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  1. Maybe the problem is not suffering itself, it's trying to avoid it, to deny it, to demonize it, to falsify it and to anihilate its possibility. If you investigate deeply you will see that suffering can be an impulse to awakening. There is beauty in the end of suffering. It's a mechanism for rebirth. It always ends if you don’t resist it. No way to avoid the storm.
  2. Your ego will never do that. Be still and know that I AM.
  3. @Someone here on the face of love, which is true awareness, all logic falls apart. It's ok to question your teacher but remember to feel the love and the courage necessary for taking the risk of being misunderstood and paradoxical. It is paradoxical, love is a paradox, art is paradoxical, science claims it isn't but it actually is. You could wait another lifetime to come another teacher to go further on Leo's teachings, but he is doing it himself. Keep questioning but try to feel the level of love one can embrace.
  4. Yes. Our own body is a reflection in Consciousness (that's why we say it is imaginary), if we try to grasp a reflection we fail, but if we are aware we are beyond that a lot of questions fall apart. Why do we reflect? Why do we make art? It's like an impulse arisen from love.
  5. I guess they are not copies, they are reflections, that's why Leo says we can only imagine others having their own experience, we can’t be sure, though we can have the experience of "merging" in unity, because they are simply reflections.
  6. All sentient beings, seen and unseen, are simply different forms of one divine Consciousness, which looks out at the universe that is its own body through uncountable pairs of eyes. To make it personal: you are not separate from God/dess, the Divine, and never have been. Indeed, you are the very means by which She knows Herself.
  7. @Leo Gura what you said in the lasted video is more congruent with the TANTRIC view of reality. Have you checked the book TANTRA ILLUMINATED, by Christopher D. Wallis? It does contradict solipsism in the sense that it states that we are fractals and there are multiple perspectives of one mother consciousness. "All that exists, throughout all time and beyond, is one infinite divine Consciousness, free and blissful, which projects within the field of its awareness a vast multiplicity of apparently differentiated subjects and objects: each object an actualization of a timeless potentiality inherent in the Light of Consciousness, and each subject, you and I, the same plus a contracted locus of self-awareness. This creation, a divine play, is the result of the natural impulse within Consciousness to express the totality of its self-knowledge in action, an impulse arising from love. The unbounded Light of Consciousness contracts into finite embodied loci of awareness out of its own free will. When those finite subjects then identify with the limited and circumscribed cognitions and circumstances that make up this phase of their existence, instead of identifying with the transindividual overarching pulsation of pure Awareness that is their true nature, they experience what they call “suffering.” To rectify this, some feel an inner urge to take up the path of spiritual wisdom and yogic practice, the purpose of which is to undermine their misidentification and directly reveal within the immediacy of awareness the fact that the divine powers of Consciousness, Bliss, Willing, Knowing, and Acting comprise the totality of individual experience as well—thereby triggering a recognition that one’s real identity is that of the highest Divinity, the Whole in every part. This experiential insight is repeated and reinforced through various means until it becomes the nonconceptual ground of every moment of experience, and one’s contracted sense of self and separation from the Whole is finally annihilated in the incandescent radiance of the complete expansion into perfect wholeness. Then one’s perception fully encompasses the reality of a universe dancing ecstatically in the animation of its completely perfect divinity".
  8. @Razard86 exactly. And as I was writing I was pretty conscious I was talking to myself 🙂❤
  9. @SageModeAustin I see your point. But your report here on this forum just proves you want to go beyond good and evil to realize what the game is really about. Doesn't it? I like Jordan Peterson and many of his survival strategies but when I look at him I don't see joy. He is still trying to survive off his meds. That's fine, he is a human, like us. I do like him, but you and me, we know that there are deeper questions to be asked. We don't have to make such strict distinctions, though.
  10. I think it means something good. It means you are ready to let go of a bunch of things to literally embody your next "layer", a better version you are creating for yourself. Dissatisfaction is a gift if we truly see it as such.
  11. @MrTouchdown try making experiments within your own dream-reality. Recentely, I wanted a goal to be accomplished and it involved a person (a "character" in my dream). I had a little resistance if I should give the next step I imagined or not. Then I realized...if I am dreaming and I am the only conscious being, maybe I can ask the universe (myself) for a specific sign from this other person. I designed what that sign would be, very specifically, it was a very possible one, and just let it go. Hours later, the sign was confirmed, then I took the next step I had already designed (imagined). I just had 3 words after seeing the signs confirmed, as Leo said, oh my GOD! OH MY GOD! If it wasn't very specific like it was I would have doubted myself, impossible in this case! WE can really talk and interact with the universe, but it requires courage, contemplation, proactivity and receptivity. It requires a lot of attention to keep awake in the dream, but I guess we get used to that. It's like learning how to walk for the first time. Like Leo said, we can keep zooming into the figments of imagination. It's like playing with yourself. Verifying is the honest way. You can keep awakening, as you do every morning.
  12. I love running while listening to great music. Best one for me. Cooking very slowly and exercising presence is also great. Movement helps.
  13. @michaelcycle00 ultimately, it's our own receptivity, right? The irony is...we have to imagine others do have their own awareness to make their hollographic existence "real" for us. Am I mistaken here? It is radical!