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  1. @Natasha thanks for the video, loved it <3 @OctagonOctopus your very welcome @Serotoninluv ha! interesting, yesterday i was at the beach and found a tiny sea snail's shell that had the most beautiful Mother of Pearl lining inside, usually i take such things home with me, but something told me to leave it be. Children are amazing and we can learn so much from them. I used to hike up Kennesaw mountain and just observe the trees standing on the steep slopes, and id get some weird mix of energy and peacefulness
  2. its like the analogy of the 5 blind men touching an elephant in different areas. Elephant represents truth. One is at the tusk, another at the ear, another at the tail, one at the belly, another at the leg(or trunk?). The one at the ear says the elephant (truth) is like a leaf. One at the tusk says its like a spear. One at the leg/trunk says its like a tree. One at the belly says its like a wall. One at the tail says its like a rope. The Elephant is all of them
  3. thank you sooo much for this post!!! the last 4-5 months ive been getting the most painful migraines. they last about 18 hours, and i get them 1-2x a week. and naps and sleep wont heal them. You did forget one key supplement which is magnesium. Ive been taking magnesium glycinate (its the chelated form and so the most highly absorbable form) for the last month (with no other diet change) and i got a migraine only once every 2 weeks and it lasts much less time, about 4-6hours. I never thought about the liver connection. A great book to read is Andreaz Moritz gallbladder+liver cleanse, not sure if OP is talking about him. Ill look into adding liver supporting herbs.
  4. DAY 5: meditation done at the beach. Tis Good DAY 6:meditation done. i have found that in each session i have maybe 2-3 periods of concentration that last a few seconds then disappear. Today during transition into the meditation object (in the method im doin you first become aware of all sounds/sensations/thoughts, then you move onto only sensations of the body, then breath, then breath at the nose), when i was in the stage for sensations only in body, i got a period where even though there were so many noises outside of myself, i was hyper aware of only my body. I am nearing the end of Book of not-knowing, im on chapter 19 of 26. Currently finished "beyond Belief' chapter and im pondering on getting a jounral to write in (physical of course) to take a few minutes every day to analyze and deconstruct all the beliefs i have. I notice that the more i look at things for-itself rather than for-myself im at more peace. I started thinking that all the limiting beliefs i have, if im able to deconstruct them to see what they really are (illusions) how much different my thinking would be. Its gonna be hard tackling the "good" beliefs. Also getting more pain in the eyes when im looking at screens
  5. @Moreira Play Talos Principle if you want a game to test your realizations of if we're robots. And if you like puzzles
  6. its laughable at how disconnected we are from nature. Yet we are nature. Were trying to escape the inescapable
  7. @Paul92 first master meditation. Trying to make sense of this all just with your current level of understanding will waste precious time. Do contemplate it, but do it as a side job to raising your consciousness.
  8. haha ok ill admit i didnt do it the first time but i did it now, and nothing, there is no reflection ahaha i feel dumb @Esoteric <3
  9. thanks i'll look into it. Im actaully on a part in ralston's book toward the end about 6 principles to live by (like radical honesty, giving up value, etc) and it sounds really similar to what ive seen on google images of the eightfold path ha ive had this with drawing a long time ago, but my mind nowadays is so preoccupied with thoughts that even zoning out in art is a rarity the color, and 3Dness would be missing. Idk about my hand im looking at it, contemplation im slowly getting to yea thats what i starting thinking when trying to get an answer. Maybe im picking too much into details that just take care of themselves.
  10. DAY 4: meditation 20 min done. Once my mind wanders i am able to pull it back to the breath in a millisecond. But how fast i can turn attention back to the breath is how fast it becomes distracted by thought. Today i watched a documentary on trees called "the Call of the forest...the forgotten wisdom of trees". The past few days i have been getting crazy tree recommendations when im on the internet. Videos from the 434 channel, then i see several books on tree wisdom recommended, ted-ex documentaries, and now i find today this as i browse the mercola website. Yesterday i drew a tree.., i feel like it just called to me. ANother thing i learned was that i need to trust the process. I am a person whos frustrated with my art skills, i get angry when i have a picture in my mind or see something and im not able to draw it too look "good". I began drawing the tree and was soo close to giving up as per usual but decided to finish it. WHen i did it turned to look beautiful.
  11. @lmfao by bein' you
  12. there is a documentary called "Call of the Forest" that is currently free until July 15th on the link below. Thought some of you might like it. The past few days ive been getting nonstop tree wisdom hints and i feel like im getting called by them. To think i walk pass them everyday, not aware that the single reason any of this exists is due to their presence. Imagine no forum, no internet, no cities, no houses, no humans. Sounds hippie-ish but thank a tree haha. The last few minutes of the documentary is mentioned that if every human being planted a NATIVE tree in a native space once a year for 6 years straight, climate change /global warming would not be an issue.
  13. that book is one of the top on my to-read list, i discovered it from a blog post yuval noah harari made, basically him recommending it. Watch the interview of the author, michael pollan, with joe rogan. Good stuff
  14. you said no self is reality but nonduality/mahasamadhi arent. Is that because they are names for a particular idea whereas no self is just the absence of the viel self gives to everything it sees? im not sure, but differently than i do No self does not equal god self? i thought they were the same
  15. DAY 2: mind was cluttered with thoughts, barely got any concentration time but thats probably because i did the session right after my parents were being super annoying so lesson is to not do meditation after im agitated DAY 3: went to sleep kind early (10:30pm) and woke up kinda early (7:40am). Immediatley after waking up i went to meditate and that will probably be my plan from now on since my mind is most refreshed and cleared. The session went really well and im proud of my self for being pretty dilligent through it. Like every time i got distracted i would bring my attention to the breath, even when distractions are emotionally heated (like when my neighbor started doing something with a car loudly). I became aware of the moment the meditation finished i turned "off" my meditaion brain and turned "on" my "me" brain. Like op! meditation done, now i can finally be myself again. But i need to bring its lessons through every waking moment.