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  1. no point, and that's not gonna happen. It's up to god and his intention to get what he deserves/desires. Before my first ever psychedelic, i had huge interest in religion/psychology , did many researches on my own in psychology, then came into spirituality had some awakenings on my own without psychedelics. Reached all my lifes goals, read like 60 spiritual books regarding spirituality/consciousness then i did my first psychedelic. So what you're saying is not gonna do anything.
  2. We will never know , since it's happening on the level of the mind... We can only speculate, but i doubt it has anything to do with higher states of consciousness because most of the symptoms including behavior are of low quality consciousness. Higher consciousness in people is always spotted in people easily, they most likely have ego boundary problems and because of this they might get psychotic and because of their suffering they might start manifesting things so schizophrenia might be linked to level of consciousness of insanity.
  3. All the time where miracles start to happen even, looks like god is giving you party experiences because you're not ready for the real deal.
  4. I have heart pain for 1 week + now , after this experience. Is it because i died piercing my heart with my consciousness or is it just because i pierced it. Says a lot to me how real this experience was that the after effect is heart pain. I never have heart pains
  5. You have to give yourself big breaks from drugs, experiencing high states of consciousness might lead to mental illness/instability if you do it regularly. There is a reason we are born like this, and the reason that we are born is just to experience life with others, during my ego death this was very clear. Developing and digging in high state of consciousness is just a belief and not lifes goal.
  6. I used to be an investor and a professional trader in crypto, i've made a lot of money... And indeed cryptocurrency is bullshit Even bitcoin is a form of piramide scheme where people put in money to make it grow and then dump it on other people. The stable fiat coins are being printed like real world money and are being sold to exchanges, then the exchanges sell this imaginary coin to other people. Most of the coins are based on speculation. I have been in this field for many years, it's indeed big big bullshit
  7. @Carl-RichardOr perhaps he feels sorry for the guy? I see these threads being created all the time about Leo, criticizing him for his style. I see some people are so unconscious in their behavior that when they saw a picture of leo in his robes they instantly started judging and say things like, i hope he's okey i don't want him to be mentally ill, even though the picture was unusual they still had to post these comments not thinking how he would feel about it. These comments had some form of empathy in them but it all got lost when they used passive aggresive words like mentally ill while trying to empathise with him, not thinking about their own behaviour and Leo's feelings. And this is how most people are on this forum, i called this out and you gave me a warning for it so clearly you didn't understand it too. Yes i noticed he can be egotistical and straight forward while giving his teachings to other people, but that's for the better. The people that have problems with him are the people that don't understand reality well and are projecting their unconsciousness into Leo. If you would understand consciousness or God or yourself you would find many valid reasons for his behavior at that point, judging him while you're just being on the internet posting on his forum says a lot about the person judging.
  8. It's funny how there are people with 1000s of posts coming here every day to post but yet don't like Leo and criticize ... When i joined this forum i learned and experienced so much in my first 200 posts that i could never imagine i would have all this knowledge and experience about consciousness. I think the biggest problem is the person who is complaining, and they most likely don"t have any background/interest in psychology/spirituality/consciousness research, to have these topics as your main interest instead of any materialistic goal you have to have reached a certain level in base consciousness and understanding about life
  9. Neither, what i have seen during my ego death that it works like this. God 1 mind---> splits itself for infinity into different dream , in this dream you're the only god or conscious being. This means that all the reality within your own dream is entirely your own projection. The so called others don't have their own soul, they're just part of you. In the non dual state it's clearly visible that you're just talking with yourself , the others take on the consciousness on behalf of higher god or your own state and it's like god is talking to you. The reason for the split, is because god enjoys life with others and tries to create heaven for itself
  10. Depends on you, depends where you are consciousness wise most people can't even understand what certain psychedelics do like LSD and it's majority of the population. If you have big background in religion/spirituality/consciousness research/reading books you will remember and retain more, psychedelics like lsd for example teach you not only how this materialistic reality works on micro level but you can also access even higher states of consciousness where you can tap into things. So it all depends on the individual, but don't worry... God knows what you want, what you're ready for at all times
  11. During my recent ego death i was looking at my heart beating, consciousness was showing me that i have to stop/pierce my heart in order to go further. It was a very scary and intense moment, first time i got scared and didn't do it. But then after 1-2minutes i realized i cannot die, and even if i die so be it... So again i closed my eyes and consciousness showed me again my heart beating inside my body and i pierced through it with my consciousness. After that i experienced ego death and reality was deconstructed and i was a form of god that was within me, i was vibration itself vibrating in the void. I gained many insights specially on Death/suicide Who are others/souls What happends after deaths How god dreams up realities Why we are here But the most important insight, is that you if you really truely want to leave this dream you can do it consciously or unconsciously. After gaining all the insights and returning to my physical visual pov, my hands and my whole body was vibrating in pureness and for some reason at that moment i grabbed my phone and there was a clip playing of yoganandas mahasamadhi , at that moment i couldnt control my body or hands it's like god wanted me to see this video. While watching this video below , thought got sent to me and god said to me: You just killed yourself right when this part of the clip was playing 6:36 to 6:47 which was a miracle by itself. When i pierced my heart i was also shown that the reality i was in and died got shoved away and i was still here, because i chose to be here. Because after being that vibration/god in the void i realized that this is heaven and i didn't want to be alone as god because there was no fun. When you die or kill yourself, it doesn't actually happen... Because you're god nothing can kill you, if you shoot yourself the gun didnt actually go off but in another reality it actually die but you will never experience that. On a higher consciousness field that we can't see, it's all god around you. Can you imagine consciousness killing consciousness on a higher level? It doesn't happen, god is so infinitelly intelligent that there are safety mechanism for everything and you're being taken care of at all times and the balance of stability/life/the other is being kept to almost a perfection always. Also i got an insight about the video below from god, my life is pre recorded like a movie just like in this video.
  12. Would you say that schizophrenia materialized as a lower state of consciousness? If a person in lower state of consciousness lives in total delirium then he also materialized his environment including all the viruses that infect other people? Think about it, vibration and your state of being affects everything. I've experienced it many times, for example my friend pushed me towards higher states of consciousness on lsd and then i got better and a lot heaven like things started to materialize on LSD it was really visible how we affect and influence our reality
  13. For your mind, exploring reality specially if you knew it in only 1 way takes alot of guts including strong nervous system