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  1. Yes man even i'm probably doing that all the time fuck!!! Thanks @aurum
  2. I would be glad but people want to change me and make me like them!
  3. @TriteNTrue what do you exactly mean by processing emotions?
  4. @Joseph Maynor yesterday I back slided in quitting smoking and see my graph it was clearly an emotional trigger that put me to my lower self... Tomorrow again I will try quitting I've seen on one of the topics that you've done mushrooms... I'm very fearfull to do it...
  5. I had done the exercise of setting 5 alarms a day to become more aware of emotions however I would just go unconscious and the alarm would ring without me being aware until I found an app that helps me record emotions...  Is it possible to eliminate negative emotions completely?
  6. I get this feeling that people don't like me... Because I don't like to share things with them and I don't expect anything in return too but their vibes are not very good... I feel like everyone wants something from me... Why should they get anything from me? I don't get anything from them... I just want to detach from all and not give a fuck but always I come back in the same loop feeling bad because of others opinions of me... I cannot get along with people after some time...initially I can get along very well but I ultimately cannot. I hate people they think that I'm selfish but the truth is that everyone is selfish.
  7. Comprehension has so many degrees a contemplation habit is absolutely necessary, I was trapped by blindly believeing actulized.org content now I know better.
  8. I'm really really greatfull fot the comman place book vedio and have an idea of what the comman place notebook can do!! It has great potential and one of the best techniques I've come across in self actulization.
  9. If we are truely free than by this it means that tomorrow I change all my habits and be what I want? But I do the complete opposite.. So how am I free? Thats because the brain chooses the easy path. The rewiring is required, and Leo was saying his subconscious course is going to be super powerful... I wonder what kind of information he has....@Nahm
  10. Im sick, Every week, Trying to actulize, trying to live life,to my fullest potential, Trying to do the essential, But nothing really works, I feel like a jerk at times... Every week always failing, In the midst of getting noway I am sailing, No more motivation, no more inspiration, bad habits are my masters,emotions are my masters, the pain doesn't get vaster... With hope and faith I see the world,procrastination makes me feel right,every night it makes me make empty promises to my self, Cause I have so much theory of self help. I need a psychedelic.
  11. @Epiphany_Inspired @dude I have been struggling with making chanfes stick, maybe I'm caught up too much in though.... I am waiting for the subconscious course that Leo talks about... But I have planned to train it myself through hypnosis, journalling affirmations and visualisation. And learning some self help books.
  12. @dude that means I have to learn psycho cybernetics.
  13. Self Actualization is all about transcendence of ego, Subconscious training is a must, What are some kickass techniques for training your subconscious???