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  1. Hei Some updates? Friday and Thursday went to the lab, work and the massage course. I was so tired haha. My date for Sunday got cancelled. Unfortunately her great grandma died and i said let's move this another time. She appolgized and said she can come to see me after the funeral. Told her id rather have her with her family and that we can reschedule for when she feels better. Now, i worry she seems me as a friend, waaay too nice. Hope not. Had a BBQ with some of my high school colleagues and siblings with their S.O. I got a little too drunk but was ok in the end. Should have done this a long time ago lol. I got another date for next week and one in 2 weeks. Turned on my tinder and messaged all girls with questions from their profile. Goes ok so far. Some beautiful girl didn't even put effort into the conversation. Weird lol. One of the girls i was speaking last week said aren't you going to ask me about my instagram? So i did and i checked my inbox. Turns out i got accept to another girl i spoke 2 weeks ago. She was annoying if i remember correctly. We spoke a little. Smth feels off about her. Idk. I was thinking to tell these girls i am looking for FWB. I never tried this before. I would really like to. While i was at the table with everyone some girl called me. She tried with a hidden number 1st. Couldnt hear her very well. She was saying to meet each other and that she had my number from some girl. Weird. Just two girls from Tinder have my number. IDK. Tried again to speak with older women on tinder. It doesnt go well at all. Not sure what to say to them and they react so bitchy. Looks like joking around with them isnt enough idk.
  2. Hei So the other girl i was talking to got COVID and cancelled seeing me that night but still went to Malta the next day lol. We kept talking each day. She was saying she is upset she couldnt see me and so on. She is very serious but seems we vibe ok. Going to see her this Sunday. I am looking forward. Put my discovery setting off on tinder but kept speaking with 3 girls. One of them i didnt like that much made a move and i was surprised. She didnt seem very interested. We will go to a park next week. I dont even know how her face looks like. She doesnt have any accurate pics. She seems good looking overall. Idk. Got in an argument with my father telling him what i think of the way he spends the family money. Ridiculous. He didnt understand anything i told him. Now he is upset on me. Tried to explain to him how recession works and how not all prices will go up forever. He said he doesnt believe me even if we already passed through one recession lol. He told me that we need to build that vacation house even if we dont have the money for it. That is more important to have that house than food or my mom's surgery. Told him i dont think is normal to not have money from my mom's surgery because we spent it all on that stupid house. Whatever, the conversation didnt go anywhere. My mom kept telling me i need to shut up and act with my father like he has special needs. What else? I restarted my massage course. Is upsetting i forgot so much. Went to the lab this morning as well. I was quite tired. I have to start over with my mushrooms. They got fruit flies. It was a full day. Didn't manage to work much. Lied to a colleague i have stuff to do. I spent Wednesday night working to be able to go to the lab. Got a new account at work and i stressed so much to make it work alone. Fucked up GTM. Managed to fix it but i was so stressed while the client kept calling. I bought a bunch of shit food at work to eat. Didnt do this in months. I am upset on myself i didnt get those pics and tried my luck on tinder sooner. Is frustrating i get 3 dates in 2 weeks while i spent over a year alone not even trying hard enough to find someone new. But i was so afraid and so blocked. I still am man.
  3. Hey We met and i didnt feel a connection straight away. She was more anxious than i expected. She chilled a lot after a few hours. We spoke until 2 am. No sexual connection or attraction. She said she isnt looking into get a relationship and i didnt expect that. I assumed she was into dating etc. Whatever. Made some jokes here and there. I could have tell her i want to bang as well. Didnt read the situation well. All i was thinking how how much i would like to drink some water. My 1st date from tinder i am was spacing out at times. She told me i am the most normal guy she met on that app. She said i was second guy she met and the 1st one was weird. That she got some stupid and weird messages from guys. She told me how she just got a text from an ex wile she was there with me. How this guys has a gf but still calls her. Wow. We spoke a lot of shit. I need more dates and more experience. Glad she showed up on time. Anyway was ok for 1st date. I crossed this from my list. On Monday is my second date. Basically tomorrow. I wonder how she will behave. So i need to see some ways to keep a conversation going. I need to look into that.
  4. Hello It's been quite an interesting time since i posted last time. I just finished all my exams. Next week i find out if i passed the last one. I was very stressed with all those projects i postponed for so long. I just got a new account instead of being fired. Didnt expect that. We had a work party and the boss kept telling me i dont do my job blah blah. Felt like shit. Left earlier. Didnt enjoy being there. I got Tinder again. I got frustrated and just used the pics that guy made me. Started getting matches and speaking to girls each day. This is new to me. Made a bunch of mistakes. One girl asked after a few days of texting where do i live. I thought she was going to ask me to come over. I was so excited. But no, she wanted to date instead. We decided to meet in a few days. Few hours later she said can i call you? I was very uncomfortable. Moving too fast, even for me. Got her instagram and noticed all her slim pics are from a few years ago. Now she was fat. Didnt like her on the phone. She complained too much, said about lack of money, her wish to merry a priest, being virgin and so much crap that made me feel overwhelmed. I moved on for a video call at this point. She was looking even worse than her pics. Told me about how fat she is and how ugly she is and it made me very uncomfortable. She sent me some SS from her tinder. She had 90+ matches. I was shocked. She told me of all the weird ppl that texted her. She told me about her belief in our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. How she is a virgin and wants her 1st time to be special, etc. I said before i would date any girl but she was 100% a no for me. Just no! Next day she said good morning and how am i and what am i doing. I felt weird again. Told her i didnt feel a connection. It was the second time i told a girl i dont like her. I felt so relieved afterwards. Missed some dates because i put them for next week cuz exams. These girls wanted to go out asap. Next time. Now, i am speaking for a week with two girls daily. One is to my surprise, from same town as ex. I started to message her randomly and didnt think much of it. She didnt have pics of her face at all. We moved on wapp and she was nice actually. She asked me why i am there and i said for dating. The only thing i dont like is her coldness. She said how we dont owe each other shit cuz we didnt even dated yet. She is right. I am putting to much too soon. We go on a date on Monday. Could have been this week but i was busy with shit exams. The other one is super funny. We spoke each night until 2 am or so. She works at a fashion store and is super chill. All she does is hang out with friends and watch tv. Never met someone so chill. I just talked to her for fun. She kept avoiding meeting f2f until she said how about you make me a massage. I was so happy. Will she actually bring me to her place so soon. We agreed to meet at her place at 19. Turns out i didnt get it right. She was up for a date, not to go to her place 1st thing. I was disappointed haha. I thought we are speaking about same thing. Meeting with her tonight at 21. I am trying not to seem weird or too desperate. So at 18 i messaged her for her location and she is like where we going lol. I said oh, i was thinking of this place lol. We are going to a park. I really thought she will invite me to bang her just like that lol. Anyhow, i am surprised what i managed to do with just a few good pics. Is unreal i didnt start sooner. Just kept complaining over and over again. After spending the nights speaking to these girls i feel i dont have time to do nothing. Weird. What else? Went to a trip with friends. It was so fun. Missed so much not having a gf like them. I was so upset when seeing one of them on tinder, just like he was over a year ago talking to girls. She managed to get a date and they met a few times. He hoped for a gf and sex but didnt get that. Asked for his pics. Wow. They were really bad. When we returned we met with their GFs. I was envious on these girls missing them when i didnt have anyone. I got more pics with that dude. They look so much better, i was so anxious 1st time. Added more ppl from HS on facebook and instagram. I posted the new pics and nothing bad happen. In a nutshell this was big for me. Really was. I didnt post in HS anything online cuz i was thinking they wont like it and will make fun or smth. I was soo wrong. Took me years to be normal. Didnt drive much either. I procrastinated a lot when i had to do those projects. I felt so stressed. I didnt want to pay to make them. I tried by myself and it was so hard. Funny thing i could have written whatever i wanted there. She didnt check anything. WTF. I could have written the same thing as my colleagues. WTF... I need to get better at maintaining to conv with girls. I start ok but after some time the conversation gets boring. I met some shit girls. I didnt stop and kept talking. Most of those girls dont even replay to my messages. Fair enough. They have a shitload of guys texting them. Some girls told me some bad experiences they had. I am way to nice with everyone lol. The hardest thing was to post some pics and start talking. Now doesnt seem so weird. I have less fears but is still weird and hard. I am cute and naive. I wanted to messaged a friend that i am going to bang these girls lol. Not the case yet. I tried to give a bunch of compliments early on. Those girls got either uninterested fast (hot ones) or just they felt uncomfortable (ugly). What works is to ask questions. Put some effort into it. Also just some heart works. My sister proposed to her boyfriend a few weeks ago. They are now engaged. I need to be nicer with my brother's gf. I dont want my brother to stop talking to me just because of that bitch. I really dont like her. My friend from high school told me what a shit BF one of my other friends is. He is very controlling with his GF. Doesnt let her drink and so on. Weird. Didnt expect that. She isnt better either. Invited my friends from HS to make a BBQ next week. Invited my siblings and their S.O. Surprised my brother's GF said yes. I will try to be nice. It was stressful to do those projects. I didnt understand at all what i was doing. Saved some money tho. I need to chill. My colleagues, some of them dont even care. They are super chill. I feel so good to have money in my pocket instead of spending it all on crypto. It was so stressful. So happy i used those new pics on tinder. Just much easier than i thought. A guy from uni i worked besides told me so much crap about our colleagues. How everyone fucked x girl, how x girls is fucking everyone and so much i felt bad for who am i. I am outside of this circle of dating. But is all i think. Now, i am feeling weird going to the park with a girl who wants to see me f2f. Unreal. I wonder how it will be. My sister and friends from HS asked me why i dont date and why i dont have a gf. They are right. It isnt normal. Go on and date. Try harder. I was so stupid trying to get dates with one or two really bad pics. Now i see the difference. Told my family i am going with friends in park. I feel weird to tell them i am going on a date, after 2 years or more since my last one. Really is smth bad. So my sister didnt sign un for a master's degree. She said she will get a job but now she just has fun all day. Telling me i lame for being busy and crap like that. Wtf? I am really worrying way too much lol. Maybe it doesnt matter at all. Whatever problem i have just fucking chill. Isnt a big deal lol. Still hard to see it. Still cant believe i am going on a date. Hope she will show up. I dont think is smth wrong with me. I need more practice.
  5. Hello Passed today's exam with a 6. Struggled to study last night. I felt like falling asleep the whole time. Went to take pics yesterday morning. I felt so much more relaxed this time around. It was quite smooth. The pics look amazing. Looked at some pics a girl i follow posted. This made me feel inspired to get better pics. I postposed taking pics again today and that was wise. The exam took longer and i was too tired. Moved it for next week. Meeting with one of the ppl i lived with last year. I would rather sleep since i have to wake up early to catch the train but i want to see him as well. What else? I am too stressed while i my school and work isnt that bad. I need to chill and be stronger.
  6. Hey Didnt force myself enough to study before the exam on Monday. Just got the results: 4. My colleagues arrived earlier at the exam and chose a good spot to cheat. They all passed with notes above 6. I should have done that too. Should have known 24h arent enough to study for me. I had to ask stupid questions at work to understand what are we even speaking about. Just couldnt understand what was going with those campaigns. I also discovered more mistakes i did setting them up. After work, yesterday, i met with HS friends to get train tickets. I was annoyed none of them took the initiative to book a place for us. I opened up about having a hard time at work and uni - resulted in them telling me to quit work. I didnt feel supported. Just wanted to complain to be honest. One of them didnt finish university this year either. He is doing an easy one, trying to finish it for the past 4-5 years. He just goes a few months than quits. I was shocked to hear this. I am stressed about uni and he doesnt give a fuck, not being bothered at all. He lives with his grandma and i have no idea what he does all day. I am so stressed about my degree when others dont care at all...... Spoke with my friend at uni about work and uni and being so hard for me rn. He said yeah, you are 23 and saying life is too hard???? Wait a few more years, what will you do in your 40s??? Felt so stupid and weak... He is right but i just wanted to vent. My boss got a screenshot from one of my clients: "he cant even write the name of one the brand i sell" - screenshot of the ad on google. I thought i definitely will get fired. Spent a few hours looking for that stupid ad and didnt find it. Wtf... If this wasnt enough, the guy who is helping me do my project for uni called me upset that i didnt move my project elsewhere. He kept asking me for months to do this cuz i didnt have a fan attached to it and so on. I just kept pushing it far away as i am so frozen of all i have to do. The last thing was to move the whole thing elsewhere. I dont know how to make it work now to be honest. If is wasnt enough he wanted it moved asap. Called my brother and i drove there. I was already upset of making mistakes at work. Drove there for the 1st time and i made a bunch of mistakes. My brother asked me if i am sick for not seeing the signs. No, i am just fucking stupid. Came home and installed the whole tent and mycelium blocks in a dirty shed. Took me almost 2 h. It will all get infected. Fuck this shit. What is wrong with me??????????? I dont know, i cant focus at work, cant pay attention and cant understand how regular things work. Had to ask the most stupid questions to understand smth that was so obvious for the other girls. I am so fucking stupid. I should have never got this job while also studying. I am too stupid to do it even without university. I feel so fucking stupid and retarded. I am so fucking slow man. Everyone else almost finished that project for uni but me. I didnt feel like it and didnt force myself to finish it. Am i too weak? Is hard to handle the stress i am feeling with my job and work. Is just too much. But i need to push myself. Shit. I am so fucking frustrated. Arrived home - at home i found my siblings with their S.O. having fun, they spent all day doing nothing much. Why am i even stressing so much? What is the FCKKING POINT?
  7. Hey Thursday had to implement some FB campaigns and made some mistakes. My colleague got upset. Friday i implement more campaigns and paid more attention. It was very hard to focus. I kept wanting to finish the task. Had to check again and again for mistakes. Horrible. Last week my sister asked her BF parents if she merry their son. They said yes but changed their minds afterwards. Said is not normal for a girl to do that. Yesterday left in a trip with siblings. My sister asked her BF to merry her. Her friends where there too. His parents told him so it was no surprise. He proposed her right afterwards with a expensive ring. My sister started crying and was very upset on his parents. The rest of the trip was ok but not as many things to do as i would have liked. Snapped at my brother's BF a couple of times for being so annoying. Jeez. She was soooo fucking annoying. Even my brother got upset on her. Told him i dont think she is right for him. He said she will change and be better. The trip was more expensive than what i was ok with. But my sister was happy i was there so is ok. Returned today to be able to attend an exam tomorrow. Didnt study shit. Last year my brother moved out and she didnt go to his place much. Turns out she didnt like the design of his studio. I am still trying to understand this. Not seeing your boyfriend because you dont like the design of his studio even if is clean?????? Wtf? I cant understand this man. It makes no sense to me. I talked to my friends from HS to go on a trip next week. I felt bad they didnt go without me so far. Most of the times we meet together not separately. I will ask them to go without me and not have to wait for me each time. One of them said he wont come because he spent all his money on his brother's wedding. I offered to borrow him money. He accepted. Nice.
  8. Hey I barely got out of bed for work. Just didnt want to go there man Had to do some hard tasks today and it was stressful. Managed to do well. I wont be able to take that exam on Monday cuz i didnt go enough to labs for that one. I have to wait a few more weeks. Good. Didnt want to finish that project anyways. I can stay longer in vacation with siblings. I wont take pics tomorrow because of the weather
  9. hei I went to the exam dressed nice for work afterwards. Got some compliments for some of my colleagues too. I looked at the 3 subjects and i was naaaah dont remember this. I look on my phone what i didnt know as my colleagues did. To my surprise he scolded two colleagues for cheating as well. Last semester he didnt care. He asked some questions besides the subjects i had on my paper. I responded as well as i could but it was clear i didnt spend more time studying. I got an 8. I am still surprised. I was sure i will fail. I got some sandwich afterwards, one i was eyeing for a few months. It wasn't that great but meh. I am done with this exam as well. Right in the middle of the exam my boss asks me where i am. Really? The guy who is helping me with my project complained that i didnt come to harvest the mushrooms last weekend as i promised. I felt like shit. Should have pushed myself to harvest them man. Went today after work and cleaned the place too. I wanted so bad to be home. It was the hottest day so far. Horrible. I was melting in that stupid bus. I need to finish some project by Monday. Crap. I wanted to finish it this weekend but i have to leave with siblings in vacation. Sister got upset i wont go to her graduation party. Man, i cant take a day off, especially not now. I better got fired man. I should have spend the time while i am a student to study, not to work. What is the point - some extra money? i should have got some part time shit.
  10. hey On Friday i didnt do much work for work. Just the bear minimum. My boss asked me what am i doing at 16:00 - i was just preparing too cook some meat in the kitchen with my family. I felt quite bad last weekend. Just wished it would pass. I didnt study as much as i should have. I did anything but study - i even cleaned my room and some gardening. Made some stupid mistake at work and my boss said - only you could have done smth like that hahahah. I felt so stupid man. I am starting to acknowledge my limits. My brain just cant... Spent too much time on social media so i logged off my accounts. Got new haircut and my beard done at the barber shop for pics later this week. Afterwards, i felt like that looks too good for me and crap like that. Got my salary and didnt throw them all in crypto. Time to take care of other areas. What else? Have a stupid exam tomorrow. I am thinking it was a mistake to get this job. I cant multitask - study fro uni and work in the same time. Barely could do one thing at a time. I just didnt know what else to work at the time. Didnt know myself. I am thinking how ppl from my class and friends dont have to work to have money - since they get them from parents, how i am stressed of work and university and they just dont care. I wish i had that luxury but here i am stressing about money and so what? How is my life better than theirs? Cant say man. What is the point then? My siblings and friends are saying each week now to hang out and shit but i tell them i am busy. I envy them for their free time. My brother has been seeing his GF each day for weeks now. Colleagues from HS are complaining that we dont go out a lot more but i am tried and busy man. I have to admit i am getting bored at work. It was nicer when i would stay half day at university and work afterwards. I am bored of work man. I dont want to admit this very often but yeah.... i
  11. Hei I dont think i wrote about this in May i volunteer one weekend to help at university in order to compensate for some skipped classes. I met two girls, second year Horticulture. One of them didnt seem much and didnt caught my eye at first. Her BF should up to the event as well. I searched her online and to my surprise she is finishing her 4th year of Law, her family is rich and she has a nice relationship with her BF. I talked to her some more and i was getting these vibes, the ones my ex had. Of being super motivated and wanted to be with them to get some of that drive. But i also felt resentful. I want to have some of her skills and so on. I admired her. I checked her on social media and her accounts inspired me to take care of myself more, to be more confident and so on. Today i noticed she had even less pics and all her pics with her BF are gone. Wow. Just like that. Is done. They even lived together. Wow. The other girl was nice but i didnt ask her out unfortunately. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My siblings just came from a vacation. They spent a few days at the beach. I couldnt go cuz of exams and work. My brother's GF came over. My mom doesnt like her at it is so funny to see her faking it for the sake of my brother. I dont like her at all. Very annoying. I made some fun of her together with my sister. My brother laughed too. I stayed up until 3AM to finished some project and i just couldnt figure out what is going on. I finished it but isnt correct. After that i studied a little for an exam i had today. I got a 5, just because i didnt study much. I wasnt even supposed to take it but i passed the test yesterday. Talked to some girl from uni some more. She is from my class. I dont know what to say about her. Talked some more with some ppl from HS as well. I went to eat with my friend from uni after the exam. I didnt eat with him in quite some time and not even by myself. I really enjoyed it. Didnt work much after i came home. Just kept falling asleep. All that talk to take things seriously went to crap. I am looking forward to take those pics next week. I am really excited and also anxious. I also need to clean my room. Is a fucking mess.
  12. Hey there! Went to work full time most of the time this week. I got tired and bored sitting at the desk all the time. On Tuesday i had a meeting with my boss to discuss my situation. He asked me where am i cuz he wants to speak while i was preparing for the test. This made me ultra stressed. Surprisingly he asked me if i want to quit or work harder and stay for longer at the agency. I thought he will kick me out. He complained about my lack of knowledge and mediocre skills. He is right. I am a shit employee. I wanted to say i quit but i want the money. If he kick me out next month that's it. Otherwise i will stay until the begging of 4th year at uni. Had another audit to do yesterday. Finished that crap by midnight. I was soooo tired man. Had to wake up to work at uni. I barely moved myself to leave the house. Horrible. Had that test i failed twice on Tuesday. I passed. Nice. Have an exam tomorrow now. I have 3 exams left and 2 projects to finish. I need to force myself man. What else? I scheduled 2 photoshoots for next week. Finally. Decided to not spent my scholarship this month as well on crypto. I earned all those money last year and for what? What was the point if i didnt make any improvement in dating? Money wasted that is.... I also realized i am not as smart as other ppl are. Takes me too long to understands what is going in an account and even longer to peace together info to write about it. Same for learning new stuff. I am struggling to learn easily at uni and work like my friend from uni does. He can remember all this stuff even if he barely pays attention. I envy that. I am lazy at the core. I like to do nothing all day but this frustrates me in the same time. I want to be lazy but not to have a shit life. Wtf?
  13. Hey I am still struggling with one of those projects. I should have made it weeks ago since it takes me so much time to understand it. I still have left 2 more steps in order to get a 5. I messaged some colleagues to help me. One of them made me really annoyed and the other i was worrying she wont respond to me anymore because is weekend. A few weeks ago i deleted all ppl from my blocked list on FB. Some ppl there didnt even make sense to be blocked. Now, it seems stupid, since i can just unfriend them. Didnt have to make a new FB account 3 years ago to change myself. But it was really hard for me to change myself and still is. I am removing layers others didnt bother with. But i am doing it somehow. Today, i was taking a break and deleted the whole list of blocked ppl from instagram. This list was even more nonsense. I blocked my flatmate from NL and many ppl from the college in NL. But why? Doesnt even make sense. I cant remember why. Also, i had ppl from high school and my ex which i deleted and blocked this year. It felt all so stupid man. What was the point of this blocking if what happened in high school isnt an excuse to stop me from growing now. It took me a looooooong time to learn this man. Unfortunately, i checked ex on FB and insta again. It felt so stupid afterwards. I feel down, more than before for not being more motivated, better etc. This made me get super busy and stressed last summer. It was fucking stupid man. Is all my fault i didnt ask more girls out. Some things changed since last year but not as many as i wanted cuz i didnt work on them. Simple as that. Blah blah i want to forget i checked her right now. Made me say again i need to get more pics taken. What came out of this? I felt i overreacted about making a new fb blocking everyone from High school. Especially, that i am friends with them now. They want to hang out and i dont even have them as friends on FB and Insta? Ridiculous, i was hiding from them. So, i sent them friend and follow requests. It was time to make some things right. Again, with it didnt take me so long. What if some ppl i didnt like in high school send me friend requests? I just dont accept them. Simple as that. Man, is just ridiculous i made a new FB account 3 years ago just cuz i was afraid of their opinion of me. But i needed that back then. What else? Wish i was more productive over the last couple of years. Sure this job helps and what i did last year but i want more. Lack of vision is to blame. I love to be comfortable. Spent the weeks before this busy period by watching a lot of tv series.
  14. Hey Last night i checked my email and saw that my superviser did the audit himself for the other client. He didnt wait after me anymore. I could have never made it as good as he did. Woke up at 8 and finished that audit. Sent it too my superviser to be checked and he said is acceptable and that i can send it. I was done before noon. Then, my boss messaged me to do another audit. Lol. I stressed so much with these last ones man. Last thing i wanted to be honest. I will loose another 2 days. I have to retake a test and finish 2 projects man. Pfff. I started one of these projects, doing it feels nothing like making an audit. It wasnt that hard after all. Just need to pay attention and time. I spent last weekend studying for that test and now i dont have that time anymore. I still failed. With all this stress i am still feeling sick and i caught a cold.
  15. Hey man On Wednesday woke up to do weeding for 2 missed labs and also paid them. $10 each. Boss messaged me. I knew i need to leave asap. When i arrived at work i got 2 audits to do. The shit show started. Took me 6 hours and didnt even finish the 1st one. My superviser told me how easy it is to do one in 1 hour. He told me all my drafts are garbage and my grammar is horrible. He told on me to my boss and the shit hit the fan. I told them both that i am doing my best to do it right but they are thinking i am not putting enough work into it, that i dont care and so on. They said they dont see me doing my best but i dont know what to do anymore. I am really stupid. Thats my conclusion. All those months i did anything but worked are coming back at me full force. Like it was 6 months ago. Not much have changed. Hope he will kick me out and i will be able to focus on uni. I didnt even go to a test the other day cuz i was working on that audit. Shiiiiiiit man. I got my examples from some audits a colleague did and was praised for them. But when i used her phrases it wasnt good enough. I even copy pasted everything my superviser told me and he got upset. I just want to finish that crap. I am not understanding myself many things about shopping ads - let alone explain to someone else. I looked at that data and i am just confused. On Wed i worked until 22, woke up today and worked some more and some more and still dont have them done. My boss said i disappointed him. My friend from uni just laughed about all of this. He said they want to kick me out and shit and to enjoy my youth. I feel bad cuz is all my fault. I didnt put 100% in this job and now i suck. He told me is stupid to be so stressed so young. He is right. I dont even have kids and another million problems and i still complain? I told my boss again i am working as fast as i can and he said that's not fast enough and we will speak monday. Good. Fire me and let me be stupid. I have a headache again from so much stupid work. Man, should have got some part time job and finished this stupid university. One thing at a time. Shit, could have got a job at university man. I had to present 2 projects and those are my last worry man. I am so stressed and i just want to sleep and forget about this shit. My family just made fun of me for being stressed with work. Pff. They are all chilling man. I am the only one stressing my shit. I want to just do nothing but i am 23 already. I need to do smth with my life man. My sister wants to propose to her BF. I was surprised. My father didnt approve. My brother looked like he thought that is his turn as well to propose. I hope not. His gf is crap. My sister wants to propose him next month in a trip where she wants everyone to be there. I will got 1 day cuz i have exams and work. They are annoyed i am busy all the time. They are all day with their S.O.