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  1. Most likely because your method hasn’t been revealed yet. The sharing of the insight without the method turns into a tease .. one that many of us are not willing to buy into. Would be good to have an ETA on the reveal date, or maybe refrain from this topic until we get it. Just a thought.
  2. Not true, integrating this with your masculine essence creates a higher form of masculinity. Balance is key, be willing to be sensitive and tolerant .. but also be able to hold other accountable and set boundaries so your values are not trampled upon.
  3. What if it’s just a common cold or allergies? How do you distinguish?
  4. What is the “how” then? But before you answer, notice that whatever you say is more mental construction .. (ie. imagination). You can’t escape your own Mind. Go deeper until you reach insanity, it’s well worth it in the End.
  5. Alas .. meditation is a human endeavor, God has never meditated. Nor has it taken a psychedelic. A truly awakened Buddhist can admit Buddhism/meditation is a construction of his own Mind. A truly awakened Psychonauts can admit his psychedelic excursions are also a construction of his own Mind. Both can have their blindspots, which need to be acknowledged and taken seriously. Once one obtains God Realization, the method is irrelevant. Debating over this stuff is useless, yet more human / chimp games that are being played.
  6. And you can destruct it further to realize that there is no "how" to creating reality. This is the non-mechanical nature of imagination. There is no process involved, all processes stem from you imagining them.
  7. You can’t think your way out of jealousy, but you can act your way out of it. Pray for that person to have everything they want and more. In the end, it’s all generating from self-centered fear and insecurity.
  8. Is this really a MUST? Who's defining these parameters? Have you experienced all of the possibilities?
  9. Feedback: I think you can make this distinction a bit more in your analysis of teachers and teachings that are awake and not awake. A feel as though a good bit of us assume both of these are the same thing. Addressing this also adds more clarity on how psychedelics play a part in all this and its significance.
  10. What is your criteria? Maybe Wilber realized at some point he is God .. but never cared to share it like you have (thanks for doing so though). Have you ever entertained this possibility for Wilber, along with any other teacher / person you deem not Woke? Are you explicitly saying that psychedelics are the only path to obtain Awakening? Some may have achieved God-Realization without, you can't validate their direct experience .. as you have not access to it.
  11. Sounds like you’re reading way too much into it, but if you are genuinely curious, just ask your friend. There is no “code of conduct” among races, people are just more natural around those they are most comfortable with.
  12. This train of thought can also be fear based. Fear is the source of all limiting beliefs. In this case, fear of success in pick-up. Imagine getting the girl that you consider out of your league, and have her be head over heels in love with you. Scary right? That would mean your previous worldview would have to die somehow. This can be done, but only through right action.
  13. How come? Are your reasons based in fear? Just challenging your thought process a bit, social circle is cool .. but it's often too indirect and your options can be limited I find cold approach to be the most effective in getting quick results, sure it's challenging to walk up to strangers and let them know that you are interested, but each time you do it .. it builds confidence and self esteem through competence. It's essential to overcome fear of rejection to reap real benefits of cold approach. I also disagree that you can't find a loving relationship through pick up. Cold approach and social circle begin with a common process: man meets woman, man expresses interest in woman, woman becomes interested through getting insight into mans personality. This is what leads to sex and relationships .. it's just cold approach is the more direct method.
  14. Addiction and dependence.