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  1. @Nilsi thank you, i have never heard of this before.
  2. @Thought Art thanks for the explanation. i guess i'll give it a try then.
  3. it's like i'm high for the entire day after one cup of coffee lol. sometimes i have to go for a run mid-day to get rid of the excess energy. is l-theanine the active ingredient in ashwagandha?
  4. has anybody here tried ashwagandha and if so, did it have a positive impact on you? is it something that you would recommend to consume regularly, perhaps even daily? i also wonder if it makes any sense to start consuming ashwagandha if i keep drinking coffee every now and then. coffee's weird for me anyway because for some reason i'm extremely sensitive. the background is that i'm trying to figure out how to better manage my cortisol levels. in that case i should probably avoid coffee anyway (?), but ashwagandha supposedly helps manage cortisol levels? do you have any other tips to achieve this? i'd appreciate to hear about your experiences and insights:)
  5. you'll probably make the best progress with your life purpose when you aren't all too anxious about it:) although of course that's easier said than done.
  6. i think it's so interesting how this is a phenomenon across generations and that so many people have had this specific dream. it's also pretty amazing how the body can produce a physical sensation out of nowhere in the attempt to connect it to the emotions present in the dream. yeah i can imagine that it made you uncomfortable. if it provides greater security, there's nothing wrong with using the stalls though.
  7. Hey, thanks for sharing. it's really weird but bathrooms are a recurring dream theme for me as well. i guess this is somewhat archetypal symbolism associated with feelings of shame/similar. out of curiosity and if you don't mind sharing: is this merely an idea in the dream, or can you feel it physically while you're asleep? when you wake up, is the sensation gone? interestingly, this one also happens pretty often in connection with the bathroom theme. generally speaking, school is very special in how it shapes our relationships with peers, whether that's in terms of first shared positive experiences and bonding, or in terms of challenges of relating to one another. in this context of relating to peers outside of your family for the first time, (plus perhaps the onset of puberty and changes happening to your body), it's a struggle to try and fit in....to make sure there's nothing weird about you (or your most basic bodily functions) because if there is people might not accept you and exclude you from their social group. i heard somewhere that it can be a symptom of anxiety to be overly aware of your bladder and to go to the bathroom more often than you would need to, "just to be safe". it's something i trained myself to do as well. actually i don't think you have to do anything about it. the dream and emotions related to it are completely neutral. you're already doing a good job observing the impact they have on you.
  8. ingesting drugs while feeling the way you feel at the moment is, in my opinion, likely to backfire. perhaps it would be better to focus on the basics first, stabilise and make your body feel safe? finding a mental health professional to speak with would also be a good idea. also, is there any chance you could reach out to friends or your family, ask for a hug? any chance you could send a text and let them know you're not doing well?
  9. sounds like a good idea:)
  10. yup thanks everyone, i appreciate all of your contributions to this discussion ♡
  11. @Vercingetorix @cetus yeah i'm listening:) thank you
  12. @Salvijus i mean you're not wrong. still, i find it hurtful when you demonise what i (and many others) are struggling with by implying it's simply selfish attention-seeking behaviour for the sake of it. it might be "insane" in the sense that it implies a lack of health on my part, for sure. but it's not insane in the sense that it can't be understood or happens without a reason. there is real pain at the root of this. what do you think needs to happen to a 14 year old to suddenly think it's a good idea to take a knife and start cutting her thigh? and when people tell me now that i'm not even allowed to say i feel hurt...what am i supposed to do, other than to keep showing it? saying how i feel when i can sometimes barely get the words out of my mouth is progress. reaching out to people rather than staying all on my own....sometimes i can't do it, and when i do, it's brave. but it's true that i probably can't authentically explain this position for as long as i'm still affected in the way i currently am.