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  1. @lmfao ok! Thank you for your answer.
  2. @ivankiss The last retreat I went to was at a Zen temple. I did not read the whole post. There was one guy whom I meet during August while I did a 14-day retreat there, he stayed there and was a traveler went to a Swedish yoga ashram before he came to the Zen monastery, also for one year. While traveling, I also meet one person who stayed in an ashram for one year which was about transcendental meditation. The guy at the zen retreat whom I meet the last week seemed to have grown quite a lot. He was from America, so it was beautiful to see the differences in green mindsets and hang-ups. As usual. Especially, since I represent the American culture from my outer appearance. It is amazing how fanatic new green is in comparison to people who grew up from the sixties, seventies and this guy was very green and relative, but when someone is better or seems better he used basically, what I assume Americans have done to cause segregation. Using psychological and social instruments to undermine the new apparent equality in rights or a chance to quote the word chance for the same opportunity. Everyone can take part in the Olympics for e.g... Not sure, but this is what "business" seems to be about. This guy had a lot of hang-ups and seemed to have taken quite a few psychedelics without training meditation or using awareness or practicing or what not. Unearned consciousness is valueless. The monks told me more and were more welcoming towards me for instance and others and kept an eye on him since he felt superior or righteous to cause havoc and be crazy since he was an American. Anyway, I meet him 6 months after that he changed a lot, it was amazing he seemed to grow out of green. What I am saying with this is most likely you have done more change and can't see it because there is no contrast with the outer world. Yet, I won't deny that the ashram is somehow cult-like and that people have hang-ups and are a bit crazy. The guy who stayed in the ashram for one year left because they were kissing the gurus butt. No one had their own opinion was his critique.
  3. @CreamCat Are there videos of this somewhere? I am curious how this looks like. This is insane. Great info! thanks a lot!
  4. @CreamCat The nun or/either female monk was noticing something, I fell out of line during the zen practices and I sort of felt guilty, they really do not impose anything onto you really nothing. There are some rules etc. Yet, the people there are very nice and it is heartwarming. I am not denying that they have some hangups some members etc, yet they do not do shadow work that would be a solution. This is what Ken Wilber criticized about monasteries no idea what the psyche exactly is physically. Yet, there are some legit "cults". Would you not need to cut someone's skull open in order to transfer cells from the brain to a brain-machine? How is it possible to transfer cells? Or even information from cells? I can imagine having a robot which has the necessary hardware to deal with the complexity of data streaming into its a system, like.. vagus nerve transporting neurotransmitters to the brain. Yet, not sure how human tissue could be transmigrated to a machine. Not sure if even necessary. I can imagine copying functions from like how neurons fire and wire, or creating intelligence if I assume correctly this is what deep learning is about, just ways of functioning, patterns of recognition and output w/e. We just talked about something similar about quantum smth. in today's lecture, ideally, I even can start something a.i related. This is also similar to Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenetic fields I assume.
  5. @ajasatya Consciousness itself? Void etc. yet I don't know what that is. I can see that self-inquiry or inquiry is important, yet I am doing currently doing a loving-kindness practice + vipassana. (*bark*). I triggered a monk on a retreat. Not sure if I should feel proud. I waited for bark bark appeared. @Serotoninluv I recommended the show to a friend who studies a.i I did not watch it fully, he was hyped and mad that I did not watch it. "Our" region is quite progressive in this part of tech. Zedd brought out a new music video he is from my hometown, the video has an A.I Robotics theme. I'll just leave this.
  6. @ajasatya Would you think it is possible to be consciously reborn inside an artificial machine/human in comparison to an animal? Considering the "philosophy" of death and rebirth or samsara? Or Bardo realm in case you are familiar with it? ( I am not only heard this from an audiobook).
  7. @lmfao Is it only good to cut these out for auto-immune diseases or for general health? What about micro-bacteria or things similar, I heard an audiobook from Deepak Chopra which talked about how a Mediterranean diet is supposed to be very good.
  8. People love to adjust to the social norm of their group. It is sad how every viewpoint and history is made into dogma. The guy who shot all of these people had names written on his guns of crusaders who fought against Islam during the crusades. This will just harden the position of people who want to preserve the status quo of whatever their dogma is and stir political debates. What are people actively doing against this? Stuff like this is very scary, one person I met was involved in the London bombings in 2005. One of my best friends parents were involved in the recent shooting in Las Vegas. It's sad how this is the norm, hopefully, people do something against this. I was involved in a freaking acid attack during the Nottingham festival in London. With a mass panic of 2 or 5k people on one street. Nothing even happened, the day before someone threw (toxic) acid and corroded peoples faces. I'd rather would love to get technical just to understand why people do this. Hopefully, technology can do something against such gruesome acts and people.
  9. @CreamCat That is true partially, still when the need for eating food is stilled at higher levels can re-emerge again. It is possible to be self-sufficient and be at stage green/yellow even without much friends depending on how much social interaction you need. I get easily drained by them and enjoy rather short interactions with a small group of people or at best one on one since they are not that draining. I won't deny that I lack people to talk to, yet this is so common currently. The best choice is to join some sort of organization to have social interactions or a group, maintain a group of friends etc. I am also not sure if you have ever seen stage beige or how it can impact other humans. It's not fun depending on the situation.
  10. @CreamCat I can see what you are saying, I know my deficiencies to a great degree, some things do take time. I can see from your post that your understanding of integral theory seems to me half-baked and to much focused on spiral dynamics. People differ greatly ........... on what works for you might not work for me. Because of psychological, biochemical and other reasons. Basically, what I can extract from your comment is to have priorities and focus on them with intensity. I like theory a lot and I am from a pragmatic region, so I am inclined to rebel to this sort of pragmatic stuff. Pragmatism can be dogma too. Also, I can deal with criticism quite well in hindsight extremely well I even enjoy it, I don't enjoy personal attacks and attempts at manipulation. Or people who are not empathic. It is good for that you value all of these things, yet my values do not reside in execution, performance, commitment, and "stage orange" aspects. I know I want to include them in order to function better/sharper. For me of utmost importance is meditation currently and my studies and integrating knowledge, learning more about the world, traditions, culture. I enjoy all of the beauties of life more than execution etc. Even though performance itself is an act of beauty etc. I want to embrace and love myself to let go of it. Effortless execution etc involved in what even I am trying to master, meaning no ego involved. Yet, all of this is just words. In case the comment above helped that is good.
  11. @CreamCat You can have pathologies at each stage. That is why shadow work is important. Although you have a center of gravity at a stage and are centered at 50% of that stage 25% below and 25% above. This is also how you will respond to other humans. The whole spiral is always accessed. Even if you transcend into a higher realm of the psychic, subtle, casual or non-dual stages (Third tier). One has to move down in order to function as long as a body exists. You can have state stages! Which are different from structure stages. For instance, the Vietnamese monks who burned themselves achieve a state stage where they feel absolute bliss. These are called absorptions as far as I know Jhanas. And therefore "transcend" the human body, they still die. This whole thing is still a mystery to me. So, they can both be a living concrete... experience as well as a glimpse into the nature of a state, the so-called state stages. Structures according to Wilber can't be observed since they are like grammar, inherently visceral in one's flesh and bones. Yet, I am going to create a concept one lays out these language patterns or aspects... and then has the ability to observe them. Like using had involved past perfect and now we know that past perfect which is the "completed" past involves these words, rules, structure, grammar, "syntax". States are experiences one can dive into, yet structures are .. like a state of mind that is unconscious, till the second tier is accessed and the periphery of what one usually experiences is being expanded since the whole spiral is first visible at second tier which is yellow. There needs to be a drawn out map or structure in order to relate that there is a structure or to better understand it, that is my point. Looking at the quadrants could help you to understand the theory better. For instance, I could say that the tourquise level of the upper right quadrant which focuses on exterior development of the I, body parts, brain, stomach, guts etc. Is the hypothalamus. Wilber differentiated all of this to draw conclusions and to present a holarchy. A mixture of heterarchy and hierarchy. Spiral dynamics is still focused on values. Shadow work also never ends as long as biology exists according to Wilber. Some drives are inherently biological and sometimes people are unaware of that.
  12. I recently received my order, testing it for a week now. I am buying from a British seller which explains the scientific background, procedure, and what products not to buy. For instance, the extraction rate is 20:1 of the product that I bought. I can't tell yet how well it works since I am combining it with another adaptogen bacopa monnieri. The effects overlap, yet the first time I used it I felt that my cognitive capacity was enhanced. I am looking forward since the Bacopa monnieri supplement is running out on how the effects will be when I only use Lion's mane. Here is the article for those interested.
  13. @Alexander Goffrier This seems promising: It is a video course talking about functional medicine from a psychologist / cell biologist and researcher from Harvard. You can make yourself a free account for 1$ to watch the episodes than for free. The description below is a good indicator to see if it is worth for you or not.
  14. @andyjohnsonman I see I don't know much about the topic, I listened to a couple of podcasts/talks. Sounds similar to what I do.
  15. @andyjohnsonman From what I heard most cults and scandals in the spiritual community started because of not integrated shadows. Also, I've heard that shadow work will never end since it keeps latching on and is being added to. Also, that vipassana practice keeps dissociating shadow aspects/ the complete shadow since stuff is being dissociated endlessly. Yet I am doing that with a variation of vipassana, yet I have no clue what normal vipassana entails as far as techniques go. I noticed that shadow work is important, yet sometimes I have no "real" shadow elements to work with. So, I am doing shadow work consistently inconsistently, as long as I am heavily triggered or triggered I will sit down and do the 3-2-1 process. Yet, I don't know what kind of techniques there are beside shamanic breathing, the 3-2-1 process of Ken Wilber which is based on Gestalt therapy. I noticed after doing this now for some time that I integrate repressed elements of myself, anger, arrogance (which I never thought I had.), hedonistic tendencies and some weird character "flaws" like being more assertive and less passive and more proactive. Also, I notice a lot of people project their shadow selves and also I notice more that I am projecting / have the potential. What techniques do you use and what do you think works?