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  1. @AliceK @AliceK Im sorry life has to make you go through things like this. Number one rule DO NOT QUESTION YOUR SELF WORTH in this. Its very tricky.. I agree with @flowboy he just wants to change you in a way meaning that he wants you to be more of this more of that. Anyways its doesnt matter. Dont question yourself,youre what you are. You dont have to change unless it is bothering you too. For example if youre doing something you generally believe its making you suffer then change it. But it seems he just likes parts of you ,well thats normal ,we dont like all parts of others but the ability we have to accept all parts of them is loving them. You want love,so, this person doesnt know how to love you and he probably doesnt love himself to. Im not saying you should quit the relationship.Im just saying that thats the motive behind his actions. At least what Im seeing. What do you think? Do you want a person who doesnt love himself and wants to change you by trying to scare you? (I dont like you as much and stuff! Thats stupid! he just met you. He means that as youre getting to know each other he found some things that he doesnt like about you)
  2. No, don't text again. Some people don't deserve your attention.
  3. My results. They don't seem pretty good. Lol
  4. Giiiiirl. I've been Mia lately what's up with you? It'll get better please don't give up ❤️
  5. Hey guys! Nice pics @Yahya Dont sabotage my thread! It will be here for an eternity and a half!
  6. @Charlotte Corona brought me closer to people and met new one❤️
  7. @Willie I'd love to see what happens next...
  8. That's oura ring. Thank me later
  9. It is not easy! It requires discipline It's amazing once you get the gist of it But it takes practice practice practice And you can only succeed if you want it badly. You want it so much to the point you're going to sacrifice everything for it!
  10. @kras c'mon. Nobody is putting a knife on your throat. Just ignore the messages and set your own pace. You're just afraid of losing her undivided attention. You can't have both now.
  11. 1. I think they avoid labels 2.yes