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  1. Lmao You forgot to put this music at the end of the post.
  2. You explained that a woman's body does not excite you that much and that you are above all interested in proof that you manage to give her pleasure and that you are important. It is literally narcissism and yes it is within this energy that authoritarianism takes root. Whether it's conservative or progressive authoritarianism, it doesn't matter, taking pleasure in being seen as one who "does well" is the direct projection of this sexuality.
  3. It's at the biological level, you can be as green as you want if your endocrine profile is ok you will fantasize about a woman's body like a child likes to play with some toy. You do and think what you want but it seems quite obviously a problem for your well being if your ability to be exiting depends on some form of servitude to the point where it totally eclipses your ability to take advantage of women as an object of satisfaction in itself. I asked for your diet because a diet high in certain immunogenic fibers, starches, or proteins or with opioid moieties, can cronically send your serotonin (and prolactin) through the roof and sharply lower dopamine if you're sensitive enough. . I remember when I was vegan, I had a lot of gas, bad concentration, and especially aggressive behavior and typical ADHD, I liked to be sexually submissive if I abused porn and even when abstinence I I often fantasized about things that included a "diminishment to..." dimension, I instinctively fantasized about ugly or Asian women because I imagined that it was easier for them to have fun with them. Me. On the contrary, when I did a carnivorous diet, then rather "ray peat style", I became much more stable and focused on work, but above all, I had one erection per day (very strong) and for the first time I instinctively took quality porn videos with very pretty girls. Just my two cents.
  4. "Conservative" literally means nothing. The majority of conservatives are in fact liberals who see LGBT organizing as a mixture of symbols, codes and above all as a lobby, as a potential threat of alienation for children. There are also authoritarian tendencies, how to force football players to put up signs of support for LGBT people, etc.
  5. Are there people on this forum who are still aware that Spiral Dynamics is an arbitrary sociological concept, not a universal truth?
  6. What you are essentially explaining, without watering down, is that your ability to be sexually excited has become overly dependent on narcissistic drive. It's a sign of excess serotonin/cortisol, not an evolution of consciousness, and it's actually the breeding ground (on a collective scale) for authoritarianism. What is your diet?
  7. I must have written it somewhere already, but it seems to be a strong progestogen and anti-androgen.
  8. The photo was already censored at the face level, for some reason.
  9. I mean I literally can't click "Submit vote" if I don't choose an "as a female" option. Too much for you? I obviously censored the image, lol.
  10. We always have what we want. I regularly play at being childish and argumentative, and I have a lot of fun. But I sometimes get hostile reactions and that's normal, that's the rule of the game. Your reaction isn't stupid, you're just sending me back a fragment of the energy I send myself, it's a mechanical process. Incidentally, even if I made the mistake of making a remark and breaking my word, I had in fact regretted having hijacked this topic and I had explained in a post, a few days ago, that I no longer wanted answer on this topic precisely because of the hijacking. I have my own topics where I can work at my pleasure, and it will be exclusively like that in the future, do not interact with me on some of my topics if it annoys you. But maybe you will, because it's fun to get annoyed, it's love, lol.
  11. Your poll requires you to vote on both sides, in doubt I put "other" in the part for women. Otherwise yes the ass excites me less and a small ass is actually easier to fuck. A c cup is above all to be able to lick them and take them in hand when the girl is in cowgirl. A little fat is good too, a little overweight girl is better than a skinny one. Btw for a girlfriend, a thin ugly but nice/pleasant and relatively still better than a turkey that will break my balls, of course
  13. For me, pornography becomes weird or even disgusting under psychedelics, including afrodissiac (2cb, MDMA). It is a serotonin (feminine) energy, where by the way it is quite difficult to get an erection due to vasoconstriction. I have a study where mices were exposed to a product that totally blocked the synthesis of serotonin from tryptophan, the mices became hypersexual and bisexual, even tried to sleep with other species of animals, lol.