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  1. Hello. I am currently in the process of some therapy and finding it is making me worse and causing lots of ego backlash / drama. However, I kind of feel it needs to be done because of childhood trauma. Although, the phrase 'let sleeping dogs lie' is rattling around in my brain and I feel I have gone downhill since starting. But, only 6 sessions in. Would love to know everyone else's thoughts / experiences. Thank you
  2. @Joseph Maynor Awesome..
  3. @Leo Gura I feel like it distracts me. But, yes. Totally agree that sanity is overrated. I needed to hear this tonight. Funny, cause I dont usually hang out on here. I love my mind. Wouldn't give it up for the world. Maybe that is why I don't chase enlightment. Although the glimpses are often a welcome treat.. ;-)
  4. I feel like I don't understand anyone else, who isnt this way. I keep meeting people like this, groups even. And I feel like an alien amongst them.
  5. Yes, This is exactly me. Nightmare! It fabricates enlightenment experiences for me all the bloody time... or just uses it as a time to plan / conceptualize / day dream..
  6. @Leo Gura Like I feel the two often at war against eachother. I have both sides raring to go!!! But one is gentle, and creative and mesmerising - and the other is a resourceful, brave and analytical. Which leaves me paralysed, as I am conflicted in which aspect to lose myself in. And yes, my imagination does bring me hell, but an equal measure of ecstasy . If I were to lose it, I don't think I would achieve much, or have much fun.
  7. @Leo Gura I am massively imaginative. And I am also ambitious. But I am also content. Because of my imagination. And sometimes. I wonder - is it slowing me down? Just a thought.
  8. Ok. But sometimes people just imagine all day long. And get lots of joy out of it. But don't do anything. Cause they are so satisfied by their imagination?
  9. @now is forever now you’re playing word games. Words are never actual. They are just indicators and symbols towards a deeper meaning.
  10. @Leo Gura Obviously, she is questionable. As many people are. But the fact that every single allegation is answered directly by her, in this video. Means that you should at least watch and listen to the person your are gossiping and speculating about. Before offering any leaping judgements. I don't often comment on here, unless it's something I care or feel strongly about. And this woman is such an authentic person. She lays her cards on the table. All of them. Unlike some spiritual teachers that claim to be some kind of perfect, enlightenment master, who everyone should bow down to. And hide their real self, in fear of damaging their 'rep' She is also very, very brave and confronts some incredible tricky topics such as suicide, pedophilia and cancer. In a balanced, practical and honest way. Her material is rich with wisdom and multi - perspectives, which is beyond many people unfortunately. But there we go. That is why I suggest finding out for yourself instead of gossiping about an article. You are ALL missing a gem of a human being here. Be careful of those blind spots.
  11. @bejapuskas @anonymous @Leo Gura @Joseph Maynor and anyone else who is suspicious based on an article. Just remember the sole purposes of them is created to give off on one particular impression of someone. Which is completely fabricated and taken out of context. Just like a lawyer does to make his client look innocent or the prosecution guilty. We can ALL dress something up look a certain way - it isnt that hard. I've seen it done countless times on @Leo Gura I highly suggest you watch this video from start to finish and then make your own mind up. And if you still have suspicions fair enough. But at least you arn't basing them on gossip articles created by trolls and haters. I thought people on this site had far more awareness and wisdom than that.
  12. And bringing awareness to your blind spots. intepret it however you like... But I am just ensuring that the classic ‘‘throwing the baby out with bathwater’ doesn’t happen. as well as encouraging people to do their own research on a person !!!! Instead of blind believing of gossip and projection. It’s quite simple really. And finally. Let's just remember, this isnt about me or you. This is about providing balanced fair, and valid information about Teal Swan, so that the @Annoynymous can be supported in making his own, personal choice. And develop the ability to trust in what he is drawn to. Which, I hope in time, he can do. As, only he knows himself and what is right for him. We can only provide info and personal experience. Please avoid gossip and speculation though. As that won't do him any favours and is not the point of the post.