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  1. @Shin hey, what are you doing in Claire's
  2. I have yet to do 20 minutes daily with no cheat days in between haha but i know if i dont commit to the practice, i wont get anything out of it. hm, experiencing what someone else is thinking?--for me i rather dive into their facial expressions. Im good at analyzing faces and feelings and so whenever i get a weird confused look onto me, or i see multiple people looking at me, i associate that with something is wrong with what i am doing, because if i was doing something right then i wouldnt get such strange looks. I dont think i ever experienced a strange look thats equal with the feeling of comfortable. I think i put too much thought into the external determining if im being a good person or not. But i am speaking from a point of view with little commitment to practice. Last year, i meditated everyday for over a month and i felt those walls of that paradigm break down. So i guess i should start there. for the smiling thing-what would it be like? it would amazing and awesome. I would free myself of a lot of down periods/overthinking and start living like how i really want. thanks guys. I have the 6 pilars of self-esteem and i'll look into the responsibility one and be stricter with maintaining a daily meditation practice.
  3. thank for this reminder i realized that whenever im out, even with good friends, i always subconsciously think that i need to prove myself being worthy of a friend and try to be as nicest as i can. and this is terrible in the long run. It'll take a while to deprogram my brain from thinking this way. I lack responsibility for myself. thank you. i still have the mindset that i constantly need to be mindful of showing who i am/my worth in social interactions. It will be hard to truly dont think of myself because whenever i show a sliver of my authentic self i start feeling shame when i feel people's eyes are on me. Like a burning sensation in my heart and cheeks. I guess it will take practice.
  4. reminds me of the mirror theory. But how do you get over this? How to get rid of the misunderstandings? Lets say i'm not smiling, because no can smile 24/7, and a person tells me "are you ok?" then i get stressed and feel uncomftorable because i analyze this response as saying that because im not smiling, im not ok. And not 'being ok" is bad. SO now im overthinking holy shit am i not normal because im not giggling like everyone around me on the streets. I tried being "aware" when i was walking, but i constantly felt pressure looming over my head that i need to be saying something, the silence is too long, etc. Ps, im half introverted and half extroverted. It depends on the situation. how did you realize this? I am going through the exact same problem. How will you act authentic without these thoughts distracting you? Thank you guys
  5. A lot of people think that gmo is the stuff that has the pesticides/etc and non-gmo doesnt. BUt it isnt that straightforward. Take the banana for example. Classic food staple, many vegans and hippies love em as does the body-builder/businessman. The long yellow curved fruit we know of today did not exist back in the day. All bananas were genetically modified to be larger than they used to be. Natural banana were much muuuuch smaller. So just because your buying organic doesnt mean it wasnt genetically modified. The problem isnt the genetic modified stuff, its the pesticides and heavy metal, like mentioned. One should aim to buy organic since its doesnt have these chemicals (for the most part) but lots of "organic" stuff actually could have been gmo foods previously. Buuuuut i gots to admit that non-gmo will always taste muchhh better
  6. Gold. Saved this. Love the river metaphor. Just very hard when your having negative emotions/thoughts and trying not to get lost in them
  7. yes theyre very healthy. But ONLY if you get good quality ones. Personally i believe (afteer lots of research and experimenting on myself) that its nearly impossible to fully thrive on plantblased in the long run. You can eat plant-blased but you need to AT LEASTTT eat a little bit of fish. Farm fish as above mentioned is terrible, they literally are stuffed and overcorowded in tiny tanks (think of how easy diseases can spread among the fish in these conditions). They dont get adequete nutrition or light and swim in stagnant water, not good at all. Wild caught salmon is very healthy. AVoid tuna and swordfish (even wild caught) since they have huge amounts of mercury. The most healthy fish of all is sardines. Theyre cheap, contain lots of omega 3's, and usually are wild caught (but make sure on packaging). AVoid fish oil (most are rancid) and vegan omega 3 supplements. As for eggs, it depends where you live. In the US i would avoid them . If the yolk is yellow, avoid them, the are very bad. Good quality egg's yolk will have a deep orange color. And dont go overboard with eggs (1-2 a day is ideal). I think the only place to get good ones in US is if you visit the farmer market or someone's farm/homestead.
  8. @lmfao THANK YOU!! the hardest part is trying to monitor yourself on internet time. Like i tell myself "ok ill only be 2 hours max" and then slowly i forget that i just end up endlessly scrolling. I cant even read normally anymore. Like i click on an article and i dont even have enough attention span to read through the entire article. Same with youtube video, i always skip the first bit and try to find the most useful stuff and i get pissed when i cant. Its like an addiction to knowledge but in the most unhealthy way.
  9. @Consept basically it is in a way legit, since the meditation works and people can get metaphysical experiences of some sort, its just a question of why charge people 1000$ for something that they can learn on youtube for free, or for cheap through a book or class. and why trademark a meditation technique? Heres a good video: Another youtuber said that the TM people tried to sue him after he revealed what a scam it was.
  10. did this happen all of a sudden or did you always have a tendency for sinus problems? Thats a big difference in life quality, sorry you're going through that If its severe, you should see a doctor quickly. Because based on what youve described, you live very very healthy.
  11. they make you pay a ridiculous amount of money (1000$) to learn their super secret way of meditating. You have to learn it only through a person that is TM teacher certified. The meditation i believe is just you chanting a mantra over and over. The reason why its so special is they give you a mantra thats only for you and no one else. In reality you can do this with any word you make up.
  12. yes. When i just discovered New Age form spirit science, i got sucked into the nithyananda. I used to watch some of his talks and A LOT of his followers youtube channels. Notice how there are so many of them? whats up with that? He probably nows youtube is a huge and good advertising platform. Maybe even suggests people to have youtube channel. Even an old lady that lives nearby me has a youtube channel. Even the vegan restaurant i used to eat at had flyers of him up. Back when i was way more naive than i am now, i got lured in by all the wonderful "powers" you can achieve if you follow his stuff. All the glamourous stuff you'll recieve. All the pretty crystals they'll gift you if you attend his ashram that have magical prophencies contained in them. You'll learn the only "right" way to do Yoga and only he knows it because he is the "Avatar" and got sent special codes and downloads from past masters. (of course this yoga includes rules that you have to wear a necklace with his face on it and constantly visualize his face while repeated mantra non stop) Im lucky i somehow was able to see the decievement he was doing. I slowly noticed that all of his follower's youtube channel's (like Sarah Stephanie Landry) would leave horrible hate comments when someone would have a different opinion (including you should never procreate and go kill wtf). Then all the constant focusing on his face and only his was a major red flag to me. After i read/heard about that i immediately unscubcribed from his email list(yes...i was stupid enough to sign up for his emails) i still kept getting them. I marked them as spam and reported them, and they kept sending them from different emails. Also they have an obbsession with attacking other people who preach similar new age ideas (like law of attraction) and say that that was invented by him and everyone ese plagarized and so they massively dislike/downvote/leave negative reviews on different teacher's platform. So sad that people actually get completely brainwashed into this and believe every word he says.
  13. this is so true. I have social anxiety, and my issues always flare up intensely when im not doing anything/procrastinating. Like when i "zone out" in school my mind automatically starts overthinking, looking for things to pick on (that person just looked at me, what does that mean, do i have a burger in my nose?). I guess the mind is built to analyze stuff and stay active (dont use it and you lose it) so when your not using it, it starts to look at other things to analyze (in our case overanalyze ) So firstly you should start being present with what your doing as much as possible (reading/workingout/nature walks/etc) However you need to address the reason why the mind wants to wander in the first place and overanalyze. This is something that therapy can fix best. It literally rewires your brain. The second best thing is Self inquiry stuff like Byron Katies work as @How to be wise said, if therapy isnt currently an option. (but i think the only way to get to the bottom of the mommy issues is through therapy). Writing out your feelings in a journal or drawing them out daily helps too. going through pain is the hardest thing ever but it if you accept it,see it for what it is, and try to face the pain head on (by therapy/the work/journaling) it will lead to happiness. I wish you the best of luck <3. You are not alone.
  14. YES YES!! on board with this, but it will take lots of stress and gray hair to do complete it