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  1. It's very complex matter. First of all, you need to understand just how much education is intertwined with so many other parts of the system. There are many determinants that affect education, such as: socio-political organization, degree of scientific and technological development, economic development, level of cultural development, the effect of old traditional patterns that are often very difficult to change, the development of the science of education and other relevant sciences etc. There is no simple and concrete answer to this question. What happens in the school system is only a reflection of what happens in society. Education cannot escape the values of the society of which it is a part. There is no easy and simple solutions here. Systems are hard to change. It's not impossible, but sure is very hard and slow. Real, permanent changes in the system can be made, only if we make an effort to work on all of its aspects. So, short answer to your question would be - everything.
  2. In essence, in order to understand (and solve) this issue, the education must be viewed as a part of the larger system. We cannot expect education to change while the rest of the system remains the same. That's never gonna fly.
  3. As a graduate student of science of education I couldn't agree more. See this is the thing: what we measure shows what is important to us. The grading system is a very deep problem. Standardized international tests are very important in the neoliberal society we live in today because they demonstrate the "superiority" of countries with the best results. System doesn't give a fuck about what children really know, it just wants to be at the top of the score list. The biggest tragedy is that the structure and organization of the education system is primarily a political, not an educational issue. Such a (non)functioning of the educational system, as we are witnessing today, comes precisely from this disparity of political and educational values.
  4. One that was the most eye opening for me: People don't give a fuck about how you look, act etc. They only care about how they themselves come across. So, even if someone makes some rude comment, it says nothing about you, but them.
  5. Maybe try using Antar. I made a post about that app a while ago: You could make a persona of that part and of those "spiritual healers" part to help them interact easier. If you are interested in ifs (parts work), check out Jay Earley's "Self therapy" (it has 3 volumes).
  6. Have you tried talking to that part, hearing him out, asking what is bothering him, what he needs etc.? PS. Make sure to talk to it in a respectful and compassionate manner, as if you were talking to a child.
  7. Are you doing parts work? Is "Gabriel" one of your exhiles?
  8. I didn't know about that, what a pain in the ass. Tbh after finding Antar I didn't need to try anything else. I stumbled upon that other one and thought it might be useful to share. Guess I should've tried it first.
  9. @Manusia You're welcome. Let us know how it works for you.
  10. Western societies have strong individualistic culture with a very specific set of values that is very different from collectivistic eastern societies and their values. That was just an example, not the point of the post..
  11. I don't think that line of reasoning has anything to do with "nondual God-logic". Average person from USA is going to have a radically different view on this matter than an average person from India for example. Questions like that can be answered only within a certain frame of reference. I personally don't think about "good" or "bad", as characteristic of a person, but rather their actions. I believe that everyone is fundamentaly good. That begs the question: Why than people behave in ways that are hurtful for others or themselves? I believe that's because those people are themselves hurt (but does that makes them bad people??). So than, lets put it this way: people who got through their healing process and therefore are aligned with their core authentic self (which is by default good).
  12. Speaking of ifs.. I've just found another app similar to Antar that's called IFS Guide. Might gonna be interesting for some folks who are into these things (: Here's the link:
  13. I made a post about it a while ago with the description of the app. Glad more people are finding out about it. It really is a high quality resource, especially for working with parts (I've noticed that a lot of guys here are getting into ifs).
  14. I'm not really into horror movies, but I love bizarre-deep-mind fucking stuff. Under the skin (2013) also has that kind of atmosphere you are looking for.