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  1. Can confirm those 2. I cut out the natural gas because there are millions of "natural" gases and all of them act differently when inhaled. Gas stove gas or propane is generally safe when not inhaled directly. The rest sounds like outlandish conspiracy bullshit with zero adequate evidence and a lot of bro-science. I am all for integrative medicine and expanding our current medical paradigm but this is just complete nonsense.
  2. Do you see any red flags with the claims he makes Eugene?
  3. If your symptoms become less frequent during movement, then a heart issue is basically off the table. I have seen many young patients with weird chest-aches in my career and in 99,9% of cases, it's nothing serious at all. Mostly musculoskeletal issues (Ribcage or spine) or gastrointestinal stessors. Blood clots in the lung are for the most part not related to heart issues. Its mosly the result of a venous thrombosis in the lower extremities and the risk factors for that are diverse and super, super rare in males your age. There are some cases where it could origin in the heart, but this would show highly prominent in your EKG , which was fine. Again, dont worry about it. Dont freak yourself out, you are fine! You dont have a heart attack. It just doesnt fit your description at all. Yes, they should have tested your blood, thats true. No, you dont have high blood pressure. 140/90 in the ER is completely fine and that's not high enough to cause symptoms. Everyone has a higher value during stressful situations. A normal 120/80 in the ER is super rare. If you feel uncertain about this, buy yourself a cuff from amazon and measure your blood pressure at home, when at rest. Also, again - it doesnt fit your case since your symptoms tend to get better during movement. Also, you are in your mid 20's and even if you blood pressure was elevated - your arteries and heart would propably deal with it just fine for now. PLEASE, when it comes to acute medical questions like these - dont ask this forum. People dont have experience with medicine and they will freak you out even more. This is an issue that has to be dealt with on the ground with a qualified professional. Visit your general practitioner as soon as possible. You should definitely get a checkup, just to be safe. Most of these cases will just get better on their own - thats why they send you home with pain medication. Dont hesitate to call 9/11 if it gets unbearable. PM me if you have further questions Cheers
  4. I recently discovered this amusing fact about the origin of materialism - so keep it in mind for the next you have a discussion about it. In August of 1619, a retreating Habsburg army camped in Ulm, which is a small city in the south of germany. They were retreating from a campaign against Prague, where they had successfully deposed the wintered king and queen - and among this group of several thousand troops was a young french adventurer, a soldier of fortune. There was nothing special about him up to this point, but in the night of august the 12th, a mild and cozy summer night, this young individual went to sleep and had 3 subsequent dreams where an angel appeared to him and said:"Conquest of nature is to be achieved through number and measure". This young man's name was René Descartes, the originator of the cartesian heuristic — one of mechanics, formulae and material. Now, Descartes himself was a substance dualist - but his thought is the foundation of what we call "cartesian materialism" in modern philosophy. It's the idea that at some place (or places) in the brain, there is some set of information that directly corresponds to our conscious experience. It's the idea that is held by most of the mainstream scientists and philosophers in todays world. It's what Daniel Denett or Anil Seith believe in. It's ubiquitous. Now, take all this into account and think about the punchline: Modern science and the materialistic worldview were created at the behest of an engelic entity I guess they wont teach this at our universities....
  5. I am very sorry to hear that, Jake. As a practicing doctor, accompanying patients on their "last" journey is part of my daily business. The dying process itself is not scary, so don't worry. In fact, more often than not, there is a certain peacefullnes about it. Don't hesitate to alleviate certain discomforts or pains through adequate pharmaceuticals. Take care of unfinished business - personal and worldly. Have deep & meaningful conversations with your loved ones before you go. Maybe even take psychodelics if this is what you want. The psychological aspect is the most challenging part by far - but what I can surmise from your post is that you seem like a very centered young guy who made peace with his destiny. Well done, brother! Now, what will happen to "you" afterwards? You will hear a lot of noise and opinions from everyone and their mom, especially here on this forum. I would advice you to ignore them all, including my take. Even if someone would draw up the exact, accurate truth about dying & becoming - how would you know? See the issue? Embrace the mystery to it's fullest and go into it with as much conciousness & courage as possible. It's going to happen in it's own way anyway, no matter what "we" think. That said: You can find solace in the fact that conciousness or "experience" won't end. I think that's clear. It's also factual that God=Love - so it doesn't really matter what the process involves, you will be fine. This is very important - YOU will be fine. Reincarnation seems to be part of this game. So is a sort of between-life experience. If you collect as much data as possible, so everything from reincarnation-studies, near-death experiences, OBEs, psychodelic insights and what have you.. then a picture of some sort of cosmic game with a certain telos emerges from it. It's remarkebly consistent throughout history and between reports. I think this is the closest we can get if we dont want to overly rely on "our own experiences", which is limited. But please, as I mentioned, take this with a grain of salt.
  6. This. It's astonishing to me how Harvard professors like Sinclair are somehow not able to reliably integrate the available data in some form of bayesian risk/reward-model. If we have learned anything from our medical history, then it's that in-vitro/in-vivo studies or mechanistical arguments are for the most part highly unreliable, if not dangerous. Many great failures of once highly praised pharmaceutical interventions were rooted in recommendations based on weak evidence and terrible sensemaking - we have fed millions upon millions of patients with drugs, which at the end didn't really show any significant improvement inmortality, while causing deliberating side effects left and right. NMN could be promising. I will remain agnostic towards it. However, from all the evidence that is available at the moment - one shouldn't come to any conclusion. I would never recommend this agent for anyone - just wait 5 more years for larger trials and actual human data to come out.
  7. I know myself pretty well. In fact, my nature is one of being extremely introspective, almost painfully so. You have no idea how much experiences I have gathered in my life, you dont know me at all. I just disagree with your whole premise and I layed out the argument in my previous post. By saying that "I just need more experience" you are begging the question, which is when you use the point you're trying to prove as an argument to prove that very same point. Rather than proving the conclusion is true, it assumes it. That's a bias. Again, there is a core of truth in what you say - but you seem to be quiet an absolutist:"If you understand yourself, you can understand other peopel". I would meet you when you would change it to "It's easier to understand other people if you understand yourself". The rape victim analogy is also very partial. There is well known phenomenon in psychologoy that some rape victims actually enjoyed it, which can make the healing process even more difficult. Do you see the issues of absolute relateability and emotional grief in that example? Yes, Socrates did say it and I never said otherwise. Many greek philosophers used this phrase. I said it ORIGINATED from the Oracle of Delphi and the context you used it for was not Socratian in nature.
  8. "Character flaw" - lol. I think your heuristic around "becoming wise" is a bit off. Reeves is full of bias and it's painfully obvious once you have a real conversation with him. He is not interested in truth. He is interested in getting people to agree with his paradigm, that's all. There is no humility in him. Even if you come up with a really good counter-argument, he wont give you an INCH if it contradicts his worldview. I remember a certain individual getting banned from his deathproof-forum because he disagreed with TJ on a core subject . But then, instead of being aloof about it, he made a 90 minute long video SHITTING on that guy in the worst ways possible. Calling him names. Calling him an "ugly loser". A "Jewish Rothschild-scum". This was in 2020 and he did the same to Leo. Is that how a wise person would act in your estimation? Sadly he deleted all his youtube-videos some time ago. Because otherwise, I could show you all the double standards, lies and outrageous promises he made in the past - of course non of them became reality: 1) He once claimed he invented a "helmet" that could raise IQ, never delivered anything (even though you could pay a ridicolous sum of money to get into the alpha-phase) 2) He lied about his education 3) His self help course never released ..and so on He is the perfect example of why a large quantity of experiences won't make you wise per se. It's the integration and the contextualisation that matters. TJ scores very low at those and I am afraid that he will never make the jump. He too far gone. As Carl Jung said:"Beware of unearned wisdom" - and I think he hit the nail on it's head there. I would never consider myself wise because that's exactly this self-elevating behaviour which contradicts the premise in it's essence. I try my best to not fall into my flaws and biases and so far, my life has been pretty amazing. Now, he seems to have a fulfilling family life (I am still friends with him on facebook) and that's great. I don't wish him any ill. Maybe he grew up and came back to reality a bit since his daughter was born.
  9. TJ is capable but definitely not wise. I was part of his deathproof-university curriculum couple of years ago. He is a textbook narcissist. Can't handle criticism. Banned everyone who disagreed with him. It was the worst and most unreflected meeting place for EVERY conspiracy theory imaginable. He believed in EVERYTHING. He even split up with his closest ingroup because of some ridicolous argument. I was banned because I questioned his 5G-Covid "proof" - I wasn't even combative, just asking critical questions. This guy is utterly insane - smart, but maniacle. Great case for how far some charisma can bring you in this world. Undeniably conscientious when it came to working hard, but far - FAR from being a person of wisdom.
  10. Yeah..but that's exactly what I said. Read my previous post. You CAN to some extent intuit what a person is like - but it's also pretty unreliable in many cases. A ruthless but charming psychopath will appear extremely likeable/charismatic to most - even though the actual intent might be completely different. No amount of self-knowledge will help you in this case. Just look at Ted Bundy for example - lured his victims with his personality. Dictators are no different. The more I know about somebodies life, the more I can estimate the level of integrity displayed by a certain individual. 5 years ago we renvovated our bathroom and found an offer which was almost to good to be true - we met the guy in charge and there was nothing off about him in general. Seemed like a solid dude with his own artisan-startup - nothing shady, very knowledgeable and straight to the point. Before I signed the contract, I decided to google his name - and it was then when I found out that this guy has been scamming people left and right. He had multiple charges against him and was basically already in prison. Lesson learned: Sometimes you just cant make positive OR negative claims about someone based on the limited information or intuition you are percieving.
  11. Human beings are NOT simple. Thats a gross oversimplification. The brain in vat, acting out calculated expressions of an emergent psyche is a well known but largely disproven hypothesis from oldschool behvaiourism-folks like B.F. Skinner. In fact, one of the main arguments in the last century of psychology-reserach was exactly what you are trying to say here: You can predict how people operate based on a very limiting set of drives/fears and similar factors. It failed spectecularly. Human beings, so it seems, are just way more complex than we thought - if not to say - combinatorially explosive. Now, I am not going to deny that there is a certain element of truth in that. There are definitely patterns which we can kind of intuit and it's directly correlated with the amount of self-knowledge we have gained up to this point. I understand the essence of your point but it's not nearly as reliable as you think it is. FBI negotiators are terrible at predicting human behaviour. This is a well established subject. Despite the popular appeal of body language or vocal queues, no study has uncovered any single behavior that accurately reflects whether a person is for example lying. Again, there is some truth to the negotiator who free's hostages throguh smart arguments - there is psychology which can influence odds, but it's again - just not very successful overall. The phrase “Know thyself” is not originally from Socrates. It is a quote inscribed on the frontispiece of the Temple of Delphi and has very little to do with how other individuals operate. First and firemost it's a process of understanding the self, development of the same and society for the overall benefit of the individual and others. If Socrates was here today, he would use some sort of socratian dialogue to sort out this situation - not some semi-deductive heuristic you are proposing.
  12. There is no doubt in my mind that Tate is or was involved in many shady/unethical business enterprises over the years and there is an appropriate amount of criticism to be dealt there. However, reality is just more nuanced than that and it's quiet astonishing how fast some individuals recoil to their tribalistic, black or whtie tendencies as soon as his name gets mentioned. To be clear, I personally DON'T think that Tate is a valid role model for younger generations. I have criticized him before, his views on women are regressive and his take on mental health is, if not complteley wrong, then highly partial at minimum. The fact is that none of you know him. You dont know his "real" intentions. You just dont. You might think you do, but you dont. If you cant see this, then you need to work on your sensemaking ecology. All you have are clips, some long form podcast episodes and a tiny amount of objectifiable facts. Everything else is filled by your projection and lack of critical thinking/research. Now if you judge him from the limited amount of information we have, then you can't come to either concluson. There is shady shit but also likeable stuff. He could be a dark triad narcissist OR he is just stuck at a certain level of conciousness which he acts out coherently. It's funny to me that Leo, a guy who has to deal with constant misrepresentation all over the internet, cant quiet grasp the scope of the situation. If you comb through all the accusations against Tate in the last months - anything from rape, human trafficking, misoginy or simply being an asshole, then none of them really hold up to scrutiny. It's mostly exaggerated, taken out of context or made up completely. In fact, there are reports of women AND men who have met or even worked for him - and you know what...almost unanimously they paint a picture of a man who acts respectful and generous among his fellow human beings. I get this impression too to be honest - he doesn't seem like a very hateful man. He does not act agressive when challenged. He seems to be a man of integrity. Now let's get to "Hustler's university" - it's cringe to be honest. All those "get rich"-courses kinda are. But is it a scam? I really dont think so. There is content on there and if you are a complete noob at this kind of stuff, then you might get some decent value out of it. 50$ a month for a course is definitely not a scam - I mean just look at all those proclaimed self-help gurusor "coaches" popping up all over the internet right now. 997$ for a course, 300$ for a two hour coaching session, 5000$ for the whole package..... by whom? Mostly nobodies. I cant believe I have to defend Tate - but most discussions about him are just incredibly one sided and that's wrong. Throughout the last week, I silently observed and read through some posts and this forum and reddit - it's just so obvious that both sides, the haters & the fanboys, mostly act from a emotionally hijacked paradigm. He is heavily centered around a stage orange/blue level of conciousness - and if you want to criticise his views, then this is where to meet him.
  13. Mineral sunscreen (zinc oxide/titanium) > chemical sunscreen solutions (which are most) I personally love La Roche Posay Anthelios, although it's a quiet expensive product.
  14. This is an excellent question. Dont' let any anthropologized conception of "dreaming" dictate what is or isn't possible. The notion of dreams inside dreams has been one of the most consistent metaphysical axiom in many of our renownded mystical traditions and teachings. There are no impossibilities in the infinite dream. I think the most integral point of view is that there is SOME cosmic game going on which includes seperation to a certain point of conciousness, reincarnation, between-lifes and a general telos, Of course you can never prove this but there is preliminary data from OBE's, NDE's & reincarnation studies. If you are interested, I can recommend the book "LSD and the Mind of the Universe" to you. It's an ridicolously interesting piece of literature which goes into these question in a honest & smart way.