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  1. We as humans wield God like power with the advancement of technology. How do we use it consciously for the greater good of society and vital systems in an effort to push ecological sustainability. Where have we failed, where have we succeeded and where are we going?
  2. Completed the Ultimate Life Puropse Course and found out my mission in life is to eradicate dysfunctional families and empower children through making their parents more wiser/conscious. This is deeply rooted in my own experience growing up in a dysfunctional family and the burdens it carries in ones adult life. I am now working on a life coaching certification, specifically parent coaching. For those interest, please post me what conscious parenting means to you and what are some things you wish your old folks did better in your childhood.
  3. Consciousness work makes you more authentic. You stop caring about accommodating preferences of other people if it means hiding your authentic self. Those who have taken the work and Leo's insights seriously have also seen the change you are referring to, but can also relate to and better understand where the change comes from. It has happened with me as well.
  4. Thanks for the feedback! @Loving Radiance
  5. I love Tame Impala! The Currents album is so good.
  6. Spinoff to the Conscious Politics series. A deep dive into America's constitutional amendment that granting the right to bear arms for its citizens. How is this problematic and how is it essential? Can discuss gun reform, individual rights, history of weaponry, etc. (of course tie this in with meta perspectives and spirituality)
  7. @The0Self Nothing/Nobody = Something/Everybody. To say that there is only nothing/nobody creates a duality. Nobody is God and Everybody is God. It's all God Not to be too attached to the name itself, we can really use any label we want (nobody, God, Love etc), just so as we know it's finite. infinity cannot be reduced to language unfortunately. Reconnecting with our true identity is all that matters in the end!
  8. @The0Self sounds like a word game. The realization that one is God is the only Truth. Let @Kalo enjoy the simplicity of this profound realization, I say this will all due respect.
  9. Congrats on your realization
  10. General question for those interested in dialogue: Is the quality of ones consciousness transferable between incarnations/lifetimes? I've been contemplating that it would really suck to realize that I'm God, creator of everything in present existence, just to forget it once this my physical mind and body dies . I have not studied Buddhism in depth, but maybe this is addressed in the notion of reincarnation. The nature of our experience may change, but does the recognition of absolute Truth remain? The localized realities in which we inhabit, are in truth finite. Side note: Leo has mentioned in his recent YouTube episode that the forum is lacking serious questions from its members. I consider myself a serious of the work, and am encouraging others on the forum who are as well to contribute quality questions to keep this interesting. With love
  11. As a fan of Actualized.org and a follower of the content for a little over two years, this question is becoming more and more prevalent. I would love to see a video (or blog post) on Leo's perspective of self actualization from the Absolute perspective. Is there a self to become actualized? Is self actualization an absolute good under all circumstances? How do we integrate our ambition to self actualize, with the realization of no self/surrender to the will of God (capital G of course!).
  12. Figured this was appropriate for Valentine's Day :). How do we date, get into relationships & marriages from a high consciousness place? Leo has created previous content regarding dating and relationships, but would love a deep dive into how existential wisdom can help foster healthy intimate relationships where both parties can actualize and become more conscious together. Also, a description of common pitfalls of intimate relationships that can be tied to spiritual lapses.
  13. Solipsism. I was unfamiliar with this philosophical idea until it was made mention in Leo's recent YouTube pose, 'Guided Exercise For Realizing You Are God'. I for one thought the video was great, it tied up a ton of loose ends and paradoxes I had while deeply contemplating the notion of Self and Truth. An idea I have been struggling with, however, is the existence or lack thereof of external perspectives/present experiences outside of my own. I believe for those of us who are deeply serious about this work, and on the brink to realizing these insights deeply, we'll need a deeper dive into Solipsism, and it's limitations (if any). Are there many realities and/or present experiences happening simultaneously in God's mind, or is my own personal (present) experience all there is? I find the former to be a limit enforced on consciousness (and for good reason I would think), I find the latter truly universal, infinite and quite honestly...scary. If you guys can like or comment to share your insights that would be wonderful. Keep on actualizing! TK
  14. @JosephKnecht thank you, realizing oneness is hard at times, but a certified cure with frustration and alienation one feels on the journey.
  15. @Boethius Thank you so much for your feedback, the article provided couldn't have been more helpful. Being familiar with Nyam and it's trick is a good measuring stick of true enlightment. Important takeaway: watch how you react to your Nyam being disturbed, is the response a pleasant one or not so nice one 😀