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  1. Me too! We need to raise awareness around this issue! #prayforthehotgrills
  2. Bro, that's your lens. Girl's are sooo much more insecure about their looks than guys, you have no idea. I know how it can feel like the reverse becuase woman can look so powerful and judging of you when you're insecure and not successful with them, but man - you have no idea how much girls obsess about their looks. I dare you to go ask them yourself! Am I right ladies? @Emerald @Etherial Cat @Preety_India + @alltheotherwomanreadingthis.
  3. @Javfly33 Don't be to quick with your conclusions. Pick up is obviously to get laid and get good with girls, but man, this dude is onto something. He is talking about how to do pick up from a very holistic point of view.. than of course it is still survival, but why does that have to make it less spiritual. There is no duality between spirituality and survival. It's ultimately the same thing in a weird way. I agree with you but I belive it is more nuanced than that. I think it is possible to do pick up from a higher conciousness ground.
  4. Here's a challenge for you!@StarStruck Search for feminism on YouTube and select the most outrages, toxic and man hating rant you can find. Than watch the video - but most importantly. Watch yourself. Observe you're reaction and when you feel like you want to punch the wall. Breath in to the resistance, hatred and anger. Notice how angry you get.. and than investigate why those emotions occur.
  5. Low self esteem and a sense of being flawed. If you are insecure about your looks, you're insecure about other things aswell.
  6. For sure man and I get that, but that's not the point. The point is that denouncing it tells you that you're denouncing a part of yourself and reality. Ask yourself. Why am I I triggerd by feminist extremists and not right wing incel extremists? The reason why we get triggered is because there is a wound there. The extremist feminists represent exactly what you feel but reversed. For you it's something like: " They say they are a victim, that I, as a man am the one who oppresses them but that's bullshit because I don't oppress them, I desperately want them. They are the one oppressing me, they are the one's not accepting my right to be. In other words - for you it feels like they A don't accept you and B gaslight that it is your fault, which comically enough is what you do to yourself all the time. You constantly tell yourself that you're not enough - that you're a victim becuase you yourself is defective BUT you experience that they are doing the same thing that you're scared of being... judging you as not enough. But guess what... they are only gaslighting themselves, just like you. The feminists and your own gaslighting is projected outwards because you or they can't handle that you yourself feel like you're oppressed so you switch focus and say that someone else is doing it which creates this endless cycle. What you see them doing to you, is the same thing you do to yourself. It's the same trauma meeting eachoter... Which means that in order to heal your trauma and relationship to yourself... you have to do it to them too ( which of course is counterintuitive) I say it again - you don't accept a part of yourself and at the same time gaslight that it is your own fault and that's the reason why you're triggered. Of course I am triggered by it but that only tells me that I have more work to do with accepting and loving them and myself ( that I don't fully understand and accept that part of reality) I want to punch my head against the computer everytime but that doesn't change SHIT. The point is to learn how to integrate the things that you get triggered by, because everything you denounce - is something you don't understand and love within yourself. I really feel you bro. We are in the same boat, but realize that them being wrong and stupied is not what triggeres you. You get triggered because there is a wound. Investigate and heal that wound, or suffer the consequences! @StarStruck
  7. @StarStruck Bro it Doesn't matter, If you get triggered by the dark side of anything, you're trapped to see the good side of it. The one who resents something will never, ever... EVER be able to understand that perspective, so investigate it. The thing that triggeres you informs you about something which you hate within yourself. You hate the feminism ( the anima/ your feminie side) and try to repress it because you feel like you can't have that side if you wanna get a girlfriend. The dark side of feminism is the outward version of your own self feminie side hatred. Escape that first, because right now you can't see it for what it is becuase of this ego repression game.
  8. Hold my Travelbum
  9. @Meditationdude Investigate why you get triggered by people mass commenting!
  10. Thank you Nahm!@Nahm 🙏 I do have contempt, against myself, for being perfectionistic, yet I judge people who do simple mistakes themselves so I still value and and dispise it. What does this say you?
  11. @ForestluvIs perfectionism a sign of a blue shadow?