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  1. Hello hardkill. Wazzup So. The thing is, it's about timing and specific lessons life throws at you in order to grow emotionally. I believe you can actually meet people and maintain relationships and contact though online messages and calls, but it has to be the right person for you. These are not the right people for you trust me so that's why this is happening. You'll find out eventually that you don't give a shit about them unless you speak the same 'language'. We just don't match with some people either in emotional or intellectual level. That's it, you have to accept it and let them go. And keep searching and meeting ppl until you find those who interest you and they are interested in you. Trust me you will find them. Online thing can substitute actual interaction but it's kinda not the same of satisfaction. You don't have the chance to live them fully. My personal experience is that I've met and built super meaningful relationships through the internet and I'm so grateful for that. But you know, different people different lessons. You'll find them when you get your lessons. Until then relax and enjoy the process with ups and downs. Ps. You don't have to be concerned with them not replying to you. They don't deserve your time of course. And most of the time it's not personal. Some people don't enjoy online chats or it brings anxiety to them, I've even heard of that. Some ppl are getting easily distracted or they forget to reply. Each of us is different. I know it sucks,..... Until you find your besties. Good luck.
  2. If I were you, I'd be disgusted, since I am heterosexual as well, I wouldn't let any woman touch me. Ew! Especially this description of a woman. But any woman! Why? Why. You should've slapped her and insult her. Showing her that is not okay. Also I think this thread is also a bit of a troll. Anyway. It was fun reading 😂
  3. 1000% true
  4. Do you mean neither instead of either? Sorry for misunderstanding So you mean none of those are important.
  5. Also this person(1)invited the other one (2)again, this year, after (2) sent a message with happy new year wishes. So again. Same pattern.
  6. So why someone invites you face to face, if not interested?
  7. Ηappy new year MOTHERF**CKERS ❤️❤️❤️😍😍🎉🎉🎉🥂🥂🥂🥂😁😁😁✌️ New decade new year
  8. Ι dont get it really What do u mean
  9. BTW keep describing cock and pussy. It's amazing to read. Lol
  10. I had sex with a guy and no commitment. He wanted commitment but I didn't. It's not rare nowadays. Many girls do. You'll see when you gain experience.
  11. Men want sex. Women want sex. People want sex. Some women want commitment before sex. Some women want sex before commitment. Some women want only sex and no commitment. Some women want commitment only, and if sex happens. Okay. Some men are not having as their main goal to have sex. Some men really want commitment but they do enjoy sex. There are asexual people. They happen to be men as know. Men and women. Asexual. Which means no sex at all People are complicated being. So much more than these oversimplified statements. Let's not put women and men in that position. It's 2020 already. And people are not one thing and only.
  12. So. It's not my story. But I do want you to find out if you get good vibes with the person. So I'm gonna divide it into 2 sections. Good and bad facts. Good facts : 1. Invites you for coffee. You shut it down. 2. Randomly sees you and invites you then you go. And pays for your drinks. 3.Invites you for summer, having future plans with u. 4.just being nice to you. Bad facts. I guess. 1. Slow in responding to the messages. 2. Doesn't call or send voice messages ever. 3. Doesn't talk much in general. It gets boring. Is it a good vibe or a bad vibe from what you read.? Would you say neutral? Happy new years BTW. 2020 is gonna be awesome. 😍
  13. I guess the whole point of this is to actually let this run into your veins totally believe it and be it. Meaning that you'll have no hardships in your life, doing everything authentically and free of need. Practically it doesn't matter whether you are or not. With other ppl or alone. You know? The whole idea is to feel perfect by yourself. That my pov.
  14. Finally someone!!!! ❤️ U girl.
  15. Not true. I think there can be friendship between Men and women. My best friend is a male who likes women and we are friends 7 years now. Also I talk to a guy who never approached me (at least from what I know and felt) always keeps it friendly