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  1. This includes detachment from television, social media, parties, clubbing. I feel that staying far away in the mountains would be very blissful... Detachment from culture, religion... Detachment from sex, drugs, alcohol, tabacco,food,talking, socialising... Detachment from work and money... Only attachment to self, only self actualization... Would you like such a life? Or would you hate it and get back dragged in? I am attached to all these things sex, money, thc,culture, worried about status what others think etc etc no matter how much I fill myself with this I feel even more empty... Few months ago I was self actualizing and I would feel great but drugs, sex and money doesn't give anything yet why am I chasing it? What are your thoughts about detachment?
  2. Is it possible to teleport into anothers consciousness? If non duality is true and everything is one than it should be possible... Does anyone wants to join me in this investigation? Then we could meet in our dreams and there is one case where napoleon hill talks about something like that in his book think and grow rich.
  3. @Loreena i have experienced some love lately seems to be true..
  4. The highest heros journey or the materialistic pragmatic career oriented hero's journey? Or both?
  5. @egoeimai you know that I stand for truth with a capital t ;-)
  6. Ana Pana Sit in a comfortable position keeping the back straight. Breathe in, breathe out. Focus in your breathing. When you mind wonders, don't get upset bring your mind back to your breath and focus on your breathing If you open your eyes focus back on your breathing and close your eyes to avoid distraction. If you need rest lie down and still focus on your breathing even after your mind wonders bring it back to your breath. After 5 min, it is better to use a timer sit back straight with eyes closed and focus on your breath. Notice the sensations below your nostrils occurring due to the breathing process,notice the temperature of the breath, is it hotter while exhaling? Notice how the breath is is it shallow? Or deep? Notice how breathing is a voluntary as well as involuntary process. Focus on your breathing. (I feel we can get access concentration using this technique)
  7. @egoeimai @egoeimai you are beautiful :-)
  8. @egoeimai hey popi :-) so glad to see you today I got an awesome insite I'll share it here...
  9. Today journalling made my day very good after 3 days of not being able to follow the journalling plan today I succeeded.. I find journalling very powerful and want to install it in my life over this year or the coming years... Keep journalling, this forum Is infrastructure for journalling...
  10. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura how did I trick myself is a difficult question...
  11. Strategic approach to self actulization, gathering of resources is done just by seeing actulized.org every week,stategic intent is also at place the intent of living life to fullest potential and dying without regrets, now what needs to take place is concentration of force, How do you guys strategize an awesome life? I'm facing a lot of difficulties, difficulty in maintaining a clean diet maintaining my non smoking I had never thought that my meditation habit would suffer after good consistency for more than a year even my meditation practice has started suffering over the last two weeks, I cannot manage my time efficiently I have stopped affirmations and hypnosis and I have stopped reading self help books too... I don't know how to get everything right again lack of these practices has made me week from the inside and outside even bodyweight training has stopped. Please help me get back on track I just waste time smoking weed or cigarettes after work and even work is not fullfilling and I'm not Mastering anything. I require some advise on how to re organise my life again I feel that the life I was living for few months was very good but it seems so difficult to reach that ideal again. Please help
  12. Life purpose can change everything in my life... Half a life of fullfillment and satisfaction... A feeling of contribution and expansion... They say its all about how bad you want it... How bad do I want it? Why I don't want it so bad? How do I get unstuck? Slow repetative breathing, taking the right action realising my ambition completion of course and executing definite plans of action
  13. What is one's relationship to oneself? How does self acceptance affect one's relationship with oneself?
  14. How to identify if what you are doing is just a emotionally difficult thing in the right purpose or the wrong purpose?
  15. @dice i did like 4 to 5 hours in dark meditation cells 2X2 space.only vent for ac and light option but I would keep the light off. For 6 days within Vipassana retreat.. I was practicing vipassna in those cells called shuniyagar.