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  1. Why tf are u all attractive? Lol It must be the forum's spirit!
  2. @Keyhole oooooo that's amazing pretty smart haha ❤️
  3. Hahaha hahaha love this ❤️❤️
  4. @Keyhole thank you very much! I really mean it, it makes me so happy hearing this and I want to try my best. It means so much to me ❤️I'm so excited to become better at this. @nistake thank uuu You can try! Start your journey! The only con is that it's time consuming but it's very worth the time and effort! Good luck!
  5. I disagree. That happened to me. As I see it, it's nice to communicate and don't lose contact with the person that interests u.
  6. I'm self taught. I searched this whole thread 10 minutes ago and realized I wasn't practicing enough.. Lol this year though with the covd situation I've been back at it. I'm watching drawing videos and they help me much that's what I'm doing. But I also don't dedicate much time for drawing because I'm practicing to be a nail technician and both need time 😉
  7. Οfc 26 weeks ago 10 weeks ago 7 days ago
  8. Thank u preety. ❤️❤️❤️You guys make me wanna create more
  9. Omg thank u ❤️ For sure I'll try to improve 😘
  10. I made this the other day. Trying to improve my skills slowly
  11. Dear preety, I'm sorry, those ppl were not nice, so try to not think twice when that happens. I don't think there's anything you can do, only speak to yourself with nice words reminding yourself that you are beautiful and don't let it affect you in a way that doesn't serve u. When you practice that everything's gonna feel nicer in your heart and nobody could hurt u. Your opinion is the most important for yourself and most needed. No one's else.
  12. Thank u for everything
  13. @Preety_India in fact I don't know anything about him. He claims he lives in my city but I can't prove anything. He only sends me d pics and when he opens the camera he shows only his d. I've made my account private but he saved my nudes from last summer. He is crazy and i don't know anything about him. Every account has a different name and he said he lives in my city but every time different area. He is creepy. I've blocked all his accounts and he makes more. He says he loves me and wants to f me and meet me irl and maybe get in a relationship with me if I like him irl. Lol He annoys the f out of me but it was fun to chat at the beginning. I kept asking him to reveal himself but he always asks for nudes in favor. Anyways. I don't think he can harm me. I always block him. I just think he's crazy. I hope he isn't someone I know at least, because this would freak me out the most.