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  1. It depends on the latitude you are located and time of the year. There is an app called dminder that can help you decipher this for your specific circumstances. Have you tried supplementing lactase to improve digestion? If so and that was to no avail, I would say the next step depends on the context of your entire diet. Without dairy, you need to be especially mindful you have high quality/bioavailable sources of, most notably, protein, iodine, calcium, vitamin A, and fat (i.e., low PUFA). Eating more whole eggs will help tremendously, but I'd need to know what else you are eating to know how best to compliment what you're already doing.
  2. Yes. Try to time your exposure around solar noon to maximize the ratio of UVB to UVA that you are being exposed to (the former will confer the benefits you seek, namely vitamin D and cholesterol sulfate synthesis, while the latter more greatly potentiates photoaging) which will minimize the total exposure time required to reap the rewards.
  3. Nutrient deficiencies develop over a period of months/years and can rear their ugly head in a moment. I would be curious to see what the comprehensive overview reveals, and then go from there.
  4. Bingo. See reality as it is, and not through the illusion you wish it were, while moreover embracing a proper understanding of social dynamics without becoming cynical.
  5. Yeah, Syrian Rue tea is extremely unpleasant, I remember using 3-4g pre DMT flight to achieve what has been dubbed "Vaporhuasca" which effectively prolongs the otherwise notoriously short (~7-8 minute) time in hyperspace when vaporizing the freebase. It's nice to know there are more palatable options available, I wish I had explored this further.
  6. In order to optimize sexual performance in real life (i.e., erection quality) the optimal weekly view duration of porn expressed as a percent, rounded to the nearest whole number, is 0%. I have a high libido and, as such, the advice I would offer myself and others in a similar position, is the following: Ideally, absent the opportunity to be intimate with someone else, you would either abstain altogether or use your imagination while masturbating, visualizing yourself performing the act. Often times I will simply recall sexual memories of mine that I am particularly fond of. The goal (speaking merely for myself) was always to make memories, not fap to fantasies (these are inversely proportional, i.e., as the former increases, the latter will decrease until it reaches zero).
  7. 100%. Confidence is a master key to myriad doors which gatekeep many favorable experiences a man can have assuming he gains entry.
  8. The belief itself has absolutely zero bearing unless it actually deters one from doing it in the first place. Unless I'm speaking or chewing, I'm mewing, but my initial motivation was purely to improve my breathing, and fortunately now it's something I just do unconsciously competently. 100%, this is the take home message that I believe everyone should leave with.
  9. They have 2x the antioxidants of cultivated blueberries. I was born and raised in the state of Maine which produces something crazy like 99% of the blueberries in the U.S. If you ever get a chance to eat Wyman's wild blueberries, you will be sold haha. Eating foods that greatly enhance your antioxidant status such as wild blueberries is the #1 actionable step you can take to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Unparalleled antioxidants which have been shown to not only prevent the progression of, but actually reverse plaque build up in arteries (PMID: 15158307). It is the #1 health hack that I universally recommend to folks.
  10. For overall health/wellness: 1. Pomegranates (or 100% juice) 2. Blueberries (ideally wild) 3. Currants 4. Cranberries 5. Sweet Potatoes
  11. I still maintain that you are severely B12 deficient regardless of what your labs say (i.e., the fact that you are within the "normal" reference range). Once you hit a four digit B12 level (i.e., 1000 pg/mL) come back and describe your new life experience. Until and only then would I wish to revisit the drawing board. For now, you have a gameplan my friend, you just need to execute. B12 deficiencies take years to manifest, and months to mend, possibly less if your doctor would actually sign off on you getting an intramuscular shot.
  12. Do you have specific numbers you could share? Given this, I would be most concerned about your free testosterone. Unfortunately, what constitutes "normal" is a derivative of population-based data built around a Bell curve with a 95% confidence interval. This doesn't necessarily translate to what would make you specifically, feel normal, or better yet, optimal.
  13. It's great man, and I love aesthetics too. I don't want to burst your bubble, but mewing honestly won't improve your jawline if you are beyond adolescence. That said, hopefully I can still convince you to do it nevertheless. Here's my take on it: mewing is nothing more than the correct tongue posture, and if you're not already doing it, then absolutely learn/practice until you become unconsciously competent. The #1 benefit to mewing is actually that it will prevent your tongue from collapsing your airway while you sleep, preventing sleep apnea which is arguably the most insidious health condition humans are currently contending with. It also greatly promotes nasal breathing.
  14. Potassium and phosphorus do not cauterize. This is demonstrably false. Calves fed pasteurized milk do not die prematurely. Honestly my friend, the majority of these claims are not well-founded and most closely resemble lunacy in my estimation. That said, I do appreciate your take home message of defaulting to more ancestral ways and I'd like to echo that, while encouraging folks to also embrace and integrate the best of modernity (i.e., pasteurization, low temperature pressure cooking, water distillation, refrigeration, zinc-based sunscreens, polarized UV400 sunglasses, spot supplementation such as chelated magnesium, etc.) and to realize that you can actually leverage such to experience better health than would have been possible at any point in recorded human history.
  15. Just ran the numbers, yes this checks out. The drop is not as drastic as I had assumed. A FFMI north of 25 is very impressive in my book, 28 (as a natural) is absolute top shelf, elite genetic superiority. Girls appreciate a developed male physique, but the concern in my estimation are the health-compromising and ego-driven lengths that guys will go to in order to achieve and supersede such, i.e., steroids, neurotic behavioral patterns in terms of training and nutrition, etc. It ends up devolving into a cock measuring contest and at some point you are in fact only impressing other guys. Confidence is the king at the end of the day, and one does not need an impressive physique to solidify that, albeit I do still believe the pursuit of building a "better" body offers immense carryover value into other areas of life.