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  1. He said he is going to make a better articulated version. Might wanna keep track of that, should be interesting.
  2. Im interested in taking a gap year after highschool to figure out what I want to do. I will be graduating this year and I started the Life Purpose course. I would like to use it to develop myself, explore, travel, figure out my life purpose, college or no college, and such. What advice do you guys have? How do I make the most of it?
  3. Hello, so ive been suffering from mild anxiety at night which usually starts very early in the morning. Around 2 to 4am, and usually i am woken up by it right before sunrise or i have to get up to pee at that time. Its really been frustrating me because I loose a lot of sleep from it and I value my sleep a lot. I usually have fearful thoughts about my next day while laying in bed and thoughts about not being able to fall asleep. Im in school so thinking about my social life and school work keeps me up. I also started dating this girl, and I feel that thoughts about this keep me up too. Im trying to relax and let go of these thoughts as I realize it doesnt help to continue them, but i usually get caught up in them anyways. Ive also talked to my dad about this and both him and my grandfather have this same anxiety issue at night. I wrote down my fears when not being able to fall back asleep, this is what they are generally like: -I wont be able to sleep again before sunrise -Im not going to be able to be myself without good sleep and i wont be able to enjoy my day -Too many stressful thoughts -Im resentful of this situation now -The rest is me stressing out about my day ahead and my mind keeping me awake How do I release these fears at night, so that i can get some good rest? Any tips or advice? Thanks
  4. Im not very advanced with spirituality either, but I have a video of Leo's I would recommend if you want to start somewhere with self-love and healing. Its helped me to heal pain and I strongly recommend doing the guided exercise 8 minutes in. It might be hard starting the exercise but please give it patience. Hope this helps.
  5. @Zigzag Idiot I think so, I can feel sort of bad about myself for not working on the goals I set for myself. I definitely dont like it when I lose my motivation to do work on my own things. I think I unconsciously place my sense of self-worth on what Ive been able to accomplish in a day. @Waken That seems about right, I think I do try to distract myself with things. If I have too much free time I end up not knowing what to do with myself often. @Nahm Thank you for your post . Also what exactly do you mean by the goodness of feeling sought?
  6. @ted73104 Im not too sure, I just dont feel like doing much sometimes. Like things loose their value to me for a bit. It could be due to losing sleep, I usually struggle due to my mind running at night. Ill have to journal about it. Sometimes I feel directionless so im taking the LP course to create that direction in life. I do have a few friends that I could talk to about. Atleast one of them is able to relate in some way.
  7. Im not sure where to start, but i have this reoccurring feeling of emptiness that comes and goes throughout the week. Its been going on for the past 4 months or so, its currently been summer off of highschool. I feel like I lose my motivation to do anything and I almost feel trapped by it. The feeling might stay with me for half a day or longer in which i feel empty myself and feel that everything else in my life is empty as well. Some other things that could possibly describe it are boredom, unfulfillment, disengagement. I can't really tell why it comes up. I can feel bad about loosing my motivation and not doing anything useful. This feeling, I cant live with it anymore, like I am trapped by myself. Sometimes I feel afraid and uncertain. Ive been spending a lot of time at home alone since Covid days. It usually feels worst when I am home alone for long periods of time. I also think my sleep is connected to it as well. At night my thoughts can run and keep me up, making me tired and deeping this feeling the next day. And I feel like ive been withdrawing from my friends. Its only when this feeling has been lifted then do i feel like doing something. Only afterwards will i feel ready and energized to work on the LP course, hangout, do projects, and other things. I want to create and aspire to my own visions for my life. The nights are mostly safe, I dont know why, but I usually feel fine during the nights. I notice less feelings of emptiness and I can allow myself to relax. Anyone else have a similar experience with emptiness? Any advice?
  8. @Reciprocality Going to have to contemplate and reread this. Ill see how this applies in my own experience. Big thanks for taking the time to write it!
  9. I had this dream that pointed out a fear that has been holding me back from my Zone of Genius (or from doing my own sort of creative work, its a concept from the book The Big Leap). The dream consisted of me working alongside Leo on to create new content for the channel or something close to that. It was going to be a big job to take on, and i was looking forward to it. Later on dream Leo called me on the phone and said something along the lines of "You wont be working for me anymore. You just think you arent smart enough, you havent broken that limiting belief yet." Im sure ive noticed this problem before, but the dream helped me become more clear about it. Simply put i had been afraid of living in my Zone of Genius due to fearing not being intelligent enough for it. This is nice because I feel more aware and less gripped by the fear. But what do you guys do about your Upper Limit problems? How does one work on them? I know part of finding what you want to do includes working on your own obstacles. Any other tips on moving into the Zone of Genius/Life Purpose? Thanks
  10. Yes i think it could be stress. Ive got finals and testing coming up for school and Im really trying to improve my sleep now.
  11. Ive been struggling with this problem for the past week where I wake up a couple hours before I should and have to pee. After I lay back down I only half fall asleep and struggle to rest fully. I have to watch the sun rise while I try to fall back asleep. Ive tried eye cover but it hasn't really helped. This makes me really anxious when I have to deal with it and I feel tired all day now. Its also making me really anxious before I go to bed at night, I feel the need that I have to pee before going to bed. Ive tried not drinking anything 3 hours before bed but no luck. Im on a consistent sleep schedule and I fall asleep quickly at night the first time. Im just wondering what I should do about the morning problem. Any help?
  12. Wow very cool! Thanks for sharing your story. Where would you say you're at now?
  13. I used to game until very late at night and be tired all day during middle school. I would always regret it the next day. I wasn't in any clubs or sports either which made things worse. I didnt eat well or excersize and all this meant my energy would be drained. I made some friends but they weren't always the best. I remember i finally signed up for track at the end of 8th grade. I thought it sounded fun so I gave it a try. I felt quite uncomfortable and out of place being in a sport after all those years of not doing anything. I didn't know anyone on the team and felt lonely, but eventually I made a few friends at a track meet. I signed up for Cross Country and slowly started started to make a few friends there too. The change was gradual as I worked on my sleep schedule and health. Looking back i just didn't have the energy to feel like going out to do something. Now I have a friend group and we go out places and I got a job that requires me to work with others. I felt out of place at my work at first, but eventually made friends. Signing up for the things im interested in helped me meet other people. I guess you shouldn't expect it to feel natural at first, but gaining social skills will come eventually. I also learned to stop judging myself as much as I used to and stopped judging others as much. It really helped with my mental health. I learned to accept myself and still grow at the same time.
  14. Wow that's very interesting! I've watched some videos about the Burning Man. I plan on traveling to place with a new culture next year for the first time, cant wait.
  15. I am currently learning about Spiral Dynamics. I think its a very interesting model and I'm trying to understand it better. I guess this post could be a good learning opportunity to do so. So, I'm curious about what made you move out of center Stage Orange, if you have. What lessons did you learn from Orange? What made you move up the spiral? What new lessons did you learn as you moved towards more green? What lessons from stage orange do you still use?