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  1. We can be friends! 😊
  2. @Aakash Vijayan hello. My opinion: do both medical studies and study music too. Take it step by step. Its a nice thing to do when you feel overwhelmed/stressed out and pissed off with life situation. Those are intense feelings you didnt face so that's why you had panic attack. Step by step, day by day, put a little effort to what you do. Do not give up! Its easy! But also doing it slowly is easy too. You will gain a lot of confidence just by those achievements and then you'll feel motivated to do stuff. Finish what you've started no matter how many years it takes you to finish. Its worth it in the end. Also, its not that you keep failing, (failing is an indication that u keep trying) but you expect too much in too little time. Be patient. it is better to start small and do a few things here and there rather than quitting all together . Good luck 😊
  3. No matter what happened keep trying. I know cliché af, but what can ya do? Keep trying keep trying. Step by step.
  4. The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.” ~ Rumi
  5. Honey,hello! You just let it be,like all emotions. 😊 Youre not it,youre not it. You are greater,better,more divine.❤
  6. @NoSelfSelf nice...its true for me too.
  7. Doing just to enjoy,not because you have to do something. Otherwise is cumbersome. Life is to enjoy. Be aware of the inner voice who says " I should be doing this now, I should be this and not that" and kill that homie just by fucking doing nothing,just sit there still and kill it. It wont come back. You are not supposed to be or look or do something,you are perfect the way you are. ❤
  8. To get rid of neediness,be alone. Embrace the aloneness, be in the present moment. Face these fears. Hehehehe
  9. Hello. I see. Is there neediness in those relationships.? Do you expect stuff from people and get disappointed? These could be the reasons, Give attention without expecting anything. This is authentic.
  10. There's nothing wrong with you. Relax in the present moment,let the moment absorb and dissolve you. You're divine consciouness. ❤
  11. Oh sweetie ❤😚
  12. Its okay relax breathe. Its gonna be okay.
  13. We all amazing ! 😎