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  1. I'm in love with this
  2. I'm waiting for the answers too. I don't think there's someone who knows the answers. I think every reason to do something is particular in every person. Let's see if I'm wrong.
  3. Human is never pleased by anything that's why they cheat. Wanting more all the time. It sucks haha
  4. If you'd ask me years ago I'd say it's crazy. Thinking is normal so why not talking outlod is not? It's normal. I've been doing it when I'm home alone. Nobody can judge when you're alone. I catch myself trying to judge my external thoughts sometimes, I mean we're so used of being afraid of judgment, sometimes we try to sound normal by not being authentic. Trust me it's a powerful tool. Talking to yourself when nobody's around is healing me so much, I'm the biggest supporter of my life for the first time. It's healing its making me feel like I'm winning. Having yourself as a true friend never felt that great! Even your best friends can judge you but love you. But nobody knows you better than yourself.
  5. Guys are desperate because they can't get girls easily. That's not physics! Lol Some guys make you feel you're special because they just want to fuck you. It's their needs can't blame them. You have to be a bit smart and have healthy self esteem to ditch them for good. I'm not blaming their needs, we all have too many needs and that's absolutely normal and how it must be but some ppl take it to another level with their needs. They're capable of hurting others just because they need to meet their needs. People don't care. It's okay we know that it's not new.
  6. Girly girly noooooo But if you do so, I will miss u.
  7. If you need help (Greek) , I can offer help ?
  8. That's funny. Would you like to try? Let us know if u do. Lol
  9. Too many side effects. It would be nice if it was only the soreness and such.
  10. All you people on the non fap community. It would be a great idea to not go cold turkey. Masturbation is healthy. Your body needs it. You're suffering because you need it. Just do it in moderation.
  11. They said you can catch it even thought you got the vaccine. At least first days when your immune is low and not protected.
  12. One man cannot cover all needs. That's the truth but I get what she means. Be yourself.
  13. @Ananta@Ananta Liar? Lol I just said you have to wear mask at all costs
  14. You don't have to be masculine. Embrace your uniqueness. Ps you kinda look like Leo lol