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  1. 2h of afk internet dabbling for reserach for nuggets on wikipedia while hungry. I started to re-read a book from Leo's list and made some notes about history and cultural landmarks. I could repeat what I know and share to solidify my conceptual understanding and the interconnectivity of them all. Although I'd rather not touch the idea of it. It is interesting how Writing Systems have been developed. Seemingly ancient chinese language is it's own invention Never heard of Rongorongo before Neolithic age was 10k bc - Neolithikum zehntausendvorchristus Looked briefly at how the chinese writing system has been orchastrated only by strokes Looked at a couple of picographes to recognize how well I could read chinese again I could/can mentally re-read -> Snow xue3 -> li3 plum Qingdinasty ended 1912 Lee Zhong WU Communism cause? Mao I did not read that much history in detail Briefly looked at? Categorizations of humans/language/cities?/regions??? volk?? Ask my wiki in China? Mandarin Read something about Zhong XXX Found this. Did not read it yet. Will play some leauge some online interactions are unfun. Having HSP is not fun and considering the view points of others also. The 9w1is the issue because of energy and disconnection, this guy can't sacrifice himself for the team at all and with that I mean even dying at stage purple as well as tq for your team, these concepts go over their head. Nobody even thinks about game time, I dislike these guys so much how just sit and play around without any earnest endeavour to accomplish something significant, even in a game that can create shared meaning, I am not interested in following a single narrative that is played so unskillfully, I don't know how many people I tested so to speak. The amount of strategical and tactical mistakes my team does, based on respawn timers, map movement, predictions hotspots for battle, pathways, advantages/disadvantages/ knowing/unknowing. Instinctive/Consciously. People legit ruin your game, with their intellect. I've seen this to often. It's really hard to find connection even in skill lol.
  2. That is interesting. I wanted to use it as a service when I am actively working and audible might be to long for some reason. I considered this option. I did both courses in 2x of a 5 part series of certificates for a full IBM programm. The videos and did the assignments, I have some certificates for beginner levels on my linkedin, yet I don't know how useful that is so to speak, as I barely network via this plattform. I finished both courses relatively quickly it was interesting to test this, and see for myself how far I can leverage learning techniques from my own good. I passed all of them, yet it was beginner level. I wondered how far you can take it, especially if you have the pre-requistes for the courses, when you put these into linkedin. I usually also join study rooms with other people at home, so I am not so lonely lol, I can even turn on the camera.
  3. Neo Research: Maybe negative neutral and positive neutral is useful for a robot.
  4. Let's see my mother makes her stage orange shadow effort. She read something about HSP. Took her a year. I hate her. Will make some shadow work maybe, yet this would be about assertion and power with this person, and yeah she does not do shadow work actively. So it is her fault and she does not see it. That is the shadow, a shadow is the unseen, when I see it it is not a shadow. Merely and opinion about behaviour. I am not in denial about this particular shadow. Everyone has them! I wish sometimes more would do the work lol, how alone I am based on the fact that I am working lol. Even if that is free time PD. My notes are stacked, yet I stopped reading I can see why Leo went out of academia I don't think lol? These people would offer me research positions already basically. When you consider funds, I don't know much about ther american system, my prof. thought at Columbia he told me they paid shit.
  5. Did you ever use blinklist as a tool that would interest me in terms of gathering information? I also listen to all audiobooks/videos on 2x and did a course from Barbara Oakely on how to study with video based information/zoom/during corona on science. So I know a trick or two, yet I prefer it when people do the course and take the notes themselves. I did also some edx programms for which I paid, so it was interesting to use the principles. Although I did find myself in the same area of how to learn in the end. I did take notes from the video course, although I did not learn as much as I read a bunch of strategies and approachs beforehand. It was just interesting on how working with video/ a camera is best used IIRC. I can look up the name if you want 2. The biggest insight for me was from the course that taking notes and stopping the video as well as watching the video fully is better. It is better to take for example notes from a video when you pause and they also explain how the basal ganglia is responsible for one modality of learning as well as the hippocampus? So there are different ways on how to approach the subject itself based on current science. The course is free on coursera/ IIRC. I don't remember the exact name.
  6. @Danioover9000 Agree!
  7. Gratitude Journal: I am grateful that my life is becoming better irrelevant of what I am doing in the virutal space I am thankful I can detach from others and to not think of them as friends and family I am thankful I can life my own life in independence and that I can work in interdependent realtionships with high functioning communication I am thankful I intuit complete third 3 more and that I can continue with working and feeling pride I am thankful I notice that pride is not my favorite emotion to feel I am thankful to recognize pride is dangerously delusional What else? Did some organizational stuff that works. Will soon change and use this forum as a tool, I unfortunately can't block members and their input at all. As we are a society? I stopped reading. So, yeah I will use this as growth tool, if someone is going to ruin and click on this journal, it should be on their own accord, and voicing these negative opinions in a personal public journal place, maybe think twice. I mean it's very difficult to say what you mean, how much practice this takes and Shinzen even thought me a little, I just take stuff to a new level with Ken Wilber. I mean even Star Hawk is part of integral, what am I worried about if it is about idea space and the left lol. The point is they don't like their sexist dating bias. At least that is my opinion lol, I've seen to much to not write openly about it. To give them a cultural subjective exchange of what I normally perceive if people can't get over their pride and power. How many theories need to be accepted? People can't even maslow in the 21st century and I frankly will not care. I am already well-off so to speak. I care because I want to change you that is the issue and you are one as I am.
  8. Very true . Detachment is not an easy virtue to practice. I do practice zen although I might not be as good. I could already be detached. Internally. I am saying I agree with you in simple terms... I once bought a course on power. Non-detachment is a higher virtue. Communication is a huge issue. Also denying desire is not good, I would be lying if I would not desire anything in this world. I desire for instance transendence a lot that is rare. So that is my opinion. Re-constructing a positive ego is also a lot of work imo.
  9. Gratitude Journal: I am thankful for accepting and feeling vulnerable I am thankful that I am emotional and that I have a lot of feelings I am thankful that I don't hang myself up on pride and can let go of the feeling of negative feelings and feel them fully I am thankful I am showing up with a real self, even if that seems heavily egoic I am thankful development exists and that there is science and history that proofs that, yet apparently everything is questionable. I am thankful for human help and progress. Working in Germany is supposedly very nice.
  10. Talking to owange gween in causality language will be fun. I don't know to be honest what is happening, yet people love to cross all boundaries. Especially the 9w1 realize there is seperation and you cause a lot of it, you are searching the connection not me, you are the seperator as well as the 1 and not me. That is the truth the point is you are the toxic energy body not digested not me, even then there is energy in my head, and you are not thinking. How I need to win games in Leauge of Legends be shocked as to skill ineptabillity and brainless indiana jones gameplay of greedy marocian rats. The arrogance of taking pride in achievement. My average indian brown male on the street so I move the city. No you my brown friend, maybe in Mehico, but no here my friend, we will not meet a blue nazi fantasy robot self-serving pandamic. yeah human relationships and beauty greed I love it. I wish we had more black women that would be so fun omfg. Conscious also. Imagine I have to tell a 30 year young man that he is doing everything wrong in existence and he still thinks he is correct. A la Donald Trump because of pride. Germanies demise pride. I love it. Same with my vietnamese friend. Pride is a huge obstacle.
  11. My mother the asshole visited me with good faith! Don't touch my stuff bitch. Let's see if I actually die when I see this material nazification hitler bitch go kill yourself finally so i get money fking non loving whore of a mother. Posession is not love. I really do not know what to do with these low life averages. When I trust my emotions. Which I should not do as a 4. So I see the issue of playing hypocracy, and why I hate 9's as you are not good at it. Not real and to lost and greedy for material. The 9w1. Stop getting lost in my agenda, you don't even know it if I don't know it and you provide close to 0 information sometimes, all you can do is feel peaceful. Clown of a type. Give me JP racism. More Tate instead of stage beige. The family my nazi, I wish someone would eliminate that cross. Really all I am not joking anymore. She basically is the shame of my family and she acts like a chief, yet is so bad in leading I can't trust this women. Bad research, bad preperation, guilt tripping, inferiority complex, additction issued baby boomer. Go to the gym and give me some trance and let me build a love robot, so I don't have to endure your pathethic internal world verifictations which can be rather ugly and daunting. Ah yes partnerships and why I don't like seeing them. How can I life in this society? Star Trek made me a meme.
  12. Hopefully he has a brain and reads this, but I forgot he is a boomer. He can't use skype properly. Availabillity what a nice delusions, to dumb to communicate via text. Wortkarges geiziges stück dreck ab und zu aber echt eh.
  13. Maybe Germany has a money management issue instead of male corruption where are the philantropic Germans who do the racist shit . Maybe call them Vietnam Flashbacks? And I am beign attacked by golden boats and ducks and gifts and I am like. FUCK OFF xDD xDD I can't these humans on twitch. These professors and their old fking butthocks. The young people and the level of ignorance and the power of the dark xD. I can't believe it that the dark is needed as well as the light. The point is the body is dark besides the 1 most likely. God I really do not want to study this, this causes massive transformations in span just and that is already endless, imagine I start to use memory. How much I torture your existence if you actually ask me anything. Oh, yes learning is painful. The marocian guy forgot that he is oversensetive for that specific moment and over-indulged. I talked to a swedish MAN! SWEDISH MAN SWEDISH MAN SWEDISH MAN MY JERSEY when I was 12. I like zlatan more than your entire shit cu** society. Piece of shit stealing Meta nig****? Ah yes the liberal hate for the hogwashery and purple power re-adjustment in swedish sauna huts, where was the credit? You forgot? Why do I subconsciously dislike you so much and I like Greeks and Norwegeians? Is it because of mythology and why I dislike brazil intuitively... is there a latin connection hm.... I wonder. I still can't speak it. As well as read it white women? Ah yes. The truers. Germans in the front! LAOWEI IN THE BACK. Besides you are chinese hihi, you see the issue of order, bias and envy. I wish I had that much positive attention in my life that is not based on external behaviour, yet an internally derived system of values and principles. Oh I flame my parents. My father long gone long abused for his power holding dogshit sleppery alcohol issues. Go read a book yourself, don't comment on me don't speak to don't read to me. Ever wondered why I never call you piece of shit? Because you are drunk and full of cigarette smoke and you think you are capeable of emotional sensetivity? And I have issues with it? Now I see the collective D.N.A game and I just will be able to see what aggression/frustration is good for. I mean I dunno you get giftedness programs for music don't take it go to the military, slobber your dick around come back and expect everything to be the same without power? Going to the F.B.I my ass, you don't even believe in yourself, because of a lack of reference experiences and you deny the shared power of that. Oh read how tiger woods was made. Funny I would change my entire name to give my father 0.0 joy, not even the least bit of joy. Ever heared of 88? Hurts no? What do you use your money for, buying German puppets. Tell me it isn't true, the way that 4w5 hoe behaved. Burn her at the stake. Fking goldilooks phenomena rare fake occasion god ther german name I would cringe if I would tell my father the German context, this guy is legit sometimes such a pathetic apathetic asshole, you would not even know. Procrastination is real unfortunately, and time also. You can't buy infinite time. The system of your country is deeply fking racist, and it should be killed for it. If China would dominate the U.S and do good I frankly would not care, the point is eugenics. Nazi eugenics and Lebensbornkinder I wonder what I watch on Amazon Prime maybe Jeff Bezozs is screwing me over while making the jungle more alive oh yes the 8. I prefer 7w8 nowadays at least I can find some security in seperation usually. When we come back planning and doing stuff effectively. Might not be as good as them, yet I can learn! Pain is a teacher the point is how cruel it is most would break nowadays, respect to my dad for beating me with 120+ points in bowling as a kid, giving me 0 chance to beat an ace. Like what can I fking do? He thought I had fun loosing against him funny the activity of a father and how far back memory goes, if no one intervenes. You can re-trace yourself and find out what happened. Why I like auto-biografies lol. Ah yes the tall family bias. Beign tall white and handsome. Oh yes what a porn biasification? Ah yes culture exist the context of what we are playing with I forgot I am still learning from Alex Playing With Fire for techniques in the dark lmao. As if nobody needs to test the waters, some just go to deep and cause collective trauma. We all humans I bet, I would like to see Tate play chess against Magnus or smth. just to see if he would respect Tate as a player and pure potential. I have no idea how hard it is to become a world champ if you consider the odds and you are alone at the zenith of existence of smth. Like how does that not feel like divine pride? Even if imagined? And you want to do good? Even if it is evil in terms of defense lol, I would do martial arts if I had 0 injuries. Maybe this is a basketball joke, yet it seems like I have white knees. Can someone call the eugenic dark swedish lords back into their political positions? As well as reconsider their entire science history and mockery. Oh yes I bet you waged war against the russians also.
  14. Radios do not have very complex material covered to consider while driving. That is the most simple answer, I would not even use the radio, if my car would not have one. As the music taste is incredible bad imo and people just focus on the most average like-able thing, which can be just become boring and repetitive like EDM and Trance music and HipHop. The most interesting part is for cravings of novelity. I mean you could reverse-engineer e-scooters, yet I don't think we have a chinese Shenzen like electronic store available, where even the university could buy it's parts for construction if they are allowed to work independently. I just saw a lot of them when I lived in China. You could do it independently I bet. I attempted to reverse-engineer some products was not really my forte. Not many are interested in practical real-world things I believe. Imo...made some progress, yet someone else found a way to sniff their protocol?????!! Basically the micro-chip and highly processed dense information is the new world order lol. It's crazy how nice Leo is when you consider how much the guy reads and educates himself. I am unsure what the television does to my basal ganglia after reading some studies, yet yeah I don't like TV. Also these 7 second videos are helpful, when I want to learn something that goes fast... and is repetitive....maybe dopaminergic, if you think about product design. If you think these software companies are not f*cking with your life, you are a fool imo.