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  1. @Leo Gura that would INCREDIBLE!!
  2. NASA assassinated him so he doesnt spread the truth that the earth is flat
  3. meditated 1 hour today, 30 min morning, 30 min evening. its started to make sense. The first few weeks of meditation, all i did was trust that it would get better. Most sessions were frustrating as i wandered off into who-knows-what land, not even sure if im focusing on the "sensations of the breath at the nose" properly. It seemed all so easy yet complex. Im so glad im sticking with it. Im slowly starting to get it, the flow on the breath. I am nowhere near strong focus on breath, but now i know that im doing the right thing. Im starting to get 30 second flows, 1 minutes flows, and on good days, 2 minute flows of no intruding thoughts, just on the breath, with some distraction with outside sounds. Also the after effect is very pleasant. i get into this weird aura of observation, and thoughts become quiet. Even as i walk to and fro, its observement. It feels like im starting to feel the Force, like a Jedi in training. Finished conversation with god II. Im reading Dune rn.
  4. i cant wait to read, esp if it as strong as conversations with god im at a point where i have soo many books to read but so little time that i dont know where to start Im so happy for you and that your manifestingg, its crazy how awesome this all is once you realize holy shit this actually works!!!
  5. uuuu i love it! Consciousness and existential questions muahaha
  6. Not me but an amazing doctor called Dr. Terry Wahls, healed her advanced multiple sclerosis with a change in diet. She was in a wheelchair for years and now walks, bikes, hikes daily Her book "Wahl's Protocal" is amazing. She has several research studies going through with her diet and it helped people with parkinsons, alzheimers, arthritis, ALS, and other autoimmune conditions my mom healed her asthma also with diet+ exercise but it came back when she stopped being strict with it. (no gluten, dairy, sugar. Only vegtables, moderate fruit, and meat, lots of seafood too)
  7. things are going well. Slowly starting to see how "you create your reality" is literallly down to a t, how this all works. Its scary and amazing at the same time. Also books. Books are amazing. I found a new teacher, and it insane, i have never resonated so much with anyone than with this teacher. It was like when i found actualized and how i felt about leo. The advice is so spot on, and just makes sense with the way i think and see. Of course i as always must watch out for the dogma/idolizing trap, like how i did with actualized in the beginning. I found one area where i disagree with, which is psychedelics. This teacher proposes strictly against the use of psychedelics and apparently apart from teaching, also spends time healing people from psychedelic trips gone wrong. But i still want to take them. I am looking forward to mushroom trip #2. Few days ago i had a shift in consciousness. It lasted only about 6 hours. It was a direct result of that jesus practice i stated earlier, to stop judging people for looks, plus combined with new teachings from said teacher. New contemplation: "Because with the shift away from material survival (with the elimination of the need to succeed mightily in order to acquire a modicum of security) there will be no other reason to achieve, to stand out, to become magnificent, save the experience of magnificence itself!" (CWG II) How would i think about future plans and endeavors if material things were not a priority anymore? To what would i strive for?????
  8. ahaa didnt see it haha, thx wait is that the one about the life purpose? is says mind and machines, its about AI and computers having brains?
  9. Notice that for animal products list pretty much the entire list is seafood and organ meat!! They are the ultimate superfoods. Why waste 50$ for a fancy schmancy exotic rainforest root powder or nootropic when you have muuch cheaper superfoods like this? Enjoy!
  10. we never know what a person is like in real life, its just us judging from computer screens. Maybe he is more devil than nondevil or vice versa
  11. @Charlotte omg what is it called im intrigued
  12. @Charlotte ive been doing alright, going through stuff but working through it Had my first psychedelic experience too and i already cant wait to do it again haha. WHat about you ?
  13. mayybee you put a subconscious pressure on yourself that you must orgasm? Like when you try to orgasm one way and its not working as quickly as it did before you start to internally freak out a bit and put pressure that you need to orgasm like you did last time, because that will just build frustration and ruin it even more and make it virtually impossible to orgasm, if that makes any sense haha. I think it would be good during next few sex sessions to forget about the need/pressure to orgasm and just have fun for the sake of pleasure. I really hope it helps. Also the sexual repression as adolescent is huuugee issue (i was too). I think psychedelics will help here a lot.
  14. Last week the Guardian made an article about "real jedis" of today, where they interviewed people who identify as jedis. (yes the ones from star wars). One of them is a meditation/buddhist teacher called Jay H Templey and she has a youtube channel based on raising your consciousness and its themed around the fictional jedi figure. In case theres any star wars fans here you might like her: This is the link to the guardian article:
  15. this is what i need right now so much welcome back girll