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  1. @kieranperez thank you , yeah the more theory i read about the "I" , separation, etc, the more i become confused :(. i guess the most important thing to do for me is to read the 6 pillars from cover to cover to first get that stuff handled. I see now how models like the maslow hierarchy and the spiral dynamics rings true, because i tried to study ego and enlightenment stuff (since its talked on here a lot) and i started reading books by eckhart tolle which confused me even more. I really first need to tackle the base levels of that pyramid (or stage orange) before i can proceed or im only going to make the process of progress become frustrating.
  2. Im so happy for you
  3. then what should i do? how do i stay away from my self image. I dont purposefully think bad thoughts randomly, its usually triggered my an event. How do i stop being triggered (like lets say being outside and see a group of people my age laughing and having a good time while im sitting alone). In that moment i feel a negative emotion, which then leads to me to start making these bad image assumptions. How do i stop negative emotions coming up as a result of this trigger? (or well better to say how to stop being triggered/seeing myself as a victim)
  4. @Faceless very interesting, so you suggest best to destroy this concept of self image all together?
  5. @Gabriel Antonio thanks
  6. i appreciate your apology ive realized that i should stop advising others to do things where i have no direct experience as direct experience is the only 'fact' that i can hold. everything else is just me regurgitating information that ive been spoonfed by teachers, not knowing whether they actually work or not, and to be more aware of keyboard jockeye-ing on here, or on any forum for that matter.
  7. Dun Dun DUuuuunnnnn
  8. @Colin yea my sleep cycle has been pretty crappy consistently throughout the last 3 years (each year i have at least 10-15 all nighters and the rest i sleep one day 4 hours and the next 14 hours lol). for the past week only have i been sleeping from 10:30pm/11pm and waking up between 5:30am-7am. I'll see if it helps in the long run. @Feel Good thanks for fixing them
  9. notice how name-calling is a result of triggering and is a reflection. Uncover why.
  10. but i see how direct experience is vital. Lots of us on here, me included, mentally masturbate by trying to help others where in fact we should spend the time we are on here to do these techniques to see if they work *COUGH COUGH* message to myself
  11. many people dont have time yet but plan to embody what they talk about in the near future. Or how in medicine people doctors advise advice for medical treatments that help people that they personally havent tried (not gonna go into controversial medical stuff here..lets say as an example some therapy that the doctor hasnt tried but ended up helping a person with depression, anxiety, etc.
  12. yes. exact same thing. I am still recovering from the ego backlash ( i didnt do shamanic breathing for probably 2 months now, but planning to today). continue with it. DOnt do my mistake of stopping because you will adopt ALL of your old behaviors before you started the breathing methods (however subtle these behavior patterns might be). I have yet to do this (so i dont have direct experience) but try to do shadow work (teal swan has a good video on it, if you dont like her The Work by byron katie is vry good too). Your getting agitated because your repressed emotions are finally being unsurfaced. SO the goal now is to not deal with them the same way you did before (by ignoring them), instead, be aware of them. Shadow work will help you resolve these emotions.
  13. most people are at least a *little* bisexual. i forgot who did this, but there was a study where they took bunch of heterosexual people and then made them look at porn pictures and porn videos of that persons gender. A majority of the heterosexual people experienced arousal. But arousal is different than actually being in a relationship and having crushes. So despite being aroused, most of these people still cant imagine having a relationship with the same sex as them or experienced crushes. If you are gay, you would FOR SURE know it by now, no questions asked. This arousal you experience is totally normal for straight ppl. As emerald said, explore these feelings, and dont supress anything. also what @Psyche_92 said is very true too.
  14. @Igor82 i shall take this habit in mind @Feel Good some of the links are broken so i cant see them
  15. @Moreira dey got minerals in the spring water tho