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  1. There's a great book about processing emotions. It's called: 'It's not always depression: Working the change triangle to listen to the body, discover core emotions and connect to your authentic self' by Hilary Jacobs Hendel. You might find it helpful.
  2. You can't expect anything to change while repeatedly doing everything the same. Real change is achieved by doing something you've never done before. Maybe something counterintuitive. You need to face the thing head on. Like @vladorion said, even with psychedelics you'll have to be willing to do that. Psychedelics are not some magic pill. In my personal opinion, you don't need them for this. They could even make things worse by overwhelming you with too much stuff that you are just not ready to face yet. Instead, think about the ways to challenge yourself. Then you'll be able to negotiate with yourself about what feels right and what doesn't, what's okay and what's too much.
  3. @BlurryBoi Tbh I didn't quite understand.. What do you mean by 'action' and by 'meta'?
  4. @BlurryBoi I think that, with respect to all you've said above, it would be way smarter for you to go for psychotherapy than psychedelics. If you can't afford it yourself, you can get free psychotherapy here: Either way.. just take care 🙏
  5. @Ulax Just wanted to stop by and express appreciation for this great journal. You seem to be doing some real work here and there's much to learn from. Thank you for all the quality resources you've been sharing. Whish you the best of luck on your journey! 🐞
  6. ONE

    @Eternal Unity Congratulations! I'm so happy for you. Wish you all the best!
  8. @Carl-Richard Sorry, but you are not @Someone here and you can't really know what it's like for him, in his personal experience, for everyone constructs his/her model of reality in his/her unique way. These questions were asked mostly to make him try to really think about it in a different way. How could one change anything if one doesn't change their perspective on the matter first? What is exactly his 'itch'? Why is he 'scratching' the way he does, and not in some other way? What would happen if he just stayed present with it?
  9. Why is smoking so unique? What does it offer that nothing else does?
  10. I'm hoping for this too. Life purpose Be patient Self-actualization Subconcious mind Be present 🍀
  11. @Ulax Thank you. I really needed a reminder for this.
  12. @Tyler Robinson Thank you, I'll check it out.
  13. Nope, tried that as well. The only thing that helps besides antibiotics is 1% hydrogen peroxide in saline (guess it kills some of the bacteria), but it's not a long term solution.
  14. I already tried this, but they wouldn't go away and I would have to do something about it eventually. Well it is.. it makes 90% of my nose flora which isn't quite normal.
  15. Dry scabby nostrils with small sores. Due to postnasal drip bacteria get to my throat and cause bad breath. Lately, I've been getting nosebleeds more often. I'm not sure if this infection is the reason, but it wouldn't surprise me.