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  1. What is the solution you offer for me to not being perceived that way? Maybe it's just a projection of your collective egos in action? I want to be free from men's gaze, from judgment, on streets and everywhere. From the obsessive judgement of my appearance as a woman and deciding my value by my beauty only, that eventually will fade. I want to be free to be a full human being with virtues and flaws, around men without being perceived as an immediate threat, without being ridiculouled and ignored. I want men to see beyond the fact that I'm a woman, I want to be taken seriously, in work and any field that dominated by men. I want to be encouraged and not being pushed back.
  2. I wonder what do I need to do in order to prove you wrong? Do I have to write love letters for all of you? Do I need to fawn and shiver you with compliments? Are there any specific jokes that you want me to laugh at? From what I see I act pretty neutral, I talk with respect to people and I'm pretty freindly with you guys. Anyone who ever DM me received a kind and polite response. Are you bothered by my silly nickname? Or that's because I support feminism?
  3. Very clear to who? To you? Talking about women's struggles in society isn't "an intense dislike of men". Men here frequently share their struggles and people rarely accuse them for "starting wars" because this is the norm. The vibe that I feel here is that people want to shut me up because I share uncomfortable things, aiming to gain people's awareness to certain stuff. In what way women can do that without being accused for negative motives? And why do you feel disliked by me sharing common problems? Instead of being bothered with me, be bothered with the subject I'm sharing and have an opinion on that.
  4. The concepts of Alpha, Beta, Sigma are pretty common among pickup artists, incels, red pill, MGTOW and many men precive them as a solid reality and a way to categorise and identify themselves. This guy explains why the concepts of Alpha, Beta, Sigma are detached from reality and focus particularly on revealing the the real intentions and needs of men that identifed with being a sigma male, why more men identified with being a sigma male, and why it's so toxic and harmful for the psyche. I find it pretty interesting to watch, as a women. He raised a lot of doubts that I had about all those hierarchy concept and sigma manhood in particular.
  5. I see what you've tried to do, I don't came to you with accusations. I respect your opinion, which sounds for me pretty advanced in comparison to the average man. You understand that embracing femininity will lead for good to everyone. Only with embracing femininity men can embody healthy masculinity, unfortunately many men still don't get it and push femininity far away, harting women and themselves.
  6. It's a post from women's perspective, in a forum dominated by mainly stage orange-green men. It has nothing to do with blaming or judging anyone in particular. I see that men are get triggered by those kind of stuff since it's not the first time I do that, but if you are interested in a real self awareness and improvement, if you precive yourself as a modern and open minded man, you should handle it. The point is that women want to connect to men, genuinely. And we also want to be free in the world as much as you, we want to have the privilege of relative safety and the right for self actualization as much as you. We want to feel heard and seen, seriously taken by you, get real opportunities, and not just be objectified, ignored or ridiculed as often happens. The compassion has to come from both sides, but especially from men towards women, because the main problem in society is women and femininity hatred.
  7. Have you watched the entire documentary before your reactive response? Have you ever wondered why most of your co-workers are men? Have you ever wondered why most people in power positions are men? Not because of women's "entitlement" for sure. I'm not trying to demonise vs idealise men and women, I'm not interested in gender wars. I'm interested in displaying real difficulties and struggles that women are going through, I don't deny men's struggles either. Why talking about women's struggles caused by men makes you so angry?
  8. This phenomenon happens not only on Twitch but in any field dominated by men in various manifestations. It's not a behiviour of aimless and bored men only.
  9. Rock starts are cool, it's hard to be indifferent to them, not all of them but many. They have something within them that is hard to find in ordinary men. Maybe because they know how to convince that they are deep, complex and emotional without being threatened losing their masculinity, and simultaneously, they handle masculinity very well. It seems like they are so free and careless, which is so contagious. It always inspired me and opened something within me, something that the ordinary men never want me to be ever aware of. Something that the ordinary men wanted to squeeze or sweep under the rug. Passion, freedom, courage, authenticity. Those associated for me with rock stars, with rock & roll in general. I get why we women are so drawn to them. We lack of this energy in our lives, we want this for ourselves, all the things that society suppress and demonize within us.
  10. Good luck! Yes! Every stage has its gems.
  11. I'm vegan for conscientious reasons. I take b12. I'm healthy, my hair looks amazing, skin is fabulous, no dark circles under the eyes, no acne, no gut problems. Overall health is stunning, blood tests are good, energy levels are high. It's as if I took an indirect path to avoid so many common health problems of people today. I think that eating meat and dairy products today has almost no benefits, only damage to health and environment.
  12. You mean to thinking that you're understanding women. Which is a form of self denial. It's so funny that red pillers see themselves as "lovers of truth" but they subscribe to one pardaigm from man's perspective only. How pity. If you love truth that much let's see you, how far you are ready to go to see the real big picture, which is more complex and is beyond all the red pill shit. In order to do that you must read what women have to say, you can't avoid or ignore it if you really interested in truth.
  13. I didn't read books about this model and my understanding is shallow, but from what I know, secure attachment style isn't related to neediness. Needy behaviour related to anxious attachment style. Often people with anxious attachment style attracted to people with avoidant attachment style, it applies to both men and women, maybe this what you're looking for? People with a secure attachment style, especially the youngest ones were always associated (at least for me) with those people who have a stable romantic relationship (of 2 years and more) and a solid circle of close friends. I think that the majority of people with this attachment style, don't have a need or reason to be active one dating apps (if you relay on them).
  14. Why do you need women when you have those red pill role models? I'm sure that if it was possible, they would love to repreduce with you and create even more than 3 children, (including raising them until 18), you know, "for the cilivilazation", unlike those "evil" feminists.