exercise Lack of concentration. I have also formulated a plan, Meditation, Yoga, Concentration exercise, Diet, Physical exercise, Books, Journal.
  11. I just realised that I am suffering from erectile dysfunction, its very hard and emotionally taxing, I am unable to maintain erections. All I want to do is make my woman happy but its sad to realise that I can't. I feel so so so so low on confidence and self esteem, can anybody help me out please. Can lack of concentration be the cause? Can lack of confidence be the cause? Can fear and worry be the cause? Is this condition reversible, have some compassion and reply to my post. Most of the time no one even replies to me. Sometimes I wish that I'd never been born at all...
  12. @PhilGR that makes everything fall into perspective if you are really serious about self actualization you would try to get to transcend level to overcome your fear of death.
  13. First you also need not to be angry with him when he is not around. When you are by your self. Also realise that you would have probably done the same. Controlling others behaviour is not easy. 'nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. '