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  1. Hey Emerald. How have you been lately? Tarot is fun. I'm watching several videos for entertaining purposes and they keep me company whenever I'm bored and sleepy before night sleep. 😁 (T.M.I, 😉I also love asmr) Q : Am I going to travel in May? I was supposed to, but due to corona shit... I'm not as sure now. 🤞 Thank you.
  2. Hello girl how are you 😉 Long time no talk. Yes, you can talk to each other, tell him what you are telling us now. He open be vulnerable. He will understand if he loves you truly. The best relationship you can have is the one with yourself. If you are okay with yourself, then everything falls into place. So your needs and desires must come first. Communication is the best way to go. 🤞 Stay safe.
  3. This song smells like summer...
  4. Michael Sealey, my dear Kira. 🤣
  5. You all look amazing guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😜
  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Thank you for making me laugh in these effing mad days....
  7. We all have to try to be a little optimistic about the future. We're going to get crazy about the Corona shit. We have to stay calm. Try our best to not freak out and lead our thoughts to the more positive side. If we freak out, it's gonna get worse.
  8. GUYS!!!! I'M SPAMMING MY POST lol but I just watched a movie I'd like to recommend it's called - parasite-(2019) Its amazing well worth your time!!
  9. Well, don't forget about our egos. Lol. Whatever you choose in the end, have fun! 🤞👋
  10. Is there any point in living?there's no point but we keep doing it
  11. It's too beneficial to go out of your comfort zone but sometimes it can lead things to become too dangerous for example if you are afraid of heights and you go bungee jumping in order to overcome your fear, you might get a heart attack or something if you go over your limits and not appreciate your FEAR (fear is not always wise to overcome-it protects you) anyways I gave an example to actually explain myself Idk if I chose the proper one. Or for example you might think that getting out of your comfort zone translates into letting know the person that you like you like them lol - just In case you do- sometimes expressing your feeling when not ready - is not always wise.
  12. It is getting weird if you question it. So people are afraid to question basic knowledge because they might find things that they don't wanna hear.
  13. Thank you for posting and sharing your insights. Yes It's true, how many people are interested in substances while in the path-huge deal to them. The path is not easy and it can be dangerous as well. The good thing is that more and more people are getting interested to know more about the path and evolve. 😊