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  1. clicked on this thread just to say this. The Disappearance of the Universe Straight Talk about Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness audiobook. I've read 80-90 books and its my #1 now , gonna start listening to it tomorrow for the second time
  2. Oh cmon man that's not what i'm talking about, you think i don't know this? I'm talking about all the illusions you've experienced in your life, spirituality, psychdelics, high consciousness moments and so on, meditation and so on... You can only conceptualize. Let me create an illusion for myself, after my death i'm gonna be in a spirit world and operate at high consciousness/vibration. In this reality i will have a new reality and understanding of things. Than after that i'm gonna enter another reality... And so on... Do you see what i mean? Digging deep into illusion is pointless, we can only conceptualize . And at higher levels of consciousness and understanding even "researching consciousness or god or being god himself at some level will max out and you would want to start from a clean list which is to just experience life or be part of life.
  3. You're living and operating in an illusion right now are you that blind to not understand that, posts you have been making on this forum gave me a perception that it's not even worth explaining or talking to you to be honest... You base everything in your life on interpretations from the illusion. We can never really know the truth, because the truth itself is an illusion because it is different from every available perspective. We don't really know anything, we can only make stories. The only and ultimate way is to experience only, so in another words "live your life how you want". If we don't limit ourselves by having certain beliefs because of certain life experiences we can be more free and selfless. But the selfless state i'm talking about is when you literally have no identity, god and everything is speaking on behalf of you it's like you're channeling "it" and says what is best for you or for others with huge amount of understanding
  4. This 100% , i've also noticed alot of things wrong in your teachings and things you clearly don't understand. But you come across like it's 100% truth. I keep seeing you making threads and digging deep into illusions and you don't even understand the basic thing that most of these illusions you post like about "gaslighting" for example are just concepts and illusions created by yourself and you project/operate under it thus creating your own reality. It's truth that everyone lives under an illusion and concepts and there is no stopping, but you're taking it pretty far which just shows me where you operate at. Not to mention is that you debate alot and play ego games, just to show what you know or where you're at. Enlightenment is an ego game by itself, true enlightenment state = selfless state that i have witnessed/experienced projecting godly aura towards me. In this state you give up everything but also receive everything in this state you speak on behalf of god/consciousness/everything that is with effortlessness and confidence oh yeah, this is coming out of love
  5. I always do LSD with my friend, in all those trips solipsism was confirmed. On first trip it was scary, on second trip we actually become one or it felt like we were in the same server. I was seeing pictures in my mind/asking myself questions and he would answer them instantly in a trance state. Also when he became selfless and one with god he was projecting powerfull loving godly aura towards me and made me cry, then i see in my mind that his thoughts and actions are just like pixels. I saw in my mind how instantly when i started crying and went to hug me, i actually controlled him by sending an action towards his mind to instantly hug me in 1 millisecond. Hard to explain, but solipsism is real. The higher in consciousness you get the more abillities you will open up that will make you connect with others more easily.
  6. First impression , is that you're digging into pointless illusions way too deep. Losing your sense of self more and more. When you truely surrender is the time when you experience everything at the same time
  7. Serious about what? About digging in the illusion? I just explain the truth here, you still don't get it? The most perfect state of self is infinity. In all other states you're a lesser form of the self/god to a certain level or you just experience/research in the dream, both can be combined. That's the only truth you need to know about reality, everything else will come when you're ready for it. Researching consciousness is what you're doing right now, in a lower form of consciousness. In one of the lowest states of consciousness where you're severely limited. Stop with this nonsense debating.
  8. learn to read In highest form of consciousness you are being "it" to a certain level or just research/experience consciousness/god in the dream. The most perfect state is "infinity" nothing really happens there. Besides the perfect infinity state, you're just "being it" = god to a certain level or just research consciousness/experience god to a certain level. States of consciousness is everything. Most advanced consciousness level on earth that most people have is when they have had a realization that you can only "research god" or "be it" to a certain level.
  9. Most advanced consciousness level on earth that most people have is when they have had a realization that you can only "research god" or "be it" to a certain level. We can literally only be "it" or research, at a certain time it will be boring when you realize those goals are the only goals besides being in the most perfect state. Keep digging in an illusion in god self for infinity until you know all possible perspectives
  10. I literally just posted my response with 0 feelings, 0 of your threads ever triggered me. You're just making alot of assumptions from your reality which tells me alot in which state of consciousness you function. What i wanted to say is, you're just digging in an illusion. Most people take and hold unto an illusion when you don't even know a certain perspective and create belief systems in under which you start to operate and create a "personality"
  11. So how come a blind person in this video that has never seen in real life, never has seen in the dream. You're just creating another illusionary story like all stories are. You will never know the real truth but can just make perceptions from your reality, and it's also an illusion. The reality we live in is of very basic consciousness level, most are just becoming aware of ourselves that's all
  12. Who cares, entities, beings , dmt beings are all part of the illusion in the dream. People keep making stories and more concepts and illusions about stuff they don't understand. I mean cmon most people on earth just have some basic self awareness. Highest consciousness level that most people have on earth are just researching god/consciousness or just being 'it' , and this is the only thing that really matters... But the joke is , is that theyre digging in an infinite illusion.
  13. I know man, but i see david hawkins always getting attacked
  14. I'm going my way, don't act like you're enlightened because you're going your own "way". All the collective consciousness information that is available is coming from the same source or mind. The reason you're on a consciousness research forum is because you're still seeking so don't come with this go your own way bs. You do realize that most teaching from david hawkins got thaught by leo himself, he even said it himself? His books are an important step in learning about consciousness. It's important to have an open mind in every bit of information you take in, so stop chosing a side.