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  1. READY PLAYER ONE? no meditation today. was very very lazy. But i did study for 2 hours hardcore. I feel like after meditating for 2 weeks i study much better. Today i watched Leo's vid on the Maslow pyramid. As everyone else, i got a plenty' swiss cheese holes in ma cheese. I guess if you want to start from the bottom, that probably includes sex. My sleep is horrible, even the food i eat. So i feel like the first things i need to work on are those base things (well, food and sleep, since i cant just go banging random ppl lol) Then the next level is employment/family/health, i feel like the food and sleep will tie into the second level, everything else there seems fulfilled. Third level is where the holes get bigger and bigger. Friends/sexual intimacy is very low. I started hanging out a bit more this year but my social anxiety still rules over my actions. Fourth level, man. Fourth level is like one big swiss cheese hole. Achievements, are not that great. My high school achievements were significantly better than my 4 years and counting college years. Then confidence/self-esteem, is very very low, for more than a decade really. Respect i never even thought of. Then the next level above ; creativity used to be my forte but even that is getting dwindled by my lack of health and social deprivation. Problem solving and all these 'fun' traits in the 5th level are nearly nonexistent to me. And the tippy top one: transcendence, i just really started doing 2 weeks ago with meditating. so i've identified all of my holes, but ive observed that im trying to do everything at once. Really the bottom most foundational ones are food and sleep. I need to first address these, THEN, move on to self-esteem/confidence. And doing my meditations along since they go hand in hand with basically everything. SO that'll be my focus for next 2 WEEKS. attacking base holes of pyramid: HEALTH: FOOD & SLEEP. i remember a year ago i watched a teal swan video and she mentioned how she thinks the Maslow hierarchy is wrong, and that self love needs to be the base, but i really don't see how that is true when a tiger is chasing you or if there is a hurricane and your looking for shelter or you've gone 2 days without water....not sure how self love is going to help you in those situations.
  2. @Quanty where can you find legit colloidal silver for a good price? most colloidal silver out there is just ionic silver, which doesnt really do anything in the body. @Mikael89 its probably the easiest way to trip without the use of drugs. I would advise to meditate prior to doing this and after doing this to really make everything flow and integrate, respectively, with ease.
  3. @Faceless thats ...a very good question im going to say....Black holes!
  4. i remember leo saying in a video that ego is the source of all evil
  5. do you mean your meditating for half a year was bad? if so, then thats probably why kriya feels like it isnt working. What occurs during the meditation, are you distracted too easily/impatient?
  6. @Ether you should try it!!
  7. i just watched LUCY yesterday and its pretty good, if you can get past the slightly bad acting
  8. wishing you well on your journey and i hope to see you again!
  9. @ULFBERHT ohhh thats definitely a sign
  10. READY PLAYER ONE? MINDFULNESS MEDITATION 20 MINUTES @ 8:10PM Todays meditation went really well. Not only was I not impatient but I started getting weird flashes of inspiration. Like how much I waste my time everyday and just how amazing it would be if I did everything back to back. Its hard to explain, I mean obviously I don’t need meditation to realize this, but during the meditation it felt so amplified. Like I saw myself visually doing all these things, being productive, it was so weird. And how all of these systems we made up is such bullshit. Then towards the end I felt a huge rush of anger and annoyance that I couldn’t put down. Basically my dog sometimes likes to lick the inside of my shoes, and I HAAAATTTTEEE that noise SO FUCKING MUCH jesus christ. And so I was meditating and I can hear him licking the shoes, and I felt this anger just bubble up. I managed to "savour" this feeling for much longer than I would if I wasn’t meditating but eventually it just bubbled up and I screamed "STOOOOPPPPPP" and my fists were clenched really tightly as so was my jaw. It just pisses me off for no reason, but as the saying goes, theres a reason for everything lol. I did some chores right after finishing. Todays the day after the shamanic breathing and I feel no 'ego backlash', no strange feelings bubble up. Maybe it'll happen after more intense sessions. OH i almost forgot im watching 'LUCY' and its sooo good, i wonder if thats what people on 5meoDMT feel like
  11. When was the last time the book list was updated? like month-wise
  12. I found a local bee keeper who sells them for a decent price so i thought about implementing it into my diet. Does anyone have experience with bee pollen? Did you feel a difference from consuming it? Thanks
  13. Okay soup turned out AMAZOONGG! only thing is its a bit too lemony for my taste so next week instead of juice of 2 lemons, ill use 1 lemon. I also added 4 tablespoons of tomato puree because as advised by my mom. The carrots are not too soft so i should cook longer. Also i ran out of olive oil so i used 1/2 cup instead of 1 cup. Note to self: get Himalayan pink salt In leos soup video he said to have the soup daily for a month and record any differences, so ill try
  14. The 365 days of self-love was a fail lol, it is sooo much harder than i thought. The thing is the answer comes easily, every single time i ask myself what would someone who loves themselves do, i get a flash feeling in my gut and the answer appears in my head, but my body refuses to do it. Maybe i will try to do a shorter period, trial of a few days. I AM MAKING LEOS ENLIGHTENMENT SOUP.RIGHT.NOW! only thing is i didnt use red bell peppers because i try to avoid nightshade veggies and theyre super expensive here and i didnt use celery because the country i live in doesnt have them. Other than that everything else same, and i added cauliflower. Its taking forever to boil though, will put a picture up later. As im waiting for it to cook i am watching Leo's "minfucked in hawaii" video he put on the blog today. The date went very very good 2 days ago we had a conversation on psychedelics and imm soo excited. He said he wanted to try LSD and i want to begin with that too