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  1. He’s basically referring to the experience/ dream that is your current human life and narrative. Awakening as the Godhead can happen within this dream, but the dream itself continues until it stops at the moment of physical death…or using right psychedelic.
  2. Interesting. The Godhead isn’t a place you go, it’s what you become. It’s hard to “un-become” something once that line is crossed through direct experience. Just adding a bit more context. Boring is a bit harsh lol. It’s kinda fun being able to see reality clearly and point out ones human bullshit with such efficiency.
  3. Truth is, you are in control of your body, mind and actions … as well as body minds and actions of the entire universe. Going deep enough you will realize that your free will (as God) is Infinite. Question is, will you be able to take on that level of ownership and responsibility as the Creator of life itself?
  4. To what degree? A huge feature of accessing God consciousness is not giving a shit about human projections onto the imagined self. Why hold onto it? (Although case in point for helpful, constructive feedback .. though most humans are not interested in offering that).
  5. Lol .. I followed Coach Corey for about 3.5 years. Bought his book 'How to Be a 3% Man' and did a phone session .. great pick up and attraction advice. His political takes are very vanilla .. from a spiral dynamics lens his level of cognitive development is at low orange, high blue. Take what he says on politics with a grain of salt.
  6. @r0ckyreed Great post! thank you
  7. Self Help advice: How do you deal with your mind's resistance in stepping outside its comfort zone? Success often requires doing things that directly conflict with our comforts in life. Your mind is king at psyching itself out not to stretch and charter unknown waters. How do you face this in your journey of personal development?
  8. For us older folks, we can't really knock the youth for their unreasonable takes on life .. youth is energetic, but is often un-wise. @Husseinisdoingfine Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy the present as much as you can.
  9. New Age people can be materialist as well, most of their pursuit of shallow forms of spirituality is for some personal survival agenda, be it for vain health benefits, escaping harsh realities, finding a social group / romantic partners. The hard Truths of a real awakening transcends all of that, and in that respect, it is different from the New Age “airy-fairy” “woo-hoo” teachings. Leo doesn’t want materialist to confuse the two, as they are already extremely turned off by New Agers … for good reasons in some aspects.
  10. Her being indecisive and unclear is actually the reason why she isn't your girlfriend yet. Women have to trust your masculine core before they are able to submit to you emotionally. Sounds like you pushing her for a relationship is lowering her attraction. Just focus on having fun, and being casual with her .. as a man, the relationship has to be her decision, not yours.
  11. How to collapse into nothing? Get a full understanding of what God is .. then it'll happen. How to do it depends on who you ask? .. but then again, asking others is the same as asking Oneself .
  12. Most likely something you'll get used too after many nights out at the bar or club. A daily meditation habit along with your studies should provide a decent balance.
  13. @Leo Gura introducing some form of psychedelic sourcing to the Actualized.org community would be so much appreciated. Personally, I have a strong interest in consciousness work, and have reaped many fruits from traditional spiritual practice, as well as contemplation. Although helpful, my understanding is still just conceptual . Intuitively, I know psychedelics will get me to the next level .. but I have no clue where to get them .. or how to make them.
  14. My best managers during my time in corporate have been women. I don’t think it was for any particular reason other than leadership style. Everyone (men, women, everything in between) has unique ways they go about leading others that transcends gender. It’s deeper, based on value systems .