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  1. Today dealt with craving and one of the most feminine force I have met. Through breathing Not accumulating thoughts in the head nor in the genitals . Breathing and bring thought aweness dips in public but will try tomorrow.
  2. @Matt8800 i have already watched the moralising vedio ... But I don't feel its being used irresponsibily but used as a strategy to brake free from morality by using the truth.
  3. The path towards self actulization is very difficult. Happiness is external. Making millions of dollars is not possible now. Psychedelics are bad. I'm fundamentally flawed. I can't materialise my life purpose into money. I can't find my life purpose. I have to complete the life purpose course to find my life purpose. I need to smoke. No results in all these areas so figured out that these are accurate limiting beliefs. How do you change a belief guys ? Currently working on craving with Headspace... I realized that it is essential to journal and implementation of the lesson can help. I have to try it I'll share the results with you guys.
  4. I'm looking for a girlfriend..I know this is not a dating forum but it's difficult to find self actualization people in normal day to day life..
  5. @Shroomdoctor i have the same problem I start with full enthusiasm but then I stop maybe due to lack of descipline or homeostasis or lack of definite purpose in life. In my journey of self actualization I came across this guy named Martin Meadows. He has written several books on self descipline and has some audio courses on udemy too.. he also had a one to two week email course which was very helpful to me... Self descipline is like mastery to do it in one area of your life in which you really want to apply it then it will automatically branch into other parts of your life.
  6. Happiness is an attitude. You can be happy when you take ownership of your own life. Unconditional happiness is when you're a total victim yet you remain happy. This could be only possible if you were really funny on the inside.. But when you make a commitment towards happiness, you kind of start taking ownership of your life and refuse to be a victim. Happiness is a attitude.
  7. Immediately get back to the thing that is resisted, you have to take action quickly. Speed in getting back on track is essential.
  8. @Shin yea the past is the past.. But I see rigid patterns of repetitive behaviour.@Key Elements finding someone who accepts me for who I am and finding out about boundaries/ values sounds good at the same time scary to me. Courage , honesty and faith and the willingness to change and perhaps re- frame the ego may save me.
  9. @Key Elements what if no one accepts me for my past I have the possibility of staying alone then all my life which I don't want.
  10. @Dumivid could this be that your are a competitor? Always comparing yourself to others ? Thus realising that you need something that they have which you don't? Bro I'm 27 and I go through the same shit... Due to this I've gone the extra mile and raltionised and devices many manipulaive immoralist plans to full fill my desires. I am however still lonley and desolate and wonder if radical honesty can save me, but yes body awareness and radical honesty go hand in hand and the only way to be on the hero's journey is to face the inner demons, They are probably the fear of being lonely, the fear of loss of love, the fear of abandonenment the fear of failure.fear of the opinion of others. I live in India and I feel that I should be in a first world country to experience open mindedness and material success which don't use stage blue values... I feel I'm stage blue and I don't know which stage my upbringing and current scenario is in but I guess it's blue/orange. Facing life as it comes and a will to win and defeat the inner demons, the will to transend and self actualize is my only option.
  11. The cultural and society condition tells us what is right and what is wrong, our inner compass results from our outer compass created by family/religion/culture. Practicing morality can result in good spitiual growth as it will prevent us from unnecessary emotions like guilt. Recontextualization in terms of moral and cultural views is not easy to do, and the emotions that come with this attempt cannot be bypassed. But if reality is just an illusion than all the negative emotions are illusions too and also are the positive ones... To be really honest I'm at a point where morality is fucking with my emotions and I feel a lot of guilt on my chest. Body awareness can definitely be used to let go of guilt, but why does the author of radical honesty think that it is necessary to be radical honest to your partner about the past, why isn't being radical honest about the present enough ? Being honest about the past will always bring the risk of being judged, demonized and abandoned.
  12. Guess what hurts the most... It's not the opinion of others, but the opinion of oneself, that's because you think that you are a X type of person but when another person gives his opinion about you your opinion of yourself gets hurt, your ego gets hurt. Projection has so many links !! Everyday I'm getting a new insight on it...
  13. I'm always comparing myself with others.. I realized today that I don't really need more money to be happy but because all my other friends are earning more than me it makes me jealous... The same with inability to perform during sex. All these things are good and I must have them but comparison really fucks you up as you see only the outcome but not the behind the scenes... Even though comparison is useless and creation is way better than comparing, I have noticed how comparing lights fire up my ass and motivates me to take action. Is it possible that for some people negative motivation can work better than positive motivation? Maybe it can but it will only limit our possibilities. I heard this quote somewhere You don't prepare to climb the mountain by looking at the bottom, you prepare for the climb by looking at the top, and the top of the mountain is the best possible you and not anybody else..