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  1. Yeah, at the end, the one thing to be sure of, is that reality is unbelievably weird. The more I learn about different stuff (i.e psychodelics, quantum mechanics, enlightenment, siddhis... and of course science) the more I realize that I dont know shit about anything. I try to become more an more open minded while still remaining a skeptic in some way. I think you are quite similar to that. I am a MD, so I know what you are talking about the concern that "enlightenment" strips away certain aspects of life or science. I had the same concerns for my field of expertise but that fear is baseless.
  2. Look my friend I havent had any enlightenment experience in my life so far and I am currently not navigating into that direction either. Yet there is undoubtably "something" that people like Leo or the mystics experience on a regular basis which changes the whole game for them. This is my starting point and this should be yours too. If you really want to know what the fuck they are talking about, take their advice and try it out. If you really want answers as bad as air to breathe, then go find them for yourself, using their blueprint. There is no way around this. I realized long time ago that fundamental discussion with people on this forum are not very fruitful. This is not the right place for discussion and in my mind there are 2 possible reasons for this: 1. They know/experience something you dont and you should show some humility towards the seemingly ungraspable nature of reality. 2. They are all deluded fucks and all this is bullshit. Stop challenging their world-view, trust me. You wont get the intellectual discussion you are waiting for. You need to find it out for yourself, that is the only way you will get a satisfying answer.
  3. You, my friend, need to get your life in order before doing more of the deeper stuff. This sounds like real depression to me and this forum is definitely not the right place to treat that. There seem to be a lot of unmet needs in your life like basic friendship, realatioship, sex etc. - so in my opinion, those are things you have to solve first. I was at a similar point once. Go visit a psychotherapist/psychoanalys if you are not already doing that. If needed, you can take an antidepressive drug to get over this depressive episode. A lot of people, especially on this forum, will tell you SSRI's are bullshit and maybe you have this opinion too but this is such an one-sided view of that matter and ignores all the good things it can do for people. Get better, wish you all the best!
  4. Found this video couple of years ago and always thought its fake. Yet the more I got into actualized.org and some of the stuff Dean Raddin is talking about, the more I am aware that I know nothing Looks incredible to me:
  5. I know those LMS videos. They are the direct correlate to all the "You can get any woman you want and looks dont matter" bs on the other side of the spectrum. Its way too narrow minded and superficial for a huge topic like attraction. The truth lies somewhere between those extreme point of views and there is really not more to say about this because anyone with an ounce of rational thinking knows the difference.
  6. Is it really that easy though to say "good" or "bad" doest exist? At least if you take a contextional approach: I mean clearly, if you become higher conciousness you extend your views on serverel issues and see them from angles you have never been before. Even if in the end, everything is a unity, there are still value propositions along the way. Non-suffering is better than suffering. Not killing someone is better than murder. Pollution is worse than a clean world. Tribal warfare is stupid. The higher you get up the spiral, the wider your conciousness becomes, the more "bad" things you are able to see. If we dont have any compass at all, there would be chaos. Maybe I am wrong though - this is a new territory for me!
  7. Found this video to be quite interesting and non dogmatic!
  8. The notion I get from someone who is "always positive" is a person who has completely lost touch with reality. I mean what does it even mean to be always positive? Is it standing at your parents grave with a smile on your face, trying to get something good out of the death of a loved one? What about a doctor who has to tell a mother that her son didnt make it? Negative emotions are part of life in my opinion and resisting them is the wrong way. I cant speak for enlightened people though since I have no clue what this would mean for someone like that. I am talking about 99,99% of the people with such attitude, who try to hide behind this fassade because of some dragon lurking in the depths. Of course, this is not everyone - there are a lot of people who are just very positive without any hidden demons - but it comes from somewhere else. The same goes for always neagtive people of course.
  9. Just came across this video and found it to be pretty shareable! In my opinion this is what healthy orange looks like. I also believe that this guy has some amount of yellow in him. A lot of people will disagree with this, but there is clearly some notion of stage-awareness in the way he talks. Nevertheless, its a great video if you feel stuck. What do you guys think?
  10. Yes, I do! Political decisions are going to affect my life, even if I dont want them to. I spend about 10 minutes a day browsing through my news-app on my cellphone - thats more than enough time to get a picture of whats going on. Its true that too much of that can potentially fuck you up but I believe that if you are mindful and open minded enough, this shouldnt happen.
  11. Whats your opinion on all the "woo-woo" you can find in the spiritual enviroment? Did your rational mind ever had problems with this?
  12. If you cant relate to the masses, you will never be a leader. As I got into this whole personal developement stuff some years ago, I fell into the same hole. I ditched my friends, gave up on "low conciousness" activitives and focused on the "important work". Yet what happened was that I ultimately became very, very sad. I ditched people I actually liked as friends, great people - who were just not interested into the same stuff or journey. I actually looked down at those guys, not realizing that I was just harming myself with this kind of behaviour. So finally I came to this point where I didnt know what to believe anymore - On the one side I missed all my old friends and the activities, on the other side the thinker of this thoughts doesnt exist - so what now? I followed my heart and got back on the right tracks: Returning to my old social circle, doing the personal developement work in private and adding its fruits to my day to day life. I balanced my life out and this is what personally makes me the happiest
  13. If you really want to become an alpha male you first have to get your "inner game" fixed! You cant "fake" being alpha by just working, on your vocal tonality before developing some basic core traits! Core confidence, high self esteem and entitlement are the fundament of every alpha male. Most people, especially if you had some bad reference experiences in your childhood or teenage years, have problems with this basic principles - so this is what you should focus on first before going further in the process. IF you think you are the shit and go through life with this feeling that nothing can stop you, a lot of what people perceive as alpha will ensue. Your body language will be better, your expressivness will be different - people in general will react differently to you. Of coruse this is not the whole deal and there is a lot to work on afterwards - but this is the core and fixing this is inevitable. After that you can go further and work on everything else mentioned in this thread.
  14. Think for yourself Are you interested in politics? See, maybe you are - but now the opinions of some guys here in this forum influence you in a way that contradicts with your field of interest. The political systems we live under today are quite flawed and for the most part very corrupt. But guess what, this is an issue that cant be answered with a black or white point of view. Ultimately its never the system that is flawed, its always fault of the human beings behind the curtain. Living an actualized and mindful life doesnt mean you shouldnt vote. It doesnt mean you cant read the newspaper. It doesnt mean that you cant have a favourite political party. It doesnt mean to sit in the corner avoiding every "low conciousness"-activity - thats bullshit! If you say that, you have not understood what this is about. Its about going through life while being aware of all the fallacies, obstacles, mindsets, believes, paradigms that hold people back at their low level of conciousness, happyness, actualization - finally their general life, so that you dont fall into the same trap and follow the same dogma. Here lies the problem with going too much into politics in my opinion - the refugee crisis in Europe is a great example of this and a great case to study human behaviour and the effects of political ideologies or the ego. Finally, if you feel the urge to get involved into political activities, then do it! If this was just a general question, then NO - you dont have to give a single shit about the political world. Personally, I try to retain a small window of knowledge about the current situation in my country and the world. Its quite interesting in my opinion and you cant deny that big political decisions have definitely influence over your life too. When I talk about it with my friends I also try to open up their believes by giving them other perspectives or arguments that maybe changes their point of view to a less dogmatic one.
  15. Hey guys, Charisma is one of the topics that interests me the most when it comes to social dynamics and human psychology. I have read several books about it and I work hard to become more charismatic in my everyday life - its think its just a huge tool to make people feel good around you or adding massive positive value while still getting into the right direction for success and leadership. Its also works wonders with women which is definitely another factor for me why it want to work on this. So my question for you is the following: What are your experiences with charismatic people? Whats are the most important character traits to work on? What is your opinion? Curious for your answers, undeather