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  1. yupp got a board few days ago and planning all the pictures to put on it
  2. thank you so much for this Nahm <3 this post rly needs to have that "featured" thing next to it
  3. FOund it: Dr Klinghardt's heavy metal detox protocol
  4. @GreenWoods i didnt know this post existed, thanksss :DD
  5. @Moreira oof, did you get tests done for heavymetals? also yea he didnt do a video just talked about it in a blogpost, and in one recentish youtube video (maybe the nootropics one?),mentioned that he visited a naturopath and was put on a detox plan for heavy metals and felt much better since, so its workin. Not exactly heavy metal but related per se is a liver and gallbladder cleanse by Andreas Moritz, if your exposed ot aluminium everyday for years you need to heal your liver as well
  6. @Harikrishnan Me waiting for that shadow work video:
  7. if you want real anti-aging power, look up professor David Sinclair. Basically: NMN powder (nicotineamid mononucleotide) & Resveratrol Supplements
  8. (im talking about the latest blogpost) @Leo Gura i can firsthand tell you how much it fucks with your brain when you have a bad diet and try to do shit, like you literally cant. Its hard to even properly meditate when you eat even subpar. I had a horrible lesson taught about 2 years ago when i had a terrible sleep cycle (going to sleep at 2 am and waking up at noon) and diet (i ate ramen 3-4 times a week, underate some days, overate others, binged on cookies and potato chips. this went on for about 6 months all while doing crossfit at th same time) until my system couldnt take it anylonger and everything tipped over. My hands and feet started getting numb, insomnia, dizziness, crying for no reason, depression, memory issues, major weakness (i had trouble getting out of a chair). I was convinced i had MS or lyme disease. But the doctors found nothing on mri's. It went away slowllyy after fixing my diet and sleep pattern but im still repairing. I still cant sleep yet like how i did before, im still trying to eat healthy but its soo freakin hard to stay discipled enough to restrict things like pasta/bread/cheese and sweets. I know when i meditate too, i make the fastest progress when i eat clean even for only a few days. SO stay healthy lol and that goes for myself too
  9. this makes mee soo happaaaayyy lol, funny thing i got the email notification this morning but just swiped it away because i didnt think i would be interested in a diwali gift and then see on here that hes giving the program for FREEEEE yaas. In the intro video he said the price is 150$ and das alot lol
  10. i am not sure, i would say the spiritual advancement first most
  11. its natural to oppose things your mind is not used too., which in this situation is not-thinking, being still