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  1. It sounds like you were in love with the teacher lol Don't you worry. Just be open and really, you don't have to be close to anyone as this is not the case, but what you actually feel inside, which I bet it has nothing to do with external circumstances. I don't know if my advice is good but I'm sure there are a ton of ppl they can help
  2. @shahryar Right! One question. What is the purpose of doing chores* and why should you do it? *as well as all things you behave upon as if they were chores.
  3. THIS POST IS BY JEFF FOSTER. I THOUGHT ID SHARE BECAUSE ITS GREAT. THANX. 4 hours 16 minutes ago I AM I am, and I am not. I have no form. And that is why I cherish this form so deeply. I have no body. And so I can inhabit my body so completely. I have no age. And so I can live these precious years so fully, never knowing when the movie called 'Me' will end, timeless yet in love with time, surrendered to the Moment. I am unlimited. I have no limits. And so I limit myself in ingenious ways. I play with boundaries and edges, multiplicity and Oneness. I love dancing in the in-betweens, bridging gaps, holding on and letting go, grabbing and releasing. All movements are dear to me. I have no bias. I love the opening and the closing too. I am perfection, and so I love making mistakes. I have nothing to lose, no image to uphold. I am divinity and I am a mess. I am God and I am a weird, original, flawed, unfinished painting of a human being. I am life. I am play. I am the joy of discovery. I witness through the eyes of a newborn, through the eyes of a dying man, through YOUR eyes. I am pure paradox, complete mystery, utter wonder. You will never capture me! And yet I am here, always! - Jeff Foster
  4. Hello fellow metalheads! \m/ stay true
  5. Great decision staying away from social media. Your life will change drmataically for the better. Now if you wanna post pictures of nature you can try Google plus+, noone uses it. Lol.
  6. So I said that if you are demotivated to do stuff at the moment, remember that you are not the mind or the problems or the person, (so all you do is to improve your life right!?) so if your ego resists and says oh no I won't do that, even if it beneficial to the body mind etc, do it because what you've been given is a gift (as long as you are not the body, you only use it as a tool to experience life) so appreciate your gift and do whatever it takes to take care of it, do the things that are beneficial to it and even paying your bills is gonna serve your body because your body needs a place to rest and food and wellness. So doing all these is like you are appreciating what you have, and you are still the observer, as long as you are not identifyin with it.
  7. @Sevi I dont know if thats irony or you are literally nice to me. But my purpose wasnt to insult anyone
  8. Really guys this was a ridiculous article I just shared for fun. If that's offensive I'm sorry I can hide it right away.
  9. It's bullshit articles don't worry Hehe 😃
  10. @Arkandeus as for sex maybe its the most non-conscious process, its very natural. I think it requires only the senses of the human body? And maybe instincts?
  11. you know its difficult to work on things when you have so many temptations around you and pleasures waiting for your attention. I have the same issue. But I think you shouldn't beat yourself up at this very moment you need your support and you are slowing the progress if you are hard on yourself. So first thing is this. Second, to really do the stuff you are supposed to do. I've realized that we came here to experience a lot of stuff and its really a gift, life's a gift, so do those things as well I'm sure they will benefit you in a long run. Remember that you are NOT the body so, really see it like just you are not YOU, like doing all these things in exchange for the body you've been given as a gift. I don't know if I was clear.
  12. We can't help you. You are Leo. 😁😊
  13. LOL THIS IS irrelevant BUT I thought why not share it loool World's Worst Lovers: Germany (too smelly) England (too lazy) Sweden (too quick) Holland (too dominating) America (too rough) Greece (too lovey-dovey) Wales (too selfish) Scotland (too loud) Turkey (too sweaty) Russia (too hairy) World's Best Lovers Spain Brazil Italy France Ireland South Africa Australia New Zealand Denmark Canada
  14. So what's behind submissive men? I had this belief that all men are dominant. But no. What's the difference between them two?