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  1. @PetarKa all though I'm open about it I feel that not telling people about it is better. Its better to just do it rather than discussing it and the most of the people have no clue about this. Its difficult to shoe them this other bubble we live in...
  2. Six months ago I had done a Vipassana retreat and now I'm more aware. How difficult it is to be aware, how you fall asleep and stay asleep. @Hardik jain I am planning 2 during the next year
  3. The stabalization of a powerful rou is whats most essential... The training of the subconscious is the most essential.
  4. @Leo Gura thank you so much for the start here coloumn... Just clucked on one core concept and saw the organisation of material oh my God! This is a greatest resource I've seen like the encyclopedia of self actualization. Using the life purpose course I've studied the therory and not even completed the course (uptil exterce 3) but I feel my life purpose is self actulization. This is the blue print! Thanks a lot.
  5. Who else has come across this section on actulized.org?
  6. Management of self talk Take a deep breath and do it for a couple of times... Good... Look at your phone and remember that it is a medium for self texting.. What do you really want out of life? To feel good... See now this is the problem right there... You assign labels to feeling instead of just feeling it and its physical manifestations objectively... But these physical manifestations are temporary and keep changing so clinging to a feeling will obviously cause dissatisfaction as it will change.. But Dissatisfaction itself is a feeling and the seeds of dissatisfaction cause trees of dissatisfaction... So that means that if I can treat every emotion just as it is I can experience less dissatisfaction? What if the existential void of dissatisfaction is actually just a label can I just cange this label to bliss and love this feeling? Lets start with mindfulness on a serious level. A commitment from the heart.
  7. @thetrut11 do let me know about your progress I'm struggling with the same issue except I am 8 years addicted...
  8. Here I will like to document how I'm using mindfulness to self actualize Last week I saw a self discipline vedio in which I learnt that distracting oneself with other sites when tempted helps from avoiding craving. I noticed that the temptation was from within. So when I would 'see' or 'feel' (internal) something related to smoking I would turn my attention outside my skull and see whats reality and come out of my mind... This would help me distract myself. The temptation was also be outside many times and not in my mind but the ones inside require more mindfulness.... After dinner and desert I would 'feel' intensive craving and then I would ask myself why do I want to smoke? If I wouldn't get a logical reply I would not smoke. However after 5 days my mind rationalised itself to smoke as I saw in a self discipline vedio that I could have cheat days for easing out the process... Thus mindfulness played a very important role when combined with self discipline techniques and self enquiry.. How to be ruthlessly effective in mindfulness? Do Vipassana meditation Practice mindfulness meditation outside meditation Do it every single day.
  9. Hey Leo, this is something I've identified in my self actulization journey... For the past 6 months I have been under a brutal homeostasis spell however last week through journalling and praticing mindfulness outside the meditation practice I've had improvement and insights... However in the last six months I haven't really been able to tap into and practice what you have been advocating... I haven't seen the last 3 vedios of actulized.org too... I certainly am drifting, I want to stay on track Leo can you give me some tips on what I can do?
  10. @Joseph Maynor most of the time you get energy by using energy. 30 min of aerobic exercise is a remedy for tiredness. These ideas are from the book mastery
  11. Finally after three days of ban I'm back...I have left smoking finally and it feels so nice it has been 3 days since I've left... Now its time for stabalization of the value health through baby steps... 1 min of daily skipping and body weight training... However I have not felt any withdrawal symptoms after leaving smoking maybe this is because of meditation :-)
  12. Fear of death is motivating me to quit bad habits of smoking. I'm really scared all of a sudden today this fear has dawned upon me.
  13. negative motivation is what creates more impulse than positive motivation.
  14. @Loreena but haven't read any
  15. Nothing has gone as per plan uptill now.. So I'll just quit trying cause today is the weekend I'll just sit on my ass and wonder why change is so difficult feeling the guilt... I guess I should make peace with the guilt. That would make life much easier.or maybe use sedona method to release it.