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  1. Love this song. Let me know what you think<3
  2. Hey beautiful people... Today I did a cover of a song I really love... It is called "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon. I hope you like it, have a nice day.
  3. Hi @BenG Here are the trip reports: 1st trip: "Incredible Beauty and Perfection" 2nd trip: "Tears falling. Becoming One with Everything" Your questions: "you paint all this in a very positive light and it's awesome that you seem to have experienced it that way" I didn't experience it. "I" does not exist. And I am pure truth. I am god, I am "the experience." And so are you. It is pure truth. Always the case. Always the way it is. Forever so. It is literally true. You literally are god, infinite goodness, infinite beauty, infinite love, infinite perfection, infinite power, the entire fucking universe. There is nothing better you could hear and nothing greater you could be. It is literally goodness and positivity in a metaphysical sense. I'm curious, have you experienced any darker feelings of emptiness/meaninglessness as a result of these realizations? Any difficulty getting back into ordinary life after a God realization? I can't speak about this since I had my realization yesterday. However, I can anticipate what will happen in the following weeks and years and try to make an explanation. I'll come back in a month (at 24.11.) and update you on how I feel! What I think happens after this realization is, you realize that nothing you do in this human life is of ultimate significance. You could die tomorrow and everything would be fine. You can do whatever you want and god/life is good with it. My guess is, that people with "shitty lifes" could experience negative feelings after these realizations. Some people don't have friends, don't have nice jobs they like, don't have money, don't have a family, etc. etc. They would know after that experience that their life isn't a reflection of their true nature which is love, they would deeply know that god wouldn't judge them for throwing away their shitty lifes. So my guess is, that if you hate your life, if your life isn't aligned with who you want to be, if you don't have any friends, if you don't have people you love, if you don't do things you like on a day to day basis, the contrast between your life and the realization that you are god could make you nihilistic and you might stop caring about your situation and make it even worse that way. On the other hand what might happen is, you could realize that you can live any life you want. The realization of the fact that god will give you any life you want might make you actively seek to improve your situation which would lead to more optimism and a better feeling about life overall. Also losing your fear of death and losing fear in gereral might be a good thing for many people. For people who like their lifes and whose lifes are aligned with who they want to be, I think godrealization wouldn't do any bad. Knowing that they are Infinite Love, God, etc., can do whatever they want, etc. would be their cherry on top of the cake. Especially if they have the right intellectual framework to interpret their realizations which is what Leo gives us and does amazingly well. Luckily I fall more into the second category of people (as most people here on do) which I think will make it very easy for me to go back to my "normal" life so to speak. However, God showed me that love is the only thing that matters in life and that I can literally do anything I want which will lead to long term changes in the way I go about things and live my life. But I don't think it will destabilize me, because of my mature psyche and because of my life situation which I am overall happy with. Conclusion: Work on your life - have people you love, do things you like, care for yourself, care for your health, study no-bullshit-spirituality for a few years, be grown up (at least 21) and you'll be ready for psychedelics / god-realization. Don'f force yourself to do it, only do it if you want to know truth, if you deeply care for truth. Oh yeah, and thank you for your compliment on my music channel, I appreciate it
  4. Hello my Love... Today was the 3rd psychedelic trip ever in my life. What you will now read is called a "trip-report." It is some words that try to point to a reality, that cannot be pointed to. Nothing that is real can be described or pointed to, it can only be experienced. However, pointing or trying to point doesn't contradict reality and might help you to experience these things for yourself, which you absolutely can. Todays trip was special in that it gave me access to absolute knowledge. I became aware of an absolute, unshakeble, unspeakable truth which is the cause of, and explains everything in this universe, beyond the shaddow of a doubt. Absolute truth is unspeakable, but speaking about it might inspire people to seek it. This is the reason why I will try to do the impossible here and speak about it. The only reason. Just to inspire you to go out there and seek absolute truth. Because it is absolutely worth it, I promise. Trip Report Took 150ug LSD today which was my 3rd psychedelic trip ever. If you're interested in the first two trips pm me I can send you the links. Now let's jump into the juicy stuff: absolute truth. What I realized beyond the shaddow of a doubt There is no self. "you" don't exist. There is no "you" inside your body (or inside of mine) Everything is one. The whole universe and everything that exists, existed, will ever exist or could ever exist is physically one thing. God exists beyond the shaddow of a doubt. God = The Cause of everything that exists = The here and now = Conciousness = Infinite love = Everything that exists = You. There exists only one thing in the universe. This thing is You. You with a capital "Y". That "YOU" is identical to God. It is the cause of everything. It created everything in this universe. It created everything you see right now through your eyes out of pure selflessness and out of pure love. It created the most beautiful things you could ever imagine and the most hellish things you could ever imagine. It did so because it is selfless. Because it is infinitely loving. Infinite love does not discriminate. It only encompasses and allows for anything that comes into existence to come into existence. Infinite love is all there is. Imagine you got the most beautiful gift you could ever imagine. Imagine you get the most beautiful man, the most beautiful woman you could ever imagine. Imagine him or her unconditionally loving you for your whole life. Imagine you get all the money in the world. Imagine every single petty little wish of yours would be fulfilled. Imagine how much better you would feel after all these whishes coming true. Now imagine that feeling you would get out of all your whishes getting fulfilled and multiply it by infinity. What you now have is Infinite Love, Absolute Truth, God, Your own Identity. It is so beautiful, perfect, rich, loving, caring, complete that you would never believe me. And still it is Absolute, timeless Truth. forever and until the end of time. Death is impossible, you are immortal. (Obvious point). All these things I just wrote are and forever will be: Absolute, unshakable truth 'til the end of time. This is not my belief, nor speculation. This is a fact. In fact, this is the only "true" fact that exists in this universe. You can become directly concious of these truths. Doing that will completely heal you and show you that all your petty human bullshit is completely okay the way it is and that you are infinitely loved no matter what you do. I hope I will inspire some of you to go out there and seek finding that truth for yourself. What I would recommend for that is using psychedelics. I highly doubt that there is any other method presently known to humankind which makes it as easy and effortless to access these truths as psychedelics do. Go for it, whoever you are - you can do it, whatever it is you want to do. You can find absolute truth and it will heal you completely and forever. I deeply love all of you. Cheers! Final note: A deep deep Thank-You goes out to @Leo Gura. Thank you for teaching me about all these concepts from a young age and making it possible for me to finally at 21 realize what I have just realized. Leo, I will never in this lifetime be able to thank you enough for what you did for me.
  5. You forgot an important factor here. Genetics. 5-Meo inside of you ≠ 5-Meo inside of Leo. Just because you didn't realize absolute truth on psyches, it doesn't mean it is impossible. From my psychedelic trips so far I'd say that psychedelics are the strongest and easiest tool to completely and effortlessly transform myself. From the books and studies I've read about psychedelics they clearly seem to be an incredibly effective tool for many people (healing depression, trauma - helping to deal with death, stopping addictions, etc.)
  6. and the funny part of it is, he didn't even offer alternative suggestions / something constructive.. Critizising is easy business. Just be lazy, sit in your comfortable chair and type some one-or two liners how other people are wrong without explaining sh*t
  7. @EntheogenTruthSeeker glad that I hepled you. It's really nessecary to chelate yourself to get better but that's great news, you'll GET better! I am also chelating and belive I know everything one needs to know to chelate well and responsibly. If you have specific questions about chelation / need help feel free to pm me:)
  8. @Nos7algiK this post was amazing, couldn't have explained anything better. You mentioned all the important points, great work! @Random witch I am a man, and I don't see women as sexual objects, don't want to exploit them. Also, I know many man just like me, who want to love and be compassionate + get loved and get compassion. You already kind of realized that the belief you hold about men isn't 100% accurate. Get rid of your limiting beliefs. Beliefs manifest your reality. To finnish it of, here is an important and very true quote (Sadhguru): "The world is the way it is, because you are the way you are." Look at the Teal Swan Video mentioned above. It's ON POINT. You can have AMAZING RELATIONSHIP with men, you are a lovable, adorable and a beautiful woman, but before you can be seen and treated as that from other people, you have to start seeing that you truly are that woman by yourself. In short you have to love yourself. Reeeeeaallly love yourself. You are worth it and you deserve it, I promise. You can do it. Love you all.
  9. @Javfly33 That "I" that hates "the ego", what do you think that "I" is? It is your ego, indeed. Nothing is wrong with ego. Ego is a beautiful thing. Learn to love it and grow it into something that feels good. If you want to trancsend it you should really consider psychedelics. They are not all illegal, not that hard to get and they can transform you massively. At least be open minded to them, read the book "The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide." This book will clearly show you how psychedelics might be a way out of your misery. People with severe depression have been helped LONG TERM just by ONE psychedelic session.