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  1. Yes, that's what I meant,
  2. Yes so what's the question? Everyone is love Everyone deserves to be loved Everyone can't do otherwise but love.
  3. I tried to put it politely but okay, nothings gonna change so bye
  4. Wth? Doesn't mean we don't struggle, we have to accept it if our response is not quite acceptable from everyone.
  5. @Peace and Love Im not sure if Enlightenment really exists and personally I don't even know if that's something achievable or bs. But all I can say is that, okay you ate saying that you keep reminding to yourself what you are, but remember you are infinite, who is making those questions? Is that YOU? No. You can't get rid of the nervous system its there to protect the body, so you are the awareness who sees all that. So imagine if there is a theater and you are just watching you can't judge you can't take part there, you just watch, so that's what you are. If that's true, you are not the body, the person, you are the one who sees all that. So! Everything else is just not you, not these questions or worries etc. So maybe there's not such a thing as Enlightenment, because you are always there, you can't act on something or request or want because you (awareness) doesn't need anything, just exists always and everywhere.
  6. I like the attitude behind this but of course I'll have to disagree, IMO noone can
  7. You just have to look inside and find what is lacking. Withdraw your attention from the person, she is not what you're looking for, the answer is within you NOT OUTSIDE of you.
  8. You are GOD God is within you not outside of you. Remember that.
  9. Start again. That's what I'm doing with my diet. Life taught me I should never give up, all successful people failed and tried a million times. Im gonna do the same because success is THAT, exactly trying and failing over and over until you become perfect and achieve any goal. I wish the best mate!
  10. Your nature is love. So you can't deny it. You have to have it. But first drop the boundaries.
  11. Today was a great day and I experienced freedom. I said FUCK OFF to a person that was an assholes for years, and he came back to please me. That's what some people do. You ditch them, they come back. Today I proved to myself that I am very strong, I can succeed in everything I want and I am very capable of being alone. Plus the walk was so cool, I feel great and I will have a great sleep tonight. So refreshing! I'm thinking on going for walks alone again!
  12. Releasing suppressed emotions. A very good process will make wonders. Keep trying.!
  13. Hello! I think that you should go and risk everything you have! Everything that u r afraid of losing. Your sense of 'dignity', risk it all! Put it under threat. That's how you will eventually grow. So, you have to have these experiences. Especially the bad ones because those will make you struggle and by contemplating those you'll get over this. The fear, the shyness, the sense of 'I am not enough', the insecurities. Everything. If you had a good opinion about yourself, I'd tell okay, don't risk it. But you have to prove yourself wrong, otherwise you won't believe that you are worthy. I may say to you 'oh you are worthy of the best things in life' but you can't do it like this unfortunately. You have to get 🤕 hurt and then you'll have to recover. An easy road doesn't challenge anything. It's all when we lose things, when we earn oh we are totally fine and secure, but what happens when you feel afraid or that your life/freedom/values/security are being threatened.? Then you'll have to do something to get up. I highly recommend to watch this video, now, the title is irrelevant to your subject but he explains everything about how the mind works and its very important. All the thoughts are passing by when you are about to risk it or not, (talk to her or not) are described through these processes. Your nervous system wants you to stay alive and stay safe. It won't risk any bullshit, and the mind from the other hand has these limiting beliefs or illusion that you are not enough or that you have to 'wait' because is not the right time for a relationship, fears and such, watch the video. 😎