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  1. Lol..priceless Growing up comes before waking up, so focus on meeting your survival needs in a healthy way prior to pursuing awakening (if you can). Check out Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to see where you are and where you need to go.
  2. An example would be money and career achievements qualifying as success for one person, whereas being a devout Christian or Muslim would be an example of another persons definition of success. Be careful not put any one pursuit over another. We have to respect the diversity of reality and consciousness.
  3. This is an example of your ego co-opting spirituality and attempting to turn it into a dogma. It seeks to create duality at all cost. There is no “right way” of doing spirituality. When you awaken fully, you will realize this. Everything is Love…including talking about yourself AND not talking about yourself.
  4. What matters is a relative notion. We all have our unique definitions of success. The importance of achieving this success is also relative.
  5. What's left after destroying the dream, however, is more dreaming . You cannot escape this dream...make the most of it.
  6. Ya'know, you could just create your own cult full of Leo worshippers ..some folks are ripe for it lol. But I soooo much respect that you deter from doing that, thank goodness.
  7. Very true, we often underestimate the power of the ego mind. We think our spiritual insights are untouchable. but nothing is untouchable to the ego. One could write an entire book on ego, how it works and what it's ultimately here for. It wants survival at all cost, and can turn anything into a means to an end..including spirituality.
  8. @Leo Gura you created a mega-thread for forum users to share stories of how we've been scammed - in promising a video on how to avoid it. Any update? Thanks!
  9. This is powerful. I want to really sit and contemplate this. It bears the question of what change actually is...deep stuff, thank you. Lol I can relate. At times I wonder why I even began the path of enlightenment seeing as how much frustration is caused once you begin to see reality clearly. Yet that is small piece of ego that is going through a process of dissolving. And it doesn't go quietly for sure..
  10. I see. However, we don’t have to stoop to that level. It’s tempting to project our value system on those we see acting ignorant. But restraint is required for those on the path…even when payback seems like the best way to deal with devils. Weaponizing spirituality is easy work, maintaining composure is harder.
  11. What pay off are you getting from it?
  12. Definition of Zen Devilry: Taking the teachings of God, and turning them into the workings of the devil. I have fallen prey to zen devilry many times throughout doing this work. Beware of how your mind uses spirituality to make itself seem above others, or to excuse low consciousness behaviors. A common form of Zen devilry is: “God loves me absolutely, therefore I can do whatever the fuck I want. It’s not like I have free will any way.” Its true that God loves absolutely, but that doesn’t help you as a human ego with your everyday existence. This mindset will backfire on you. Another common form of Zen devilry: “ I’m so special because I’m God Realized, I understand reality and materialist are idiots. I don’t need money, fame or sex to feel happy. I have God realization.” Most of you think this intellectually, but you are not even close to being sincere about it. If you still fear the death of your body, mind and loved ones, you have not transcended material existence. God doesn’t judge humans for being materialist..only spiritual egos who think they have transcended materialism have. Humility is key, this shit requires enormous work and a keen ability to call ourselves out on our own bullshit.
  13. The US being the "leader of the free world" is contextual. Americans should be asking themselves if they'll continue to regress into nationalism, or be on the side of progress and embrace globalization. This requires our government and it's citizens to become more compassionate, accepting and systemic-oriented.
  14. Of course...God cannot be pointed to. Words are futile in this endeavor.
  15. Trying to compare one realization of God to Leo’s would be the first mistake, as it it unique for everyone. You kind of have to separate Leo from the work. When I realized Leo was just a manifestation of my own imagination, I instantly knew what his purpose was. Leo is not separate from me, I as God, created him to wake myself up. You, as God, can realize this too.