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  1. I went to his free tour in Austin, wasn’t that impressed (plus they try to sell you on boot camp programs starting at $3K). If you are that much of a fan of Owen to want to see him live or find wings (as Leo mentioned) those are good enough reasons to go. As far as theory, his YT does indeed have plenty enough content to save yourself travel expenses.
  2. I wouldn’t base this decision off of the silliness of this forum. It’s not a good representation of those few who are serious and very much looking forward to getting the most out of the course.
  3. Appeals to authority won’t lead to Awakening. You are imagining Leo.
  4. GOD can surely delude itself into believing that it's not GOD...but despite its delusions, it is GOD ...all the time...to Infinity! Furthermore, theories about what GOD is are completely useless if they don't lead you to Awakening of your true nature as GOD. But that requires you shed your limited human identity, which is exactly what your ego equates to death. Hence this work is difficult, you have to go directly against your survival agenda as a human ego.
  5. @Swarnim Truth is realizing that you are GOD, and that it can't be otherwise. All of Reality is your Imagination., everything else is irrelevant.
  6. I’m one of those, as well as a financial contributor to your Patreon. I would say the happenings on the forum are a low quality representation of the impact your teachings have on those in the population are serious about God Realization. At times, I wish the forum would be shut down or put behind a paywall. The only advice I would give is for you to attempt to forgive those on here who are plagued by deep ignorance (if you’re not just going to right out ban them, or shut the forum down). We like to see our leaders practice the things they preach. In any case, we are One .. but also subject to human frailties placed on us in this dream we call “Life”. Thank you and keep fighting the good fight @Leo Gura
  7. We should all learn to temper our expectations when it comes to how Leo should act and talk. There are no "shoulds" in reality (from an Absolute perspective). This is a perfect exercise for all of us to practice non-attachment.
  8. You’ve threatened your forum users many times with these kinds of lines. I agree that what you’re doing is a waste of time, most here will not Awaken to God. So why are you still fighting this uphill battle in trying Awaken others … who are You. What attachments are you holding on to? I respect your body of work, but I feel as though you are above these empty threats. Either shut this thing down, or bear the burden attempting to teach the masses, who will ultimately never reach where You and I have reached .. a merging together as One.
  9. what other non human teachings do you recommend outside of Actualized.org? I’m grateful the content, but troubled that I can’t really find other teachings that tell me I’m God, and how to make the most out of my dream.