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  1. here is a copy-paste excerpt from Ennio's book: "Some teachers think that one should not practice Yoni Mudra during the day. Actually, one can do it, by all means! However, after the practice of Yoni Mudra, in the deep calmness of the night, in a total and perfect relaxation, this technique is practised at its best and creates such a concentration of energy in Kutastha that it changes the quality of the ensuing sleep. After crossing the subconscious layers, the awareness may succeed in touching the so-called "super conscious" state."
  2. do you guys find the KP's to flow easier over time? Like over the course of weeks/months, do you start to get an almost physical sensation of something going up the spinal column to the middle of the brain?
  3. hehe @Adam M thank you so much <3 @Serotoninluv its not letting me qoute you for some reason but yes, lots of fantasies about what the retreat will be like (albeit i signed up for vipassan the same hour it came out and im already on the wait list :(( maybe no retreat for me this year welp). they engross my mind. I think i need to sit down and just observe silently whats going on without any expectations like putting on the label that im meditating. i tend to go into either meditating mode or not meditating mode. THanks for your explanations, they helped me a lot <3
  4. @MuddyBoots sounds awesome! i see you mentions and lots of other people talk about loving-kindness, is this an actual specific technique? or one where you just focus about love and kindness @thesmileyone das allat @Serotoninluv thanks for your story and your wonderful insights. i'll keep in mind the qoute above. what do you mean exactly about contextualization? like the danger of giving all your experiences meaning? or just describing it with words. As for the seeker stuff, its crazy inspiring to see your journey of realizing its all in you rather than seeking outside. I keep reading books and watching videos about the importance of looking for the truth within not without (mainly due to suggestions from this forum and the youtube channel) but i still havent "got it". I think yeeah yeah its inside me, but i still obsess over which techniques will take me there, which school, which experience will give me this. Liek you mentioned with the retreats, i secretly am (with a guilty pleasure) think about how im sure the retreat will give me that something extra, that key to the lock. Then i start thinking about how many retreats i'll attend in my life vs other people and "ohh that will surely put me ahead". Its gonna take a while for me to deconstruct that. Like what tedens wrote: @Etherial Cat i think lots of people ignore the heart. How did the loving kindness help you? @lmfaoi had maybe tiny tiny ones where i got an overwhelming feeling of love, but not sure if its a nondual glimpse. All i was doing was regular hatha yoga. true lol
  5. this is so beautiful holy crap dude And to have such a mind blowing experience on your first try! Congratulations :))
  6. @kerk thanks kerk, i just finished todays routine and tried just looking straight with no success. My eyelids kept fluttering like crazy. And today i saw the face of an old man. Or a demon-man dude. It was drawn in a very aztec-y way, with purple pink outlines. At first i was scared and thought what have i gotten myself into, but a part of me wasn't. Then after a while i saw more eyes, another old man, but more benevolent, then a big cat's face. My eyes kept fluttering like crazy. I don't think im doing this right. I'll continue for a trial period but if its not working i might switch to santatagamana's method. I mean maybe it worked? since i saw faces? but i dont know if thats good or bad. @anyone, do you guys see things while doing kriya?
  7. thanks for the motivation Im doing my first retreat hopefullyyy this year, but not self-inquiry, rather vipassana. @purerogue im starting to think thats its the downs of the spiritual practices that shape us to who we are and how one progresses vs other/what one sees and understands @SriBhagwanYogi thank you, i actually watched all of those and took notes. My favorite is Rupert Spira's guided self inquiry. The thing is i can't keep on doing the same guided meditation because my intellectual mind gets used it, already knows what hes going to say and then i dont get in the zone anymore ha How long did you do that 3-4 hours a day thing?
  8. @Theta doing it at the same time everytime is an absolute must. Of course you can be a little flexible but stay around the same time. Morning is the most ideal, but it depends on your activities throughout the day. I do mine at sunset because i know thats when im most likely to do it. Some times i like to sleep over the mornings so i opt for a time i know i wont miss. And make sure its a time where you havent eaten anything for att leeasst 2 hours, ideally 3. In Ennio Nimmis book he says that before he starts kriya, he does a view hatha yoga asanas to stretch the back out. You can and you can't, depends on you. So question for you guys doing this a longer time. I just did my first set of KP1 today. And its hard. And its confusing. There are so many things to do at the same time that im half frustrated if im doing it right. Holding my eyes up to the third eye area is very straining, my eyelids start to flutter. SO i have to look straightish. And how is it possible to constantly look up while trying to visualize the prana going up and down? my eyes tend to wander. And when i visualize the prana going up, im having a hard time feeling it go through the chakras, instead i just visualize a flow going up. (oddly its much much harder to visualize it going UP rather than down, when it goes down, its almost automatically with the flow). For some reason holding it up at the Bindu (which i use the point that JC stevens uses) is the easiest thing, i can feel lots of tingles there. Everything else im not really getting concrete stuff. I know he emphasizes in the book to have constant FAITH in yourself and the Divine and that it will eventually start to click together. On the plus note, after i finished and did concentration, monkey mind was almost null, and got such a beautiful sense of calm wash over me.
  9. @Colin she is the definition of an old soul <3
  10. @purerogue i wouldnt know how i would feel about that haha. What do you mean your mind started playing with your experiences and that it got crazy? @Preetom thats cool! i wanted to do the self inquiry daily but im not ready for it yet. Im first trying to build a concrete concentration with the mindfulness and kriya, then i'll add self inquiry later on. my mind is very INTP type, if you follow Myers-Briggs, and so im crazy about making routines that are as logical as possible, even though we're talking about things that are complete opposite of logical lol, seeing precise routines of others and experiences, etc
  11. just wondering what people on here are doing. Im doing mindfulness meditation (trying to incorporate into daily life) and kriya yoga every day. Im learning patience day by day. Its frustrating haha What was it like?
  12. oh so we're showing pictures of crystals now here are some of my babieess Carnelian, Labradorite, and Kyanite
  13. i don't have a picture to show but i wanted to share that anyone who is interested in art as a lifestyle to check out "Akiane Kramarik". One of the best examples i've discovered recently about how following your life purpose walks hand in hand with your spiritual life. Its breathtaking really, and if you listen to her stories, the miracles and synchronicities she experiences sounds like something from the Alchemist, almost too good to be true. Another movie is "The Unicorn Store" with Brie Larson and Samuel Jackson. Its an adorable and quirky movie depicting the events of following your truth and passion with its rewards. (also about an artist)
  14. if you close this chapter off completely, you will find that over the years desire will build up and build up until its calling your name and you can't ignore it anymore and start again. Its better to continue it, gently, even if its just meditating half an hour than to discard it.