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  1. ha! thats what my parents and grandparents talked about too. Thank you everyone for advice. its not for me, but for someone i know. I keep telling them that meditation and pranayama is important, but theyre lazy to implement the work. But thats another topic
  2. today started very rough and on a bad note. -I did my consciousness stems from 6 pillars book -internet addiction: not so good. I was listening to music a lot when i was outside (something i didnt do for the past few days) and was on youtube quite a bit -meditated mindfully for 20 minutes but my mind was very chattery, and i was replaying conversations from earlier practically the whole time, then songs i was listening to earlier kept popping in -Diet, also had a 'cheat' day. I binged on a whole bag of lays. Good thing was i ignored my urge for coffee, but i had ice tea (the kind with lots of sugar) instead. not that anxious when i was outside though. My anxiety for the past few days (really every since i started the no social media/internet thing and meditation) has improved alot. I noticed my posture is better when im sitting in class. Also..something bizarre happened. Today...I HAD NO SWEAT STAINS on my shirt!!!! this is something i had from middle school, im guessing its social anxiety induced because it only happens when im sitting in class never sitting at home. So the ashwagandha IS working! but anyway, its one of those days. Heres a good note: Larry King interviewed Eckhart Tolle!!
  3. He emphasizes to not use his videos as DOGMA. But its inevitable. As with everything and everyone in the world. Its inevitable that people that dont have a strong mental fence will see SSRI's/anti-psychotics as a cure because theyre doctor is 100% right, or drugs as a cure because they see whoever giving them drugs as a person who is right. Sadly it happens on a daily basis with whatever situation you want, not just Leo. Can be applied to religion/politics/etc
  4. yes, true. In the end, its what he uses. You decide what you want to use. Thats why research/research/RESEARCH
  5. insight?: i was searching something on ashwagandha in an ayurvedic book i own, and i rediscovered upon the philosophy of Ayurveda, that a human being is 'whole' when 3 energies are balanced.... "Prana"-> the life force, which is something built only through meditation, yoga, pranayama., then "Ojas"-> the force of physical immunity, which you can build through diet and herbs, and "Tejas/Agni" which is known as the "fire of the mind" this your Life Purpose?? i think so. So really this 5000 year old system already knew everything that we are relearning, its practically of the ancient times! So for today progress: -Woke up early (for me)-at 8am! -did my consciousness stems -meditated mindfully 20 min -bought my first adaptogen Ashwagandha (is it considered a nootropic too?) a bit confused because people say to just add it in your morning smooothie, but i looked up the traditional way in Ayurveda and its considered to be a sleep tonic that you have to take with milk at night. ill try to take it at night and maybe a little little bit with my smoothie -ate very healthy. Morning was blueberry smoothie, lunch was chicken with colewslaw, and dinner was chicken with shiitake again. -internet addiction was okay. currently im at 2 hours. Should log off soon.
  6. @Rilles No problem ,i just bought ashwagandha too, im very excited for possible mood/concentration changes
  7. dude i cant imagine people who do that, so much on the body haha Im not sure, i ate bread which has a lotta vit B but not too much lol. i think this is a bit overboard... in some cases, like modafinil has HUGE atherosclerosis, plaque-building side-effects, its kinda true. But theres already 10+ years of science for most of the stuff in nootropics. And you shouldn't be dependent on nootropics, which he states several times in the video
  8. okay. Asthma? Also all the pain that you experienced, have you resolved it? do you feel the symptoms listed above anymore?
  9. @gilded_honour everything in small doses, cyclically. always primarily choose natural plant substances (the powdered goods). Its hard to overdose on natural herbs. supplements in pills and tablets have to be careful with. Do your research, well. I 'overdosed' on vitamin B pills (super bad anxiety, my legs were so shaky i had difficulty walking down the stairs, foamy pee), even though i only took the recommended 1pill a day.
  10. @Rilles my friend took Ginkgo biloba for better concentration and studying but had to stop because of intense hammer-pounding headaches it gave her, which is pretty common. Im not sure about that one, they say that if you take too much, your at higher risk for brain stroke
  11. @lmfao lol one day or day one but its so freaking hard. Today i was on less than yesterday and didnt even touch my phone when i went outside but its still those youtube videos that get me. I mentally tell myself "is this video beneficial to you or no?" usually the answer is no, but only 50% of the time im strong enough to not click the video or x-out. If its something like snl, or a brandon rogers skit, its going to be next to impossible for me to not watch. Needs improvement. Good thing about today regarding no internet/social media: -i didnt touch the phone at all in bed while i was waking up -resisted urge to watch recommended videos -resisted urge to watch leo's new video Needs improvement: -snl posted all of their skits from last night and i caved in and watched it all from 10am to 11am, wasting my woken mind on that -was too much on this forum -3 hours, even tho limit was set to 2 hours Since i cut down to only 3 hours, i had time to get ALOT done -completed 20 minutes mindfulness meditation, had the words "your going to die" pop up which caused fear, then words like from snl skits popped up. Had a hard time concentrating but the 20 mins went by soo much faster than yesterday. And i got a weird burst of happiness after i finished. I just started dancing spontaneously when i was taking out the trash. -FINALLY watched Teal Swan's 'How to Heal emotional Body", went through the process once and felt the most heavy sensation around my heart (i get this when i do shamanic breathing to!) and a traumatic memory of how scared for my first day of preschool. Intense stuff -Went to the grocerys and bought all healthy food, resisted buying Lays chips, hell yeah. Im drinking goat milk kefir as i type this, and ate sardines with gluten free crackers for a snack. Plan on making Chicken leg, sweet potatoe with shiitake mushrooms and saurkraut for dinner fuck yeah -cleaned the place like never before -ORDERED MY FIRST NOOTROPIC, Lions Mane by Oms naturals off of iHerb. -DId my morning conscious stems from six pillars of self esteem
  12. Like whenever we try to fix ourselves, do work on ourselves, try to make ourselves free from the ego, we only end up hurting ourselves further and making in even more challenging to integrate our whole and enlighten? The intellectual mind that we actively think with being the woman in the video and the ego/our higher self being the alien humanoid? Is the paradox that we need to fully accept the "enemy" and what we're afraid of as part of us?
  13. 5w4