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  1. Anyone who struggles to read big books, and for anyone who wants to delve into the juicy elements of a topic without the long winded introduction. How I like to learn about any topic is by delving deep into its bigger contextual narrative and it's historical viewpoint, in any subject. Its roots, it's meaning, it's struggles, why does it do this and that etc etc, all those juicy burning questions that form it's framework and foundations, I go out and seek. Bill gates advocates this style of learning in a recent video I watched. These books really do help you to do jus that in a quicker, no nonsense concise and accessible way. I love them and recommend them to anyone who wishes to acquire the foundations and infrastructure to any subject. A very short introduction (Oxford) books.
  2. @integral She answers her own question here. There's the golden nugget. Validate her feelings and ask her would she like advice from you? Some people (a lot) just want to vent and moan, therefore not actually wanting to do anything about it.
  3. @Revolutionary Think do you see why she is why she is? And acts the way she does? From a holistic perspective?
  4. Leo, the exercise you had us do, the vulnerable child exercise in which you asked us how loved we felt given how you treated us- when it got to the loving example, I began to cry, and I cried so deeply throughout the entire list of loving examples you gave. And then I realised you were also crying. The love that that lost generated and how I felt really drilled home all you had said before. I realised that yes, love is actually selflessness. Also, it's amazing how the mind reacted to you personally with the example, I felt so close to you, and I know this is not because of anything that has happened, but simply because of how the love list you gave made me feel, loved. I also, realised that it isn't other that actually makes us feel anything, be it loved or hatred. Other is simply reinforcing the love that the individual already is. Beautiful, genuinely. Thank you for the video. And thank you for being so vulnerable.
  5. I am living proof of this. I have reignited the awe, wonder and joy in life, even in a blade of grass. Edit: I think the reason we disconnect from this (I don't believe it is ever gone) is through conditioning of social and cultural norms, and how one manages the pressures that arise as we become more responsible for ourselves (job/house etc) and others (children/elderly parents) etc). Edit: also how we deal with trauma from both the present and as a child.
  6. How do you know this? So if you can't provide a good answer then the question is bad? Where is this assumption? Why? Where? Again, where? How do you know this? No offense, but all I see here is a conclusion you derived from a bunch of assumptions.
  7. @thisintegrated in reference to what you said above are you saying the question is badly formulated? Other than a 'bad' question? Because saying something is 'bad' is just as a vague statement as the original post you're critiquing? ?
  8. @Steph30 are you aware of how 'pain' is actually produced and maintained physiologically in the body?
  9. Have been literally thinking the same. I used to take what everyone said on here as gospel and absolute... My god was I naive, I had such a bias running and I didn't even see it (obvs). I question myself, who am I to give anyone advice? It all contains my biases, my worldview and beliefs, and 99% of people (please prove me wrong) take it literally, it isn't questioned (however this is an assumption). You have to be so careful. Most of the advice I see on here is regurgitated information, copies of copies of cloned beliefs.
  10. @egoeimai hey you! Great to see you around here. I have been so busy with my first year at university. Some relaxing time now over the summer. Time to integrate and recalibrate Sugar and breads.... Instead of obtaining informatio from here, maybe you could eat what you want and don't want just by how you feel? I don't mean superficially feel either, I mean in alignment with what your body wants on the deeper level. Obviously this is assuming you know how to listen however. ?
  11. Why? Intention behind it? Beliefs behind these food groups? ?
  12. @puporing every time I Microdose I always seem to experience mushroom headaches.
  13. Hi guys, I haven't been around for some time as I have been 110% focused on actualizing life purpose (1st year at uni) and simultaneously trying to manage a skin condition which took me by surprise. However, I have just finalised my first year and have much more time on my hands. In light of this, I have returned and thought I would share aspects and insights of the journey which I hope, could help others. I will start with a brief background for context. This will be the sixth year of consecutive education having left school with no qualifications I decided to return with the aim of university. Along the way, I noticed core limiting beliefs were at work, this was due to an array of factors that had developed in the earlier years of life, including sibling rivalry, and underachieving academically which led to self-fulfilling prophecies. These, along with other basic (minimal insecurities) formed to create the only obstacles that ever stood in the way of me achieving whatever I wanted to i.e., 'myself.' Throughout the duration of the first year at university, I soon realised dedication, workload and sacrifices that were needed to complete this comfortably and with a reasonably good score. This was going to require something of me I had never given, however, because of something 'within' I cannot put into words, I knew I was going to complete this one way or another, no matter what arose. Leo's content has aided me in listening and trusting the entire process, that and also that, 'something' i alluded to earlier which I cannot transcribe. I noticed that many if not all, students I came across ( I am yet to meet anyone to provide evidence otherwise) all identified with their work results and marks they received back from lecturers. However, because I know I am not my mark, I am not words, I am not anything, this truly helped me enjoy every moment of the process, I am able to reframe and recontextualise academic feedback into a challenge, a learning process, something to be enjoyed! (this is something I learnt as iI did fall into this trap in the initial stages which I elaborate on throughout) With regards to academic testing, such as assignments, my mantra was always, 'if you aren't enjoying the work and or the process, then fear had arose', I made it an utmost priority to enjoy every single moment of that first year, there was no outcome I was attached to or concrete goal I identified with, my intention was to (as realistically as possible) try to enjoy every moment, *regardless* of content or context. I am not the type of person to kill myself completing work in fear, in the beginning of the year, I noticed (due to my reaction to feedback) I was falling into this trap, the emotions and thought that accompanied experience (work feedback) was what you would have referred to as; suffering, however after observation and contemplation, I soon realised what I was creating, I was creating (unconsciously and unknowingly) a preferred and the desired outcome based on expectations, and if these expectations (mark) weren't met, they were then met with insecurities. An unhealthy cycle that will lure and capture many people for many years. As the months went by and both the learning process continued spiritually, and academically, I enjoyed every day more and more. I was also, alongside this, learning how I learn... to learn . This was a very interesting process, and one that took required a humbling approach. After some time, I realised I was comparing myself to other with regards to such things as; the speed of work completion, or, how quickly they are able to grasp a concept etc. As usual, I started the investigation by looking inward, why? Why was I comparing myself, I knew from the suffering and comparison, that there is work to be done. It soon surfaced that the comparison was again, expectations I was placing on myself. End of year exams proved to be the biggest accomplishment I had academically achieved in my adult life. Every examination process and performance has, in the past, been hell, why? because of laziness, and self-limiting beliefs. This time, I was not allowing a repeat of every scenario throughout history. I had a vision, I bypassed many limiting beliefs, I knew I had no idea what my capabilities were, I am infinite intelligence, my achievements are boundless, all I had to do was do it, that's it. That simple. Two 2hr exams, back to back over the course of two days, because of the vision, hard work and determination to actualise what I wanted, I absolutely smashed the exams, I even enjoyed them! I perceived it as an opportunity to apply what I had learnt, a chance to demonstrate and 'show off', and an opportunity to display the content I had immersed myself in. Bill gates is an inspiration, the way he immerses himself in every topic, he 'becomes' the topic so to speak, systematically studying the fragments of it which then he synthesis and studies the larger whole, it's beautiful! The way he demonstrates the power of infinite intelligence gave me insight into how we partially limit ourselves. I have finished the first year of uni, utterly proud of myself, smashing and deconstructing limiting beliefs, constructing new healthy patterns of behaviour and thought, and being able to produce the results I aim for through sheer hard work, a 'letting go', perseverance and allowing that 'deeper knowing' to guide the way. I hope this can help anyone on here. If you have any further questions I am more than happy to answer. And don't ever forget, the answer is ALWAYS = 'You'
  14. Anyone ever read/listened 'The divided Mind' by John E.Sarno? Would love to discuss.
  15. For some time now I have been contemplating the nature of thought and reality. I would often ask myself, "Why does 'out there' feel so different to in here ????‍♀️" What is the contrasting differences between the two and why do they contain they nuance differences. The other day in the coffee shop, sat with my dad, contemplating, it hit me in the face like a brick. Now intellectually I knew this before this moment, however, something about this realisation hit me so hard it made me feel sick, you know them type of insight's. I realised that thought itself, is what creates that duality to 'out there' & 'in here'. Though is what separates them, however, they are the same thing, made from the same substance. Now after all these years I have been following Leo, you would think, 'Well dur Charlotte?, Bit late to the party!' But a few years back, I realised I had taken on most things Leo says as blind faith, I had not undergone my own investigation to derive at any answers for myself. So, I worked on defragmenting everything I 'knew' and I wiped the slate clean (this process was painful as I realised I had built a sneaky ideology). And now here I am. I appreciate Leo's insights but am now more skeptical, and go off to on my own quest (I am also skeptical of my own skepticism and even any insights I may find along the way). So tell me, even when you do have insights of your own, do you continue to question? Does it drive you insane like me because THERE IS NO GROUND!? ?
  16. @Nahm but surely there has to be some sort of arrival point ('me') at which to question from? And then you could question the questioner from there? @BipolarGrowth thank you for this. Absolutely agree with everything you said. You're right about falling in love with the just the exploration of it, however, I also am seeking answers, even though I know there really aren't such thing as answers. Or even an answer for that matter, or maybe there is, I don't know ? @gettoefl ?
  17. I'm approximately 10 pages into this book and you know when something is so good you have to go back and read the page again because it's unbelievably insightful. Well, that X10. Highly recommended. Changing my life already. 'Feel the fear and do it anyway'- Susan Jeffers
  18. @Carl-Richard thanks for your response! Will be ordering the recommended book. Look forward to any potential future posts you write ☺️ happy holidays! ??☃️
  19. I love your worldview and take on systems thinking @Carl-Richard thank you for taking the time to write that up and present it the way you did. I read the whole thing. I am a first year psychology student at a UK university and what I have noticed is the way I approach any topic or theory is from a systematic theoretical perspective. However, I am aware I am only just scratching the surface. What would you propose one would do to become a deeper more holistic systems thinker?
  20. @Salvijus I think that would depend on every individuals interpretation of the Joker? They may all see him completely different in contrast to everyone else. Would be hard to generalise such a question possibly!
  21. Before every evening meal, I ask myself. "What am I grateful for today." And whatever comes up I acknowledge and pay gratitude towards.
  22. Without readi other replies, and apologies if it's already been said. My opinion would be because he reaches, parts (maybe multiple) and relates to parts of people that they don't like to admit or maybe even acknowledge.
  23. I have suffered with eczema from birth and it has come back with the vengeance. It continues to spread all over my body. I am suffering deeply, it's greatly affecting the quality of life I live. I understand it can be exacerbated by stress , a poor diet etc, however, stress is minimal and any is managed, my diet is ok, not perfect but it's ok (plant based) doctors are throwing steroid creams at me and I have had to take a course of antibiotics due to it becoming infected. Due to be patch tested at the dermatologist shortly. I am aware Eczema can return in cycle's so I am guessing maybe this is just doing it's rounds? Any advice is massively appreciated. Thank you.
  24. Thinking back, this developed after the mushroom trip I did, in which I do feel since then I have unveiled a plethora of issue which I mentioned. Would be be interesting for me to do another and dive ballz deep.
  25. @Opo did you get tested to find out what it was within the plants you were reacting to? Do you know specifically what it was?