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  1. Because bullying is pleasurable. It's again survival. Most of the times it happens when your own life is fucked up and you wanna destroy others' life by making fun of them. I used to love bullying. Then I realised this activity is in the opposite direction of growth. Bullying becomes stagnant, you can't get enough of it. Basically if you aren't living a good life and are egotistical and have a lot of time, you tend to bully.
  2. My first opinion is: All crime is justified. No matter how harsh. Hence every criminal deserves empathy.
  3. You get the point πŸ˜‚..... Say it. I bet there will be a million opinions which you feel personally very strongly but are afraid to say it. Some honest truths. Come on! I wanna see some controversial opinions (no conspiracy theories or anything which breaks the guidelines). I have many myself. I will share them here eventually. Don't get me wrong the point of this is to expose some truths which are hardly acceptable.
  4. @Yarco @PurpleTree and always pay the bills πŸ˜‚ and pull the chair..... Ok I understand.... But should I share my feelings with her or stay firm and not express much about me to her?
  5. @Terell Kirby @somegirl amazing 😊 Tysm
  6. It's my opinion and observation not conclusion 😢
  7. @mamad depends.... You need to understand if they want to be friends or not. And you should not expect anything from them.
  8. I am really curious about those people who are complete gentlemen. Women love them, men respect them. It's the perfect way to live in the outside world in my opinion. Can you people please tell some points I can integrate In my life to become a complete gentleman?
  9. Legends watch Shawshank redemption
  10. @happyhappy I was just expressing my feelings.
  11. @happyhappy it's not what you think πŸ₯±
  12. I sometimes feel so lucky that I am born in India. It's really different from the rest of the world. Believe me living here might not the most luxurious but it this is so much filled with passion that it brings tears to my eyes
  13. @Gregory1 what have you watched ? Toilet a Prem Katha?
  14. @Barbara the caste system might be a barrier in marriages sometimes. Otherwise belonging from a big city I can't really feel the caste discrimination anymore. Most modern People perceive it as redundant