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  1. @GroovyGuru don't let them go until you find new. You never know what happens. People change and if you let them go because you don't accept them now, maybe later they're gonna suit you better. But keep searching. 😏
  2. @Seed hello girl. Omg, I get what you're saying. It's hard to cope with. You should just work on this to build this desire. Because girl you just can't throw all of this away because of sex. Dont get me wrong, sex is super important and if u both don't have it, it's gonna make u miserable or angry or finally ruin your relationship. I am sure there are a lot of things to do to trigger this desire and to be able to enjoy the moment. But only if you decide to do this. Not because someone told you to and you're afraid of losing the relationship. But do you want me to be super honest? Nobody sacrifices nowadays this kind of relationship which is super healthy and makes u happy in all the other levels other than sex. Make the sex work. It's important for the rest.
  3. I agree. That's what is feeding it It's like the mind obsessing over something. @Kiko If you let it go, only then you'll have the power over its controlling you and its hard.
  4. That's amazing thnk u. ❤️😍
  5. Wow, it's amazing what a single thought can do to you if you give the power to it. But I'm so sorry for these years of suffering. Deep down you know that you have the power in your hands, nobody has to touch you, you're perfectly fine. Let that go and start believing in your own magic 😊
  6. @Kiko first and foremost, lol, how do u know that she doesn't like you? That doesn't say anything in particular.
  7. @Chris365 don't act on these feelings.
  8. You've already done so much! all u need to do now is to appreciate. That's what is lacking only.
  9. @Forrest Adkins omg this mde me sad. Poor men. 😢
  10. You should've already known that you're no different than others. We are all one. Not separate. And the belief that you hold that you're better more aware or awake lol makes it look that you have to reconcile with your lower self. Recognizing it is the first step to freedom.
  11. @Amit Ew grow up now okay? Only the thought that you're better makes you not better. Stop comparing.
  12. @Kiko you're judging and guilting too much. Also stop comparing like you're superior and others inferior. Gain self compassion. Calm down, open your mind and see that only thing that matters is a good soul, not money not status. Also don't fight your ego, reconcile with it. It's not the same. Fighting it will make it worse.
  13. What you need is compassion and love in order to change those behaviors
  14. Dude, I get what you're saying but you know that's not applicable. You always need to sense the separate one even though the highest love is for "yourself"
  15. Why are you breaking up. Seems you don't match. 5 weeks is too little. Still the good phase.