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  1. I think you have a shadow of not wanting to take and claim stuff because you feel like you don't deserve it because it is selfiish. What's wrong with being selfish? GOD obviously has notthing against it and if you do marketing to create a high conciousness business because you know how much value you will give to people, isn't it then more selffish to withhold that value and love from the world? What is selfishness really? Self Love = God
  2. Seems stage red to me. Super toxic guy, altough he is kinda funny.
  3. Yeah I did and I thought it was amazing. Thats why I said wow.
  4. I personally really like a simplistic writing style. What's the hardest in writing is in my opinion to communicate something complex in a very simple way. An insight so simple, only a genius can have it. Don't get to lost in other peoples work, discover your own personal style. Embrace simplicity if that's your thing.
  5. Next video: How to make a coffee table squirt
  6. Getting involved with stupied relationship that you now ain't going to get anywhere
  7. The right call is to let her go. It's over. Don't chase your own shadow, figure out the lesson and let her be free.
  8. Stop focusing on trying to be " high value", that is what makes you " Low value". Be who you are and focus on healing yourself and getting to a place where you can be who you are. You don't actually want girls, you want to fully submit to yourself and untill you do that, no one will submit to who you are because reality is a mirror. If you want to get good with girls, follow Leo's top pick up advice which is " Become more like a girl". Think about it law of attraction wise.. you are what you attract. So go become a girl Practically speaking you have to own the fuck out of your virginity. That doesn't mean that you should find opportunities to tell her. It just means it's a non issue for you and that if she asks ( which she won't untill you have had sex with her btw) you just tell her the truth and own it. Stop trying to be something to woman, just be yourself and go for whatever the fuck you want.
  9. I have no idea If this helps bro; but I think that you have been afraid and tried to fight the darkness and injustices outside which in reality is a mirror that displays how you're trying to fight your own evil inside. I had and have the opposite problem where I was afraid of the light and kind of " liked" the suffering and darkness so much so I counterintuitively trusted that more than my own light. The darkness was my light. I think for you, you might have to go the other way around and love the evil, the darkness to death.
  10. Be yourself is the ultimate daiting strategy. The only problem is that it's very hard to get there which is quite comical. You need to learn how to stand up to who you are and be there for you, before you can be there for someone else
  11. I I am going thourgh something similar right now. I had to let go my absolute best friend becuase he was toxic and projected onto me what he was not. My friend helped to push me, and when I pressed the call button on my phone, I experienced my first awakening to my higher self and that all I ever wanted to be was myself. You don't owe anyone anything man! All you can do is be yourself. Some people will hate you for it and not understand why you are doing it and for some it will seem like betrayal.. but don't break down. You choose what you stand for, you choose your sacrifice. Either you sacrifice them, or you sacrifice yourself. Devot yourself to yourself.
  12. Yeah but its also a representation of your bias and what you want. It's both at the same time. The goal should be to allow yourself to be homosexual if you want to, but that doesn't mean that you have to become or be homosexual. It's about acceptence and allowing it, which then also means being able to let it go if you want to.
  13. Interesting perspective! Thanks for sharing.