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  1. God gave itself the permission to live a life as a self that feels like it hasn't given god the permission to make itself live that life....
  2. @aetheroar can absolute perfection become more perfect? can wholeness become more whole? Don't think so.
  3. @Tyler Durden you can't even meet an enlightened human being...think about that;) And also, I'd say God is beyond why's....
  4. @Raptorsin7 I was talking about a psychedelic trip. I might give it a try this weekend, on a low dose and in a very controlled and safe environment, so things should go well. My family lives a few driving hours away from me, and they don't understand a thing about spirituality. I've got some friends here, so maybe I'll talk to them, but i don't wanna be a nuisance... Technically, i could just forget about my studies altogether. But i do care to some extent and it's probably important to get a degree at some point. I'm trying to reduce things to the minimum and maybe i can catch up during Christmas break.
  5. It's not really a problem, but here we go. Being is pretty overwhelming over here. Nothing changes in terms of form, but consciousness or whatever it is keeps shifting. Mental fluidity and particular physical sensations are only symptoms of more profound shifts. I should actually study, but i feel like I'm sick. Neither physically nor mentally, not even spiritually. In fact I'm probably healing... but i just can't be bothered to be interested in anything "productive". I can sit there and stare at the darkness, journal,... My studies aren't waiting though. I'd get back to them, but there's the feeling that this is not over yet, that the transition will take more time and i need to focus 100% on it. (I was considering to trip but i can't do that until next weekend, and my last trip went terribly wrong so that's critical) Also: I just wish someone, as in another "person" could take care of me, I'm sick of having to look after myself.
  6. I feel like a lot of assumptions and ideas went into this. Just let it be:)
  7. Hey there, i don't know if it's appropriate to ask this on here, but i am looking for native French speakers who'd be down for some phone calls about nonduality. I'm a student and could definitely improve my conversaton skills in French, and it's always best to have a common interest to talk about. Let me know if you're interested Merci beaucoup et a bientôt