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  1. @Magnanimous Raising your Conciousness = becoming more unbiased. Reprograming your mind = practicing thinking more positively thorugh different techniques. You are asking, should I do this and that. There really isn't any answer. It depends on where you are at. If you are trying to learn " positive thinking" you are from what I understand wanting to use affirmations, vizualisation and stuff like that to become more positive in your everyday life. All those things work, but realize that they in a sense are done through habits and repetition. You are trying to change one program ( your currant mind) into a more positive program ( your desired mind) so that you subconsciously start to think more positively. This approach works very well but what I am trying to tell you is that you are right in that it can create a bias.. but here is the thing. There isn't anything wrong with bias either - it's neutral. If you think it will be helpful for you, go for it. That's true unbias. The bottom line is this, you can use positive thinking techniques but just be aware of what you're doing. They help and can be very beneficial.. but you don't HAVE TO. Another way to go about becoming more positive is thorugh becoming more concious or as you say, seeing the world in a more unbiased way.. they will lead you there aswell but it's more of an indirect way.. yet at the same time the most direct way because you then don't have to create another identity ( becoming more positive) and push your other identity away. Choose what speaks to you. Both ways are right!
  2. See, If you want to look at it ( positive thinking) in an unbiased way, what's then wrong with doing positive thinking? There isn't anything bad with wanting to think positivly. That's what true unbias is - that you realize you could.. or you could not. It doesn't really matter, yet at the same time it's relative to where you are at and what your goals are. There are benefits to reprogram your subconscious mind. Is it the only way? Is it the ultimate way? It really depends on where you are at and how you want to proceed. Conciousness is and will forever be curative alone, but meanwhile - it's not bad to use other techniques ( habits, programming your subconscious mind, e.ct to your advantage). They work! The only question is if you want solace or a solution. If you want to go all the way, or solve one issue. If you do enough conciousness work - your mind will be reprogramed. In a sense there really is no distinction, it's just that one is more direct while the other one is taking you there one step at a time. What's confusing here though is that, raising your conciousness won't necessarily be a direct path to solve your specific issue ( thinking more positively) , while it is at the same time becasue it will solve the root issue. So in other words - what's the difference really (; They are two different paths to the same destination. Choose which one you like the most! Or do both...
  3. Psychadelics are just a tool. The real work is questioning every belief you hold, facing your fears and daring to let go ect. For this requires huge trust, awarness and lots of trial and error. Psychadleics have completely changed my life, but they have only accelerated my growth, they haven't really changed anything in how I live life. I still everyday do the work, learn and grow even after around 15 trips. Keep going and follow your intuition - you always know what's best for you. Follow that. You gain the whole world and through that you lose everything and then you're back exactly where you were. Continue doing the work!
  4. @Leo Gura Your femenine inside got hurt by this
  5. I have answered almost all of my questions. I know I one day will answer this one as well. That said, there is still an intuition within me, that tells me I really haven´t grasped anything at all.. because what is there to grasp? What is moksha and how is it different from enlightenment? I have verified from direct experience that we all are enlightened - it´s just a matter of degree. The question that therefore continues to arise within me is - if we all are enlightened, what is then the liberation? Is it flipping off the switch completely and stopping dreaming, is that how we end it all? What happens then to the " others" - will they go with me? These are my questions. I would love to hear your thoughts. @Leo Gura
  6. The wording is done on purpose. It's an advanced lesson. First you trust, then you let go of even trusting YOURSELF because you realize you don't even need to trust yourself. Trusting works, everything works but the question is if you want a solution or solace. If you go around trying to trust everything, you will never reach BEING. The Not trusting yourself is a realization that there is nothing to trust, because where is the you? In a sense you can never count on yourself because it's a you, so stop trying to control the world and deeming this as this or that, or good or bad. Not trusting yourself leads to you trusting yourself because you first, like abraham sacrifice your trust and then get it all back. I get what you're saying though and you're right in a sense but in order to get to that realization completely you need to learn how to still be okey while with not trusting YOURSELF. And when I say YOURSELF, I mean your identity and what you belive is the right thing to do. Do you think abraham trusted himself when he was going to sacrifice his son? Would he do it himself? Hell no but he did it because he " trusted in god". So in other words, he didn't trust himself and trusted himself at the same time because he is god. That's God with the Capital G. I needed to learn that other part of the story and I think a lot of people here need to here it too. Trusting and not trusting is the same thing!! ( on the ultiamte scale, it's the ying to the yang) So don't go around trying to trust! Dare to let go of even the trust.
  7. It gets you really far but ultimately you have to to let go of leting go. What happen if you don't trust yourself? Is that a sin? Will you fuck yourself ober?No, you will always be fine. Not trusting yourself is about exactly that. It's about letting go so much that you don't even care about making mistakes because you realize there aren't any. This is Leos greatest fear - letting go of his trust for himself becuase it means letting go of his direction which took him this far. Don't make trust out there, outside of you. Realize that you are it by becoming it by not " trusting it" by realizing that you don't even need to trust yourself.
  8. @Leo Gura It's in the wording. The devil is in the details. what I'm saying is that you can't trust yourself, Reality is litterly so good that trusting yourself would create another "You" , seperation and a fear that it is not okey and not you. It's kinda like Sadhgurus idea in this video about not needing to letting go or not trying to be in the moment. You're already there!! Stop trying to create unnecessary problems for yourself. I always trusted myself and the world fully and it got me far, but by trusting I was always afraid of not trusting, which per definition is not trusting. Trusting yourself with a capital T is to not trust yourself so much that you realize you never couldn't not " trust" yourself because what is there to trust? What is the YOU there? Is that YOU really relieble? Fuck no!! You fucking die, yet still everything was always okey. You can't count on the you? You can't count on yourself.. it's a lie. Yet the "truth" involves all these lies. Trusting with a capital T is BEING. Don't disregard what I say to quickly. Alteast test it yourself. If you really want the truth, ask yourself what a mistake is, next trip. I know your perfectionistic ass leo, I'm you it's fine. What's the ultimate test? "Trusting" so much that you don't even need to trust - when you do that, true being has occured, because at that point no mistakes have happend.
  9. Pomegranate is also one of my fav. My list goes Mango Blueberries Pomogrante Honeymelon Strawberries
  10. I took DMT today and realized that I shouldn't even trust myself. This was very revolutionary to me because I have the last couple days, weeks and months tried to trust myself more but what I realized was that you can't and shouldn't " trust yourself". Because what is there to trust if everything is perfect? This is what being is - completely allowing everything to be and realizing that the voice inside your head doesn't serve you and from there just letting it get washed away. There are no mistakes!! Stop trying to mess with your mind. You're the one that creates the mistakes. Just be!! The only mistake one could make is beliving that you could make one. Don't trust yourself. Be yourself. With love Sam
  11. @LordFall for sure! I´m a young dude myself that still has a lot to experience when it comes to having external relationships with the feminine - I´m in one right now. it´s super important that you are honest with what you want. If you want a lot of sex and feminine companionship, you should go for it. Just remember, the feminine outside can´t complete you. Of course, it can handle some of your needs but the healing will be found inside. When this full integration has been actualized you can then go on and celebrate that love and union with feminine on the outside. what I meant with the purple analogy is that from what I understand you feel like you´ve come a long way and tried to integrate the feminine but still haven´t done it completely and all you want is your ex-girl and the femininity to feel completely whole. Notice how you experience that there is " You" trying to integrate it, instead of you just being it. The feminine will always " run " away when you try to constrain it by becoming it. The only way to get access to the feminine is to BE it. Trying to integrate it and set up a process for it so that it will integrate with another part will never work. But when I say this what will this lead to? it will lead to you thinking okay, I´m going to be aware of this and then do this instead so that I can integrate the feminine (Which is the whole " problem"). That´s what being afraid of yourself is... believing you have to be something else than what you are. You don´t! And that´s why the feminine doesn´t want you to be any other way, because it is you! Integrating the feminine is in other words about building deeper trust and surrender within yourself. You can´t become it, you can´t create something to be it, you can´t heal something - it just happens. Consciousness ( Being) alone is curative. The Feminity is the No self and the message it tries to give us is- " you´re fine no matter what you do, stop trying to change yourself. Stop trying to change me - let me be free"
  12. @LordFall The reason we feel empty Is because we feel alone and dissconected from our highest Self. The highest self could be seen as the no self (feminity, unconditional love,) and " true self" ( masculinity, sense of direction, inteligence, values ect) becomeing one. That's what love is - masculinity and feminity together is CREATION. That's what the purpule area in the picture is and that's what you seek - love, Wholeness. Funnly enough, you interpet the purpule as a representation for your hollowness.. notice how what you're afraid of, in a sense is the same thing you want. You're afraid of the hollow, because you belive you are stuck in that thing which keeps the masculine and feminine seperate, but in actuality - you are that thing which connects it. Many times we think getting " access " to the feminine on the outside will fullfill us but it won't. It will only mirror the relationship you have with the feminine on the inside. I would even go so for to say that if your feminity isn't allowed to love you on the inside, you will not feel the love on the outside.That's why a lot of guys feel like they can't get a girlfriend, becuase they only attract seperation and even if they get a girlfriend, they will still feel seperate from her. Love will not flow freely and the relationship will mirror all the ways you feel incomplete. Psychadelics and family sytems therapy is in my opinion the best ways to do heal this. Other ways are meditation, shadow work, kriya yoga and contemplation.
  13. Try to integrate the femenine internally. Then you will have your ex with you all the time, but internally. View your outside femenine - masculine relationship as your internal masculine - femenine relationship. If you heal the incompleteness inside you will stop attracting incompleteness on the outside.