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  1. Inviting all negative thinkers in this thread to share about the intensity of your negativity... I had an instance where I could be 99 percent normal and 1 percent chances were there for me to get the disease. I did not see the 99 percent and was sooo sooo sooo fearfull of being in the 1 percent. It is the cause of suffering. According to napoleon hill every thought tends to become its physical equivalent. Please share instances where you have completely freaked out because of negative thinking...
  2. @CuteCornDog be aware of your emotions.
  3. Which is your biggest fear? Are you sure its fear of death? Or is it fear of poverty... ???
  4. I am not sure if it will fix your problem cause I myself am very less aware,getting higher states of awareness is not probably easy as you may have to dedicate your entire life to gain higher levels of awareness until you reach those levels it will be a safe bet to take action to overcome these feelings.... Vipassana meditation is a type of concentrative type of meditation where you focus on the body sensations they say that is the unconscious mind.... Where you treat everything objectively.... The root of you feeling all these emotions may be due to your childhood years which can take years to solve... After seeing leos vedio I think that all my suffering is due to bad parenting but I don't blame them and I need to take responsibility of my own life... Judgement and fear is due to social conditioning..
  5. Who also thinks that this voice is Leo's?
  6. Hope this is the subconscious training course introduction video
  7. Awareness of taking the right action and practicing mindfulness within that, awareness involves being too... Maybe after reaching levels of high awareness you might get aware of the true nature of reality or perception and small issues of the ego won't matter anymore... Be aware of what is the fear of? Why is the need to judge coming out? Be aware of the lies you tell your self.. Be aware of the guilt.
  8. Forgot to post the link before... And just got trapped in the algorithm of impatience...
  9. Go ahead and share your views on this...
  10. @Ilya concentration on body sensations could be a good technique... Concentration on emotions...
  11. I would like to share some thoughts on how social conditioning does not allow true growth... So how does social conditioning fuck things up? Think about the stigma assessment by society... what is considered a stigma in your society? Dying with Aids? Homosexuality? Impotency? Poverty? Now consider having it all... Would you be able to accept your self in such a situation? No self acceptance no true growth... would you be completely independent of the good or bad opinion of others? Not until you accept your self. Would you be proud to be buried? How would you feal Pride when you feel fear. Society really fucks you in the ass
  12. @CuteCornDog i too am controlled by emotions, but its not a great idea to continue the same.... We need more of self acceptance dude... We need to stop playing victim, we need to die without regrets...
  13. @CuteCornDog have you tried self acceptance?
  14. @phoenix666 recently I had a lot trauma event in my life (last Saturday).... that has taught me tons of lessons...and has handed me with a bunch of to dos .. role reversal in meditation such that my entire life is a meditation. 1 overcoming the fear of criticism 2 overcoming the fear of ill health 3 overcoming the fear of death 4 integrating myself with 5 finding a definite purpose in life, I would like to share my insights learnt that the ego just cares about its survival cause all these fears straight away are affecting the ego. good health noble healthy being all this a creation of the ego and it will do whatever it can to survive when something threatens its survival. I learnt that THE EGO BRINGS with ITSELF A LOT OF SUFFERRING. and letting go of it is the wisest thing to do.
  15. @Elton just few days ago you were taking about dedicating your whole life to meditation , the ego doesn't want to meditate and so it brought in worry and misery doubt and fear ? who knows ... how will this information change my behavior ? I need a lot of compassionate and loving self talk self acceptance has to be the key for true growth to take place... unconditional happiness is the key to live a extra ordinary life. strategy for cultivating passionate self talk... journal my self talking to my self for 30 min a day.