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  1. @Preety_India Or I'll become a male stripper in Japan. Two strong options
  2. Yeah I know It's true! The question is if it's worth the hassle however. 5 years + 1 year of practice is a long time, I wonder if it even will give me that much compared to if I studied it myself.
  3. Do Garyvee next
  4. @Moksha As someone who have a master in psychology, how do you get the most knowledge about psychology and human behavior? Are there blindspots in the formal psycholofy education where you miss important stuff just becuase they don't teach it?
  5. As the title. Important to note, I live in Sweden where the university education is free + you get some money. My goal is to master psychology and than do public speaking. Will becoming a psychologist be worth my time? ( according to you guys, I want your thoughts) Thank you🙏 @Leo Gura
  6. @Preety_IndiaNah, the best move is to read your journals
  7. The counteruntuituve move is to aks the opposite question
  8. What about natural hierarchys regarding men and woman. I mean.. woman are more intuitive than men on average and have a biological drive to take care of kids. Maybe, that's why they also dominate in childcare for example, because they like it more because of how they are biologically Wired. Do you study/ research/ work with this stuff personally? You seem to know a lot of stuff. Lol yeah of course in that way, but in another way the wiring of " truth" has to be linked to some sort of benefit in order for it to exist and survive the natural selection. There has to be some sort of purpose for it. Also people with enmeshment trauma tends to want to discover the truth and introspect because they are afraid to be wrong ( fail) and to hurt other people by projecting ignorance, which many enmeshed trauma folks have experienced themselves when interacted with narrsists. They understand that no one likes narcissists and they are therefor afraid to be that becuase they are afraid to not belong ( yet still terrified of losing it's sense of identity) Yes yeah, there are a lot of fun stuff to learn😋 INFP @integral
  9. @integral What are some of the intuitive blindspots in regards to finding truth? Of course there must be some, but what are those? Also, where do you pegg yourself on the Mbti scale?
  10. Yeah, and what is that reward system linked to? What more effects does this thing create if the whole system is trying to get to truth. If that's the evolutionary strategy, what does the body do to get to a place where this is the body seeks? ( high openness, introversion, neuroticism ect)
  11. @integral Yeah of course, I see myself as higher than those who are not at stage yellow. The challenge here is to accept that and not avoid it becuase that's even more fear and ego. Also, Interesting addition to the Donnur Krüger effect. Maybe that's another reason besides the donning Kruger effect.Everyone believes they are genius but only becusse they don't see where they suck, hence they are only a genius on that thing.
  12. Unsual question coming. Do you think this journey aided your awakening and enlightenment journey in some way?@Gili Trawangan
  13. @intotheblackYeah but you're a woman. therefor you are not aware of the subtle nuance and gold becuase you're not looking for it. You only see it as a mechanical way to approach something as precious as a relationship. You look at it from a female perspective. The message is that if you want something, you must go and get it. That's what girls want and that's why many guys don't get action with girls ( including myself lol). The guys who struggle don't assert what they want, they don't fight for what they want, because they don't believe they can get what they want/ deserve to get what they want. That's the core problem. The guys who struggle don't authentically Express what they want. And that's also the moral of his story. Go out and assert yourself and get what you want. Be recorseful, don't let anything stop you.