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  1. This happens to me during sound bath meditations and breathwork. It’s the body going into a deeply energetic state.
  2. @modmyth thank you. I’ll have a ponder on what you said. I think I am getting frustrated and annoyed at myself for being worse than I when I started. I guess I just feel hopeless and pathetic.
  3. Thank you. I’ll try it. 😊 I feel okay atm but that’s cause I am working / interacting . I get it when I am alone
  4. @Leo Gura I think the root of my anxiety is related to repressed childhood trauma. Because the more I try to release it, the worse it gets and there is no getting through. I’ve tried a lot of things.... It started when I started psychotherapy 18 months ago. The closest I’ve got to releasing was when I did transformational breathwork and I just lay there shaking and trembling but without a conscious recollection of anything. And since then, it’s like my protective mechanisms have adapted to that type of therapy so now it doesn’t work.
  5. @DIDego maybe this is the case. It could be my my mind and body telling me to slow down.... Interesting 🤔
  6. @Nahm thank you. I find when I keep myself busy, it all goes away. Meditation and introspection seems to bring it on. I understand that this May be necessary purging, but for over a year now, I’ve allowed these emotions and thoughts to just ‘be’ I suppose I can’t help but find myself frustrated when after all that time and patience, a year on and it’s only got worse and more persistent. Its like something in me is telling to back off and get on with living (e.g no more inner work) this has manifested into that gut wrenching pain feeling. Although there is no thought attached. It’s just that’s what I intuitively feel that the pain is trying to indicate.
  7. @bejapuskas I find it happens when I’m on my own. If I am interacting with others that hold my presence enough.... work or good friends then it goes away. The issues I have are coming up when I am alone...
  8. @Leo Gura I’ve had psychedelics in the past but since all this ‘work’... I don’t feel mentally stable enough to have them now. And therein lies the irony.... 😬 I suppose I just want to be less in my head and more in the moment. I seem to have developed this horrible gut wrenching anxiety, however this is not related to anything I am consciously thinking about. I couldn’t sleep last night cause of it. I’ve tried meditation and all sorts, it remains throughout the meditation. I want to live a better a quality of life than what I currently am.... more energy, more vitality, more confidence. Not ‘happy’ but just more resilient I guess. Like I used to be. Thanks for the suggestions.
  9. To grow and develop. That’s why I do the work... the gain awareness and evolve. Except the opposite is happening.
  10. @Nahm HAHA.. very sharp! I have corrected it now. It isn't him.
  11. Anyone else experiencing this? I started my self actualization journey over 2 years ago.... and whilst there wa some excellent growth in the first year... the 2nd year has been a slow and insidious deterioration, to the point where I walk around with a constant pit of anxiety weighing heavily in my gut, this anxiety has no relation to anything that I can think of..... And I am now no longer working on myself so that I can actualize, grow and develop.............. but just to function and get through the day without fallling apart. I hate to admit it, but after 2 years of meditation, breathwork, life purpose (which I actually led to being a huge success and still continuing to evolve), public speaking to improve social skills, pychotherapy, journalling, many, many fanastic books and videos and now 1:1 energy healing. I am worse mentally and emotionally than I have ever been. Any reslience that I gained from growing up and life experience has been totally washed down the drain! It's like all this work has turned me into a precious, over senstive, hyper aware snowflake? Anyone else feel this way? GRRRRR. x
  12. But we don’t know if he’s ALL masculine, the same as I am not All feminine. So all I am suggesting is him thinking about what’s best for himself as an individual based his on his own balance of feminine and masculine energy ? Rather than project our own thoughts onto him and tell him what to do...: I’m just suggesting that he uses his own wisdom and intuition that’s all. We’ve never met him or her. This is all just a very basic outline of a situation... so any advise is going to be completely subjective anyway.
  13. So men don’t want to have more enjoyable sex with someone they trust? They’d rather have fast food sex ? I think some of you may be missing the bigger picture. yes if he’s just looking for a hole to put his dick inside then I guess your method works. But let’s at least see what he wants first before making presumptions based on our own experiences as a desperately horny teen. Young people now, are far more aware than they ever been. And (of course) evolving .... as far as I can see (I maybe wrong) but he just wants to know if she’s Interested in him... not a 123 method for fast food sex. Maybe he wants a relationship with her ? We don’t know yet as we haven’t asked.
  14. As opposed to what ? Isn’t this egoic experience all fantasies and games... 🤣