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  1. Not sure how you came up with that conclusion. You are making giant assumptions as to why Leo hasn't dropped a vid recently. Post like these shows me that there are followers of Actualized.org who really just enjoy the mental masturbation aspect .. using the videos as entertainment and a distraction from going out and applying the insights in day-to-day life. This separates the real from the fake self actualizers..
  2. You need to finish high school. As for college, you can think about maybe not going to put the time towards life purpose, and to save thousands of dollars in student loans.
  3. You missed my point, context does matter. Question not the word itself but what message it is conveying in the larger context .. and who is conveying that message.
  4. You are the ego. But the mistake you made was believing that you were just the ego and not everything else. You are the Universe, the ego being just one aspect of it.
  5. Not really. Humans are only as peaceful to the extent of threat levels to their survival. We all have survival agendas that constantly conflict with each other.
  6. Prayer ideally should be based in expressing gratitude for life / existence. But most humans use prayer in manner that resembles wishful thinking .. with an idea that it will bend reality to suit their survival needs. The harsh truth is that God doesn’t prioritize our survival. It is foolish to think otherwise.
  7. Escaping wage slavery is key. Schooling really only exists to prepare you for being a wage slave anyway.
  8. Can’t really know until I’m on my deathbed and able to play back my life from start to finish.
  9. It doesn’t carry the same weight of someone of another race using it in a condescending manner. The n-word is used among blacks as a term of endearment at times, it’s part of our culture (origins being hip-hop/urban lingo). It’s not the word itself, it’s the context in which it is being used.
  10. @Leo Gura thought you should get another black persons opinion (most likely not many of us on the forum or who follow Actualized.org). Dont take the video down.. I know where you were coming from in being radically honest. Us as Blacks are very sensitive to condescending terminology because we encounter it so much in everyday life..but the work you do is truly inspiring and motivating for us who follow.
  11. Being miles away from “others” is something you are imagining. For example, there is no me somewhere in physical time and space, I’m only where you imagine me to be.
  12. There is no difference between what you call “real” and “hallucination”. Do the right spiritual practices and you’ll come to understand this.
  13. Clever wording, but try to avoid creating more distinctions upon reality. Everything is ONE. Meaning maternal and paternal are the same in a sense that you are conscious of their existence in Being. That which makes you conscious of existence also makes you the Creator of existence. You are paternal, maternal and everything in between..to Infinity.
  14. So true. Most folks in developed countries are ungrateful .. thus leading to immense mental, physical, spiritual and emotional suffering.
  15. An ego-ic projection on reality.