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  1. @SQAAD My way of looking at this would be since I was quite pissed at orange for some time. That it is important to recognize that trigger, since it is something that you could potentially deny in yourself. For instance, I used to get triggered by competitive freaks in sports, because they always wanted to fight the bigger or better seeming person and even though I am not better than them. It scared me, like what kind of psychopathic freak get's so hyped about a competition that he forgets fair play, etc. Yet, now doing shadow work and even way back in my mind, I noticed that I kept thinking in similar terms of total domination, with basically a disregard for human life. That sounds extreme, yet I sometimes had these moments and I basically felt like a stage red power god in soccer. Watch any new uprising star and you will see some strong stage red drives of glory, power and domination. Yet with the issue of wanting to be the best, I mean competition is one driving force for humans to grow without competition we would not even have a hierarchy or heterarchy. We would not mate, we would not have a market etc. Wanting to be the best or greatest or brightest is one things humans want to achieve. I can understand quite well that you are sick of it I never read up on yet, yet I changed my mindset of instead of becoming better. To reach basically flow states, excelling and performing in what I do and not to become number one. Becoming better or excelling or performing is a process. By reframing from being the best in case this causes comparison, you can say to yourself that you want to achieve excellence, or do it just for the sake of doing it. In that regard, it would be more "selfless" and the comparison stops. You can ask yourself and test, what does your authentic self want and come up with a list. Then test it and see what comes out in the end and adopt a mindset of doing the activity for the sake of the activity. Or use nlp or cbt to re-frame the believes around the socially programmed notions of being and becoming better.
  2. @kindayellow Action most likely is the best way to yield any result that you want to generate. ( I am not yet very good at this, yet I am working on that ) My meditation practice involves constant labeling, especially when trying to do it in my day to day existence. My perspective is that labeling is a tool. In the case of MBTI, spiral dynamics, etc. It is a tool for reflection, it is a map that you can use to see how first of all how accurate that map is or if it is a confirmation bias. If it does not serve you in any way, then I would not use it. Like I would not use a shitty map or instructions since simply I would not know how to use it. But ! I'd rather have a shitty map which shows me parts of the location or area I am heading towards to or want to learn about. It is not necessarily labeling, but more a reflection of how I would frame the issue of labeling things. I mean I can go in real life and label a person as ISTP, green, blue etc. Which is IMO a bit better than the usual labeling. But, it gives you a way or a map on how to reflect on certain things and take appropriate action or give you insights about certain events, and your biographical story or how to deal with a person, also how you construct it constantly and reaffirm it with, believes and maps, etc. There are also other maps, so I would also use them and see what works best. This is quite tricky lol. Before even doing, MBTI, ennegram etc. A meditation habit would be way more useful than anything else in the entire world.
  3. @Sauvik I used to journal every day I started in 2015 approx. Mostly I was disturbed by thoughts and needed to vent, so I was constantly writing down what I thought about incidents and experiences of daily life and how it affected me, what it meant sometimes just to vent. I am not doing it consistently anymore, I tried different kinds of journals now and am still looking to find the perfect journal format. At best make a 100% commitment and journal every day for 10-20 min. I stopped journaling regularly because it did not serve any purpose anymore, it did it so much that I felt and read about it during that time. That too much introspection can cause depression and negative feelings etc. I was motivated because of internal struggle and wrote often for even hours sometimes, not knowing what to write about also. Leo's episode how to keep a commonplace book is most likely the best plan on how to go about it in a strategical and "metaphysical" way, in case there the journal would serve as a tool to contemplate, deliberately with. I was able to maintain the habit because I used it for exercises - Gratitude exercise ( journal) - cognitive behavior "therapy" exercise (destroying limiting beliefs, reframing events) - shadow work - general venting and describing, reflecting about real life events and seeing the bigger picture, finding reasons on why things etc. At best find an environment and have a very good reason to do it. Just journaling for fun may be nice and such, yet if it does not fit any purpose then it will be difficult. So, find your why. May be the best advice. Then the classic cue, routine, reward or the habit loop. You can google that and find out how to create any habit. I finished listening to the audiobook "Atomic Habits". What you can do is habit bundling. You take habits that are already installed and link a habit that you want to implement to it. For e.g morning shower, meditation, eat breakfast. Or set an alarm for 10 pm, meditate, go to bed. If you want to go to bed by approx. 11 pm. Otherwise having a cue might be very good, for instance for working out it helped me to always have a bag full of sports clothes. So, I save myself the qualms of having to think about packing my sports clothes and pack my sports clothes right after I finish doing my workout. Now it is even easier to go for sporadic runs, in case I do not have this structure. For journaling, a clean desk might be excellent otherwise some cushy place in a beanbag or even outside in a park. So, setting an environment which would give you an incentive to journal would be nice. For instance, I don't feel the need to journal at the moment, because all of the worries and qualms I've been dealing with have mostly disappeared that I have been journaling about. What I currently do is weekly reviews and ideally daily in my bullet journal. ( I still can't get on a good level there yet). Also, having a normal journal next to my bed which is not per se for college. To write down gratitude, yet I just started that last week.
  4. @Joseph Maynor From what I perceive starting with functions (I read the wiki article you posted especially why exactly mbti is not very well acknowledged by psychologists). Generally, of most people I meet, dominant NI types seemed to be higher but ultimately play some sort of chameleon role in their day to day life. Also, NI users who are somewhere in the secondary or tertiary "stack" of functions. I don't know why it could be because they have a very keen premonition about the future and tend to not be as materialistic as NE types are for instance. Most NE types I meet that I meet are mostly interested in material stuff, for instance, a lot of tertiary users ESFJ's and ESTJ's are quite family oriented and relationship-oriented, and tend to be more conservative or traditional. While higher NE users are especially ENXP are mostly in for experiences and adventures and are a bit more laid back about materialism. INTP's and INFP's seem to deal as well as I do personally.. as an "INFJ" with materialism and are generally a bit more unconventional. I don't meet a lot of extroverted people that I would rank very high, some are quite deep and it takes some time to get to know them. While most extroverted people do stuff that consider solely, survival in the outside world. I know I rant a little against ESTJ's, yet I find them to be the most orange or blue. Either way, they are very family oriented and do their sh*t or they are very status sensitive. Regardless of male or female. Although there are exceptions and I love that. I would say or make a ranking as follows: Purple: ISFP, ESFP, Red: ESTP, ESFP Blue: ESTJ, ESFJ, ISFJ, ISTJ, ENFJ Orange: ESTJ, ENTJ, ISTP, ENTP, ESTP, INTJ Orange/Green: ENFP, INFJ Green: INTP, INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ISFP Yellow: INTP, INTJ Turquoise: ?? From personal experience Intuitive of NI or NE most likely. I would rather ascribe personality types to mystics. So here I go: Mooji: ISFJ Shinzen Young: ISTJ Eckhart Tolle: INFJ Peter Ralston: ENTJ Jiddu Krishnamurti: ESTP Osho: ENTP or ENFP Adjashanti: ISTP Sadhguru: ISTJ Allan Watts: ISFJ Mingyur Ringpoche: ESTJ (not sure on this one, but quite sure) Dalia Lama: ESTJ "Ken Wilber": ISTP Doshin Roshi: INFJ (I assume) My zen master (INFJ) Thich Nhat Hanh: ISFP or ISTP.
  5. @Girzo I don't know I never took them regularly. Yet, I agree that they can help. I tripped about 10-20 times now approx. somewhere in that range. I always set intentions and meditated before for 1h + journaling or meditated during the come up or while the effects where present. The last trip I meditated for 4h straight I don't know why. I just did it and went quite deep. Now, I recall that Ken mentions in the audiobook, that psychedelics show peak stages (let's one enter state-stages), yet he never could say if they helped or he just refrained from answering that for w/e reason. I also think that they help especially with spiritual growth, yet I think for emotional growth shrooms may be better. I never tried them though. But that is what people say? I definitely felt everything being streamlined as a process (it was quite easy to deal with processes), I was just constantly aware of processes and kept thinking about the stages of development. With a formal meditation practice, they are quite useful imo. I am very curious now, it's been a year now almost. So, I will see what the next trip will be like. They surely opened up some inner demons. Meditation retreats can be similar imo. ( I never had a kriya experience with LSD) I definitely want to try some kriya techniques, especially in combination with hatha-yoga. I read up what my kriya experience, has untangled and am not very surprised how it affects me potentially, in the chakra "system". That's great! I feel similar with stage yellow or even higher... sometimes...., because I meet most of the conditions described by ken + the peak experience with psychedelics, definitely helped me to see out of the eyes of turquoise. Now that I read-up a bit... I am quite happy that many things don't bother me as much anymore. Yet, I am still plagued by chaos from time to time, yet the efficiency I can deal with it has significantly increased. I lack blue/orange the most currently. IMO. The story above sounds crazy lol.
  6. @peqkno Also, each stage takes from 5-10 years to go through if you are over 25 years old. If you are young you are fortunate, since you can according to Wilber (I never found a study), grow a stage in 2 years if you meditate for on average 1h a day. So, you could go to turquoise in 4 years as long as you are under 25, people vary so it can also take a little longer or shorter. Not sure if psychedelics or so help, in his video series the Ken Show he mentions psychedelic mushrooms because of the legalization in Denver. Yet, they induce "state-stages". Which can be permanent regardless of which stage you are at, green, blue, purple, coral. Also, weightlifting can increase the growth in stages, Wilber says that it puts the body into growth "mode" and helps to grow stages, Wilber studied biochemistry, so no idea what exactly happens, he never mentioned it. Yet, most likely some "psycho-spiritual" growth. The audiobook was published in 1999 so no idea if anything changed.
  7. In the audiobook Kosmic Consciousness Ken Wilber mentions that the expression of the personality type changes or of any typology, as soon as they go up a stage. Yet, the "lines" are independent. Yet, the expression of the personality type changes. For instance, I see quite a lot of orange (orange/green) Infjs which are very different from green or yellow infjs.
  8. @Zeus @Serotoninluv I had a similar experience using LSD(both posts), I wanted to test the perceived "telepathy" at that moment with my friend, yet he was a bit paranoid and thought that we are playing games. So I could not test this with him, because I felt that we were thinking similar things, the patterns even made sense of how everything unfolded but, in the end, we just had "intellectual discussions" and were being in awe of mystical experiences more or less. I felt I became conscious of his thought process solely, internally I was hallucinating like described here The unity perception was quite real not as intense as described here but more in terms as described: "A sense of unity between other human beings and the objects they are currently interacting with." Yet, only human I kept thinking about sam harris's LSD experience saying he loved his friend that seemed quite real for me at that moment, but not to the deepest level or a deeper one. (Not considering breadth, also in consideration of depth) I also felt I was processing his girlfriends' dream, which was not that fun since it felt like a bad dream and I had to clean it... After the trip, I asked him if he felt that "oneness" and he told me no he felt we were total opposites, which shocked me a bit and left me baffled trusting my own intuition so much. I still want my experience of self-design
  9. @Anderz If the wall is the cause, then you could see if it ends,if you break down the wall. The demand is still there with the wall. The root cause would be lack of proper immigration and security of jobs within ones own country. Like why would I change a country if my country provides me with good living conditions,jobs food housing etc. The same with sex slaves here because prostitution is legal. So, cops have to investigate and prevent, total corruption. Anyway, I was hoping for an idea to discuss otherwise this is just entertainment or a good conversation. I am still open, but gone for now.
  10. @TheGreekSeeker My prof. does the same who cares for social causes. I am not making assumptions where this is from, even though I assume. But, yes my prof. does the same it help tremendously to think differently about stereotypes. Language does create a reality and a duality. Yet at one point rights are needed, not everyone can deal with this. It is also interesting how stage orange just repels this, especially males. Yet, at a young age makes them more aware of egalitarianism and stereotypes. It is also fun, to break and redefine stereotypical thinking. Just take colors and you see how ingrained that is in many cultures.
  11. @How to be wise Well...if you look at it from that viewpoint. Then sure you could be right. Yet, this is highly unlikely that you can pull it off, do you fast or train to even try something like that. Or is all of this talk to not deal with social issues. I can also say that African Children from my direct experience are not starving since I never meet someone who is starving or from Africa who is starving. So, in my direct experience, there are no children who are starving, which does not mean people do not starve. How do you come to that conclusion that people do not starve if I make an abstraction out of the concept of African people not starving? I can claim the same starvation isn't real and die in a given time, if I don't eat. I am a bit appalled by your perspective. I don't get why one would be so ignorant "apparently".
  12. @Anderz It is a tactic or a strategy, not a system... and not even a holistic approach, in that manner it is partial.
  13. @Anderz It is good as a counteractive measure, yet it does not address the root cause of immigration, combining it with a measure which involves a more systemic approach by building a system which supports labourer, is way more intelligent then fencing off a close neighbor. Human trafficking would not occur if there would be chances and opportunities in the country where people live, or it would be significantly diminished. People could still use boats, there are people who smuggle cocaine with self-built submarines. The point is an opinion is not a solution, and just fuels political discussion like now, still, the wall is not a solution it's just a preemptive measure to deal with a situation, not solve it and yes this is my opinion. I think it is unfortunate, that this is the only attempt that is public to solve this issue.
  14. @Zeus Well, where do you feel that this occurs or is that a specific place where you feel this? What do they say and where do you feel or perceive they say something? Inside your body, skull, or outside the body? How would you describe the insanity? Is there no image? For instance, the last retreat I was a bit pissed... and I started to repeat out loud Eckhart Tolle tapes (while listening) after the first day ended or so, thinking he is a dirty weasel... ( I am not joking) anyway... at one point my whole perception changed and I felt I could hear his subconscious through the phone's loudspeakers, because I was talking. Also, the next weekend I did a meditation session with nature sounds and listened to a river and I could hear myself screaming through that river. It was quite odd. After a while, my body began to shake and it felt as if someone chiseled away at my solar plexus and my teeth started to chatter, which I was not able to control, but sort of felt if I'd had to I could stop, but I was just going with it. In case you want to PM instead of writing in the thread ~ feel free.
  15. @How to be wise That is the same as feeling hungry, and denying that you are hungry. As if colonialism, has not had an impact on the present.