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  1. Since the human consciouss existance were the psychdelics always there and used for consciousness increase/god realization since the start of man?
  2. @amanen yeah it just depence on how much you take. Ofcourse if you take too much lsd or dmt it sends you to quantum consciousness. But i mean maybe these peoples consciousness is like 80ug lsd for example. So if he took simillar amount or lower it wont have an effect? Then you have quantum consciousness where you cant function anymore like ayahuasca or edgar cayce's dream state. Like there are many consciousness perspecrives and lvls if you know what i mean
  3. Just noticed something very important in david hawkins book. Here he describes the consciousness state of lsd, so does it mean it is actually real? According to him this state of consciousness is in around 1 in 10.000.000 people. So is this where saints belong? And do these saints even know they see the world differently then everyone else or they're unconscious of that? From what i remember reading somewhere, 1 time someone gave lsd to an enlightened master and the master said he didn't see any difference. I also remember there was a brain scan done on a monk during meditation, and it seemed that his brain was becoming more connected/turned on like on lsd. So this state of consciousness might be real? The most important question, how do we find these people to proof it's real?
  4. @Razard86 have watched alot of vids and have read his books, his definitally enlightened or atleast on a very high level. He is aware of infinity and that he is god, talks about it in the book . I think he talked about his app, and the visualizations on what he sees in higher consciousness/meditation. Can someone posts the pictures please?
  5. Stop judging him, what you see on his face is just a projection from your own reality/dimension. It is pointless to talk about this.
  6. Thanks, so plugging 10mg as a starting dose is good. Do you know by any chance if it's same like on ayahuasca where you have to let go? Or is it literally you have to let go until you have 0 ego/ your dead?
  7. So far i've only had ayahuasca once and couple times LSD. I plan to plug 5 meo dmt and want to start with a low dose. What is the best starting dose for plugging 5 meo dmt and what are the visual/sensory effects on a low dose? I want to go from a low dose to breakthrough god awakening, or should i start with higher doses lsd and try smoking dmt for the first time before doing 5 meo dmt?
  8. @Leo Gura A bit out of topic perhaps, but what's the reason in your opinion there are psychedelics on this planet that can give us another sense of different realities or perhaps consciousness increase? Is it because if infinity splits itself into a planet it has to project itself into things that it consists of? So it can't bound itself fully by physical rules because it's god? But this doesn't make sense for planets that don't have anything on them. So because of this there must be conscious evolution from beings/humans forever? When you say i'm dreaming all of this, it just doesn't make any sense to me and also contradicts alot of things that i know and also other people. Is the only way for me to find out is doing 5 meo dmt?
  9. I did 1p lsd , and i definitally could breath better it also felt like you didnt need food and the food you ate you didnt feel it. It felt imaginary. And my friend has muscle pain from exercising but in higher state of consciousness on lsd, the pain went away
  10. Watch this video guys , about ascended masters. I think there is some truth in it. Very interesting
  11. When i was on LSD, this was channeled to me: People that got called to take psychedelics with an understanding that it affects their consciousness and that they're being aware that they're experiencing a different reality of consciousness are done on earth plane.
  12. Be good to each other, don't judge.
  13. Watch this video of people describing the stuff he did, there are 10s of videos like that where he does he miracles on purpose.It's not just epiphenomena , it seems the miracles he did are on purpose with a lesson attached to it. And he really seems like a god. Leo's explanation isn't enough, the questions is: Why he is capable of doing it and me not? Why do i have to suffer by working every week 60 hours? My friend said these avatars are necessary in our life otherwise everyone would go crazy @Phil777 @bambi @CuriousityIsKey @Danioover9000
  14. That is false i think some of them just spawn out of nowhere Not epiphenomena, research haidakhan babaji. The people that are describing his miracles/things he did, it seems like alot of the stuff they experienced was on purpose from haidakhan babaji
  15. It also is amazing how doing lsd with a friend teaches you so much about how this normal reality works. For example if the person feels bad, the consciousness shows it and you feel bad too. It's like your sensitivity gets increased by like 50x, and you have to say good things to keep the trip from going bad. You can feel each other vibrations and it teaches you how just a single tiny thing even in your intention (in your head) can affect the atmosphere of the whole room. This is just crazy