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  1. @Sincerity have you had awakenings prior to this? if so, what were they like and how were they different from this one?
  2. If i profane with my unworthiest hand This holy shrine, the gentle fine is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss. Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, Which mannerly devotion shows in this; For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, And palm to palm is holy palmer's kiss. Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too? Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer. O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do; They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair. Saints do not move, though grant for prayer's sake. Then move not, while my prayer's effect i take. Thus from my lips, by yours, my sin is purged. Then have my lips the sin that they have took. Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urges! Give me my sin again. You kiss by the book. ...................................................................... we're all gonna ignore that i said this but...i suppose the real tragedy is how excited i can get about some silly 16th century flirtation.
  3. i want to cry.
  4. ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪
  5. there's so much Love:)
  6. i get these moments where for some reason, as soon as i relax and allow my mind to stop overthinking so vehemently.... ....there's ....something that i can't quite put my finger on. Being, i guess. and i just want to stare at anything. i want to stare, because i'm so in Love with it. everything that is, is! (like Wow, that's Insane!) and the simple fact that it is what it is- or rather, it is that it is - makes it unshakably, undoubtedly beautiful. these words mean nothing, they make no sense at all. but thank God that it's true! ... my thoughts can only go "aaaaaaaw". and then i lose it again.
  7. @Leo Gura would you say that excessive self-hate is also a form of narcissism? or is that different?
  8. @LastThursday as far as i know they'd enjoy choosing the narcissistic answer on purpose. in some cases at least.
  9. i feel like i'm the weirdest person ever and i'm just. so. cringe. my body is tense and i feel like i should apologise for every word i've ever said. "no matter what i say or do, it's always wrong. and surely people think i'm crazy."
  10. good! if it helps then why not next time, try skipping this part. it might help you break the cycle:) i wish you all the best🙏🏻
  11. @Something Funny i'm sorry, i'll just delete it. it was a misunderstanding:) btw you don't need to go to the gym right after overeating. perhaps it's better to go in the morning or afternoon? having a more balanced meal plan/schedule and eating enough throughout the day might also prevent you from overeating. and of course there's an emotional side to this as well, which you are hopefully aware of. other than that i'm sorry and i really don't have much of a clue about anything, so don't take me too seriously. do whatever works for you:)
  12. @Something Funny well that's just one more reason you should try it. to confront your fears. i'm sure you can handle it.