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  1. You can't not want friends and at the same time want a girlfriend, it's a view of the mind that has no virtual reality. Possibly you are dystimic or something like that, you don't want to see relationships in general but tell yourself that you would like to have a girlfriend so you can ruminate and enrich your character of "the one who can't have a girlfriend...". It's still bad, stressful energy that makes you crazy in the long run, but people ruminate anyway because it's worse than having no energy at all. (as in depression). It's energetic Junk Food, literally lol.
  2. All conspiracy theories and alternative theories are differents. Attacking alternative theories is just as ego-driven as defending them. I don't know anything about the world, I have no problem thinking that there are pedophile Satanist elites, that September 11 was organized or things like that (i'm not saying that I believe in it, I'm saying that it's entirely possible), there are simply very twisted people so yes it can exist, everything is on a case by case basis.
  3. I mean tacitly that there is certainly an evolutionary convergence, but maybe I'm wrong yes.
  4. It's rubbish, it's impossible to ask him anything serious (in endocrinology, neurology, pharmaceuticals, etc.) otherwise he systematically replies that he can't help out of professional ethics. I don't want to use totalitarian AI. Gemini > all.
  5. When you do nothing with your life except read and write bullshit on the internet, because you prefer to ruminate and enjoy the (illusory) benefit of filling your allied character as a "victimoflifewhonevergetswhathedoes". The best thing is work, because if your schedule is busy then you don't have time to create such a character. Watch "the goblin" on youtube, this guy is an obese drug addict with a crappy haircut and yet he's not an incel and has friends, because he's well-spoken and confident, in the moment. He's not a weirdo.
  6. They are probably humanoid 🤔
  7. It's a dirty business but the ban just denies its existence and just benefits prostitution networks. We might as well make brothels so that prostitutes can declare their income, guarantee their safety and hygiene... Same story as cannabis in fact.
  8. It's true, opiates are less dangerous than we think, but still. Maybe also that oxy is quite easy to metabolize. I once tried 200mg of tramadol (for science ) and vomited 6 times during the day.
  9. I like to see karma according to Lacanian psychoanalytic metaphysics: -Consciousness is a camera that observes itself in the form of a holey surface. -Every helplessness is a hole. -Consciousness in two ways relieves the anxiety of lack. -The death drive: I'm hungry -> I have a hole, I eat -> I fill the hole. Conscious result "yum, I ate well, I'm full" -Narcissism ("Pulsion for life", self-preservation): I am hungry -> I move the camera (the ego) so that the hole becomes flat. (frustration (anxiety) becomes satisfaction in this new system thanks to this sublimation. Conscious result: "I don't eat (because you don't have money, because of anorexia...), I know how to control myself and I want to stay very thin!", "I have a will unlike all these people who don't know how to eat!", "“People are stupid to spend so much money on food rather than saving, people are not serious!” etcetc. So to return to our famous Austrian painter, most certainly negative experiences, particularly during early childhood (where he was most sensitive) pushed him to defend his ego by creating wacky mental imagery but which worked to sublimate his libido in the sense of a certain satisfaction. The refusal to shake up his identifications ended up transforming him into a drug addict, now branded as one of the worst dictators in history. As sadghuru would say, Hitler is nothing really special, he's just a crook like any other who was more effective and was in the right place at the right time.
  10. Apart from reducing your gray matter and the entire hormonal cascade, perhaps. Certainly not. Even if you take a lot of modafinil and it looks like an average dose of amphetamine, well a molecule with a much stronger affinity (whether SERT/DAT/NERT agonism or directly a receptor of any monoamine) will cause much less oxidative damage and side effects than another molecule in greater quantity but with lower affinity. Dito for antagonism. I owe part of my intelligence to “mental oververbalization” and this may be partly due to a hidden anxiety that CBD (and other cannabinoids, terpenes etc.) calms, idk. Sometimes I'm calmer and I feel stupider because my mental flow is more moderate, but if I have fun doing mental calculations in my head well I'm just as good if not more efficient than habit, same for IQ tests. Btw any anxiolytiques makes me feel a bit more "stupid", including antihistamines, alpha blockers... Cool if it works for you.
  11. What does “love yourself” mean? Do you look in the mirror while caressing yourself, or on the contrary while bathing? I don't understand.
  12. Men are less anxious and therefore have less ego on average.