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  1. Indeed, you all should watch your words. Everything is god, guru is god. When the time comes to be saved , you're gonna be begging
  2. I felt like i was becoming more and more conscious then started losing air, i paniced and then i wrote him to not answer. After this incident he went off, and i noticed a pixel in my monitor like it had a broke pixel and it started moving around a bit. Then i waved at it and it dissapeared @OBEler
  3. So there is this master called "Dan" at Kriya Yoga school, and he said that his guru met my teachers guru in meditation to learn yoga in himalayas. He posted some videos/ miracles of him "healing" people through consciousness . Check out the interview, as this guy is pretty much a miracle that abides in higher states of consciousness. And check out the 2 videos, where he's healing 2 people . He has been doing meditation for like 20 years+ Jowblob: Dan when you go to bed and sleep, do you still see the blackness when you close your eyes and try to sleep? Because i have experienced a state of consciousness where it isnt possible to sleep as it just becomes a construct, when i closed my eyes there were only visions/dreams etc. and it wasnt possible to become unconscious Dan: when I go to sleep and close my eyes often times there is light. More than with my eyes open in the dark. Dan: I just got used to the light Jowblob:So when you go to bed and close your eyes, you just abide in that light and actually don't sleep or become unconscious and after some time for example 7 hours you wake up but didn't actually sleep? Dan:thank you Vladimir. I don’t considered my self different than anybody else. I see the same potential and more in all beings. Dan: Sometimes I sleep. And sometimes just the body sleeps. And That „consciousness“ that I am is just awake. Just there. When I am awake sleeping I know what is going on around me. For example what my wife was saying to my son or what was running on tv etc.. Jowblob: Is it true that other planes of existence exist like astral realm/causal plane where you can abide/live like on earth for example, or it's just part of imagination and there is only "now" and "you". Dan: Yeah that takes people sometimes a lot to understand. When we go for non dual teachings they strip everything away from you. So only you are left and that is true. But it is done for a reason. It does not mean that phenomena and other planets planes of exist. Everything you can imagine exists and more. But when you realize the Selft you can approach all with thatvunderstanding of oneness. Dan: See astral travel and such are skills. Like riding a bike. Do you need it? No. Is it nice. Yes. But the skills won’t give you self realization. Jowblob:How does manifestation of physical body (and earthly kingdom) happen, when all there is only "consciousness/awareness" Dan: The truth is that is is a mystery. That what we are is intelligent. It does that. All that. But you can check out this video. It kind of deceives the process for a human soul. What we are is consciousness. It breaks itself down that’s all. Just to come back again. All this coming and going is illusion. But just to paint a picture here. Dan: For my understanding it is a mystery. And that is the beauty. The video describes the process for a human soul. I think it is similar with everything else. Jowblob: Is it possible for "God or an ascended master" to just come for example "to your or my present reality" to interact with the "lower selves" and show powers like happend with haidakhan babaji. Or God/ascended masters can't do that because each being in their own reality has its own "freedom and will"? Jowblob: don't answer this question please Jowblob: I almost lost my breath Dan: Ok Jowblob I'm not ready Jowblob: Thank you Jowblob: I'm almost crying Dan: Take some rest when you need it 🙏🏼 @Leo Gura @Razard86 @OBEler @Arthogaan @Vibes @Breakingthewall
  4. You don't understand, Christianity has nothing to do with God. It's just a path, and all religions are paths. It's all the same, read my message above. You don't blasphamy the spirit or God because when you start awakening and are shown the truths don't fight it because you will fight yourself. It's all about your own purity, and purifying yourself
  5. This, basically if you keep denying spirit or fighting against it as ego you're denying your own salvation. I actually had an awakening last night about it in my dream. I saw myself in a dream house/school with a bully that used to bully me, in the dream he apologised and i accepted and we hugged. It was god himself/myself asking myself for understanding and forgiveness since there is only you. And at the end of the dream i saw this God state, i was in this god state before on LSD,
  6. And you have to remember, if you're eternal/infinity and they always say "happiness is within you or Happiness can only be found in the eternal/god". Yet at the highest levels i deconstructed why it is being "said" , and the reason was: It is your own mind/will to escape your eternal always awakened mind. That's why you're putting all these constructs on yourself like dumbing yourself down, sleep / time etc. Yet it isn';t enough to "not exist" since you're eternal mind Even an ascended master said , Buddha: the middle path is the best. Meaning you will never escape your own suffering. I know it was for earth. But trust me at these level of consciousness, you can access god/spiritual planes etc. So he knows what's up.
  7. Damn now i'm getting scared, and don't know if i should procceed. I know what consciousness is capable off, and i know that there is a possebility you can get stuck in another dream/dimension of reality if you're not careful. There is a reason there is saying " path to god realization is like walking on razor" . I just don't know what to do with my life anymore. I just work/sleep/drink and have little money to enjoy the life fully. I'm also scared that if i'm gonna do kriya yoga it will change the aspects of reality forever, and i don't know if i'm gonna be happy about it. I have seen at high levels of consciousness why GOD uses ego's. And the reason is against the eternal/loneliness and his own questioning about himself, like the question what am i? What i'm doing here, how did i came to existence. That's what i saw at the highest levels. I also know that life right now, is a projection of my ego mind. SO basically life right now is just my ego's mind/dream. What's the point being an eternal/infinite avatar that just creates everything with his own mind, eventually you will get bored of that. I think @Leo Gura , is giving great pointers. Do we really want to awaken, and then eventually restart the cycle again to birth/death? Because considiring everything that i know, the cycle of birth/death might be the only option/best option. "ignorance is bliss" From what i have seen if you die unawakened for example jumping down from a building, you will let universe decide. And i saw that i killed myself from jumping down and i got reborn as a beby boy with an empty/clean mind. I don't think any avatar or god has such a clean mind as being reborn again and not knowing what you are. I also saw at the highest level that i've reached, that this was the best option. God always goes for the lowest suffering possible considiring at all the things he has to look at, and this will is deeply rooted inside of you. I saw that it was better to reborn as a cave deweller than an ascended master that plays around with his mind/himself. @Razard86
  8. @Ayham teacher is called veda guru dev and his guru was : Swami Vedananda Saraswati (Sannyasa, Swami, Bharmarcharya, Yogi) Who's Ashram Is Located In Dwarahat (State of Uttarakhand, India) @Javfly33 thank you man, you actually made me remember/realize some things when i was god. Yes you're right that kriya's were created by your highest self, and the reason it's always accessable because when you're in the god mode you can't really edit anything because everything what is there is already perfect and you're perfectly selfless. Basically you're so conscious that you see through all aspects of reality and all is perfect
  9. I had a dream after this post, in the dream i saw myself as a kid and saw my parents throwing unwashed clothes at the floor. They were talking a lot of rubbish unconsciously, and all i said back to them 'i am god' all the time. They ignored me and continued. Then i wondered what this screen/movie was and dettached from it, behind this screen/movie was nothingness. It was like the movie was just playing, and nobody was actually watching it.
  10. @TheSelf what are these energy currents/chakra openings , what do they do ? Like send you to astral/causal plane or what exactly?
  11. So no point following online courses and live sessions over the webcam if there are dangers?
  12. @TheSelf what do you mean exactly, like daily base consciousness? Can you give some examples
  13. Wanted to do kriya yoga in a while , and behold i'm initiated. Still can't comprehend what's the point of all that work to initialize an experience when you can just take LSD and surrender to an experience. Isn't Kriya Yoga just a science based on belief? Or is our avatar build on these chakras. Anyone has any experience with Kriya Yoga? After knowing what lsd can do, i feel like Kriya Yoga is just a waste of time...
  14. Reading your post and your previous posts i can truely say that you lack consciousness and understanding about the nature of reality or yourself. You're crying because you don't understand why you have awareness, and all suffering will be ever lasting no matter where you will be from that awareness. Learn to sleep properly, that's why you are here.
  15. gonna read it next month