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  1. We should all learn to temper our expectations when it comes to how Leo should act and talk. There are no "shoulds" in reality (from an Absolute perspective). This is a perfect exercise for all of us to practice non-attachment.
  2. You’ve threatened your forum users many times with these kinds of lines. I agree that what you’re doing is a waste of time, most here will not Awaken to God. So why are you still fighting this uphill battle in trying Awaken others … who are You. What attachments are you holding on to? I respect your body of work, but I feel as though you are above these empty threats. Either shut this thing down, or bear the burden attempting to teach the masses, who will ultimately never reach where You and I have reached .. a merging together as One.
  3. what other non human teachings do you recommend outside of Actualized.org? I’m grateful the content, but troubled that I can’t really find other teachings that tell me I’m God, and how to make the most out of my dream.
  4. My top 10: Honest Empathetic Merciful Honorable Leads with compassion Provider Mentor/Role Model Kind/Generous Resilient Positive/Optimistic/Humorous
  5. Sad .. and if anyone was in denial that Trump-ism is a truly toxic/deadly mind virus that has infected millions ... in the US and globally. This is what acting on that mind virus looks like.
  6. thanks. Seems like the main issue with “No-Self” awakenings is that they can, at times, invalidate or ignore the existence of God (that being all the things you described.)
  7. Can you give maybe 1 or 2 general examples of what this looks like, and how it is different from Awakening to the realization that the “I” is the bubble of consciousness, and the “me” is the illusion? This itself is a pretty profound thing for most human beings. If I had to guess “grasping in a deeper way” looks like changing the content of Consciousness through psychedelic induced states (although the structure of Consciousness remains to same..with both psychedelic and sober states being mere aspects of Infinity.)
  8. Think Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Pickup fits in the 'Love & Belonging' category of needs (ie. the need for intimacy). Any lack of development in any of these categories/stages is a blocker to self actualization. Yes, in the short term pick up is there to improve your ability to get sex & intimacy with women .. but the long term is self actualization .. and even longer, self transcendence. Leo has a good video on burning through karma that explains this.
  9. Correct, if any spiritual nut can't understand or fathom that they themselves are God, and their reality is a figment of their imagination .. then they lack sufficient wokeness. The good part is that it's pretty easy to spot this in humans once a Being understands this in its totality. That's the goal! Slow and steady wins the race ..
  10. By this you mean the spiritual teachers are mental constructions themselves? Not realizing this is really the only way someone could take them seriously … This includes Leo, but he damn sure has some good insights.
  11. Have you talked to these so called 'youngsters'? The thing about forums is that its so easy to make bogus claims about made-up shit with no validity. Leo saved my life .. and I'm sure he's done the same for others. If you want to leave...then leave...no need to broadcast and project negativity.
  12. How can you be so sure? Anyhow, you are correct - the right thing to do would have been to tell the guy off, or attempt to kick his ass. Women love a protector .. win, lose or draw. Also, you have to accept that men do these things all the time .. it's not unique. Most women have been advanced on in a disrespectful way, multiple times through their lifetime. Your gf probably has a laundry list of fucked up things she has experience with men hitting on her and her friends. Just ask.
  13. Most likely because your method hasn’t been revealed yet. The sharing of the insight without the method turns into a tease .. one that many of us are not willing to buy into. Would be good to have an ETA on the reveal date, or maybe refrain from this topic until we get it. Just a thought.
  14. Not true, integrating this with your masculine essence creates a higher form of masculinity. Balance is key, be willing to be sensitive and tolerant .. but also be able to hold other accountable and set boundaries so your values are not trampled upon.