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  1. Hey! That's great that you two met! Where is gonna be the meet up? I wish I could join! Haha
  2. Νo it's because you spoiled them and now they react. They'll get used to it. If they're meant to be they'll stay. Keep up the good work.
  3. Its okay to not be sure from the beginning You have to get to know each other and then you tell her Can't be otherwise
  4. He liked you. For the sake of asking, what didn't you like on him?
  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️eltonakiii
  6. @Bobby_2021 it really is. There are so many documentaries on YouTube about food. They're so eye opening
  7. Im so sorry girl. I really dont know. Maybe when you try to be in their shoes you will understand that we all fight for survival. Every person does and says things to fulfill that need. So don't stress too much about it. They forget so you'll have to do too. Maybe some healing energy will make you feel better.
  8. Boy, don't be annoying That's not the point. Chill.
  9. I will definitely do it!!! It's not that hard. We can do this!!!
  10. @Medhansh love this. I will gell him I'm not interested romantically. Nothing more. If I add more I may accidentally offend him
  11. @somegirl we'll see. I'll message him to say hi. It makes me nervous now to talk to him because I know all these now. @thibault it was 100% friendly till now. I'm imagining he will be pissed because of his ego. Its my assumption @BenG true but I'm still afraid. I will tell him today if he compliments me again @Tudo I'm 28 he's 45. I think he's older. I don't believe he's 45
  12. Even though he's generally a calm person, I expect a furious response, he will be kinda pissed. I think he will never appreciate me as a person again. Even though he's a secure man that breathes confidence, I'm not sure how he's gonna take it. I hope he gets back to normal soon and forget about it.@somegirl I see. Thanks I will think about these. He started acting nicer indeed and he says stuff like "ofc I wanna please you and never make you feel unsatisfied with anything"
  13. Exactly. I'm not an attention seeker although I like attention I would never use him for comments. Fact is, he only started to compliment me now (2 days ago)after his confessions, not earlier. We've been talking for a year almost. He was talking friendly caring-ly, no flirting.
  14. Okay maybe it'll be something like this "Oh x I just wanted to tell you that I see you as a friend and... I appreciate you for what you are" Is that good?