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  1. I didn't know about that, what a pain in the ass. Tbh after finding Antar I didn't need to try anything else. I stumbled upon that other one and thought it might be useful to share. Guess I should've tried it first.
  2. @Manusia You're welcome. Let us know how it works for you.
  3. Western societies have strong individualistic culture with a very specific set of values that is very different from collectivistic eastern societies and their values. That was just an example, not the point of the post..
  4. I don't think that line of reasoning has anything to do with "nondual God-logic". Average person from USA is going to have a radically different view on this matter than an average person from India for example. Questions like that can be answered only within a certain frame of reference. I personally don't think about "good" or "bad", as characteristic of a person, but rather their actions. I believe that everyone is fundamentaly good. That begs the question: Why than people behave in ways that are hurtful for others or themselves? I believe that's because those people are themselves hurt (but does that makes them bad people??). So than, lets put it this way: people who got through their healing process and therefore are aligned with their core authentic self (which is by default good).
  5. Speaking of ifs.. I've just found another app similar to Antar that's called IFS Guide. Might gonna be interesting for some folks who are into these things (: Here's the link:
  6. I made a post about it a while ago with the description of the app. Glad more people are finding out about it. It really is a high quality resource, especially for working with parts (I've noticed that a lot of guys here are getting into ifs).
  7. I'm not really into horror movies, but I love bizarre-deep-mind fucking stuff. Under the skin (2013) also has that kind of atmosphere you are looking for.
  8. Have you seen Kynodontas/Dogtooth (2009)?
  9. I gotta add (especially considering the current events here) - his PATIENCE
  10. Do those heavy metals come from cocoa powder? I drink at least one cup of cocoa every day.
  11. Just curious.. How would you feel about your girl watching porn? (question not only for the topic starter, but for all guys)
  12. Psychoanalysis is not the only one. There are many psychotherapy modalities and each rests on a different philosophy and value system. Do the research and choose the one that resonates with you the best.
  13. So I've found this app called Antar a while ago and it's amazing! I'll leave the description from Google Play below. - Meet Antar, a window to your inner world. It's a new approach to align your thoughts, emotions and decisions. - Antar offers you a unique way to have an internal argument using various personas or emotions. You can be your own coach and help yourself through tough decisions. - This unique approach can give you clarity of thought, bring you closer to your emotions, and help understand the multiple voices in your head. - A clear mind leads to a motivated, happier and confident self. - FEATURES: - Chat interface to discuss with multiple personas - We believe chat is the most natural form of communication. Communicate every thought with a message. - Switch personas and guide yourself to look at different perspectives. - Effortlessly switch between personas - Each thought comes from a certain emotion or persona. By being able to switch easily, you can be more in touch with your emotional self. - Identify the hidden emotion in your thoughts and explore multiple ways to understand your decision. -A comprehensive and growing list of personas for your use. Also, the ability to create new ones to suit your needs. - We provide a large list of personas and emotions. - Create your own personas or emotions to represent yourself better over time. - Ability to dive deeper into individual thoughts, by utilising our unique hierarchical argument format - Our hierarchical format for thoughts gives an opportunity to immerse into a sub-argument easily without being distracted by other messages. - We believe that our thoughts are not linear, so we give you ways to hop across to sub-thoughts as much as you like. - Secure, Private and totally Offline - We understand that lot of this information is sensitive. So, it never leaves your device without your consent. - Currently, no data is transferred over to any server. You're always in control of your data on your device. - Themes and Customizations - Customize your personas through different colors. - Dark mode support - Various ways to visualise your chat message / thoughts - Export to Share - Ability to export your thoughts in markdown format. - Integrate with any notes app on your device. - Antar is free to download and use. I hope it's gonna be helpful on your journey! Happy holidays!!! ☃️🎄