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  1. Soothing Wings 💗 Soothing wings of festive sparkle and lights. My trust in your return, as sure as the closing of night. Remembering a wisdom, soft whispers in my ear. Predictably prompting.. have I been good this year? My heart tells me I’ve not and shows me why. But she forgives, she understands, and she helps me to cry. My mistakes are messages, a path I know so well A trail towards the gaping hole, I endlessly fell. I have never known anyone see through my flaws, Insisting I am good inside, right down to my core. I can’t see what she sees, but she’s sure I am okay. She knows I don’t believe her, only that I will, one day. This heart flows like water, of infinite form, Entwining threads of relationship, never to be torn. I am not falling anymore, my falling has been found. My heart is called Annie, she is my ground.
  2. Yes - I definately prefer 'that was sweet' But I rarely get told that, mostly.... 'you are so sweet...'
  3. @Rilles Wow. Really great excersize to try! I will do it now. Thank you.
  4. I have this niggling, ridiculous problem and that is when people refer to me as sweet.... 'that was very sweet'..... 'you are such a sweet person' 'you're so adorable' etc I get very insulted. One of my, very new friends refers to me as her pixie fairy, which she means as a compliment, but it drives me up the wall. And it seems to happen ALL THE TIME! I find it extremely patronising and disempowering. Even though the people who are saying it, are saying it as a compliment. I still can't stand it when it happens and it gets me down. I understand that the issue is within me and I need to work out how to not let it get to me. Not care..... I realise it is a petty thing to get upset about. So therefore, is the solution to not get so attached to labels? Or should I work on being less sweet, seeing as the adjective offends me so much. I could also bring it up with them, but that won't stop it from happening, as new people will say it. And the damage is already done. Unless i change my core personality. I suppose the issue is here (and yes, I am half talking to myself) What is my deep rooted issue with being called sweet?!? How can I accept this part of me? Is it reallly such an awful thing? Thanks is advance for any suggestion on how to either not care, or reframe the phrase.
  5. I have a big issue. Basically - the more 'chill'.... 'aware' and 'grounded' I am in the day time... e.g letting my feelings go, meditating, keeping to a routine. not overthinking.. then the less I sleep at night. On the days where I am at my peak in terms of clarity - the more I writh around in bed, like I am possesed by a growly bear. I have tried meditating before bed and to get back to sleep, but this just makes me worse. I have found the only way to deal with it, is to just accept it. But it isn't nice and I tend to wake up very unsettled and agitated. The following day is then spent intergating back into the physical world, regulating my emotions... excersize, yoga, work etc. So I do calm down eventually. But the more I do so, the more adrenalised I will be when it is time to sleep. I lie there and have the biggest adrenaline rushes. It is like I am about to drop from the top of a rollercoaster and my guts are churning with excitment and fear! Though I have nothing to be excited or fearful of !?! I really do enjoy my sleep and would love to find a way to sleep. PS. When I do sleep, which I do in small chunks, depending on how 'good' the day was (the better the day, the worse the night). When I do sleep, I am fully aware during my dreams.... so the dreams happen but there is this voice or knowing or energy, I can't really describe it, that tells me to 'let go' all night long. This is an ongoing awareness. So even when I am asleep, I am still partially concious. Anyone else have similar issues or have any advice? Thanks! :-)
  6. Sounds like he's had a tough time! I feel for him.
  7. @Unseeking Seeker thank you. Is it okay - do you think to explore other forms of yoga ? Just for fun and peace of mind ?
  8. Fab thak you! Any views on hatha yoga? I just tried that one. It was pleasant, but nothing like the kundalini!
  9. Hi @Girzo I don't want enlightment, particuarly - I am not there yet - I just want to feel better and more grounded and confident in my own skin. I often have periods of anxiety and self doubt and flat energy. I've also just had a very turbulent year (emotionally), so looking for alternative ways to make positive life changes, grow and express myself. My self esteem has taken a battering recently so looking to improve that too, I am aware there is no point running untilI can walk...
  10. Thanks everyone... This is what puts me off!! He also mentions in this article that all forms of yoga are dangerous apart from this Upa Yoga...?! Obviously, I am keen to get going. And feel drawn to the kundalini, but knowing my tendancies and the year I have had, I am probably not grounded enough for such an extreme release of energy, if that is what it does.. Although I have always felt I have something trapped inside of me for a long time which is why I get run down and repressed.
  11. Thanks @CultivateLove and how’s the gradual approach holding up ? so you went all in with no prior experience of energy work / yoga ? do you work with a teacher or just online ? xx
  12. By tuning my awareness away from my mind and onto what is. My body, my surroundings, my feelings. Etc 😊 were always connected. We just become distracted from it...