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  1. @RendHeaven For sure, I've been thinking about you man Miss you
  2. Have you done his Shoonya yoga program? If so, what are the effects you have seen doing the meditation. I've been practicing shambavi for a whole now and it's so powerful.
  3. This is how I have felt numerous times about LSD😂 I think that there are some psychedelics that trigger more of your trauma. For example - LSD is very femenine in nature, atleast for me because it puts me into a no self state.. but because it does that, to me it's actually masculine because it basically fucks me by putting more femenine energy in me ( which I am already resisting within myself) Shrooms don't do this to me for some reason. I heard that people are either shroom people or LSD people. Although this is a generalization - I think there is something to it.
  4. @MarkKol 😂😂😂
  5. It's okey man. I really feel for you because I have been there myself. I approached hundreds of girls and got rejected every single time for many years. Girls have blocked me, unfollowed me and not replied to me more times than I can even remember. You're not doing anything wrong, you're just inexperienced. Keep talking to girls and keep getting rejected- in fact get rejected faster. I don't know how many times I fucked up with different girls and humilated myself in different ways but it doesn't matter. I Keept talking to girls and today I have a girlfriend. Trust the process
  6. No, it's the opposite, although it can seem like you're becoming more selfish you're actually not. The more spiritual you become - the less manipulative you become because becoming more spiritual is fundamentaly only about braking the boundary between you and others. What will happen though is that as you get more conciouss you will at one point or another get more and more connected to truth which might give you the illusion that you're turning into a sociopathic dickhead.
  7. Any books on this? I'm thinking about things related to Leos video on the counter-intuitive nature of life and the theme of things going full circle. Thanks!
  8. @Leo Gura Can you give some exampels of some of his weird hindu beliefs that you see? I'm genuinly curious.
  9. I've heard Sadhuru mention that some Yogis when they attain Mahasamdi completely dissolves their bodies aswell, only leaving a puddle of water on the ground. He has also mentioned that some yogis can make trees grow just by sitting down and imagining them growing. I don't know any specific person though... except maybe Sadhguru but he is very EXTRAordinary in many ways so I don't know if he satifies you as an example. @An young being
  10. Much love to you my brother. I've confirmed it in my direct experience that it's a dream. Maybe you will come to that insight aswell, or not. Regardless I wish you the best and that you find everything you are seeking for in life.
  11. Because you would brake the dream by doing so. Besides that - there are people who have stopped imagining themselves and done things that would seem impossible.. That is because reality is PURE IMAGINATION. The only reason why you need food right now is because you're in a finite state of consciousness which includes the rules of this reality. Saying it's a dream is of course a limited way of looking at reality, but saying it is not is also a limit. That's my point - it has to be both. From one perspective, it very much is a dream but from another it is not. Because from God's point of view everything is everything. So you saying that reality is not a dream is putting a limit onto infinity and that duality will eventually collapse. The reason why we can't telepathically communicate is because you're not consciousness enough to know how to do that. Your objection regarding the fagt that we are in a dream seems to be rooted in your idea that there is an actual physical reality that is not illusiory. You said you know your dear ones exsist and I do not deny that from you. All l I am saying is that everything is everything which means that you are them, you are a dream, you are reality. You are infinity. And the moment you deny reality being anything and try to dissprove reality, reality will show you how it is that thing that you say it is not. Therefore - reality must be a dream
  12. Reality is in fact a dream my friend but I know nothing that me or someone else says will prove it to you. I'll anyway try to adress your points 1: You only need food, water and air in this dream because you're imagining that you need it and that you're doing it. You think that this is reality.. but it's just a hallucination man.. Just like a dream. Think about it. Everything is happening in your head right now - and when you cease to exsist, so does the world to YOU. This reality feels like it's real but it's actually just your own construction. 2: You can in fact be other things than " Yourself" in this dream. There are many stories about how people have left their body and become birds, other people and even objects. Smoke some saliva for example and you might become a table ((: 3: haven't you had dreams that are a continiution of another dream or story before? I have had that happen many times, especially when I was a kid. Also isn't dreames in one sense just a continiution and a made up conclusion about something that you experienced in your life? Many of our dreams in my experience mirror our reality and emerge from all the impressions we gathered in our life. So in one sense.. we are going back to our dream all the time. Because dreams and reality are the same thing. Everything is everything. When you're dreaming you're continiuing the dream in a dream (;
  13. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have always find it interesting to learn more about the mechanics of how we get brainwashed into different worldviews and perspectives. Reading your story thourgh christianty and beyond was very intriguing and helped me gain more perspective on how easy it is to get trapped in different worldview. Maybe you should write a book on it (;
  14. I had this happen once after doing a lot of Shambavi mahamudra and tripping on acid. It was very umcomforteble and I thought I had fucked my life up. It dissapeared after 2 days though.. eventhough it obviously is still here. What helped me in making it stop was surrendering to it and letting it work on me. Just observe the sensation and it will eventually be seen and cease