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  1. Yes. Why? I'm thinking of deleting account too. It's kinda boring, so many years.
  2. One of my most favourite movies.
  3. Heyyy thanks to all for posting!!! Great pics!!! @ZGROPIUSlove your art ?
  4. I'm also super scared of intimate sexual based -committed -long term relationships.
  5. I missed the forum ?❣️❣️
  6. Hey! That's great that you two met! Where is gonna be the meet up? I wish I could join! Haha
  7. Νo it's because you spoiled them and now they react. They'll get used to it. If they're meant to be they'll stay. Keep up the good work.
  8. He liked you. For the sake of asking, what didn't you like on him?
  9. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️eltonakiii
  10. @Bobby_2021 it really is. There are so many documentaries on YouTube about food. They're so eye opening
  11. Im so sorry girl. I really dont know. Maybe when you try to be in their shoes you will understand that we all fight for survival. Every person does and says things to fulfill that need. So don't stress too much about it. They forget so you'll have to do too. Maybe some healing energy will make you feel better.
  12. Boy, don't be annoying That's not the point. Chill.