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  1. @Bittu Whats my biggest obstacle for me and how to get over it? and Whats the best path for me, or better, am i heading in the right direction spirituality-wise? Thank you
  2. @outlandish i hope it plays out like this @Nahm on a theoretical level i know this, but it takes a very couragous heart to practice it all the time hahha@Leo Gura noted @TrynaBeTurquoise im pretty sure that is whats going on, but i cant seem to get over the block, im lost in the heart of a tornado of anxious thoughts and i feel like whichever way i move it just follows. I find what nahm said about just observing the thought to be the best way, but sometimes the feeling is so intense, so scary, that i turn to panic mode, i feel like okay im observing this, now it should start to lessen, any second now..., and instead it gets worse and so i panic and think "you know what, the observing might not be it" @mandyjw mostly paranoia feelings. I completely feel the hunting vs the hunter thing, and in effect im actually hunting myself will try with this harder @Preety_India your welcome <3 i have to remember the rain before the rainbow haha @Artaemis im confused as to whos Esther and whos Abraham hahah i always see the two names mentioned together but one person. I assume shes Esther but some videos say Abraham hicks and its just her talking lol @ardacigin thank you <3
  3. @dimitri here is the link, the moment she talks about what i was saying is around 10:45-11:11
  4. @Leo Gura yea i can see that happening @CultivateLove
  5. @abrakamowse awesome! Tell me what you think of her later @Leo Gura i dont think she literally thinks shes a jedi, i feel like shes doing it for the aesthetic/marketing and to attract more viewers. In reality she studys indian spiritual texts, buddhist, taoist, and combines with western spirituality. Its not easy to find channels that have a more holistic approach
  6. I have now realized exactly why i meditate consistently for a few months then stop cold turkey until i pick it up again a few months later. I start feeling overwhelming anxiety and fear and i have a hunch that things start going worse when i meditate instead of better. I couldnt get a notion of why, why does this always happen until today i randomly listened to an esther hicks talk which covers this. She said that when people start meditating they always go to her asking why does it seem that all hell breaks lose in my life when i start this practice? And according to her its because when you meditate, you "calibrate" yourself to Source, to Who you Really Are, your divine self. Because of this, when you are in situations where you calibrate to who you are NOT (lets say negative emotions), you notice it 10x more intense than it was before. Apparently it didnt get worse, the negative emotion is always the same, it just seems worse because youve now accessed extremely positive emotions/vibrations in meditation. I find that this is likely what is going on with me, i feel anxiety soo much worse than it ever was before. How do i overcome this obstacle? Halp.
  7. Here are some example videos that are pretty good:
  8. oh im starting to its so hard to change how you speak once you become aware of the gravity of the situation
  9. @mandyjw one of my favorite songs
  10. interesting insight i got from a video: how important it is to immediately get up the moment you wake up. Sounds like stage orange self development basics, But when i think about it more, our selves work always on a plane of 3 dimensions. Body, Mind, Spirit. And once you do something to one of the dimensions, you indirectly affect the others, even if its on a minuscule level. So If you wake up the moment you open your eyes in the morning, thats a subtle hint to consciousness that you are more ready for Waking Up (enlightenment). If you go back to sleep and keep weaving in and out of sleep, you finally get up, but your all groggy, foggy, and unclear. Thats how you operate and see the world that day! in most cases, everyday! How can i expect waking up on a spiritual/soul level if i cant even wake up my physical body properly?? What message am i sending? I have an intersting phenomen where i open my eyes at a ridiculously early hour, like between 5:30 and 6:30am, then i see how dark it is and im like nooo im gonna sleep some more. The moment i stay in bed is when the cycle unsues. I keep on waking up, then sleeping another 30 mintues, then wake up then again. Then once i finally realize i should get up, i spend about 10 minutes on my phone so the blue light wakes me up. I have this inner feeling, intuition i guess, that when i opne my eyes aroud 5:30 is when i was meant to get up. I should listen. WAKING UP=Physical/Body--> Getting up right away WHEN YOU FIRST OPEN YOUR EYES, WAKING UP=Mind/Emotional-->Increasing your consciousness, Being Aware, Observing instead of reacting WAKING UP=Spirit/Soul-->AWAKENING, ENLIGHTENMENT "if everything around you seems dark, look again, you may be the light" -Rumi
  11. @Leo Gura that would INCREDIBLE!!
  12. NASA assassinated him so he doesnt spread the truth that the earth is flat
  13. meditated 1 hour today, 30 min morning, 30 min evening. its started to make sense. The first few weeks of meditation, all i did was trust that it would get better. Most sessions were frustrating as i wandered off into who-knows-what land, not even sure if im focusing on the "sensations of the breath at the nose" properly. It seemed all so easy yet complex. Im so glad im sticking with it. Im slowly starting to get it, the flow on the breath. I am nowhere near strong focus on breath, but now i know that im doing the right thing. Im starting to get 30 second flows, 1 minutes flows, and on good days, 2 minute flows of no intruding thoughts, just on the breath, with some distraction with outside sounds. Also the after effect is very pleasant. i get into this weird aura of observation, and thoughts become quiet. Even as i walk to and fro, its observement. It feels like im starting to feel the Force, like a Jedi in training. Finished conversation with god II. Im reading Dune rn.
  14. i cant wait to read, esp if it as strong as conversations with god im at a point where i have soo many books to read but so little time that i dont know where to start Im so happy for you and that your manifestingg, its crazy how awesome this all is once you realize holy shit this actually works!!!
  15. uuuu i love it! Consciousness and existential questions muahaha